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Kim Willis 
Sandy Loveday 

Warren K. Dunn 





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_ criticized for its reputation as 

ege, an accusation that is not com- 

lfounded. More than a few students 

lv admit that what brings them to 
\e campus' location in the center of 
it the ideal college for those 
weekend visits home. 

ss, suitcasing fails to do away with 
urg night life at Bonnie and Clyde's, 
i McCool's, Nick's, Zeke's, and the End 
:. Blue law-enforced midnight closings, how- 
, often send students packing for all-night 
lry in Jackson, New Orleans, and the Coast, 
Jl of which are within a few hours drive. 

Such strenuous partying lends itself to rolling in 
at 4:00 a.m. or not coming in at all; despite 
USM's location in the heart of the traditional 
South, bedchecks are long a thing of the past. 





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ie future give rise to many 
•*lled "professional students" who 
college campus. Contrary to 
not born out of any great love 
ler, professional students are 
iddenly decided that get- 
=> precedence to getting an 
. All those classmates majoring in a 
ica! field with the promise of a starting 
y upwards of $20,000 a year had the 
idea all along. What's a serious student 
i but change his major? 



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"Puttin' On the Ritz" 


October 29, 1983 
Kim Willis 

All of Hattiesburg joined the USM campus in "Puttin' 
On the Ritz" to celebrate Homecoming 1983. 

Homecoming activities began Thursday afternoon 
with a car parade through downtown Hattiesburg and 
a golf tournament on Friday. A midnight pep rally was 
held on campus Friday evening, with a community- 
wide pep rally to highlight Saturday afternoon busi- 
ness at Cloverleaf Mall. The Alumni Association pre- 
sented a Homecoming Gala reunion bash at the 
Alumni House prior to the Golden Eagles' effortless 
31-3 victory over Southwestern Louisiana's Ragin' Ca- 

Winners of the campus-wide Homecoming display 
competition were revealed at pre-game festivities, 
with first place winners receiving trophies on the 50- 
yard line. Alpha Tau Omega emerged with overall 
honors for their "USM-ATO Victory Party" display, 
with Kappa Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa as overall 

First place champions in the category of beauty were 
Pinehaven, Kappa Sigma, and Chi Omega. Hillcrest, 
Sigma Chi, and Kappa Delta carried away top honors 
for originality. Recognized for first place themes were 
Hickman Hall, Alpha Tau Omega, and Delta Delta, 



- j*. * 

da "menu 

%y»n C-V*" >'■»' A.W* 
t'^MO limr ;/.1» >\i\ 

Oct. 2%J9& 


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October 31, 1983 

Kim Willis 

Never mind that Halloween is for kids. All Hal- 
lows Eve in Hattiesburg succeeded in bringing 
out the kid in most every USM student. The 
enchanted Monday evening followed in the heels 
of a rowdy Homecoming weekend and kept the 
creatures that go bump in the night partying 
until the early morning hours. Bonnie and 
Clyde's and Cash McCool's were among many 
area night spots to sponsor costume contests, 
providing good music, dancing, and company 
for all concerned, but the Jaycees annual haunt- 
ed house had the real costume show, and was a 
favored Halloween stop-off for a chill-raising 
scare. The R.C. Cook Union Halloween Carnival 
entertained students and Hattiesburg residents 
alike, featuring a mock horror wedding ceremo- 
ny to join couples in the bonds of morbid matri- 
mony, a space walk balloon, a haunted house, 
and a fortune teller booth. At twilight, the Uni- 
versity Activities Council presented an outdoor 
double feature of Jekyll and Hyde Together 
Again and the classic Rocky Horror Picture 
Show. Southern's students turned the evening 
into a celebration calling for foolishness of the 
highest order and proved that Halloween is a 
holiday for kids of any age. 

University Activities Council 

One For the Road: LeRoux 
Plays Finale Concert at 


October 4, 1983 

Sonya Rath 

It was a dark October night. The sky was 
filled with clouds, smoke, and the sounds 
of Louisiana's LeRoux. 

Before the concert, faces peered over 
each other straining for a look at what was 
going on behind stage, where trucks and 
equipment stared mysteriously back. 
Bands carry a mystical quality with them 
wherever they go and LeRoux was no dif- 
ferent. However, they turned out to be 
just ordinary people who enjoy their music 
. . . good ol' rock-n-roll. 

LeRoux is composed of five members: Jim 

Odom, Fergie Frederikson, Rod Roddy, 
Leon Medica, Tony Haselden, and David 
Peters. Medica, who serves as a spoke- 
man for the band, wrote LeRoux's big hit 
"New Orleans' Ladies" with Hoyte Gar- 
wick. He stated that since the release of 
their last album, So Fired Up, the band 
decided to pull off the road after the USM 
appearance. "Everyone is working on 
separate projects. The band has been to- 
gether for seven years and a break-up is 
possible. It depends on what happens in 
the next six months on so." Added Peters, 
"This (LeRoux) is only a stepping stone. 
It's time to take the next step." 


Reflecting upon their fame, the band 
members said that they have no problems 
with being recognized in public. Medica 
explained, "Some girl came up to me ear- 
lier and asked me if I was in the road 
group. I said yeah and asked if I could help 
her move anything. But I like these free 
concerts. We don't play much in L.A. We 
do a lot of jobs like this one. They're casu- 
al .. . fun." Said Peters on the topic of 
fans, "They're just people who are inter- 
ested, curious . . . they want to talk. I think 
it's a compliment." 


Regardless of the impending break-up, 
the band continues to collaborate. Key- 
board instrumentalist Roddy is working on 
the soundtrack for a new movie, "Horror 
on Caposa Bayou," which is scheduled for 
release in New Orleans during Mardi Gras 
and nationwide this summer. Jim Odom is 
doing the engineering on the record and 
Frederikson sings the theme and several 
other songs. 

The bond between the band members is 
unmistakable. Said Frederikson, "This is 
the best band I ever played for." Their 
absence will be felt. 


Joan Jett's rock philosophy is simple: "Go 
from your gut." She went for the gut 
Wednesday, October 12, at the Reed Green 

Although suffering from bronchitis, she hit 
the stage with no visible loss of energy. "Are 
you ready to get sweaty?" she shouted to the 
audience. "Well, you came to the right 

University Activities Council 

Joan Jett 

Goes From the Gut in Controversial USM Appearance 

October 12, 1983 



Mark Saucier 

With that, she launched into an hour and a 
half of straight-ahead, teenage frustration 
rock-n-roll. Her performance met with near- 
unanimous howls of assent from her audi- 
ence, most of them appearing to be under 18. 

Jett covered many of her more well-known 
songs, including "Everyday People," "I Love 
Rock and Roll," and "Crimson and Clover," 
as well as an incendiary cover version of the 

Rolling Stones' "Star Star." 

"Do Ya Wanna Touch" and "I Love Rock 
and Roll" were the obvious highlights of the 
show, with audience participation at its 
height. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts left the 
stage, but returned to perform "Shout" for 
an encore. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The controversy sur- 

rounding Jett's concert had little to do with 
onstage antics. Scheduled interviews and 
photo sessions with representatives of cam 
pus publications were abruptly cancelled 
after student reporters and photographers 
were kept waiting for hours. Apparently un- 
happy with modest ticket sales, Jett report- 
edly stated that she will never play USM 

William Shakespeare's 

Merchant of Venice 

October 12-15, 1983 

"The original production of the play . . . has a distinct melodramatic appeal. A major theme of the play centers around illusion and reality. Things are 
not what they seem. The play asks us to see beneath the gilded outer surfaces of its characters. As in real life, the characters are neither purely good 
or evil but display a variety of traits. It is a sad irony that . . . the victims of prejudice often repeat the sins of their oppressors. It is only through for- 
giveness and mercy . . . that these evils may be overcome. To these qualities should be added the virtues of understanding and tolerance." 

Production Staff 


Set Designer 

Costume Designer 

Production Coordinator... 

Technical Director 

Lighting Designer 

Properties Designer 

Stage Manager 

Master Electrician 

Assistant to the Director. 
Scenic Artists 

Dimmer Operators 

Wardrobe Mistress 

C. Warren Robertson 


George T. Crook 


.... Larry D. Mullican 

Solanio ! 

R.B. Hill 


David Borron 


Michael D. Crum 

Portia ., 

Carlie Mitchell 


Stan Lofton 

Serving Woman/Attendant 

Ross Moroney 


.Patrice Harrison 

Prince of Morocco 

Michael D. Crum 

Prince of Arragon 

Carlie Mitchell 

Attendant to Morocco 

Leigh McFarland 

Attendant to Arragon 

Lora Spears 


....Stephanie Hospes 

Launcelot Gobbo 

Old Gobbo 





Duke of Venice... 

Jailer/Court Officer 


-Director's Notes 

James Veenstra 

Kenneth McCade 

Chris Gegenheimer 

Clay Rouse 

Tracy Pigford 

, Susan J. Whitenight 

Karen L. Rice 

J. Dagney Bell 

Phillipe Simon 

Tyrone Davis 

Roy Magee 

Albert Mungo 

Steven Furr 

Melva Hackbarth 

Joey Gautier 

Linwood Orange 

Lynette D. Bullock 

... Marlin Seal 

Timothy Bond 

Todd B. Sanmillan 

R.B. Hill 

Christopher Reeve 

John DeChairo, USM Music Department 

Activities Council 

Side By 




November 11, 1983 
Mary Harris 

The University Activities Council with Dae- 
dalus Productions of New York presented 
the musical Side By Side By Sondheim in 

Bennett Auditorium on Friday, November 

Side By Side is a Broadway revue praising 
the incredible achievements of Stephen 
Sondheim in American musical theatre. His 
talents as both a lyricist and composer have 
been very much in evidence in many success- 
ful productions over the past 25 years. Sond- 
heim has received more Tony Awards for 
"Best Musical" than any other man in histo- 

Side By Side is primarily a musical produc- 
tion, featuring 29 songs taken from a diverse 
group of musicals; little emphasis is placed on 
plot, a flaw overcome by an excellent cast. 
Members of the cast include Susan Palmer, 
Bill Powell, Tamara Serenduke, and William 

Act 1 opens with "Comedy Tonight" from A 
Funny Thing Happened On the Way to 
the Forum. Although "Comedy Tonight" 
was sung by a group of twenty actors in the 
original play, the small cast of Side By Side 
handled it admirably. "You Must Meet My 
Wife," from A Little Night Music, about an 
18-year-old virgin who plans to remain as 
such even in marriage, and "Barcelona," 
from the musical Company were standouts 
in this act. Both are songs that all theatre 
patrons should hear. 

"I'll Never Do Anything Twice," from The 

7% Solution was much enjoyed by this au- 
dience. There were a few sexual puns and 
"I'll Never Do Anything Twice" was overall a 
bit risque. Susan Palmer sang "Broadway 
Baby" from Follies; she has the ability to do 
more than just adequate, but she did not real- 
ize her potential in this song. 

Sondheim's compositions "I Remember" and 
"Can That Boy Foxtrot" did not survive 
Evening Primrose and Follies but en- 
joyed a special niche in Side by Side. 

The highlight of Act II was "You Gotta Have 
a Gimmick" from Gypsy. Tinsley, Palmer, 
and Serenduke's rendition of this burlesque 
piece had the house rolling with laughter. 
"Side by Side by Side" from Company was 
an appropriate closing song. 

Christie Gash, a junior majoring in marketing, 
summed up the general reaction of the audi- 
ence to the production. Said Gash, "For what 
they had to work with, it was wonderful." 



University Activities Council 


December 2, 1983 

Mary Harris 

How did you spend the evening of December 

Approximately 350 USM students attended 
the Vixen concert in Bennett Auditorium, 
with many students choosing to attend the 
traditional Chi Omega Songfest instead. The 
University Activities Council sponsored the 
Vixen concert, and Victor Bailey, UAC music 
chairperson, said that he was pleased with 
the audience turnout. 

The all-female rock band played all origina 
music with the exception of the song "Under 
My Thumb" by the Rolling Stones. The ma- 
jority of the audience enjoyed this change 

from the usual Top 40 genre and expressed 
approval by dancing. 

Victor Bailey said, "This was definitely the 
best performance we've had in two years." 

Tight leather was an obvious attraction in 
Vixen costume and a male audience mem- 
ber's comments included, "... the girls were 
foxy." Physical critiques aside, most concert 
goers agreed that the band put on an impres- 
sive performance. 

UAC recorded the concert on video tape and 
plans to use the tape for future promotions 
with the permission of Vixen band members. 



Art Center Series 

Great American Mime Experiment 
Thursday, October 20 

A powerful mime extravaganza 

Norman Luboff Choir 
Monday, October 31 

A performance by the unquestioned leader in all ranges of vocal music 

The Acting Company 
Wednesday, November 30 

In a creative production of Shakespeare's Pericles 

Michael Ponti 
Thursday, February 9 

The super virtuoso pianist 

Albert Herring 
Thursday, March 8 

Benjamin Britten's hilarious comic opera 

Great American Mime Experiment 


University Activities Council 

Welcome Back Week 

September 12-16, 1983 

Mary Harris 

rhe University Activities Council presented its 
innual "Welcome Back Week" September 
12-16, kicking off Fall Semester with a burst of 

\ different form of entertainment was 
banned for each night of the week. Comedian 
Pom Parks was the Monday night entertain- 
nent. Parks was voted "1983 Campus Enter- 
ainer of the Year" at USM. Many students 
emembered Parks from his show last year, 

and a high turnout was proof of this. 

On Tuesday night, UAC held a food giveaway 
where Chris Bliss did a teaser for his crowd- 
pleasing comic juggling act. 

The rock and soul band Sparkle performed on 
Wednesday night, playing Top 40 hit songs 
and a few of their own compositions. Some 
students just sat back and listened while oth- 
ers were more enthusiastic and danced. 

Thursday at dusk the movies Star Trek: The 
Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan 

were shown on the southside of the stadium 

The rock band the Piggies finished out the 
week on Friday night. The Piggies are home 
based in Nashville, Tenessee, but are not re- 
lated to the famous Miss Piggy. 

Rock and soul band Sparkle 

DG, SAE Clinch Top Spots 
In Chi Omega Songfest 

December 2, 1983 

Clad in white gloves and formal black, Delta Gamma and 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon basked in the spotlight at the annual 
Chi Omega Songfest with stylish performances that mer- 
ited first place honors in the Friday, December 2 event. 

Delta Gamma captured the top position with a jazzy 
rendition of "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus of Delta Gee," 
with Sigma Alpha Epsilon carrying away first prize for a 
winning version of "The Twelve Days After Christmas." 

Second place winners were Delta Delta Delta and Kappa 
Sigma, with Kappa Delta and Sigma Chi placing third. 

Comic performances by Sigma Nu and Kappa Alpha 

rivaled the winning groups in soliciting audience approv- 
al. Sigma Nu performed a "Greatest Hits" melody that 
included such endearing Sigma Nu classics as "You Are 
My Hosebag." The Ghosts of KA Christmas Past, Pre- 
sent, and Future highlighted such past crowd-pleasers as 
gatoring, the "Aints," and the untimely demise of Ru- 
dolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

The show drew $3312.58 in donations, with all proceeds 
going to the United Way. 

Chairperson for the event was Missy Ezelle. 

Union Board/Department of Theatre and Dance 

Hello, Dolly! 

February 13-18, 1984 

Dee Dougherty 

Auditions were held during the first week of 
December for an 11 member cast of Southern 
students who would present six sold-out perfor- 
mances of "Hello, Dolly!" The dinner theater, 
held in the R.C. Cook University Union, ran from 
February 13-18. Dr. Blaine Quarnstrom direct- 
ed "The GREAT Musical SMASH HIT" which 
was judged for overseas tours by Dr. Berger, 
chairman of the American Theater Association, 
and by Dr. Davis, of the United States Navy. 
The cast looked forward to presenting the musi- 
cal at military bases in Europe and the Orient. 
American customs and traditions could be seen 
throughout the play; several characters wore 
red, white, and blue costumes, and flags and 
sparklers were carried. 

Based on Thornton Wilder's "Matchmaker," 
"Hello, Dolly!" takes place in New York during 
the early 1900's. Dolly Levi (Lynette Bullock), a 
rich widow, schemes to get a wealthy 
storeowner, Horace Vandergelder (Joey Gau- 
tier), to become her new husband. She dresses 
elaborately in vivid colors of purple and red. She 
has an answer for everything; her mischief even 
lands Horace Vandergelder in jail! 

Favorable comments and hearty applause could 
be heard as the cast danced its way through the 
aisles. Kerry Jenkins, who played Ambrose 
Kemper, and Heidi Cline, a theater major who 
played Irene Molloy, spoke enthusiastically 
about fellow cast members. Both praised the 
superb talents of the rest of the cast; they felt 
that the "unreal" gifts of the performers contrib- 
uted to the ease of learning song and dance 
routines choreographed by Karen Quarnstrom. 
They agreed that audience reaction was great 
and that the four weeks of rehearsal, as well as 
the final performances, were a lot of fun. 

Such enthusiasm on the part of the cast spilled 
over into six energetic shows, making "Hello, 
Dolly!" one of the theatrical highlights of the 
1983-1984 school year. 


w w w 9 


Associated Student Body/ 
Delta Gamma 

Miss Southern 

Beth Glover 

January 28, 1984 
Amber Martin 

Talent, evening gown, and swimsuit competitions, judges' inter- 
views, and an "All That Jazz" theme provided the glitter for the 
competition and crowning of Miss Southern 1984, sophomore 
Beth Glover. Beth, a communications major from Hattiesburg, 
was one of 14 USM coeds vying for the title in the Associated 
Student Body sponsored pageant. Other winners were Kenya 
Harrington, first runner-up; Kim McGuffee, second runner-up; 
Donna Ginn, third runner-up; and Heidi Cline, fourth runner- 
up. Suzanne Schwarzuauer was named Miss Congeniality; 
Hope Martel won the swimsuit competition; and Michelle Ni- 
chols received the Directors' Award. Kim McGuffee also won 
the talent competition. 

Delta Gamma hosted the pageant, a preliminary for the Miss 
Mississippi and Miss America contests. 

Serving as Mistress of Ceremonies was Helen Waltman, a for- 
mer swimsuit winner and top ten finalist in the Miss Mississippi 

Missy Ezelle, Dina Alford, Michelle Elliont, and Sharon Garbin 
provided dance entertainment at the competition. 



University Activities Council 

Craig Karges 

November 16, 1983 
David Woods 

As the curtain opened, the prince of the black art 
stood majestically. Uttering the secret thoughts of the 
skeptic audience, Karges continued to captivate by 
linking class and wedding rings, levitating tables, and 
reading numbers from dollar bills while blindfolded. 

Craig Karges, a sorcerer of the world of ESP, succeed- 
ed in mystifying and intriguing the USM campus in a 
show worthy of Merlin himself. In the past, Karges has 
predicted newspaper headlines days in advance and 
has piloted a motorcycle while blindfolded. 

Although his USM appearance was somewhat less 
eventful, skeptics departed believers, having wit- 
nessed the wizardry of an expert. 


Junior Panhellenic Talent Show 

February 6, 1984 

Amber Martin 

The 1984 Junior Panhellenic Talent Show, held at Bennett Audito- Jay Kerrick, Billy Powe, and Carl Cole. The group performed the numbers 
rium on February 6, was sponsored by the Junior Panhellenic Coun- "Broken Lady" and "Annie." 
cil. Proceeds from the show were placed in a scholarship fund for 
outstanding Greek women pledges. 

In the variety category, the first place winner was Ebony Essence, a 
vocal group composed of Tammy Winfrey, Carole Lee, Chiquita 
Moore, and Dale Trotter. They sang "Ice Castles." Second place 
variety winner was Tanya Wallace with her version of "He's a Way 

In the vocal division, first place winner was Tammy Roberts, who 
performed a rendition of "They Could Not." Second place vocal 
winner was Connie Mitchell who sang "When the Time Comes I Want 
to Be Ready." 

Overall winner of the show was a seven member band made up of 
Dexter Herring, Shelton Feazell, Brian Whittington, Mark Houston, 


Southern Exposure members are Brian Whittington, Angela Earles, Bobby Hensley, Jill 
Bailey, Nona Hughes, Shelton Feazell, Lisa Hargett, Shawyn Mars, Mattelyn Cassels, Eddie 
Jones, Beth Glover, Ken Waltman. 



Mary Harris 

Southern Exposure performers harmonize in more 
than just the musical sense. Southern Exposure's Di- 
rector Tim Breland said, "I think this group works 
together better than any other so far . . . by the end of 
the fall semester, we were like a big family, which 
makes all the difference in the world of performing." 

Nancy Wingo, Southern Exposure's choreographer, 
and Tim Breland have known each other since the 
seventh grade. Like the performers, they too seem to 
have a peaceful rapport. "It's almost a mental thing," 
said Breland. "She knows what I'm thinking before I 
say it. We work well together because of our similar 

America Today is the 1984 theme for Southern Ex- 
posure. The revue-style show combines Broadway, 
country music, and pop hits in a fast-paced song-and- 
dance display. Performances are scheduled through- 
out the state at high schools, junior colleges, alumni 
meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, and con- 
ventions. The troupe will end its regular season with 
appearances at the 1984 Louisiana World Eposition in 
New Orleans. Breland will also try to schedule shows 
in the vacinity of Opryland auditions. Past members 
have gone on to New York City with national touring 
companies, Opryland, and Six Flags Over Texas. 

Tim Breland was a member of the original Southern 
Exposure troupe. He holds a Master's degree in music 
education from USM. Nancy Wingo also received 
training at USM, and is a dance graduate. Sets for 
Southern Exposure are designed and illustrated by 
Sissie Myrick, graphic artist for USM Public Relations. 
David Judice is the audio specialist and band members 
are Ben Burnett, drums; Mark Houston, bass; Carl 
Cole, banjo and guitar; Tim Breland, piano; and Billy 
Powe, keyboard synthesizer and saxophone. 

Department of 
Theatre and Dance 

Spring Dance 

March 29-31, 1984 


Petrina Amacker 

Margaret Bowlin 

Deborah Browning 

Laura Carleton 

Suzanne Clements 

Monica Davidson 

Brenda Lynn Davis 

Karen Garman 

Holly Hasty 

Peggy Hedges 

Stephanie Hospes 

Gabriel Masson 

Gary May 

Victoria Mcintosh 

Mark Napier 

Susan Patterson 

Janet Prieur 

Le Richards 

Stan Ritchey 

Dorothy "Peaches" Rogers 

Ron Schmidtling 

Gordon Smith 

Tom Smith 

Sylvia Strickland 

Rocio Trest 

Angela Whitney 

Lisa Wright 

Patricia Amacker 
Suzanne Clements 
Gabriel Masson 
Victoria Mcintosh 
Janet Prieur 

Dorothy "Peaches" Rogers 
Sylvia Strickland 
Rocio Trest 



University Activities Council 

Jack Gallagher/ Airband 

February 13, 1984 

Kim Willis 

Boston comic Jack Gallagher and the First An- 
nual Airband Competition shared the billing on 
a University Activities Council and Coors spon- 
sored Valentine's extravaganza. 

Jack Gallagher, who has appeared with Robin 
Williams, among many other well-known co- 
medians, led off the Monday night show at 
Bennett Auditorium with a fast-paced comic 
routine. His performance was followed by a 

seven band contest among groups who 
danced, strutted, beckoned, and lip- 
synced before a cheering audience in hopes 
of capturing top honors — with a first place 
prize of a keg of Coors beer — in the competi- 

Selections performed ranged from a cover of 
"Helter Skelter" to the recent "99 Red Bal- 
loons." Artists imitated included Stevie Won- 

der, Prince, and Michael Jackson. 

Groups were judged on the basis of artistic 
talent and technical ability. Capturing the first 
place position was the female band Undercov- 
er, made up of Pam Jenkins, Brenda Miller, 
Debbie Wade, and Donna Wade. 


University Activities Council 

Casino Night 

February 22, 1984 

Kim Willis 


The stakes were high at the University Activities Council's annual 
Casino Night, held on a Wednesday night in the R.C. Cook Union. 
Students made and lost fast fortunes in play dollars in the course of 
the event. 

Participants were issued $50,000 dollars of the funny money at 
the door and had the opportunity to multiply their take by betting 
on games such as blackjack, craps, and in-between. 

All gambling drew to a close at 10:00 p.m. for an auction of prizes 
donated by local merchants. Items up for bid included Mickey 
Mouse ears, mugs, board games, candy, and pizzas. With UAC 
sponsor Joe Paul serving as auctioneer, the bids went well up into 
the millions for such sought-after prizes as cases of beer. 

Although most players finished out the evening with nothing more 
than a fistful of worthless cash to show for their efforts, a winningly 
good time was had by all. 




Fall 1983 


Caren M 

*eth McCoy 

Alphonso Lingis 
September 27, 1983 

"He was destined to die from birth and 
he was dying when I met him," said Ai- 
phonso Lingis, referring to the man who 
shared a cell with him when he was arrested 
on charges of drug possession in Bangkok. 
Lingis, a professor of philosophy at Pennsyl- 
vania State University, opened the Fall 1983 
University Forum lecture series with an ac- 
count of his recollections of the five days he 
spent in a Bangkok jail in 1979. He was ar- 
rested when he agreed to purchase drugs 
offered to him by a cab driver taking him to 
his hotel. The driver immediately transport- 
ed him to the police station. Lingis maintains 
that he was arrested to prove that Americans 
are responsible for Bangkok's drug problem. 
"Addicts work with the police," he said. 
"They get 50 percent of the fine." 

The majority of Lingis' lecture centered upon 
his relationship with his cellmate. He de- 
scribed the man as a "political prisoner" who 
attempted to make the most of life. "Death is 
the last moment of the future ... it is immi- 
nent . . . [but] it is always hoped that you have 
an unlimited number of days." 

Through the efforts of an Embassy lawyer, 
Lingis was able to leave the country after 

paying his fine. When he later attempted to 
find out what had happened to his cellmate, 
he discovered that the man had committed 
suicide by jumping off a two-story building, 
dying several days thereafter. 

Arkady Shevchenko 
October 4, 1983 

"I was a good Soviet and I did believe in 
the system," said Arkady Shevchenko of 
the Russian society he left in 1978 to seek 
political asylum in the United States. Shev- 
chenko held the highest diplomatic rank in 
the Soviet Union and many believed that he 
would have been the next Soviet Foreign Min- 

Speaking of the Soviet attitude toward the 
U.S., Shevchenko emphasized that Russia re- 
spects strength. With this in mind, he advised 
that the U.S. policy should be to negotiate, 
not collaborate, and to trade rather than aid. 
He described Russia as an oversimplification 
of power in the hands of a few people. "They 
don't know any other system," he said. 
"They are taught to accept." 

He pointed to the incident of the shooting 
down of the Korean airplane as a characteris- 
tic example of Soviet disregard for human 
life. In the minds of the Soviets, he said, "The 
killing of innocent is nothing compared to the 
problem of Soviet security." Soviet military 
were severely punished for permitting the 
entrance of the plane, with many Soviets los- 
ing their jobs. Referring to the pilot who fired 
upon the plane, he said, "If he had not shot 
the airplane down before it was out of Soviet 
airspace, I think he would have been shot." 

On the subject of nuclear war, Shevchenko 
characterized the Soviet leaders as "predato- 
ry, but not mad." The Soviet Union realizes 
that the U.S. has the power to wipe out the 
major Soviet cities. "They will not start a 
nuclear war unless they believe the survival 

of the Soviet Union is at stake." 

Maciej Oltarzewski 
October 11, 1983 

"We are fighting without violence. We 
are a peaceful movement. We don't 
want to kill anybody," said Maciej Oltar- 
zewski, citing the Christian morality of the 
Solidarity movement in Poland. Oltarzewski, 
who was an attorney in Poland before his 
arrest for counter revolutionary activities and 
subsequent exile to the United States, served 
as legal counsel and financial advisor to Soli- 
darity leader Lech Walesa. 

Between 1970 and 1980, "we realized we 
needed to be together." The Solidarity move- 
ment had its true beginning in August of 
1980 when a strike was held at a Gdansk 
shipyard in support of a woman who was 
being forced out of her job. The Solidarity 
structure was built on the underground news- 
papers for Farmer's and Worker's Solidarity 
that Oltarzewski edited in Poland. Papers 
printed on the underground press "teach the 
true politics and literature." He called it a 
"strategy born in prison camps." Oltar- 
zewski emphasized that moral support for 
the movement in the U.S. is the most impor- 
tant support of all, noting that Ronald Rea- 
gan is "very popular" in Poland. 

Oltarzewski blames the mental stress from 
being watched by Secret Service agents as 
his reason for leaving Poland. He feels cer- 
tain that he will return to Poland in the future. 

Seymour Hersh 
October 25, 1983 

"We have simply taken the law in our 
own hands. I think this is a very shaky 
time for the U.S.A. We're getting close 
... it will be just a question of luck, 
what will happen next," said award win- 
ning journalist Seymour Hersh of Grenada. "I 

don't like to see my country acting like a 
bully." As far as the U.S. is concerned, the 
Beirut situation is "a pimple in history." "It's 
nothing," said Hersh. "Two hundred [killed 
men] is just another day in the war." 

Of Lebanon, Hersh stated, "I can't tell you 
how many of us have begged in print to get 
[us] out of Lebanon." In his dealings with 
Lebanon, Hersh characterized Ronald Rea- 
gan as an "ignorant president. Not a beggar, 
not a criminal, not a liar — just ignorant." 
Reagan displays many shortcomings in deal- 
ing in foreign policy, said Hersh. "Reagan 
likes to ride his horse and not be bothered by 
things . . . he'd be a wonderful neighbor." He 
praised Eisenhower as the last good presi- 
dent. "He was wrong on some things, but he 
was a man of integrity." 

In speaking of Henry Kissinger's service as 
national security advisor to Nixon, the topic 
of the book Hersh recently completed work 
on, Hersh said that Kissinger betrayed the 
peace process to get into the White House. 
He said that in researching his book, he was 
unable to find any indications that Nixon or 
Kissinger cared about human cost. "Nixon 
was a criminal and was driven out of his job as 
such," he said. 

Hugh Kaufman 
November 15, 1983 

"We have to learn from our mistakes to 
prevent these catastrophes by making 
the practices illegal that gave us all 
these waste sites," said Hugh Kaufman, 
director of the Environmental Protection 
Agency's toxic waste disposal program. 

"There exists one ton of hazardous waste for 
every man, woman, and child. 90 percent of 
this is handled in a way that will affect the 
health of the American people," said Kauf- 
man. Criticizing the failure of the Reagan ad- 
ministration to enforce EPA regulations, he 

said, "I think EPA is coming back, but it still maintain. The third crisis outlined by Harring- 

has a long way to go. Many regulations on the ton was the technical revolution. When it hits 

books have legalized the practices we are full-force, rapid changes will begin within 

trying to clean up." business. 

While there is no technology to destroy nucle- 
ar waste, all other forms of toxic waste can be 
made non-hazardous. Said Kaufman, "It's a 
political problem as opposed to a technical 
problem." Such waste is unnecessary; less 
can be generated, and that which is can be 
converted to harmless forms, but it is more 
convenient to throw it away. Kaufman esti- 
mates that out of 17,000 documented dump 
sites needing remedial action, a possible 10 
sites will be dealt with. The EPA has cleaned 
up five sites to date. "With that record, it will 
take 9,000 years to clean up this country," 
said Kaufman. 

Michael Harrington 
November 29, 1983 

"Ronald Reagan is a very luck failure. 
Reagan is practicing sand castle eco- 
nomics and the recovery has occurred 
in spite of Reaganomics," said Michael 
Harrington, co-chairman of the Democratic 
Socialists of America. In Harrington's opin- 
ion, Reagan's reform policies are "95 per- 
cent wrong" and the present state of recov- 
ery will last only until the next election. 
However, according to Harrington, Reagan is 
not unprincipled or dishonest; he is a shallow 
planner who "is being saved by demand side 

Beyond Reagan, Harrington cited three prob- 
lems that will cause crisis for America. The 
first problem mentioned is the division of la- 
bor among countries, with many countries 
making steel cheaper than the U.S. Harring- 
ton commented that "there may not even be 
a steel industry as we know it today in 20 
years." The second problem is the rapid for- 
mation of multi-national corporations of busi- 
ness, making national industry even harder to 

Alphonso Lingis, Arkady 
Shevchenko, Maciej 01- 
tarzewski, Seymour 
Hersh, Hugh Kaufman, 
William Raspberry 

Nearing conclusion, Harrington stated, "I be- 
lieve deeply in the national security of this 
country ... I do not believe the insane . . . 
arms race helps this country." The present 
Democratic party is "intellectually bank- 
rupt" and totally incapable of dealing with 
today's problems. The aim, therefore, is for a 
"transformed Democratic party"; as an 
American Socialist, Harrington believes that 
the Socialists are the trustees of the possibili- 
ties of civilization. 

William Raspberry 
December 6, 1983 

"We are stuck on an increasingly small 
globe, and rich, poor, black, white, 
communist, or capitalist, we had damn 
well better learn how to share it," said 
William Raspberry, award-winning journalist 
and columnist with the Washington Post. 
Raspberry, originally from a small Mississippi 
town, returned to his home state not to dis- 
cuss how Mississippi has changed since he 
left it, but to talk about more pressing issues: 
American domestic problems, international 
affairs, and the current tense global situation. 

On the domestic front, Raspberry expressed 
concern for what he sees as a growing impa- 
tience of Americans with those outside the 
mainstream: the handicapped, blacks, Hi- 
spanics, and the poor. This manifests itself in 
what Raspberry called the "sink-or-swim" 
method of chopping off government aid for 
these people, a policy which Raspberry sees 
as harmful, especially to the young. 

Speaking on international affairs, Raspberry 
protested against an American foreign policy 
he views as motivated by economic, rather 
than humanitarian factors. He would "love to 
see the U.S. help peasants struggling for 
emancipation" in Latin America instead of 
hooking onto a country's existing regime to 
keep things stable for business purposes. 

He also attacked what he called the "Atari 
mentality" of the U.S. -Soviet arms race. "If I 
have one man left and you haven't, I win." 
Raspberry said that we must recognize that 
"the more powerful our weapons become, 
the less security we really have." 


♦ ♦ 

* ♦ 





Residence Hall Council 


Mardi Gras 

March 1, 1984 

Kim Willis 

Although official Mardi Gras celebrations 
weren't held until nearly a week later, with 
Mardi Gras itself declared as a student holi- 
day at USM, Southern students got in the 
spirit of the occasion early at the 7th Annual 
Mardi Gras Ball on Thursday, March 1. 

The party, held at the Hattiesburg Communi- 
ty Center, was sponsored by RHA. Geared 
specifically towards dorm-dwellers, a shuttle 
service was provided from the Hub every 
half hour. 

King and queen of the ball were selected by a 
secret ballot vote, with each hall submitting 
candidates. Elam Arms resident Tommy 
McGlothlin was chosen king, with Hillcrest 
resident Linda Elder serving as his queen. 
Elam resident Keith Sanders, sporting a Boy 
George-inspired look, carried away the prize 
for best costume in an election held by the 
crowd at large. 

Featured entertainment was the Atlanta- 
based band Oasis, managed by Sunburst pro- 

Chairman for the event was Jerry Kucia, 
Bond Hall vice president. 





♦ > 

Parking Situation Strikes 
Terror In Hearts 
of USM Students 

Karen Godail 

With only 5,759 parking spaces to match 6,509 
registered vehicles, illegal parking was an all- 
too-familiar occurence during the fall semester. 
After hours of strenuous study, a fatigued stu- 
dent might leave his last class only to find his 
illegally parked get-away car gone and replaced 
by a $25 towing fee. One distressed student 
reportedly received two $6 parking tickets on 
the same day for the same violation! Needless to 
say, parking seemed to steadily drain the pock- 
ets and provoke the tempers of unfortunate stu- 
dents. Wrecker services and parking attendants 
became the student's worst enemies on the USM 

Parking illegally seemed unavoidable for the 
Southerner when he or she arrived on campus 
too late to seize a legal parking space or simply 
had no time to explore the outskirts of campus 
for one. Likewise, many female students, in or- 
der to avoid walking alone at night in poorly lit 
areas, chose closer, yet prohibitied, places to 
park near the residence halls. 

Not only was parking a problem on campus in 
yellow and red painted zones, handicapped 
spaces, and in places contrary to the assigned 
zone, but student parking proved to be a prob- 
lem in private businesses' parking lots. Jeanne 
Stewart, manager of Pandora's Books, said that 
student parking poses a problem to most of the 
businesses along Hardy Stret. Although she ad- 
mittedly had no problems every day, Stewart 
said that she towed away the ones in front of the 
store immediately and placed warning notices 
on the vehicles parked in the back. Hence, those 
who thought they were getting away with some- 
thing by parking illegally off campus, were even- 
tually forced to pay the price too. 

Many students believed that the problem would 
be solved by completely cutting out the zone 
system. "We don't have a parking problem on 
this campus. We have a parking distribution 


problem," said Professional Planner and Leader 
of the Community and Regional Planning Pro- 
gram, Joe Flynn. Still others, who felt that the 
zone system was a vital need for parking organi- 
zation, wanted to maintain it by increasing the 
number of parking spaces. Recommendations 
by the Community and Regional Planning Pro- 
gram, an undergraduate project, in mid-October 
were to change some traffic flow patterns to 
provide parking spaces where none existed and 
to restripe parking spaces to increase the num- 

During the Thanksgiving holidays, six new 

spaces were added between the Sports Arena 
and the girls' gym by changing the spaces from 
60-degree to 90-degree angles. Ten more new 
spaces were added by remeasuring and repaint- 
ing, to a standard nine feet width each, parking 
places from the intersection of College Drive 
north on the west side of the Service Drive. 
Further plans to increase the number of parking 
spaces were to remeasure and repaint spaces 
along Felder Place between Panhellenic and the 
Alumni House, and, if money permitted, to pro- 
vide parking spaces on the east side of the Ser- 
vice Drive all the way from Hardy Street to the 
intersection across from the tennis courts. 

By the spring semester, the parking situation 
had laxed because of the decrease in student 
population due to dropouts. Parking violations 
were at a minimum, and towed cars were almost 
unheard of. The students themselves found oth- 
er things to gripe about and other people to 
despise. However, the parking situation, al- 
though seemingly under control, was not com- 
pletely solved. New solutions proposed by a 
long-range University Planning Committee and 
the Associated Study Body were underway to 
alleviate parking problems expected to enroll 
with the influx of students in the fall of 1984. 

5 r i 

From Philadelphia Boy to Six Million Dollar Man 

Marcus Dupree Goes Pro 

For most USM students, Marcus Dupree was 
not merely a 6 foot, 233 pound football play- 
er, but a major event. When rumor got out 
that Dupree was to enroll at USM in October, 
mixed emotions dotted the campus. Most stu- 
dents seemed to welcome the ex-Sooner run- 
ning back with open arms, while still others 
dreaded the controversy that his enrollment 
might cause. "I feel that if he can fit into the 
program with the coaches and players, he 
can be a plus to the school. If he comes in and 
creates controversy between players, then 
the team could go down," said senior athletic 
administration major Lester Coleman. "I'm 
glad he came here instead of [Mississippi] 
State," said freshman electronics major 
Benny Hubbard. Roxanne Burrus, a fresh- 
man majoring in English, stated that "It's 
raising too much controversy. They should 
have waited until the end of the semester. I 
think that they are making too big a thing of 
it." When Dupree did, indeed, enroll at USM, 
the university was subjected to more national 
attention than it had ever received. The cam- 
pus was invaded by reporters from around 
the nation, all of them anxious to scoop the 
sports story of the year. 

"What's so great about Marcus Dupree?" 
was everyone's question after his name was 
broadcasted through the radio and television, 
splattered across newspaper headlines, and 
boosted by other students. "What did he ever 
do to receive so much attention?" Marcus 
Dupree, a native of Philadelphia, Mississippi, 
grew up great. As a kid he was always bigger, 
stronger, and faster than the others. Starting 
out as a baseball player, he was banned from 
the Little League for pitching too hard. The 
first time he touched the football in a game as 
a ninth grader at Philadelphia High, young 
Marcus returned a punt 75 yards for a touch- 
down against Southeast Lauderdale. "I guess 
I'm good because I don't want to be tackled," 
he says. He finished his high school career 
with 5,283 yards and 87 touchdowns under 
his belt. His high school coach Joe Wood 
praised him as a mentally tough team player. 
"There are three kinds of backs" says 
Wood, "those real fast but not big, those big 
but not fast and then the third kind, the Mar- 

Karen Godail 

cus kind. He has an ungodly knack for finding 
the hole. People just can't judge how quick 
he can move. He'd break it down the sideline 
here for a touchdown and outrun everybody 
and people would say, 'He's loafing.' I tell 
you he wasn't loafing; he was moving on. He 
played hurt and he took his licks." "I try to 
make things look easy and God gave me the 
ability to do that," says Dupree of his extraor- 
dinary talent. With such an outstanding athle- 
tic history, Marcus Dupree could not have 
been surprised to find recruiters knocking 
down his door in their eagerness to make the 
biggest catch in football history. "If a strang- 
er shows up in this town," said Dupree's 
mother, Cella Connors, "they ain't lookin' for 
nobody but Marcus." Southern author Willie 
Morris took advantage of this vast recruit- 
ment process by writing a lengthy hardcover, 
The Courting of Marcus Dupree, which 
ties in sports with sociology. When Dupree 
finally selected Oklahoma, his hometown of 
Philadelphia threw a "Marcus Dupree" day. 
The local paper published a "Marcus Du- 
pree" issue, and highway signs were mount- 
ed to declare the new identity: "Philadelphia, 
Mississippi, home of Marcus Dupree." Du- 
pree was hailed as no less than a gift from 

During his freshman year, Dupree was a gift 
to the University of Oklahoma, leading the 
Sooners in rushing with 905 yards. But by the 
following year, things appeared much less 
rosy. Relations between Dupree and Sooner 
Head Coach Barry Switzer became strained 
by Switzer's constant criticism of Dupree. 
Switzer called Dupree "lazy and out of 
shape," saying that "it's all come too easy for 
him." Marcus was miffed that Switzer never 
seemed to believe that he had hamstring and 
knee injuries, asthma, car trouble, or alarm 
clock malfunctions. He felt that Switzer 
blamed him personally for a 32-21 loss to 
Arizona State in the Fiesta Bowl. "He gained 
239 yards," Switzer allowed, "but if he was 
in shape he might have had 400." 

Furthermore, Dupree seemed disenchanted 
with his studies. He rarely went to classes and 
hardly lifted a finger for homework. Accord- 

ing to Jim Brown, academic counselor for the 
athletic department of Oklahoma State Uni- 
versity, Dupree regularly cut classes, failed 
tests, and went through the drop/add pro- 
cess. In a remarkable lapse of judgment, he 
failed to attend most of the sessions of Philos- 
ophy 1203, a class taught in part by Universi- 
ty President William S. Banowsky. Said Du- 
pree of his poor academic showing, "They 
[recruiters] made everything sound so big and 
glorious. I was so busy hearing about being on 
TV and winning the Heisman, I never thought 
about what school would be like. I'd go to 
practice, go to my room, watch TV, and hang 
around. I was so homesick and depressed 
that I stopped going to classes." After a mis- 
erable showing against Texas, Dupree went 
home to Philadelphia and decided to stay for 
good. "I know that some people here who 
were on my bandwagon will jump off now," 
said Marcus. "But the ones I trust know I 
have to try for a decent, happy life. I couldn't 
do that before, with my priorities so mixed 

A week later, in mid-October, Dupree en- 
rolled at USM. Here, he believed, the pres- 
sure would be off and he would perhaps be 
eligible to play football the following fall. 
Switzer branded Dupree as a "19-year-old 
quitter." Dupree rebutted, saying that he 
was transferring, not quitting, in order to be 
near home. He signed up for 14 hours of QQ 
classes, settled into the routine of Southern 
college life, and looked forward to an enjoy- 
able Golden Eagle football career. In mid- 
December, however, when NCAA rules 
banned Dupree from playing football at its 
major colleges until 1985, Dupree's situation 
again changed. On January 18, he abruptly 
dropped out of USM. Southern students were 
both stunned and appalled. A sign outside 
the University Commons read, "Thanks for 
all the 'memories,' Marcus." Cries of "trai- 
tor" and "let him go home to Momma" 
stripped away his credibility on campus. "I 
think he needs to grow up and realize that 
some things in life we have to work for," said 
Laura Cope, a junior majoring in elementary 
education. Still others sympathized with the 
two-time quitter, defending him as a con- 


fused human being. 

After dropping out of Southern, Dupree's im- 
mediate plans were to take a construction job 
in Hattiesburg to assist his family financially. 
Tentative future plans included enrolling in 
an NAIA school or possibly Millsaps College, 
a Division III school in Jackson, Mississippi. 
When the news got out that Dupree had just 
quit college a second time, however, his 
phone began to ring. USFL and NFL repre- 
sentatives alike sought after the super ath- 
lete. The New Orleans Breakers, a USFL 
team, were given permission to talk to Du- 
pree by the New Jersey Generals, who held 
territorial rights on him. In exchange for Du- 
pree, the New Orleans Breakers agreed to 
give the Generals their first round draft 
choice in 1985, a player to be selected later 
from the Breakers' territorial list. After talks 
with Breakers owner Joe Canizaro, Dupree, 
no longer of amateur status, decided he want- 
ed to play professional football in New Or- 
leans. Said Dupree, "I don't really like 
school. College isn't for everybody and I 
guess it is just not for me. All I want to do is 
try to make my life simple, mind my own 
business, and try to make things fun." With a 

$6 million contract, Dupree should have 
plenty of fun. In an elaborate outdoor cere- 
mony on the ground of the Superdome on 
Saturday, March 3, Dupree signed the 
lengthy contract which included a reported 
$5 million package of cash, deferred pay- 
ments, and performance clauses. Breakers 
owner Canizaro, dubbing Dupree "the six 
million dollar man," had nothing but praise 
for him. Said Canizaro, "Marcus Dupree has 
convinced me he is a team player. He wants 
his teammates to accept him, and he wants to 
work with them to win for the Breakers. 
We've got what is going to be the finest foot- 
ball player in America." Breaker Coach Dick 
Coury said, "He's an outstanding talent and 
an outstanding person. I'm looking forward to 
coaching him." The team seemed equally en- 
thusiastic about their new teammate. Said 
veteran quarterback Johnny Walton to Du- 
pree, "The team cannot wait for you to put 
on number 22. When you put on that uniform 
you will help us become closer to our goal 
which is to bring a championship team to the 
New Orleans area." 

Marcus Dupree, the event that briefly stirred 
the USM campus, created a hoopla that 

spawned decidedly emotional reactions. 
While many remain bitter and maintain that 
the University would have done well without 
him anyway, others are happy for him and 
wish him well. Said USM Head Football 
Coach Jim Carmody upon Dupree's with- 
drawal from USM, "I hope things work out 
for him in the future and we wish him the best 
of luck." 

April 4, 1984 

Marcus Dupree, with his mother at his side, an- 
nounces his newly-acquired Golden Eagle status 
to the world in a press conference held in the 
USM Administration Building on Wednesday, Oc- 
tober 19, 1983. 



> • I f' 

llain Elected 
udslinging Race 

Karen Godail 

From harmless red wagons to corrupt male pros- 
titutes, the 1983 gubernatorial race disintegrat- 
ed into a massive battle of mudslinging and em- 
bitterment that yielded perplexity in the minds 
of Mississippians. Were homosexual allegations 
against Democratic candidate Bill Allain valid or 
was it a smear tactic dredged up by Republican 
supporters of Leon Bramlett? Would the fact 
that Catholic Bill Allain is divorced "fence him 
out," or was Bramlett just playing desperate 
politics? The events leading up to these ques- 
tions made the election of 1983 a very contro- 
versial, bewildering, and intriguing one. 

Leon Bramlett, a farmer and businessman, grew 
up in Clarksdale. Merely a decade ago, he was 
the State Democratic chairman; however, he 
changed parties as part of his support for Ron- 
ald Reagan's losing bid for the GOP presidential 
nomination in 1976. Bramlett lost the Republi- 
can primary in 1979 but came back to win in 

Natchez native Bill Allain has served the state 
for 20 years. He has been a member of the State 
Board of Education for four years and finished 
his term as Mississippi's attorney general in i 
1983. He defeated Evelyn Gandy in the 1983 
primary to become the Democratic gubernatori- 
al nominee. 

Both candidates made a point of appealing to 
voter's emotions rather than their heads. In his 
television commercials, Allain spoke of a little 
red wagon his parents gave him during the De- 
pression, emphasizing the need to take care of 
the elderly and sick. "We're going to have an 
administration tough enough to govern yet com- 
passionate enough to care," he said. Business- 
oriented Bramlett stressed instead the need for 
government to help the people help themselves 
rather than "buying the little red wagon for 
them." He felt that the problem lies in our state 
and federal governments doing too much for the 



During his campaign, Bramlett emphasized the 
need for a "family man" in the governor's man- 
sion, wielding a blatant attack on the divorced 
Allain. "I know more in a minute about educat- 
ing a child than he'll ever know, because I've 
done it," argued Bramlett, "Single people," 
countered Allain, "should not be fenced out 
from government. I know the problems of raising 
children, to send them to school, to try to do it on 
government pay, a small paycheck. I've seen 
single people die in war. Single teachers are 
doing a good job. Single people are paying taxes 
so others can get an education." Independent 
Charles Evers, also divorced, accused Bramlett 
of "mudslinging," saying his remarks were "dis- 
respectable" and "ungodly." 

But, without doubt, the major uproar in the 
1983 gubernatorial race was caused by accusa- 
tions branding candidate Bill Allain as a homo- 
sexual. The investigation was conducted by a 
group of Bramlett supporters called the Jackson 
group. Spending over $10,000 on the investiga- 
tion, the group was made up of both politically 
motivated men and Christian men with moral 
concern. The group originally began with six 
members, but eventually numbered some 15 to 
30 supporters, many of them contributors to the 
Bramlett campaign. Attorney William Spell said 
that the investigation was carried out indepen- 
dently of the Bramlett campaign, with the candi- 
date voicing his objections. 

As presented by Spell, the accusations were 
based upon statements from three black male 
prostitutes claiming that they had engaged in 
homosexual acts with Allain, polygraph tests 
from two of the prostitutes indicating that their 
claims of homosexual acts with Allain were 
truthful, statements of police officers and former 
police officers who said they had seen Allain in 
areas of Jackson where male prostitutes fre- 

quently solicited customers, and statements of 
maintenance workers who testified that they 
had found "queer magazines" in Allain's apart- 

Many reasons to doubt the validity of the allega- 
tions quickly arose. Statements made by prosti- 
tutes David Holiday and Grady Arington were in 
direct conflict. Furthermore, Rex Armestead, 
who assisted in acquiring statements from the 
reluctant police officers, was a self-professed 
murderer of nine people. 

In response to the allegations, Bill Allain aired 
two new television commercials. In one of the 
advertisements, Allain's ex-wife Doris Rush ap- 
peared stating, "I have watched in disgust as the 
Bramlett campaign has tried to smear my for- 
mer husband. I know the charges they are mak- 
ing about Bill are not true." In another commer- 
cial Allain was featuring rebuking the Bramlett 
campaign. "I say to Mr. Bramlett, the people of 
Mississippi deserve to hear the issues, not insults 
to their intelligence," he declared. 

While campaigning in South Mississippi, Allain 
stated that "He (Bill Spell) is not my opponent. 
Three bribed male prostitutes with criminal re- 
cords are not my opponent. He is not my judge. 
Three bribed male prostitutes are not my 
judges. My opponent is Leon Bramlett and my 
judges are the people of Mississippi." Allain 
threatened a libel lawsuit against "all responsi- 
ble parties." 

The charges of Allain's homosexuality brewed 
uncertainty in the minds of Mississippian voters. 
Some voters remained loyal to their candidates, 
but many others switched candidates or decided 
not to vote at all. 

In a mock election held at USM on Thursday, 
November 3, it was evident whom the students 
supported. Leon Bramlett, with 111 votes, 

wiped out Allain who faltered behind with 37 
votes. Behind him were Charles Evers, with 16; 
Evelyn Gandy, five; Billy Taylor, two; and Helen 
McMullen Williams with one vote. 

With many of the voters in Mississippi reluctant- 
ly beginning to support Bramlett, Allain submit- 
ted himself to a polygraph test shortly before the 
gubernatorial election. He passed the test, theo- 
retically proving himself innocent of the allega- 
tions. Allain declared that he took the test solely 
for "personal reasons." He expressed concern 
that polygraphs would become a regular part of 
Mississippi political campaigns. "I don't want 
this to become a precedent," he said. "Let's put 
this behind us." Louisiana Polygraph Associ- 
ation Chairman, John L. Phillips, concluded 
that, in his opinion, "There is nothing in the 
examination to indicate that Mr. Allain is homo- 
sexual or has been involved in homosexual ac- 
tivities." Allain's chief accuser, Bill Spell, called 
the results "absolutely unsatisfactory" and "po- 
litical propaganda" because the test was ar- 
ranged by Allain's attorney. 

On November 8, Bill Allain captured the gover- 
nor's title with 54.7% of the votes. Bramlett 
trailed with 39.5%. Behind him were Charles 
Evers, with 3.7%; and Billy Taylor and Helen 
Williams, with respectively. Allain managed to 
win despite strong allegations against him, but 
his problems may have just begun. Having won 
the battle of the polls, Allain still must face opin- 
ion leaders, members of the legislature, and lo- 
cal leaders. Victor Smith, a member of the Jack- 
son group, made it clear that the election would 
not end the probe. Several legislative leaders 
have also suggested the possibility of financing a 
investigation. Despite the problems he faces, 
Allain looked to his administration optimistical- 
ly. In a post-election speech peppered with Bibli- 
cal phrases, he concluded, "Inside the realm of 
God, there is no failure." 

December 15, 1983 











luwm I 1 " " ' 

USM vs. Richmond 
September 3, 1983 

27,000 fans poured into M.M. Roberts Stadi- 
um as the 1983 football season got under 
way on September 3. With first opponent 
Richmond having finished out the 1982 sea- 
son 0-10, the Golden Eagles were heavily 
favored to win. 

Amassing an offensive total of 417 yards, 
USM had a field day. Led by tailback Sam 
Dejarnette's 150 yards on 18 carries, and 
freshman Vincent Alexander's 87 yards on 
10 carries, Southern stomped the Spiders 

On the Eagles first play from scrimmage, De- 
jarnette scampered for 17 yards, as USM 
brilliantly mixed the run and pass to garner 
the first score. Quarterback Robert Ducks- 
worth ran a keeper up the middle for a 14 
yard TD; Steve Clark's PAT made it 7-0. A 


Richmond fumble and a Clark field goal gave 
USM a 10-0 cushion. 

Stifled by the "Nasty Bunch" on their next 
possession, Richmond was forced to punt. 
Clark added another field goal, set up by a 
Ducksworth to Louis Lipps bomb, and USM 
now led 13-0. Richmond lit up the scoreboard 
in the second quarter via a 52 yard Brendon 
Toiben field goal. Toiben's kick set a Roberts 
Stadium record. 

On Southern's next drive fullback Clemon 
Terrell waltzed down the sideline for 67 
yards and a touchdown. Six seconds later, on 
the ensuing kickoff, Eric Richardson broke up 
a Richmond laterral and recovered the ball 
for six more. USM headed for the iocker 
room with a 24-3 lead. 

The only scoring drive for the Eagles in the 
second half was highlighted by an Alexander 
run for 34 yards; two plays later, Dejarnette 
took Ducksworth's pitchout for a 37 yard TD. 

The Eagles finished the game 31-3. 

USM at Auburn 
September 10, 1983 

Flying into a packed Jordan-Haire Stadium 
with a 1-0 record, USM prepared to battle 
with the 4th ranked Auburn War Eagles on 
September 10. 

Three painful USM mistakes led to 17 points 
for Auburn. This, aided by a bruising War 
Eagle defense and powerful offense, gave 
Auburn a 24-3 win. 

Auburn halfback Lionel James ran for 172 
yards on 16 carries, while sidekick Bo Jack- 
son added 72 more on 11 carries. 

USM's opening series provided two quick 
first downs to the War Eagle 47; the drive 
sputtered, and Larry Boyd booted a 35 yard 
punt to Auburn's 12. 

Jim Carmody, Head Coach 

Only Good Things 
Can Be Expected 

It was a lot to ask of any coach, but stepping into the 
head coaching position after Bobby Collins' 1981 de- 
parture to Southern Methodist proved to be a smooth 
transition for Jim Carmody, then with the National 

Football League's Buffalo Bills. 

Prior to his return to USM, Carmody had been the 
Eagles' assistant head coach in charge of defense for 
three successful seasons. In January of 1982, he put 
together a strong coaching staff and worked at prepar- 
ing for one of USM's most rigorous schedules ever. 

The season was highlighted by the biggest win in 
Southern's history. The Golden Eagles became the 
first team since 1963 to beat the Alabama Crimson 
Tide at its home stadium in Tuscaloosa. USM broke the 

Tide's 57 game winning streak in the process and 
succeeded in scoring the most points ever against Bear 
Bryant in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Eagles finished 
out that first season under Carmody with a respectable 
7-4 record. 

Despite a NCAA probation barring the team from bowl 
games and television appearances and the signing and 
subsequent loss of Marcus Dupree to the New Orleans 
Breakers, the Eagles and Coach Carmody have contin- 
ued to gain national recognition. Only good things can 
be expected in the future. 


Late in the first quarter, USM made its first 
mistake. Clemon Terrell hobbled a Robert 
Ducksworth handoff, and Auburn recovered 
to end the quarter. 

Starting from the Golden Eagle seven yard 
line, Auburn needed only one play to score. 
James took the option pitch and waltzed into 
the end zone. Auburn led 7-0. 

On the next drive USM masterfully drove 49 
yeards to Auburn's 21 and Steve Clark came 
on and kicked a 38 yard field goal to cut the 
War Eagles' lead to four. 

Auburn stormed back for seven more. Aided 
by mistake two, an interference penalty. Bo 
Jackson crossed the goal line for a 14-3 Au- 
burn lead. Placekicker Al Del Greco later 
added a field goal to up the War Eagle lead to 
17-3 as the half expired. 

Mistake three, a 14 yard shanked punt by 
Boyd gave Auburn the ball on USM's 47. 
After the Nasty Bunch held, Del Greco boot- 
ed three more points from 41 yards out. Au- 
burn added seven more when Jackson 
hauled in a 44 yard pass from quarterback 

Randy Campbell. 

Auburn closed out the Eagles at a humiliating 

USM vs. Louisiana Tech 
September 17, 1983 

It took four quarters of football to finally put 
away a pesky Bulldog team from Louisiana 
Tech on September 17. Tech held a 10-7 
halftime lead through the fourth quarter. 

Redshirt freshman Andrew Anderson came 
on in a relief of Robert Ducksworth at QB. 
Ducksworth sat out most of the third quarter 
with a bloody nose. Despite boos from the 
crowd, Head Coach Jim Carmody put Ducks- 
worth back in command early in the fourth 

With 8:44 to go in the game, USM started 
from its own 5 yard line. Sam Dejarnette 
plowed out yardage to give Southern some 
breathing room. On second-and-eight from 
the USM 32, Ducksworth lofted a 68 yard 
touchdown pass to Louis Lipps. Southern led 



With 5:38 to go, Tech fumbled the kickoff 
and the Eagles' Tim Smith pounced on the 
pigskin at the Bulldog two. Steve Clark's kick 
made it 21-10. 

Later, Bud Brown intercepted a Tech pass 
and returned it to the Bulldog 18. Tailback 
Vincent Alexander ran off 6 and 11 yard 
chunks, finally bulling over the goal from the 
one yard line. Clark split the uprights for the 

Southern walked away from the match with a 
final score of 28-10. 

USM at Ole Miss 
October 1, 1983 

With 36,000 fans cheering them on on a hot, 
sunny October 1 in Oxford, USM trounced 
rival Ole Miss 27-7. 

Allowing 182 total yards, the Nasty Bunch 
defense lived up to its name. Seven sacks and 
five fumbles took their toll on the Rebels. Ole 
Miss had four chances to score and each time 
they were stopped. 

"I finally found a sport where you can 
hit someone legally. I can get the man 
with the ball and break him in two." 

Randy Campbell 

Greg Dampeer 

"Playing football gives me a feeling of 
accomplishment and it showed me that 
you only get out of something what you 
put into it. Nothing stays the same ... it 
only gets better or worse and you 
should always strive to get better." 


Golden Eagle defensive backs played a near- 
ly flawless game. Bud Brown had 15 tackles 
to lead the way. End Chris Jackson sacked 
Rebel signal caller Kent Austin three times. 

Late in the first quarter, cornerback James 
Cooper intercepted an Austin pass and took 
it 38 yards for the score. In the second quar- 
ter, Steve Clark put Southern ahead 10-0 on 
a 33 yard field goal. Louis Lipps took a re- 
verse handoff into the end zone for six more. 
With 1:20 left in the first half the Rebels 
avoided a shutout when Austin hit split end 
Tim Moffet from 5 yards out. This capped an 
80 yard drive. 

In the second half, two fumbles, an intercep- 
tion, and a fine punt return gave Ole Miss 
plenty of scoring opportunities. The Nasty 
Bunch held tough. Ole Miss kicker Bill Smith 
missed two field goal attempts, and had a 
third blocked by Bruce Miller. 

USM added three more points on a 28 yard 
Clark field goal. Sam Dejarnette finished off 
the scoring with a four yard run. 

USM shut out the Rebels with a 27-7 victory. 

USM vs. Mississippi State 

October 8, 1983 


One week after playing Ole Miss, the Golden 
Eagles had to battle another arch-rival, the 
Mississippi State Bulldogs. This time, the 

game was held on neutral ground, Memorial 
Stadium in Jackson, on October 8, 1983. 

58,000 fans piled into the stadium to witness 
the state championship game. For USM, this 
game was the bowl game. 

Sammy Dejarnette 

"Football has helped me exper- 
ience things that I might not 
have experienced otherwise. 
I've learned to bounce back 
from adversaries and not to 
hold my head down when some- 
thing goes wrong." 

"It (football is parallel to the 
business world because people 
work as a unit and that's impor- 
tant to me." 

Steve Carmody 

71 --76 


w m 

Defense was the key element early in the 
game, as the Nasty Bunch stopped State 
twice on fourth down tries. With 8:16 left in 
the first quarter, the Eagles started to roll. 
Starting at its own 24, Robert Ducksworth, 
with help from the "Labor Gang" offensive 
line, guided the Golden Eagles down the field. 
After nine plays, Ducksworth hit tight end 

Mike Landrum for a 21 yard touchdown 
strike. Steve Clark hit the PAT for a 7-0 lead. 

After State's Dan Knight returned a 56 yard 
kickoff to USM's 44, State netted no yards. A 
fake punt did not fool the defense, and South- 
ern took over. The very next play, USM put 
on a display of expertise. Tailback Tracy 

V 1 

Gamble took Ducksworth's pitch and un- 
leashed a pass to Lyneal Alston for a 62 yard 
TD. Clark's kick made it 14-0. Clark added 
three more on a career best of 51 yard field 
goal. As the half ended the scoreboard read, 
USM 17, MSU 0. 


Bud Brown 

"It (the game) has taught me a lot of 
discipline and has helped me learn to 
get along with people from all walks of 

"Playing football for the Eagles has giv- 
en me a great opportunity for a chance 
to play pro ball. It's opened doors for 


Louis Lipps 

i ,H 

In the third quarter, USM drove 59 yards 
downfield to the one. Sam Dejarnette 
plunged over the goal line for six. Dejarnette 
finished with 96 yards rushing for the day. 
With 4:26 left in the game, Clemon Terrell 
topped off the scoring with a one yard burst. 

State finally got on the board with 1:06 left. 
Backup QB Tim Parenton found John Lowe 
for a 32 yard TD. 

USM finished up the match with a 31-6 win. 
State champs again. 

USM at Memphis State 
October 15, 1983 

The Golden Eagles, Memphis State game 
was highlighted by a heart-stopping finale be- 
fore an awed Liberty Bowl crowd in Memphis 
on October 15. 

Returning to the field for the second half, 
USM led 13-0. As the half began, the Golden 
Eagles went to work. 

San Dejarnette raced 43 yards to the Tiger 
10. After two plays, Southern faced a third- 
and-goal at the three. QB Robert Ducksworth 
slid by a Tiger defender and scored. Steve 
Clark hit the point after for a 20-0 lead. 

After trading possessions, USM took over at 
their 44. Louis Lipps used his glue hands and 
quick feet to nail down three quick passes 
from Ducksworth. USM now had first-and- 
goal from Memphis State's seven. Dejarnette 
raced into the end zone for six. Clark made it 
27-0 with 13:05 left in the game. 

The Tigers didn't quit there. Jerry Harris 
took USM's kickoff 98 yards to put Memphis 
State on the board. A USM fumble on their 
next possession gave the Tigers room for 
more points. With 10:40 left running back 
Eric Becton caught a 12 yard pass from Dan- 
ny Sparkman. USM's lead was 27-13. The 
Tiger defense was ferocious as they held 
USM's offense. Following a Larry Boyd punt 
Memphis State took over at their 42. Spark- 
man led the Tigers up the gridiron and hit 
James Williams for a seven yard score. Mem- 

phis State now trailed 27-20. 

The Nasty Bunch bowed their necks and held 
up the rambunctious Tigers to finish with 27- 

USM vs. Tulane 
October 22, 1983 

Tulane University didn't care that USM had a 
four game winning streak; they didn't care 
that the Nasty Bunch was one of the nation's 
top defense or that the offense was very le- 
thal. All that mattered to the Green Wave 
was winning. 

Early in the game Larry Boyd sent a booming 
punt to Tulane's Gene Harris. Harris mis- 
judged the ball and fumbled. Southern's 
Chad Pace recovered and the Golden Eagles 
had a first-and-ten from the Green Wave 11. 
Four plays later San Dejarnette scored from 
a yard out. Steve Clark hit the point after and 
USM had a 7-0 lead. 

But the Nasty Bunch held, and Tony Wood 
nailed a 42-yard field goal. USM's lead was 
cut to four. 

Tulane, using a pass-oriented offense, mount- 
ed an attack. Halfback Mike Jones and quar- 
terback Wade Elmore led the Wave. Two 
quick passes and a flanker reverse, gave the 
Wave the ball at the USM 24. 

During the second half, Tulane drove 68 
yards in 13 plays. The Greenies now had the 
adrenalin pumping, and Wood hit his second 
field goal from 30 yards out. USM still led 7-6 
with 9:06 left in the third quarter. 

"One day I came home from school and 
found out Mom had signed me up. 1 
guess she wanted me out of the house 
when I was eight." 

Mike Landrum 

Greg Haeusler 

"Football has made me a competitor. 
There is no bigger thrill than compet- 
ing and winning." 



p ^ • 

Louis Lipps returned punts of 25 and 46 
H*$ yards but the Golden Eagles failed to capital- 
ize. Clark missed a 48 yarder and Vincent 
Alexander fumbled. 

Following those stopped drives, Tulane's de- 
fense rose to new heights, holding the Eagle 
passing game at bay and allowing Dejarnette 
just 56 yards. 

Early in the fourth quarter, Tulane drove 76 
yards for the winning score. Elmore hit Ty- 
rone Vaughns, on a blitz situation for a touch- 
down. The Wave decided to go for a two 
point conversion. The gamble paid off as El- 
more hit tight-end Mark Savani in the end 
zone. Tulane led 14-7. 

With moments to go, Southern drove to the 
Tulane 20. On fourth down Robert Ducks- 
worth went for all the marbles, but as the 
pass fell into the arms of Donald Thomas, 
Tulane let the clock run out. Tulane won the 
game on a score of 14-7. 



USM vs. Southwestern Louisiana 

October 29, 1983 


Homecoming 1983 provided all the beauty 
and tradition USM has made famous. Home- 
coming is the big game for alumni and fans 

Led by freshman Vincent Alexander's 153 
yards, and 10 sacks by the Nasty Bunch, 
USM walked away with a 31-3 fiesta. 

Alexander set up the first touchdown when 
he ran 34 yards off the option pitch. He then 
scored from the 10. Southern led 7-0 after 
Steve Clark's PAT. Ducksworth later scored 
from 11 yards out. 

USL's only score came after driving 73 yards 
to USM's 23. Oscar Speer kicked a 40 yard 
field goal. The Ragin' Cajuns trailed 14-3 at 

After Jerald Baylis and Richard Byrd 
stopped USL drives, Southern drove on. 
Alexander had runs of 10 and 12 yards. 
Ducksworth found Louis Lipps for a seven 
yard score. 


Robert Ducksworth 

"Football teaches patience and makes 
you reach out with everything you 

"I've played against the best and when 
you play good, it gets you noticed." 

Glen Howe 


The Eagles now led 21-3, as the third quarter 

Early in the final period, Ducksworth found a 
seam down the sideline, and Lyneal Alston 
caught the pigskin and raced 74 yards. The 
Golden Eagles now went ahead 28-3. With 
7:22 left, Steve Clark booted a 38 yard field 
goal, and Head Coach Jim Carmody gave 
many reserves playing time. 

USM wound up the game with a 31-3 victory. 

USM at Louisville 
November 5, 1983 

Stubborn Louisville held USM to only six first 
half points by Steve Clark. The Cardinal's 
Phil Ellis kicked a 29 yard field goal to cut 
Southern's lead to 6-3 in the third quarter. 

Following the Louisville score, USM drove 
back. Led by Robert Ducksworth, the Eagles 
drove 76 yards. The drive was capped when 
Tracy Gamble scored from one yard out. 
Clark made it 13-6 with the PAT. Less than 
three minutes elapsed when USM put six 
more on the board. Louis Lipps hauled in a 
Ducksworth bullet and went 49 yards un- 

Southern ended the scoring early in the 
fourth quarter. Lipps and Ducksworth 
teamed up again and found 34 yards of real 

Louisville played a hard fought game, but the 

final score showed a 27-3 victory for the Nas- 
ty Bunch. 

USM at Alabama 
November 12, 1983 

Legion Field in Birmingham was filled with 
anticipations of a great game. The 75,000 
fans weren't disappointed. Alabama, under 
first-year coach Ray Perkins, stormed to a 
28-16 victory. 

USM lit the first of many fireworks when Vin- 
cent Alexander raced 98 yards on the open- 
ing kickoff; the run set USM up at the 'Bama 
four. The 7,000 Golden Eagle fans in atten- 
dance were ecstatic. But the Tide defense 
smothered USM's offense and finally sacked 
Robert Ducksworth in the 5. 

Alabama went 95 yards in 13 plays when 
fullback Ricky More went in for six from a 
yard out. 'Bama led 7-0. 

Southern drove again off of the ensuing kick- 
off. Ducksworth hit Louis Lipps at midfield; 
as Lipps was tackled, the ball popped loose, 
and the Tide recovered. 

The Nasty Bunch held 'Bama, forcing the 
Tide to punt. USM took over at their 31 and 
advanced the ball to the Alabama 25. On a 
fourth-and-one USM faked a field goal and 
holder Mike Landrum ran eight yards to the 
14. Two plays later from the seven, San De- 
jarnette scored. Steve Clark hit the PAT to 

even the score at 7. 

Late in the second quarter Ducksworth fum- 
bled and 'Bama recovered. The Tide drove 
57 yards as Linnie Patrick dove over from 
the one. Van Tiffen made it 14-7. USM's 
Clark closed the gap to 14-10 with a 31 yard 
field goal. The kick ended the first half. 

Clark brought Southern within one, via a 37- 
yarder, 14-13. 'Bama's Kerry Goode ran off 
a 32 yard score to increase the Tide lead to 

In the fourth quarter. Bud Brown recovered a 
Tide fumble and USM got back into business. 
Five plays later Clark kicked a 33 yarder. 

'Bama finished out the game with a 28-16 

USM vs. East Carolina 
November 19, 1983 

The final game of the 1983 season brought 

21,000 fans and a monsoon. Torrential 
downpours turned an anticipated scoring 
feast into a defensive struggle. 

East Carolina's Pirates sailed into Roberts 
Stadium with a 7-3 record. USM was coming 
off of a loss to Alabama. Both teams were 
pumped for this final game of the year. 

During the first quarter, the Nasty Bunch 
refused to let the Pirates past their 33 yard 
line. USM put six points on the board, via 
Steve Clark's foot. Clark hit from 46 and 44 
yards out. ECU started to move in the second 
quarter advancing to the USM 5 yard line. 
On third down Pirate tailback Jommy Wal- 
den fumbled and Willie B. Moore recovered 
for the Golden Eagles. As the first half ended 
USM led 6-0. 

ECU's Henry Williams took the opening kick- 
off 82 yards to the USM 12. But four plays 
later the Nasty Bunch stopped the Pirates at 
the four. Southern failed to move and punt- 
ed. Larry Boyd shanked the wet ball and 
ECU took over at the 22. The Pirates took 
seven plays to score, when Norwood Vann 
caught a 14 yard pass in the end zone. The 
PAT gave ECU a 7-6 lead. 

Later in the third quarter, ECU recovered a 
fumble and the Pirates took over at South- 
ern's 27. Four plays later Jeff Heath booted 
a 37 yard field goal to ice the scoring. 

The Pirates walked away with a 10-6 victory, 
leaving the Eagles to finish out the season 
seven and four. 

Vincent Colucci 

Richard Byrd 

"Football has helped me to become a 
better person and makes me work for 
goals on and off the field." 

"Playing football has made me more 
disciplined. I found that if I worked 
hard enough, I could do things I thought 
I couldn't do." 

Neal Alexander 


Golden Eagle basketball sprinted out to a 
quick 5-1 start in the opening games of the 
1983-84 season. The season began on No- 
vember 25 in Memphis at the Mid-South 
Classics. The tip off tournament gave USM 
fans and Coach M.K. Turk a look at things to 
come. USM opened up with a pair of victories 
against North Texas State and Tennessee 
State. Rollins College was the first foe for the 
Eagles at home. USM trounced Rollins 105- 
78, led by Curtis Green and company. Next 
up for the Golden Eagles was the Illini Classic 
in Champaign, Illinois. USM's first round op- 
ponent, Eastern Illinois, could not keep up 
with the Eagles and fell 79-65. In the cham- 
pionship game, USM faced Big 10 power Illi- 
nois. USM was outmanned and lost 78-47. 

M.K. Turk, Head Coach 


In your seven years as head coach at 
USM, what do you feel has been your 
greatest accomplishment? 

At this point, the greatest accomplishment in 
USM basketball is having joined the Metro 
Conference. It gives us the opportunity to 
play some of the best teams in the nation 
right here in Reed Green Coliseum. This also 
opens doors to television exposure and na- 
tional recognition. Right now, USM basket- 
ball is building its reputation. Having joined 
the Metro Conference will definitely enhance 
recruiting for the Eagles. 

The Team Is Definitely 
Headed for the Top' 

What do you feel is different about this 
year's team as opposed to last year's 

The main difference I would say is youth. 
This year's team has a strong flavor of youth. 
In fact, four of the top players are freshmen, 
with two of them playing in the starting line in 
major games. 

What is your major goal for the Eagles 
this season? 

To play the best possible throughout the re- 
mainder of the season and to go to the Metro 
Tournament in Memphis. If the players stay 
on top of their game, there is a great possibil- 
ity that there will be an extraordinary out- 
come for the Eagles in the tournament. 

What do you see in the future for the 
Golden Eagles? 

1 see USM becoming one of the top level 
teams in the Metro Conference. And, as a 

result, seeing recruiting improve tremen- 
dously. I see no reason why sellouts for USM 
basketball games shouldn't become common- 
place. The team is definitely headed for the 
top. It is going to take time. But USM will 

Amber Martin 



Returning home to Hattiesburg proved good 
for the Eagles as they topped intrastate rival 
Mississippi State in an exciting 55-48 game. 
For their next game, USM flew to bluegrass 
country Kentucky to face Murray State. The 
Eagles were pressed hard, finally falling to 
Murray State 63-64. Tennessee Tech was 
next up for the 5-2 Eagles; USM did away 
with TSU 78-68. Mobile, Alabama was the 
site of the next game against South Alabama. 
Victory for USM seemed to be in the bag; 
USM led 71-69 with 1:30 to go in the game, 
but the 'Bama boys fought for every inch of 
space and got it. 


USA topped Southern 73-71. In the final 
1983 game, USM played host to Pittsburg 
State of Kansas. The Eagles displayed noth- 
ing in the first half, but stormed out for 44 
points in the second half, topping the Gorillas 
74-45. Forward Ken Suttles led USM with 16 
points. Opening 1984, USM traveled to Mon- 
roe, Louisiana to tussel with Northeast Lou- 
isiana's Indians. USM fell victim to NE LA 74- 
69. Florida State came into Reed Green 
Coliseum for USM's first Metro Conference 
Game. The visiting Seminoles shot a flaming 
65 percent from the field and snubbed USM 
83-64. Now hitting the meat of the Metro 
schedule, USM went to New Orleans to face 
Tulane. The Green Wave ran wild over the 
Eagles and cruised to a 53-38 victory. 19th 
ranked Memphis State was up next for USM; 
the Tiger All-America Keith Lee was 
matched with Curtis Green. Green won the 
scoring battle with 22 points, but MSU won 
the war at 52-47. A national television audi- 
ence watched as USM was completely domi- 
nated by the Virginia Tech Hokies. Tech, led 
by Dellcurry's 22 points, outhustled South- 
ern on its way to a 89-55 rout. After losing 
five straight games, USM finally found a way 
to win. In Cincinnati the weather was cold but 
USM was hot. When it counted, USM came 
through for a hard-fought 59-57 victory. 


The Eagles' glory was short-lived, however, 
with a subsequent loss to the 12th ranked 
Memphis State Tigers in the Reed Green 
Coliseum. USM finished out the first half with 
a 39-38 margin, having led by as much as 
seven points. With 3:08 to go in the game, the 
score was tied; in the final nine seconds of 
overtime, the Tigers' Keith Lee tipped-in An- 
dre Turner's rebound to finish the game out 
with a 69-67 win for Memphis State. The 
Eagles redeemed themselves with a 77-75 
home win over the South Carolina Game- 
cocks. USM was leading 76-75 with two sec- 
onds left to play. Ken Suttles gave the Eagles 
a two point boost when he made the front end 
of a one-and-one. USM fared less favorably 
when they left their home turf to meet up 
again with the Gamecocks at Columbia, 
South Carolina. The rugged match left Eagle 
Curtis Green with a lip cut badly enough to 
require nine stitches and sparked a fistfight 
between USC's Jimmy Foster and USM's 
James Williams. South Carolina won the 
game 70-62. The Eagles stormed back to 
finish out the regular season with a celebrat- 
ed victory over the Tulane Green Wave. With 
4:31 to play before the intermission, Tulane 
held a strong 28-18 lead. An all-time best 
performance on the part of James Williams in 
the second half led the Eagles to win 69-58. 

USM finished the season with a 4-10 confer- 
ence record and 13-14 overall. 

Vincent Colucci 

Women's Basketball 

USM's 1983-1984 edition of the Lady Gold- 
en Eagle Basketball team turned out to be a 
good one. Southern finished the season with a 
record of 18 wins and 10 losses. 

The Lady Golden Eagles were led by seniors 
Joye Lee, Wilhelmina Smith, and Portland 
McCaskill. As most fans would soon realize, 
the trio was a dominating force in the Metro 
Conference play. 

USM's Head Coach Kay James led the Lady 
Eagles, stressing the importance of a strong 
offense. Averaging above 90 points each 
game, USM was one of the top scoring teams 
in the nation. 

1983-1984 had some of the most exciting 
games ever seen. The following are season 

USM jumped off to a fast start in 1983. 
Against Lamar, USM used a tightly knit de- 
fense, coupled with a consistent offense to 
thump the Cardinals 101-94. USM caught 
the dreaded "foul fever" early. With only 
four minutes gone in the game, 16 fouls were 
called against USM. USM powered its way to 
a 19-9 lead in a quick two minutes. But La- 
mar fought back when USM turned over the 
ball three times. The Lady Cards trailed by 
two, 19-17. Lamar was slapped with two 
technical fouls and Portland McCaskill hit all 
four shots from the charity stripe. McCaskill 
added a three-point play and USM now led 
26-17. At halftime USM led 49-43. 

As the second half unfolded the play was 
much the same as in the first half. With about 
three minutes to go in the game, Lamar was 
down 91-81. A minute and a half later, the 
Lady Cards were trailing 94-92. That was all 
Lamar could do, however; the Lady Eagles 
held on for the 101-94 victory. 

In another scoring blitz, USM pounded Liv- 
ingston 106-58 in Alabama. The Lady Eagles 
hit 47 two point shots while all Livingston 


could muster was 18. With a 56-19 halftime 
lead, Coach Kay James played a lot of team 
members in the game. Joye Lee and Portland 
McCaskill led USM with 19 and 18 points 
respectively. Three others hit for double fig- 
ures as USM climbed to 7-2. 

USM opened its Metro Conference 

• JMtlMMhA**- 40itfH^Mbtf ^^^^^_ 

Kay James, Head Coach 

Shooting for Nothing 
But Winning Seasons 

Under the leadership of seventh season Head 
Coach Kay James, the Lady Eagles basket- 

ball team entered their 1983-1984 season 
with determination. Having joined the Metro 
Conference only a year earlier, there was 
much for look forward to. This year's highly 
competitive schedule was one of the most 
rigorous ones Southern has ever had. 

Playing against such tough competitors is the 
key to polishing the game, but support is the 
key to winning. At this point, the Lady Eagles 
have had nothing but winning seasons. They 

have gone as far as the regional tournament 
with the AIAW tournament and have now 
changed over to NCAA women's basketball. 
Looking to the future, the Lady Eagles are, 
stated Kay James, putting an emphasis on 
gaining strength and skill in the areas where it 
is needed and staying on top of things in those 
areas they are already strong in. With the 
continued support of the students and facul- 
ty, the best can be hoped for. 


schedule on January 15, against the Mem- 
phis State Lady Tigers, who were in good 
form. A potent dose of a good offense and a 
stingy defense downed Southern 96-77. The 
usually sure-shot Eagles hit only 29 of 61 
from the field. MSU had five players in dou- 
ble figures; USM was led by Anita Dudley 
and Portland McCaskill, who both netted 18 

One week later USM visited Clinton, home of 
Mississippi College. The Lady Eagles found 
the basket, and came back to life in fine fash- 
ion. Unlike the earlier round with Memphis 
State, Southern was consistent and balanced 
in scoring against the Lady Choctaws. At 
halftime USM held a commanding 51-39 
lead. In the opening two minutes, Southern 


jumped out to a 57-39 lead on three unan- 
swered baskets. 

During this blitz, senior guard Joye Lee was 
hit with an elbow and had to leave with a 
broken nose. 

USM continued to play with even more inten- 
sity and finished with a 100-87 victory. 

In a record-breaking jamboree in Hatties- 
burg, USM topped Alabama Birmingham 
117-103. While USM improved its record to 
13-6, freshman were being written in the 
USM record books. 

Freshman guard Amy Heiden set 16, the 
most number of assists in a game. Heiden 

eclipsed the mark of 15 set by Dianne Back- 
strom last season. 

Junior forward Portland McCaskill hauled in 
her 790th career rebound, passing Nancy 
Faulk's 788 set in 1977-1981. 

Logically, the 117 points by the team also set 
the record for most points. The old record 
was set in 1982, 116 points against North- 
east Louisiana. 

The star of the evening did not set a record, 
but junior Wilhelmina Smith came close. 
Smith shot 8-of-ll from the foul line and 
poured in a total of 42 points, one shy of 
Faulk's 43. 

Another stellar performance was turned in 
by Joye Lee, who scored 35 points. 

February 25, 1984 was the last night Joye 
Lee would play in the Reed Green Coliseum 
as USM came up against Virginia Tech. 

Lee turned in 28 points, connecting 12 of 15 
from the field and 4 of 6 from the line. Port- 
land McCaskill also scored 28 points while 
nailing down 1 1 rebounds and three steals. 
Wilhelmina Smith was not to be outdone. 
Smith grabbed 19 rebounds and added 22 

As a team, USM shot a blazing 39 of 61 from 
the field for 62 percent, while holding the 


Lady Hokies to 41 percent. USM led Tech I 
48-42 at halftime. 

Tech came back in the opening minutes of 
the second half to tie USM 52-52. USM tight- 
ened up and increased the gap 68-58. This 
was all Tech could handle as they slowly 
dwindled. USM won big, with a final tally of 

In the opening round of the Metro Confer- 
ence Championship in Cincinnati, USM again 
faced Virginia Tech. This time Virginia Tech 
refused to fold. USM led the Lady Hokies 43- 
38 at halftime. Both teams played consistent 
in the second half but as the final buzzer 


sounded USM was defeated 94-86. 

Southern shot 53 percent in the game and 
was 16 of 23 from the line. 

Portland McCaskill pumped in 25 points and 
was named to the All Metro Team. Joye Lee 
and Wilhelmina Smith had 15 and 20 respec- 

USM wound up 1983-1984 with an impres- 
sive 18-10 record. Despite the loss of Joye 
Lee, next year holds a lot of promise. 

Vincent Colucci 



Sammy Basford 
Greg Bradley 
Greg Breal 
Greg Bryant 
Ive Burnett 
David Cannon 
Ben Chancey 
Brian Craft 
Scott Darby 
David Deaton 
Ken Harbuck 
Jeff Hogg 
Mike Jacobs 
Mark Johnston 
Cliff Jordan 
Brian Kozlowski 
Mike Magee 
Alan Mattox 
Mike McGrath 
Dean Nettles 
Scott Nettles 
Jody Ortego 
Alan Powers 
Jeff Rymer 
Dave Van 
Juan Vazquez 



5L •* 


Pete Taylor, Head Coach 

Calling It Quits 

After a 30 year association with USM, coach- 
ing baseball for 25 of these years, Head Base- 
ball Coach Pete Taylor stepped down from 
his coaching duties in December 1983. Tay- 
lor will also give up his position as assistant 
athletic director in June. 

Originally hired as a teacher and football 
coach, Taylor took over the baseball team 
when "they just threw me the keys to the 
equipment room." Taylor slated a career re- 
cord of 31 1-349-2 and finished out last year's 

season with a 11-33 record. 

Replacing Taylor is former Callaway High 
School Head Coach Hill Denson. While serv- 
ing as head baseball coach at Callaway, he 
compiled an overall record of 216 wins and 
73 losses. In 1981, he was selected as High 
School Coach of the Year by the Jackson 
Daily News. 

Denson is a 1966 graduate of USM. 

■'-'■■■"- ~J "' '- 

- J" : *■ 




V f 

■ ~S ' **•* 

"' ' ' ... *'"*'' ' 

First Row: Paul Funk, Assistant Coach; Jerry Peterson, Trainer; Robin Whitaker, Kim Richards, Misty Haarala, Melissa Hodges, Amy Musson, Marti Jahnke, Joan Copeland, Becky Al- 
len, Laura Porciello, Coach; Kathy Gendron, Trainer. Second Row: Donna Legg, Janette Carpenter, Denise Lee, Kristy King, Debbie Anderson, Faith Johnson, Connie West, Lisa Gray. 
Not Pictured; Kelly Sixkiller. 





■ * 






Men's Tennis 

First Row: John Gratwick, Alex Behar, Mike Hanson, Dennis Fortenberry, Dale Hawkins. Second Row: "Doc" Ernest L. Harrington, Coach; Scott Davis, Matt Smith, Scott Bradley, Craig 
Quickley, Steve Smith, Reed Longo, Gill Burk, Alex Silveria. 



Women's Tennis 

First Row: Jenise Johnson, Trainer; Beth Himeter, Manager; Helen Grant, Coach; Brenda Bajon, Manager; Susan McGlothlin, Trainer. Second Row: Shelley Porter, Antrice Kay, Betsy 
Mercer, Kimberly Pope, Laurie White, Kim Taylor, Christy Waters. 




John Abem 
Richard Bean 
Curt Crawford 
Jim Frische 
Ronald Gaston 
Joe Jasmon 
Matt Johnson 
Brian Pitre 
Robert Ross 
Joe Shanabrough 
Jim Sisson 
Joanna Taylor 


If'Hi'U' ' 

^**'^-~ ****** 




■— M — ^W^^M 

First Row: Ken Chomyn, Gary March, Glen Hnatiuk, Darcy Furber, Robert Gardner. Second Row: Terry Budzinski, Juan Cox, Bruce Magee, John Raccaiti, Joe Daniels, Teddy 
Bouchillon, Coach. 



J^^^ff^^*'fP'f Tfc* 


, I 






s&s^ • 


...»■'—. .-'*■■ 

'* , *9fc 





The 1984 USM track team was one of the 
most distinguished ever, with its members 
holding a number of school records and 
receiving recognition on the national level. 
Senior Donnie Young, an Oxford native, 
qualified for NCAA Championships and 
the U.S. Olympic Trials. He set school 
records as well as winning Metro Confer- 
ence divisions in the 100 and 200 meter 
dashes. Young was one of two athletes 
sharing the title of "Most Valuable" at the 
Metro Conference Meet. 

The USM team made up of Bryant Gilbert 
(a senior from Biloxi, he holds the school 
record in 100 meter high hurdles), Mitch- 
ell Williams, Gary Ellis, and Donnie Young 
placed first in the Metro Conference 400 
meter relay. 

Bryant Gilbert, Mitchell Williams, Gary Ellis, Donnie 


I - 



Each semester, approximately 25 intramural activities take 
place on the USM campus. Teams comprised of men, wom- 
en, and co-rec combinations divide themselves into leagues 
representing their sorority, fraternity, dorm, or independent 
group. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in 
dual sports, such as tennis, badminton, or racquetball. 

The teams and individual competitors may participate in 
tournaments. In spirited battle, the opposing forces may vie 
for the overall championship title. 

Different divisions of skill are set up, beginning with Level 1, 
the best and continuing on in graduations of scaled athletic 
profeciency. This is done so that everyone will feel comfort- 
able competing at a level equal to his individual athletic 

The All-University Point System is designed to award points 
to each team whenever it wins, goes to a playoff, or enters a 
tournament. At the end of the year, the organization with the 
greatest number of points within its division is awarded the 
"All-University" plaque. 

Another feature of the intramural program is the Sports 
Officials Association. This group is comprised of students, 
both male and female, who officiate at all the intramural 

It has been noted that participation in women's intramurals 
has failed to keep pace with male participation. In general, 
however, intramurals provide a marvelous recreational out- 
let for all students at all levels of physical prowess. 

Candi Wiggins 


Fall Champs 


Men— Sigma Chi "A" 
Women — Pi Beta Phi "A" 


Men — Big Daddy's 
Women — Scott II 

Flag Football 

Men Division I — Icemen 

Division II — Army ROTC 
Women — Goal Tenders 

Co-Rec Volleyball 


Scottish Golf 

Mark Howell/Steve Hutton (Kappa 

Co-Rec Flag Football 


Men — Richard Fung-A-Fat (Wompers 

Mike Hanson (Sigma Nu) 
Women — Cindy Crane (Pi Beta Phi) 


Men — Train Gang 
Women — Weiser Buds 

One-on-One Basketball 

Men — Kelvin Turner 

Moses Hill 
Women — Sam McClendon 

Turkey Shoot 

Polymer Science 

Turkey Trot 

Men 19 — Under — Steve Sizemore 
20-29 — Trevor Dekoekkek 
30-39— Noel Lehrer 
40 — Over — David Cundiff 
Women 19 — Christy King 

20-29 — Linda Blackwell 
30-39 — Barbara Ross 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Halfcourt Basketball 

Men Division I — Has Beens 

Division II — Omega Psi Phi 
Division III — Red Devils 

Women — Black-Gold 

Spring Champs 


Men — Paul Deslauriers 
Women — Amy Becker 


Men — Scott Riebock/Kurt Abbey 
Women — Cindy Crane/Robin Ste- 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Men — Train Gang 
Women — Train Gang 

Sports Trivia Bowl 

Men — Buds 

Raquetball Doubles 

Men — Bill Crane/Paul Deslauriers 

Co-Rec Bowling 


Co-Rec Water Polo 

Pikes/Chi Omega "A" 

Racquet Sports 

Men — Richard Fung-A-Fat 

Putt Putt Golf 

Men— Scott Clark 

Women — Renee McGuffee 

Co-Rec — Jeff Stanovich/Cindy Crane 

Tennis Mixed Doubles 

Melinda McCarty/John Harper 

Swimming and Diving 

Men — Sigma Nu 
Women — Pi Beta Phi 

Frisbee Golf 

Men — Dale Crowson 
Women — Amy Becker 





Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was established 
at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on 
January 15, 1908. This dynamic group of 
outstanding young women was caught up by 
the inspiration of a fellow student, Ethel Hed- 
gemen Lyle, and became the first Greek or- 
ganization established by and for black wom- 
en. The founders conceived an idea of a 
sorority in which their talents and strengths 
could be organized and fostered for the mutu- 
al benefit of all. The sorority has placed em- 
phasis on such qualities as leadership, aca- 
demic excellence, and service to mankind 
ever since its inception. 

On April 12, 1975, the Iota Kappa chapter 
was founded on the campus of USM under 
the capable leadership of Shirley Green 
Mays. AKA became the first black Greek 
organization to be sanctioned on the USM 

The sorority's commitment to service is im- 
plemented and supported through a program 
of targets that change as new issues surface. 
Goals of the current program are life-long 
learning, health care, the arts, heritage, self- 
fulfillment, leadership, and collaboration. 

Petra Arnold, Carol Bardwell, Cherri 

Barnes, Cathy Baylor, Felecia Bell, Lydian 

Bumper, Terrilyn Griffith, Elizabeth 

Hanshaw, Evon Harris 

Angela Hathorn, Agnes Henry, Lisa 

Jenkins, Michelle Nichols, Stella Payton, 

Phyllis Randle, Monica Robinson, Vickie 

Terrell, Sandra Thompson 

Carmia Turner 


— 1 1 

■ - 

Milton Anderson, William Bolden. Johnnie 
Brown, Raymond Brown, Jack Coleman, 
Gary Ellis, Freddy Huddleston. Ray 
Huddleston, Aaron Hyde 

Kenneth Jimmerson, Alton Joseph, Eric 
Labat. Theron Larry. Bryan McLendon, 
David Richardson, Kelvin Turner, Gregory 



Happiness is becoming a member of Alpha 
Sigma Alpha and in the process becoming a 
well-rounded individual with interests, activi- 
ties, honors, and involvement in organizations 
such as Rho Lambda, Honors College, Big 
Brothers, Fall Hayride, Phi Eta Sigma, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi, the Pride Flag Corp, Basketball 
Cheerleader, University Scholars, Parent- 
Daughter Banquet, Modeling Squad, Scab- 
bard & Blade, Resident Assistants, Tau Beta 
Sigma, Special Olympics, Phi Delta Rho Out- 

standing Freshman Woman, Wine & Cheese 
Party, Lambda Sigma, Honors Student Asso- 
ciation, Big Sis, Junior Panhellenic 
President, Association of Computing Machin- 
ery, Campus Crusade for Christ, Hattiesburg 
Blood Drive, Fraternity Little Sisters, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Red Slipper Ball, Swaps, Rho 
Gamma, Presidential Scholar, L'Esprit de 
Corps, Chi Tau Epsilon, Order of Omega, 
President's and Dean's List Scholars, 
Founders Day, and Starlite Week. 


£ tfx* Sf k 

Jean Bennett, Margaret Bowlin, Theresa 
Dubuisson, Wendy Harris, Adelina Hay, 
Carolina Hay, Rachael Hetherington, Karen 
Kay, Shawn Leopard 

Lisa Mullins, Debbie Reeder, Donna 
Rutherford, Catherine Smith. Robin 
Wallace, Tammy Yates 





Once upon a time in a land so isolated, there 
began the Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Alpha 
Tau Omega. The going was tough, but the 
best men have won an achievement, then so 
far away, which now holds itself just outside 
the grasp of men who have, indeed, climbed 
the mountain of success. 

We find ourselves at the center of the glory in 

such classic occasions as Homecoming, spirit, 
scholarship, and intramurals. It has been 34 
years and at this point we cite our gracious 
tale of rags to riches. A palace shall soon 
stand in honor of those who gave and those 
who shall give, forever and ever. ATO shall 
remain the pinnacle of success upon this glo- 
rious parcel of land called USM. 

^i»A.*;m>0>; : f A 

->^i.^:.v^.:^.. ■■.,:;.; -i " ■ :-:-.i- - < V;.' : ■■.:>^.-:-'. • *** : • • .l^'i .;**0~,: : ~ :■..:!.::■ . 

Adolph H. Watt, Atomic Watt, Black Watt, 

Blondo Watt, Cane N. Watt, Clingo Watt, 

Did E. Watt, D.O. Watt, Doby One Watt 

Doc Watt, Dum Watt, Ed P. Watt, G.Q. 
Watt, Guess Watt, Guido Watt, Hopper 

Watt, Horn E. Watt, Hot Watt 

James G. Watt, J.C. Watt, Killer Watt, Kilo 

Watt, Krip L. Watt, Kum K. Watt, Lance 

O. Watt, Limbo Watt Lurch Watt 

Mahatma Watt, Mega Watt, Monke Watt, 

Nake Ed Watt, NO. Watt, No Future 

Watt, Omar Watt, Pelahatchie Watt, Pone 

E. Watt 


Tater T. Watt. Tex S. Watt. Tight Watt. 
U.R. H]story Watt, What W. Watt, Wonder 
Watt, Yankee Watt, Y. Not Watt, ? Watt 

Hank Phillips, L. Ed Zeplin, Angela 
Borries, Lee Cade, Barbara Donley, Karen 
Donnelly, Brenda Ellzey, Shelly Freeman. 
Mary Gaudet 

Dot Gilmore Wood. Maria Herlein, Martha 
Hutch, Janet Littlepage, Karen McGuffee. 
Susan Parkel, Kelly Smith. Shelby Smith, 
Karla Steven 

Lisa Swank, Valerie Taylor, Leigh Ann 


Chi Omega is known for its involvement in 
Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dixie 
Darlings, Football and Basketball Cheer- 
leaders, Homecoming Maids, Southern 
Misses, Big Sis-Lil Sis, Candlelights, Owlmen, 
Golden Girls, Top Ten Beauties, Southern 

Style, Gold Tenders, Associated Student 
Body Cabinet, The Pride, Pike Calendar 
Girls, Fraternity Little Sisters, Lambda Sig- 
ma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Rho, 
Greek Scholarship Award, Homecoming 
Queen, Miss Southern. 



*:,~ ' ' ** - --* 

Cheryl Ainsworth, Melanie Barber, Tamara 

Bartley, Angie Becker, Michele Becker, 

Mary Blakeslee, Janet Bolton, Susan 

Bowman, Lari Boyd 

Menbeth Brashier, Delwyn Broadhead, 

Temple Bush, Cathy Calhoun, Amy 

Carlisle, Katherine Catchot, Deanna 

Caveny, Jennifer Caveny, Erin Chapman 

Margaret Chesser, Debbie Ciano, Diane 

Collins, Jayme Collins, Lisa Collins, Dana 

Conliff, Julie Cook, Teri Dallas, Tori Dallas 



Desiree Davion, Mary Davis, Elena Diaz, 
Jete Dongieux, Leslie Driskell. Sally 
Dudley, Missy Ezelle, Rhonda Fairley, 
Renee Fallin 

Angela Foster, Amber Frazier, Valerie 
Gardner, Jennifer Gatlm, Missy Gould. 
Stacey Harris, Leslie Hawes, Debora 
Henderson, Maria Henry 

Chana Hubbard, Kathy Kirkpatrick. Edie 
Lack, Linda Lang, Linda Lee, Nina 
Lowery, Suzanne Lumpkin, Debbie Magee, 
Kellee Milstead 

Connie Mitchell. Kerri Mordica, Monica 
Mosher, Laurie Mullis. Jennifer Munn. 
Tracy McMahon. Emily Niles. Penny 
Nowell. Mary Parker 

Terri Parks, Pam Pickering, Alesia Phillips. 
Erin Pittman, Chelye Prichard, Susan 
Quarles, Anita Rawls, Jan Rich, Alyce 

Judy Risher, Tammy Roberts, Sondra 
Robinson. Susan Robinson. Rachel 
Roseberry, Susan Roth. Peggy Schroeder, 
Angela Sliman. Kimberly Smith 

Kristy Smith, Sandy Smith. Stacey Smith, 
Cathy Steen. Julie Stephenson, Andrea 
Stribling, Barbara Teel, Tracey Tinnon, 
Victoria Toussaint 

Debra Van, Vicki Vann. Lyn Welch. Suzie 
Welch. Ginger Williamson, Jana 
Williamson. Bridget Wise, Robert 
Matthews. Thomas Pisarich 



The ladies of Delta Delta Delta are active in 
all aspects of campus life, including Top Ten 
Beauties, Senior Homecoming Maid, and 
Pike Calendar Girls. They are involved in 
many campus organizations such as the Stu- 
dent Alumni Association, Who's Who, Asso- 
ciated Student Body, University Activities 
Council, Campus Crusade for Christ, Baptist 
Student Union, Fellowship of Christian Ath- 
letes, Southern Style, Golden Girls, and Gold 
Tenders. Tri Deltas are active in honoraries 
on Southern's campus, including Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma, Order of Ome- 
ga, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Rho Lambda, and are also President's and 
Dean's List scholars. 

Tri Deltas are Dixie Darlings, Feature Twirl- 

ers, Eaglette Captain, Southern Misses, Foot- 
ball and Basketball Cheerleaders, Southern 
Exposure, University Singers, and Fraternity 
Little Sisters. They also participate in sports 
at USM. The Deltas were Swim Across 
Champs, Intramural Sorority Flag Football 
Champs, and volleyball and tennis varsity 
team members. They have won spirit awards 
at pep rallies and first place in theme in the 
Homecoming display competition. 

Being in Delta Delta Delta means enjoying 
Fish Fry, Painters Party, Founders Day, Ap- 
ple Polishing Party, Kidnap Breakfast, Stars 
and Crescent Ball, Pansy Pops, and loving 
our Delta Men. As a Tri Delta, each member 
can proudly say, "Everything is better in 3- 

Cynthia Abraham, Lori Ainsworth. Jil 
Jailey, Nina Baker, Ann Bancroft, Melanie 
Bancroft, Karen Barker, Angela Benfield, 

Sharon Bentz 

1 [(> 

Stephanie Breland, Kelly Brown, Maureen 
Bryant, Dawn Bryant, Kelly Burbitt. Lucy 
Bush, Lisa Carido, Michelle Carmichael, 
Stephanie Clark 

Donna Collins, Lady Collins, Janice Cook, 
Karen Cooper, Mary Cooper, Julie 
Corkern, Tonie Coumanis, Penny Dewey, 
Kelly Duff 

Richie Elkins, Susan Faver, Angela 
Fokakis, Melanie Gavin, Francie George, 
Donna Ginn, Margaret Glover, Elizabeth 
Goodman, Allyson Goodwin 

Cindy Hahn, Denise Hanley, Hope 
Harrington, Renee Henderson, Carolyn 
Hilley, Janine Howell, Allison Hurt, Lisa 
Hurt, Pamela Johnson 

Robin Kessler, Patti King, Krista 
Kleinpeter. Amy Knight, Delorie Ladner, 
Lisa Long, Toye Mason, Dianne 
Montgomery, Libby Morrow 

Katherine Mynck, Rhonda McCall, Melinda 
McCarty. Pamela Newman, Stephanie 
Noble, Vickey Northey, Tara Odom, Jean 
Pittman, Karen Pope 

Kimberly Pope, Lorraine Redd, Tracy 
Robinson, Sherri Salaggio, Amanda Scott, 
Patti Smith, Cindy Snowden. Marjorie 
Spencer. Michele Stockstill 

Lisa Swank, Natalie Sumrall, Kim Taylor, 
Lisa Taylor, Tami Tonore, Carmen 
Waiters, Amber Watson, Amy Weldy, 
Melinda West 

Craig Beeding, Jerry Gandy. H.C. Huey, 
Scott Morrow, Joe Overstreet, John 



Being a Delta Gamma means being active in 
every sense of the word. Dee Gees are in- 
volved in almost every organization on cam- 
pus, including Associated Student Body Sen- 
ate and Cabinet, Southern Style, 
Southerner staff, Golden Girls, Southern 
Misses, Gold Tenders, Angel Flight, and Fra- 
ternity Little Sisters. You can spot Delta 
Gammas in the Dixie Darlings, Top Ten 
Beauties, Eaglettes, and the Pride Flag Corp. 

Delta Gammas are also active in the major 
honoraries such as Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Lambda Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Delta 
Rho, Order of Omega, Rho Lambda, Phi Chi 
Theta, Who's Who, and Youth Congress del- 
egates. The Dee Gees play an important role 

in USM sports with tennis team members and 
intramural championships. 

This year, as every year, Delta Gamma will 
be working as the official timers for the USM 
swim team, the hostesses for the Miss South- 
ern Pageant, and the score keepers for the 
Magnolia Golf Classic Tournament. Delta 
Gamma is proud of its many achievements in 
the Hattiesburg Community Blood Drive, 
Songfest, scholarship, Homecoming, and in- 
tramural sports. Some of the highlights of 
Delta Gamma's year are Big Sis, Fall 
Retreat, Fall Party, Crawfish Boil, Christmas 
Party, Anchor Splash, Blind Date Party, and 
Anchor Ball. 

Ann Agosta, Joy Alexander, Amy Becker, 

Jena Belcher, Barbara Bingham, Cindy 

Blackmer, Lee Ann Blackmer, Debbie 

Blanchard, Leslie Blackwell 

1 L8 


I A rtSm ■i^— 



Vicki Boyd, Cheryl Boyles, Theresa Boyles, 
Cynthia Brown, Robin Brown, Lisa Bruno, 
Charlene Clark, Sheila Comegys, Karen 

Joanna Corban, Sharon Crook, Karen 
Donnelly, Jane Eastland, Catherine Egley, 
Lynley Eiken, Christy Ellzey, Shelly 
Freeman, Sherrye Freeman 

Meg Flowers, Michael Ann Galliano, Kenya 
Gordon, Flo Goston, Julie Gray, Elizabeth 
Grenn, Rosemarie Jones, Antrice Kay, 
Angelia Kent 

Jackie Keys, Kathy King, Beth Kynerd, 
Lee Lander, Leigh Laney, Jennifer 
Lindsay, Missy Loughman, Martha Lucas, 
Chandra Lupo 

Susan Mangum, Mary Meador, Jan 
Meitzler. Julie Miller, Robin Moore, Jayna 
Morgan, Connie McCardle, Nicole 
McCleery, Karen McGuffee 

Susan McLendon, Sandy Neighbors, Debbie 
Newman, Janice North, Suzanne Pace, 
Toni Ponder, Teresa Rader, Shelia Rather, 
Channon Renfroe 

Elena Ruiz, Sandra Safigan, Mary 
Schwarzauer, Angela Simmons, Cindy 
Simmons, Zoe Sims, Cindy Singletary, 
Shelby Smith, Cindy Stewart 

Maria Straub, Lynn Styron, Lynn Sweet, 
Colette Towles, Remonia Vinson, Kerrin 
Wells, Lisa Wells, Sheila Williams, Acuzy 

Rodney Gordon, Chuck Harrell. John 
Harvey, Thomas Johnson, Michael 
Lockwood, Tracy Matthews, Overton 
Nicholas, Tom McDonnell, Jerry Sarnies 

Eugene Starks 



Courageous, motivating, captivating, and ex- 
hilarating are only a few of the attributes of 
the Delta woman. Delta Sigma Theta sorority 
was founded at Howard University by 22 out- 
standing young women and is the largest 
black sorority in the nation. The sorority col- 
ors are crimson and cream, the motto is "In- 
telligence is the Torch of Wisdom." This is 
exemplified by the many Delta women in var- 
ious aspects of today's society. On the cam- 
pus of USM, Delta's can be found in scholas- 
tic honoraries, Golden Girls, Gold Tenders, 
Who's Who, and Dean's List. 

The Mu Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta 
was founded on this campus July 27, 1975 

by eleven zealous young women. Although 
the chapters are few the deeds done are nu- 
merous. Annual Events include the Pepper- 
mint Cotillion, Founders Day Service, Schol- 
arship Programs for needy youths, Charm 
Clinics, service projects for the community, 
Que-Delta Greek show, and the Junior-Sen- 
ior Prom for high school students. 

The sisters of this sorority experience a kin- 
dred spirit that develops only through the 
bonds of working and playing together. The 
fraternal brothers of this organization are the 
men of Omega Psi Phi. Delta Sigma Theta is 
a public service sorority dedicated to sharing 
membership skills for the public good. 

Mary Benard, Sylvia Christopher, Valeria 

Evans, Laura Freeman, Carol Jones, Kelley 

Jones, Annischa Knowles, Theresa Nettles. 

Donna Satcher 

Gwendolyn Smith, Loretta Wimberly, Lori 



: &k, I j 

....', . 








\\ C J* 

Fulton Dear, Grayland Fredericks, Dannel 
Henley, Danny Mason. Adrain Moffett. Eric 
Richardson, Frank Wright 



The Epsilon Mu chapter of Delta Zeta was 
successfully recolonized through efforts of 
national representatives in the fall of 1983. 
The previous members of Delta Zeta became 
alumnae with the recolonization. 

A recolonized chapter has a unique blend of 
newness, excitement, and anticipation. Even 
though the colony is new, it is backed by 
history experience, and loyalty to Delta Zeta. 

Delta Zeta concentrates on achieving individ- 
uality in a group environment. 

Prospective members were chosen on the ba- 

sis of unique qualities which would contribute 
to a closely knit sisterhood. The girls proved 
their dedication and determination by plung- 
ing headlong into Greek life. Within a few 
weeks, the DZs were active in football spirit 
competition, and won the spirit award at the 
USM vs. Alabama pep rally. Delta Zeta also 
participated in the annual Chi Omega Song- 

The new edition of Delta Zeta sorority pro- 
vides girls with a greater opportunity to be- 
come active in USM Greek life. 

Jeannie Adams, Stacey Armstrong, Becky 

Barcellona, Robin Blankenhorn, Ivy 

Bogdahn, Tammy Boone, Monique 

Bordelon, Tena Bradley, Cyndi Brooks 

Gina Brown, Sherry Bums, Karin Carlson, 

Jane Carney, Yohna Chambers, Jill 

Clifford, Sherrie Dick, Suzette Fayard, 

Dana Fields 

Susan Frith, Kristy Gash, Pamela Grosche, 

Shirley Gunnell, Jo Holloway, Phyllis 

Hudson, Pam James, Karen Knop, Kim 






Katina Lambert, Diane Larson. Belinda 
Miller, Melissa Mohr, Suzie Murphy, Jamie 
Mustain, Delta McDow, Bobbye Norval, 
Sonya O'Neal 

Ellis Pike, Angelia Pope. Jane Robichaux. 
Carman Sherer, Amy Shumate. Catherine 
Sisson. Kelly Jo Sixkiller. Joanne Smith. 
Julie Smithie 

Michelle Stark, Becky Sullivan. Michele 
Sykes. Rosemary Turk. Darlene Welsh. 
Teresa Williams, Candace Wright. Sebrina 
Zerkus. Dana Zywicki 



Many years ago on a distant campus far 
away, Kappa Alpha Order was founded. The 
tides of time swept the seed of Kappa Alpha 
here to the University of Southern Mississip- 
pi, center of art, culture, and higher learning. 
In 1949, this seed flourished and formed the 
Kappa Alpha Mansion, home of distinguished 
Southern gentlemen, where honesty, courte- 
sy, and brotherhood prevail and where mint 

juleps are served daily on the Southern lawn. 
The men of Kappa Alpha have since taken a 
paramount role in the academic, artistic, ath- 
letic, cultural, governmental, recreational, 
and social developments of the University, 
remaining a vital cog in the mystic orb of 
collegiate life at USM, in the South, and in the 

Stephen Alderman, Brian Anderson, 

Michael Barefield, William Baxter, Glynn 

Beverly, Tony Bonones, Kim Bradley, 

Douglas Clements, Jeffrey Courtney 

John Crenshaw, Mark Cuevas, Jim Davis, 

Sam Day, Lee Dearman, Milton Dearman, 

Bobby Herring, Marc Howell, H.C. Huey 



Mark James, Michael James. Charles 
Jordan, Edward Jordan, Perry Knight, 
Douglas Lauderdale, Kenneth Lesieur, 
Robert Mason, Robert Matthews 

Paul Morrison, Scott Morrow, Carroll 
McLeod, Chip Newman, Joe Overstreet, 
Greg Parish, Win Pittman, Robert Rinehart, 
Timothy Rev 

Geoffrey Sullivan, Clay Thames, Geoffrey 
Vanaller, Billy Vaughn, Pete Walley, 
Samuel Ward, William Yearwood, Rachel 
Benfield, Meribeth Brashier 

Ginger Buice, Tori Dallas, Allyson 
Goodwin, Patricia Herring, Katherine 
Myrick. Erin Pittman, Susan Roth, Leslie 
Smith, Cindy Snowden 

Angela Taylor, Kim Taylor, Debra Van, 
Amber Watson 




"We will walk in the paths of KD. We will 
cling to the bonds of our sorority. Wherever 
we go, we will always know that Kappa Delta 
will always live with us." 

Being a Kappa Delta means being a part of a 
whole, loving teddy bears, rainbows, and 
each other. Kappa Delta can be found in all 
walks of campus life: Top Ten Beauties, Dix- 
ie Darlings, Honoraries, Pike Calendar Girls, 
Fraternity Little Sisters, Cheerleaders, and 
Golden Girls. 

Kappa Deltas strive for that which is honor- 
able, beautiful, and highest, give youth the 
most joviality possible, want to do, instead of 
have to do, and share special moments when- 
ever possible. 

Green and white, and emeralds and pearls, 
are the colors and jewels of the Kappa Delta 
pin and represent KD ideals. When these 
colors are seen on a jersey, one can be cer- 
tain that they are worn with pride. 

Lisa Andry, Theresa Arender, Lacey 

Ashley, Pamela Baker, Courtney Bancroft, 

Myra Bodie, Alison Boyd, Mary Byington, 

Connolly Clark 

Allison Clayton, Heidi Cline, Patricia 

Collins, Susan Crane, Linda Christian, 

Beverly Currie, Regina Daniels, Genia Day, 

Janet Delancey 

Angela Earles, Diann Eastland, Burnie 

Ewell, Patricia Fava, Karen Fletcher, Kathy 

Fletcher, Mary Garcia, Diane Garner, Lisa 



ei @ a a n 

Kathleen Gombos, Beth Goss, Dannette 
Gould. Anne Gray, Lisa Griffith. Laurie 
Grizzard, Lauren Gutierrez, Diane Hall, 
Lisa Hargett 

Teri Harper, Lori Hasson, Patricia Herring, 
Kathryn Hoke, Dianne Hosey, Stacey 
Hunt, Julie Johnson, Shannan Jones, Tara 

Peggy Kern, Cynthia Lane, Virginia Lane, 
Angela Leblanc, Kelly Love, Kerry Love, 
Leslie Magee, Natalie Martel, Maryanne 

Charlotte Moak, Linda Moody, Pamela 
Montgomery, Leslie Mclnvale, Sweyn 
McKay, Caroline McMillen, Mona 
O'Bannon, Jill Patterson, Angela Perusse 

Penny Petro, Louise Porter, Vicky Purser. 
Lori Roberts, Mary Rush, Ginny Sanders, 
Stephanie Sandiford, Marian Sinopoli, 
Cherie Suse 

Lisa Spears, Melissa Taylor, Rachel 
Thames, Terri Till, Robin Varnado, Shelia 
Vaughn, Janet Vernon, Dana Voivedich, 
Kymberlv Williams 

Tammy Wise, Cindy Wyman, Chuck 
Benigno, Chris Carter, Jim Cook. 
Christopher Farris. Walker Foster. Joseph 
Johnson, Jamie Loris 

Brent Mitchell, Pat Slack 



In 1982-1983, the men of Scarlet, White, and 
Green were well represented in campus af- 
fairs. In Student Government, Kappa Sigs 
served as President, Executive Assistant, 
and Off Campus Affairs Director, as well as 
holding several key positions in the Senate 
Academically, Kappa Sigma enjoyed a ban 
ner year. Honors included membership in Al 
pha Lambda Delta, the highest honor under 
graduates can receive at USM. Severa 
members were also named to Who's Who 
Kappa Sigma leads the way in interfraterna 
affairs, holding the position of treasurer and 
delegates of the Interfraternity Council. 
Kappa Sigma was also proud to have the 
1983 IFC Greek of the Year. 

Kappa Sigma maintains an active athletic 
program, participating in over 20 intramural 

programs. Kappa Sigma placed teams in the 
play-offs of volleyball, football, soccer, ten- 
nis, and bowling. Kappa Sigs also have repre- 
sentatives on the varsity football and tennis 

In community service, Kappa Sigma is sec- 
ond to none, leading the way by winning the 
1983 Gift of Love Award presented by the 
Hattiesburg Blood Center, and by sponsoring 
the Kappa Sigma Annual run for Special 

Kappa Sigma's social activities include foot- 
ball game parties, swaps, Founder's Day, Ca- 
noe Trips, and our favorite, a four day South 
Sea Island Seafood Extravaganza. 

Kappa Sigma ... in pursuit of excellence. 

Bruce Adams, Rick Adams, Ronnie 

Adcock, Daniel Alexander, Gary Bass, 

Glenn Beasley, Julio Beaton, Alexander 

Behar, William Benham 

Toby Berryhill, Michael Bohlke, Kenneth 

Bradley, Richard Brinson, Stephen 

Broadus. Stephen Carmody, Carl Carter, 

Chris Carter, David Creighton 





Christopher Davidson, Martin Draeger, 
David Dollar, Richard Doyle, Jim Estes, 
Jeffery Evans, Michael Fultz, Leigh Furrh, 
David Ginn 

Robert Hall, Thomas Harkins, William 
Hatter, Clayton Hertler, Charlie 
Henderson, John Henry, Bubba Hopkins, 
Randall Huddleston, Mick Jagger 

Samuel Kimbrell, Andrew Langenback, 
William MacWilliam, Stephen Maggio, 
Michael Mangrum, Ken Martin, Robert 
May, Kendall McClinton, Bubba McDaniel 

Hal McDonald, Keith Richards, Christopher 
Risher, Michael Rush, Steve Scott, Steve 
Simmons, Wronal Simmons, Steve 
Strickland, Trace Taylor 

Monty Tedder, James Tramontana, Walter 
Warren. Jay Wendland, John Whiddon. 
Robert Williams, James Withers, Kevin 
Wood, B.T. 

Karen Barker, Tina Borgatti, Cindy 
Bradshaw, Stephanie Breland, Teri Dallas, 
Angela Earles, Susan Faver. Anne Gray, 
Renee Henderson 

Maria Henry, Kathryn Hoke, Krista 
Kleinpeter, Cynthia Lane, Connie Mitchell, 
Tammy Roberts, Peggy Schroeder, Kristy 
Smith, Stacey Smith 

Susan Tannehill. Victoria Toussaint 





PKT is the oldest national fraternity at USM, 
most outstanding chapter, Mr. USM, the first 
three-sport letterman in over 20 years, IFC 
president, vice-president, and rush chair- 
man, Omicron Delta Kappa Vice President, 

Weekend, Attic Parties, Super Bowl Party, 
Frank Allen Cain Community Service 
Award, IFC Flag Football champions, Soror- 
ity Big Brothers, Southern Style, road trips, 
cheerleaders, progress, "success is never 

varsity athletes, Red Carnation Ball, Lost wasting. 

Edward Atherton, Carmelo Azcuy, David 

Baria, Craig Beeding, Brehm Bell, Chuck 

Benigno. Alan Blue, Gill Burke, Vernon 


Ricky Centanni, Ivan Cobb, Charles 

Cooley, Taylor Craven, James Davidson, 

Damon Deas, Mike Evans, Paul Farmer, 

Christopher Farris 

Mike Fitzgerald, Bert Floyd, Walker Foster, 

Clay Graham, Thomas Gray, Jimmie 

Green, Scott Hemeter, Chuck Harrell, Billy 


Charles Hewes, Timothy Howell, David 

Ishee, Scott Keeney, Jackie Key, William 

Kinnebrew, Klint Krieger, William 

Leithead, Jamie Loris 




ft © A 'v? p» p 


Greg Lucia, Thomas Mann, Michael Miller. 
Scott Mitchell, Ricky Myers, Jerry Murick, 
Scott McCrory, Leslie Neal, Harold Netto 

David Pickering, Thomas Pisarich, Jeffrey 
Prichard, John Roberson, Jerry Roberts. 
Charles Robinson, Keith Sanford, Michael 
Stephens, George Tate 

Robert Toole, Tammy Venuqeke. Russel! 
Wooten, Lee Yarbrough, Katherine 
Catchot, Diane Collins, Karen Cooper, Gina 
Crow, Missy Ezelle 

Lisa Gollott, Kenya Gordon, Leslie Hawes. 
Allison Hurt, Linda Lang, Delia Myers. 
Ginny Sanders, Sissy Sharp, Dana 

Cynthia West. Jana Williams. Kymberly 

1 $1 



Being a Phi Mu means being involved in al- 
most all aspects of campus life, such as Dixie 
Darlings, Cheerleaders, Bat Girls, Gold 
Tenders, the Pride, honorary and profession- 
al fraternities, Southerner staff, ASB Sen- 
ate, Community Service, Chapter Church, 

Big Sis-Lil Sis, Fall Retreat, Mother, Father, 
Daughter Banquet, pep rallies, International 
Dinner, Fraternity Little Sisters, swaps, Big 
Brothers, Candlelights, Fall Fling, Wine and 
Cheese, Intramural Sports. 

Cindy Ballard, Tammy Bass, Kim Bassett, 

Sherry Black, Jeanne Block, Debra 

Broadhead, Kelly Bourgeois, Dawn 

Broadus, Lana Brooks 

Karen Brown, Karen Byrd, Lori Clark, 

Delery Cook, Christine Corban, Monique 

Crabtree, Gina Crow, Darlene Delcambre, 

Vickie Dodd 

Mary Duncan, Karen Edwards, Ginger 

Flynt, Teresa Flynt, Suzanne Formby, 

Melanie Furlow, Beverly Goodwin, Amanda 

Green, Terri Guercio 

l :•;:' 

P P i 




Rebecca Hart, Tracy Harwell, Tricia 
Hawkins, Kimberly Herrington, Carole 
Hosch, Lisa Hudson, Jennifer Janus, 
Elizabeth Jordan, Kathy King 

Jackie Lane, Kimberly Lee. Terri Legg, 
Tambra Lindsey, Lisa Luther, Pam Martin. 
Tracy Middleton. Gena McCarlie, Michele 

Angie McKay, B.J. McNair, Jennifer Nagle, 
Laun Pace, Joy Patrick, Cindy Patton. 
Sherry Peacock, Elizabeth Pinson, Sissy 

Erin Shaw, Teresa Sims, Kelly Smith, Jan 
Stephens, Susan Tannehill, Dorothy Taylor, 
Laura Taylor, Gena Turnipseed, Mary 

Sandy Williams, Dana Wiman, Joy 
Wolverton. Jo Wood, Patricia Wrolstad. 
Ricky Centanni, Vince Gordon, Ricky 
Myers. Kerry Mclllwain 

Keith Stanford. John Sullivan 




Pi Beta Phi is a previous winner of Stolman 
vase, winner of the Sportsman Trophy in 
Greek Games for the second year, holds first 
place in Intramural sports, first place in An- 
chor Splash, first place in Greek Games, first 
place in the Junior Panhellenic Talent Show. 

Among Pi Phi sisters there are Dixie Darlings, 
Sigma Nu Little Sisters, Alpha Tau Omega 
Little Sisters, Kappa Alpha Little Sisters, 
Kappa Sigma Little Sisters, ATO and Phi 
Gamma Delta Sweethearts, Pi Kappa Alpha 

Calendar Cover Girl, Angel Flight, Golden 
Girls, Golden Girl President, Pom Pom Girls, 
Natchez Pilgrimage Queen, Top Ten Beauty, 
Southern Student Government Senators, 
Panhellenic President, University Activities 
Council Officers, President and Dean's List 
Scholars, Freshman Honorary Members, As- 
sociated Student Body Members, and Greek 
Goddess for 1983. 

See why we're so proud of Pi Phi! 

Carol Addy, Winter Ainsworth, Mary 

Anderson, Monica Balius, Rachel Benefield, 

Ginger Buice, Cindy Crane, Cindy Crane, 

Cristy Crane 

Jean Collette, Cathy Cole, Melinda Dana, 

Monica Davidson, Susan Dillard, Kimberly 

Dionne, Sherry Dixon, Robin Dubuisson, 

Andrea Eidt 

Brenda Ellzey, Eleanor Evans, Pamela 

Evans, Amy Firmin, Janet Fisher, Paula 

Gates, Katrina Gunn, Christine Hall, 

Elizabeth Hardin 


Cindy Hardy, Phyllis Harter, Kathleen 
Heard, Alice Hultz, Cynthia Johnston, 
Angie Jones, Deborah Leyda, Amber 
Martin, Melinda Martin 

Jennifer Mascagni, Brenda Matthews, 
Betsy Mercer, Lois Montgomery, Dara 
Moore, Malanie Morris, Nancy Murray, 
Sherye McCaa, Kimber McHenry 

Kim McPhie, Honey Newcomb, Sonia Nosser, 
Lori Oradat, Susan Parketl, Rhonda Parker. 
Anita Phillips, Marion Pitalo, Charlotte Poole 

Mary Richards, Lynn Ryan, Nancy Schisler, 
Melissa Schloegel, Donna Schmidt, Cynthia 
Simpson, Kim Smith, Leslie Smith, Stacey 

Deanne Sory. Paige Sparks. Melissa 
Spencer, Nancy Steen. Lynn Stephens, 
Robin Stephens, Mary Stephenson, 
Stephanie Stotland, Misty Tullos 

Pam Verucchi, Kimberly Vowell. Karen Ward. 
Brenda Willson, Joy Wixon. Finley Trosclair. 
William Ward 





The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are constantly 
assuming an active role on and off campus. 
During the 1982-1983 school year, the Pikes 
were the Interfraternity Council sports cham- 
pions. This fall the Pikes have had teams in 
the co-rec volleyball and floor hockey play- 
offs and bowling finals. 

Continuing a tradition of leadership on cam- 
pus, Pi Kappa Alpha has two men in the 
Associated Student Body Cabinet, three Sen- 
ators, the IFC Scholarship chairman, Judicial 
Board members and the Chief Justice of the 
Supreme Court. Also, Pi Kappa Alpha en- 
joys having Southern Style members, numer- 
ous sorority Big Brothers, members of many 
academic honoraries, Youth Congress Sena- 
tors, Marshalls for the Magnolia Golf Classic, 
Varsity Athletes, Honors College students, 
and representation in Southern Exposure. 

The Pikes pride themselves in having the 

best little sister program on campus and the 
privilege of annually publishing a calendar 
featuring twelve of the most beautiful girls on 
campus. In other areas the Pikes received the 
March of Dimes Award, sponsored the Hat- 
tiesburg Meals-On-Wheels program, began 
service work for the Ellisville State School, 
sponsored athletes in the Mississippi Special 
Olympics, and received the Delta Region 
Most Improved Chapter Award. 

Being a brother in Pi Kappa Alpha also 
means participating in an enriched social life. 
Activities include Dream Girl Formal, Pat 
O'Brien Party, Toga Party, Hawaiian Tropic 
Beauty Contest, Greek Games Party, Rush 
Parties, Pledge-Active Retreats, and many 
other functions such as swaps or football par- 
ties. In other words, Pi Kappa Alpha symbol- 
izes involvement at USM. Once a Pike, al- 
ways a Pike. 

Wayne Ashcraft, Beryl Bagley, Marc 

Barhonovich, Gary Bedsole, Ricky 

Berryhill, J.K. Bowman, Kenneth Boyd, 

Paul Broussard, David Butler 

Charles Byram, Thomas Byrge, Chris 
Calhoun, William Carter, Michael Causey, 
David Cobb, Mark Colbert, Alva Lee Cook, 

Jim Cook 


n q p n o r> ft © 


m<% £ ■ & PS 

^ fr!'v, <l*^ 

(fl A r., ^ *«i 


© O © 

'- f) f*> ^% 

r« a f*i a 

Francis Coulters, Curt Crawford, Marc 
Evans, Rhett Flake, Dean Fletcher, Jerry 
Gandy, James Goodwin, James Graham, 
Douglas Hammond 

James Hanzalik, Isaac Harris, John 
Harvey, Nathan Hays, Stephen Horton, 
Ron James, Joseph Jasmon, Joseph 
Johnson, Rick Johnson 

Steven Lacy, Karl Lawrence, John 
Leonard, Scott Lewis, Michael Lockwood, 
Jim Macdonald, James Madison, Thomas 
Morrison, Robert McCrary 

Charlie McSwain, David Oakes III, Doug 
Oakes, Steven Page, Edward Pinero, Bart 
Posey, Russell Ragsdale, James Richards, 
Ferron Risinger 

Bobby Ross, John Ruble, Gordon 
Scheurich, Scott Schlosser, Mitchell 
Schwitters, Jim Sisson, Pat Slack, Gregory 
Smilek, Stan Smitt 

John Sonnier, Eugene Starks, Edward 
Staton, Kevin Stockstill, William Story, 
John Stuart, Lester Stuart, Daniel 
Thompson, Thomas Towler 

John Varner, Jim Warren, Thomas 
Warren, Charles Weems, Harold Whatley, 
Andrew Wichert, Keith Yates, Ray Zasoski, 
Mamie Pullen 

Pamela Baker, Cindy Ballard, Kelly 
Burbett, Mary Byington, Cathy Calhoun, 
Yohna Chambers, Julie Cook, Patricia 
Collins, Sally Dudley 

Diann Eastland. Pamela Grice, Laura 
Grizzard, Kathleen Guizerix. Angela 
Leblanc, Karen Pope, Vicki Purser, 
Jacalyn Ratliff, Lorraine Redd 

Judy Risher, Sandy Smith, Cindy Stewart. 
Michele Stockstill, Melissa Taylor, Barbara 
Teel, Vicki Vann, Suzie Welch, Kerrin 

Jo Ann Palmertree, Tommy Palmertree 





Mississippi Sigma was again chosen one of 
the top five chapters in the nation. The chap- 
ter was USM's largest fraternity, with 105 
members and 25 little sisters of Minerva, in- 
cluding Mom Fairley. 

The SAE's participated in Songfest, Blood 
Drive, Penny Drive, Anchor Splash, Greek 
Games, all pep rallies, and all intramural 
sports. There were football parties, recep- 
tions, champagne breakfasts, swaps, Winter 
Formal, and another Great Paddy Murphy. 

Members participated as football and basket- 
ball cheerleaders, USM Mikeman, Associat- 
ed Student Body Cabinet members, 30 So- 
rority Big Brothers, Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Who's Who, Hall of Fame, Southern Style, 
Southern Exposure, and four of five Out- 
standing Freshmen Men. SAE's could be 
found in varsity football, baseball, track, ten- 
nis, golf, and soccer. 

SAE ... a degree in friendship. 

Gary Adam, Joey Allen, Scott Bancroft, 

Wayne Baucum, Jim Brassel, Steve 

Buckley, Alan Burnham, Greg Butler, Mark 


Steven Champney, Joe Clarke, Stephen 

Coachys, Mark Coats, Leroy Crouch, David 

Cuevas, Joe Daniels, Ray Daniels, David 


Chuck Davis, Chuck Donlin, Kent Douglas, 
Cliff Downing, Dean Ethridge, Jon Everill, 
Jon Farris, Tater Freeman, Peter Gargulio 

Robert Garner, Tommy Garriga, John 

Gratwick, Rick Grayson, Arlo Guthrie, 

Tony Guy, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Harris, Bobby 


Nick Hubbard, Donnie Hutchinson, Scott 

Jennings, Jeff Jordan, Andy Kennedy, 

John Kirk, Brett Kirkman, Emile Koury, 

Marvin Koury 


4 : MMkn0<k&"**-hi:±*:h+^Ai± 

si.** A Art* 

m mm tkmm* 

fcrik,h 0i 

1 'll-P 1 1ll it J> 

y 7 -y T 




A4tfc 4 .4 


Randall Lee, Paul Leonards, Mark Lewis, 
Chuck Lick, David Lingle, Michael Lindsay, 
John Long, Monte Manguno, Bob Maishall 

Tom Marine, Bill Massey, Tracey Mathews. 
Tim McCrory, Alan Metz, Dean Miller, 
Jimmy Miller, Scott Miller, James Mulkey 

David Myrick, Rowdy Nosser, Barry 
Parker, Jerry Pierce, Jim Pinson, Terry 
Pinson, Bob Posey, Jody Powell, John 

Ricky Rayborn, John Rea, Glenn Riley, 
Clay Robbins, Roy Robinson, Mike Rowells, 
Ronnie Runnels, Jack Rush, Michael 

Morgan Shands, Jerry Shoulders, Scott 
Shutze, David Simmons. Newell Simrall, 
Dennis Smith, Joel Sousa, Frank Spencer, 
Phillip Stephens 

Andy Stewart, Jeff Stringer, Holmes 
Sturgeon, David Sullivan, Mike Temple, 
Jody Tidwell, Scott Townsend, Clay 
Tucker, Michael Turnbough 

John Vardaman, Bruce Watt, Ken 
Waltman, Hans Weger, Mike Wilken. 
Danny Wright, Virginia Fairley, Cynthia 
Abraham, Ann Bancroft 

Melanie Bancroft, Kelly Bourgeois, Susan 
Bowman, Cynthia Brown, Allison Clayton. 
Jayme Collins, Mary Garcia, Carole Hosch. 
Dianne Hosey 

Kerry Love, Pam Martin, Maryanne 
Massey, Charlotte Moak. Libby Morrow. 
Kathy Schwarzauer. Tami Tonore 




Since its installation as a chapter on Novem- 
ber 22, 1981, the Theta Delta chapter of 
Sigma Chi has dominated every aspect of 
campus life. In academics, Sigma Chi has 
been awarded the highest honors possible 
from both the University and Sigma Chi Na- 
tional. In sports, Sigma Chi became the first 
fraternity in USM's history to win the sports 
trophy three years consecutively. 

In campus involvement, Sigma Chi members 
include cheerleaders, the Eagle mascot, 
Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa mem- 

bers, tennis team members, varsity football 
members, and Associated Student Body cabi- 
net and University Activities Council mem- 
bers. Sigma Chi is represented by its many 
members who serve as big brothers of sorori- 
ties on campus. 

The brothers of Sigma Chi are active on the 
USM campus and in the Hattiesburg commu- 
nity as well. With so many outstanding mem- 
bers, it's no wonder why Sigma Chi is number 

.-."'■>• .,.-■%.;.■■• '*'/ 

James Aguilar, Matthew Barrett, Kreg 

Bartley, James Beeson, Larry Bellipanni, 

Rod Bonham, Greg Bradley, Brent Mitchell, 

Andrews Brucks 

David Carr, Vincent Colucci, Arty Creel, 
Niles Cruthirds, Donald Davenport, Jeffery 
Files, Michael Finley, Mark Franklin, Carey 


Scott Gettys, Dale Gleneck, Frank Glenn, 

John Gordon, Rodney Gordon, Vince 

Gordon, Steve Hand, Kyle Greer, Robert 




A*k* l/A* r * 

M *MM* 

& il #1 JMfLjhiM Mfk 


Jay Hoitt, Louis Holmes, Derrick House, 
Michael Jones, Claude Jordan, Mark 
Kniphfer, Samuel Leslie, Alan Lucas, 
Jimmy Lynch 

Robert Mathner, Kevin May, John 
Milbrook, Paul Mims, Anthony Mullen, 
Graham McCarty, Tom McDonnell, Kerry 
Mclllwain, Hal McMahon 

Michael McMullan, Dudley Nations, Jerry 
Nettles, Al Newton, Mitchell O'Brien, 
Vernon Peacock, John Phillips, Stephen 
Phillips, Kevin Reinerth 

Michal Scandone, Kenneth Sharak, Paul 
Shore, Matt Smith, Milton Smith, Bob Snell 
Mark Spinney, Martin Stubblefield. Blake 

Gerald Vines, William Ward, Bob Wiley. 
Gary Wolverton. Lori Ainsworth, Tamara 
Bartley, Maureen Bryant, Amy Carlisle, 
Janet Delaney 

Patricia Fava, Valerie Gardner, Donna 
Ginn, Anna Halley, Kathy King, Patti King. 
Virginia Lane, Jennifer Lindsay, Martha 

Tracy Middleton, Kern Mordica, Laurie 
Mullis, Stephanie Noble, Alesia Phillips. 
Sondra Robinson, Tracey Tinnon, Karen 
Ward, Amy Weldy 


Achieving goals is nothing new to Sigma Nu. 
Outstanding academics, athletics, and par- 
ties were only part of the everyday activities 
of Sigma Nu during the year. Toga Party, 
Sprint for St. Jude's, White Rose Formal, and 
the 69th Annual Spring Fertility Yard Party 

/Festival and Mardi Gras Carnival will con- 
tinue this commitment to excellence. It is be- 
cause of this commitment that we offer our 
tribute to America's favorite family. The 
ideals of love, tranquility, apple pie, and par- 
enthood are those we hold most dearly. 

Backwards Brady, Backwards Brady Jr., 

Blind Brady, Booker Brady, Brut Brady, 

Bubba Subba Brady, Cal State Brady, 

Charles Manson Brady, Chickenhawken 


D. Baba Brady, Dr. Blam Brady, Eraser 

Head Brady, Grady Brady, Grady Shady 

Brady, Harry Brady, Hector Brady, [ma 

Peter Brady, Jake Blues Brady 

James Jr. Brady, Ima D. Brady, Katts Ash 

Brady, Muhammid Brady, Omar Brady, Pa 

Tater Brady, Shady Brady, Siamease 



You are cordially invited to attend the 
Sixty-Ninth Anal Toga Party at the 
newly renovated Sigma Nu Ball-Room 
and Motor Lodge*. After a two year 
absence, back by popular demand; 
Rude, Crude, and Totally unacceptable 
individuals with no redeaming human 
values assemble themselves for the 
pilgramiage to inebriation in honor of 
our Fraternal God Bacchus. 

P.S. As always, Toga's and hosing around 


*A.C. and Fluid Expulsion Facilities available 
upon request. 

oC <* 


Sluggo Brady, Spot Brady, Stork Brady, 
Subba Son Brady, Tad Brady, The Dog 
Brady, Whop Brady, Zeik Brady, Keith 

Cindy Blackmer, Lee Ann Blackmer 
Pamela Gayle Evans, Leigh Laney, Angie 
McKay. Crissy O'Connors 





Sigma Phi Epsilon is the second largest greek 
social fraternity for men in the nation. Our 
distinguished alumni enjoy a position of 
prominence equaled by few and surpassed 
by none in the fields of business, state and 
national government and education. 

However, the true uniqueness of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon is found in its devotion to the cardinal 
principles which have been a guide and 
source of strength and inspiration since its 
earliest beginnings. 

of becoming. A mystic ritual that points to the 
virtue of growth. Growth as a scholar, as a 
man, and as a citizen. Growth that is nutured 
by the concern, the discipline, and the love 
that constitutes our elite brotherhood. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon is involvement that touch- 
es every area of campus life, allows us to 
contribute to the quality of our University 
community, and to draw from it the exper- 
iences which will enrich us as individuals, as 
brothers, and as an organization. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a celebration of the act Sigma Phi Epsilon is growth. 



a; a ■ o pi p & p *•> 

p t f^ r^ f> £i f* H 

© 01 ft £* 

Henry Aubin, Jame Lee Baker, George 
Berry, Jeff Boyd, Richard Craven, Keith 
Detommaso, Scott Dutton, Russell 
Fitzgerald, Kenneth Floore 

Steen Hambric, David Hanser, Kerry 
Jenkins, Jessie Joyner, Sam Landry, Stuart 
Love, Michael Lyons, Michael Majors, 
Wayne Martin 

James Myers, Kevin McCarty, John 
McDonald, John Mclnnis, Jerald McVeay, 
Thomas Patrick, Thomas Price, Tommy 
Ramshur, Mitchell Reeves 

Bruce Smith, Craig Smith, Alan Stewart, 
Bobby Stokes, Terry Thomas, Kevin White, 
Joy Samrow, Kathleen Crandall, Yvonne 


Davona Daugherty, Kerri Folse, Manique 
Glaab, Jane Marie Gunkel, Vicki 
Hammack, Wendy Mader, Nancy Neal, Joy 
Necaise, June Reese 

Paige Saulters, Karyn Stephens, Mary 
Stock, Carole Tisdelle, Renee Williams 





The USM colony of Tau Kappa Epsilon is one 
of the fastest growing fraternities on campus. 

TKE has always done well in its areas of 
participation. The Tekes have the highest 
grade point average of all fraternities and 
have held the highest active grade point aver- 
age for the past two years. 

TKE has a strong intramural program. Tekes 
participate in football, bowling, softball, floor- 
hockey, and many other sports. 

TKE continues its community service pro- 
jects by sponsoring the Annual River Race 

for St. Judes Research Children's Hospital 
and the Tree of Life for the National Kidney 

Tekes are involved in other campus and pro- 
fessional organizations and hold numerous 
leadership positions in addition to their aca- 
demic and fraternal commitments. Tekes are 
also active in ROTC, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi 
Theta Kappa, the campus media, the Univer- 
sity Activities Council, and many other honor- 
ary and service organizations. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, an integral part of the 
USM Greek community, is the fraternity for 



( I 1 1 I I I I I I II I I I < ! *■ ■<■»■ « !<■■'"■ 

fl ^ f 

Randy Baker, Charlie Bissell, Jeff Byrd, 
Bob Coonfield, Mike Dennis, Ivan Garcia, 
Wesley Gouchie, John Greene, Dan Hester 

Pat McCabe, Tim McClelland, Tony 
McCraney, Tony Papa, Lance Pittman, 
Rick Poulter, Mike Sackman, Wayne 
Scarborough, Jeff Smith 

Jim Sullivan, Phillip Trower, Mike Wade. 
Ross Walton. Gilland Welsch, Chuck 
Whitehead, Chuck Whittington, Ken 
Wooten, Gene Redondo 

Felicia Brewer, Fiona Bowen, Honey Bea 
Easterling, Paige Lubritz, Linda 
Montgomery, Diana McCaughan, Kay 
Scarborough, Amanda Schaller 





A relatively young organization, both nation- 
wide and on the campus of USM, Zeta Phi 
Beta is committed to "rendering service to 
improve the human condition." 

Some of the projects of Zeta Phi Beta this 
year include programs such as the March of 

Dimes Walk-A-Thon, United Way Halloween 
Carnival, visits to nursing homes, and visits to 
the children's wards of local hospitals. The 
main objectives of Zeta Phi Beta are: scholar- 
ship, service, sisterly love, and finer woman- 

Juanita Adams, Yvonne Putman 





§ 6 § fi 

Kinnard Gilmer, Daniel Jones. Warren 
Miller, Willie Moody, Kenneth O'Quinn. 
Ray Polk, Michael Steward. Douglas 





Tri Sigma is a warm smile, a friendly hand- 
clasp, a close circle of friends, thousands of 
sisters. It is afterstudy talks, fraternity for- 
mats, sympathetic listeners, happiness 
shared. It is a bouquet of violets, a pearl, 
purple and white ribbons, a white dress. It is 
democratic action, parliamentary procedure, 
service to others, assuming responsibility. It is 
pursuit of knowledge, growing in understand- 
ing, high standards, opportunities unlimited. 

It is learning good citizenship, improving 
manners, developing talents, remaining an 
individual while participating in a group. 

Tri Sigma is an arc, an indented triangle, a 
circle, a creed. It is faith, love, loyalty. It is 
ceremony, ritual, tradition. It is commitment 
to yesterday, today, tomorrow. Tri Sigma is 
sisterhood faithful unto death. 

Darla Baronich, Amy Coghlan, Carole 

Deere, Bridget Dickerson, Cheryl Dillon, 

Barbara Donley, Paula Etheridge, Becky 

Fitch, Suzanne Golden 

Vickie Hollinger, Mary Kahlstore, Kristi 

Ladner, Wendy Mader, Leslie Patterson, 

Lee Perry, Robin Reeves, Cindy Smartt, 

Beth Steinbruck 

Anne Stowers, Brenda Tinnin, Tina Wieck, 

Chris Calhoun, Jackie Key, Steve Phelps, 

Craig Smith 


O $ 

f ®£> 


Residence Hall Association 

First Row: Vickie Woods, 
Rcsa Shields, Laura Cope, 
Charissa Simmons, Ann 
Howell, Tina Hines, Pam Jen- 
kins, Cathy Roy, Beverly Pill- 
man, Danetta Potts, Susan 
Guy. Second Row: Karen Go- 
dail, Beth McCoy, Odessa 
Howard, Melanie Turner, 
Carol Holm, Debra Williams, 
Kenneth Englehardt, Brad 
Haik, Richard Herring. 

RHA Officers 

Richard Herring, Publicity; 
Tina Hines, NCC; Beverly 
Pillman, Treasurer; Vickie 
Woods, Secretary; Susan 
Guy. President; Brad Haik, 
Vice President. 

1 5 1 

Senior Panhellenic Council 

First Row: Debbie Parker, 
Darla Baronich, Kim McPhie, 
Kathy Schwarzaur, Cindy 
Wyman. Second Row: 
Tammy Yates, Amy Firmin, 
Elizabeth Hanshaw. Third 
Row: Sherry Peacock, Susan 
Strahan, Kristy Smith, Teresa 
Nettles, Yvonne Putman. 

Junior Panhellenic Council 

First Row: Cathy Smith, Presi 
dent; Darla Baronich, Advi 
sor. Second Row: Lisa Bruno 
Brenda Tinnin, Anita Phillips 
Tammy Bass, Robin Varnado 
Phyllis Hudson, Lucy Bush 
Cathy Steen, Debbie Reeder 



8f ^ 


7 1 

v ■* ■■,-> 

■ -^r*. 

Interfraternity Council 

First Row: Ross Walton, Jim 
Estes, Scooter Richards, Eric 
Johnson, Billy Hewes, Van 
Imbragulio, Douglas Walker, 
Scott Patten. Second Row: 
Bob Snell, Eric Labat, Ken- 
neth Jimmerson, David Ishee, 
Mike Barnes, Pat Slack, Marc 
Barhonovich, Michael Stew- 
art, Ian Kincock. Third Row: 
Andre Redd, Jamie Loris, 
Mark Franklin, Mike Man- 
grum, Rhett Rush, Steen 
Hambrick, Mark Bryant, 
Tony Darling. 

IFC Officers 

David Butler, Academic 
Chairman; Clarke Baratti, 
Rush Chairman, Public Rela- 
tions Chairman; Laren Whid- 
don, Treasurer; Billy Hewes, 
Secretary; Eric Labat, Vice- 
President; Eddie Atherton, 
President. Not Pictured: Bob 
Snell. Activities Chairman. 


Football Cheerleaders 

First Row: Newell Simrall, 
Mike Man; Dina Alford, An- 
gela Fokakis, Gina Daniels, 
Sharon Garbin, Dianne Ho- 
sey, Jayme Collins, Bob Snell, 
Mascot. Second Row: Todd 
Gillis, Kenneth Clark, Monte 
Manguno, Ken Waltman, 
Steve Buckley, Mike Man- 



Men's Basketball Cheerleaders 

First Row: Debbie Broadhead, Beth Merrell, Kristi Pitalo, Tammy Weeks, Dana Voivedich, Francie George. Second Row: David Oakes, Todd Gillis, David Myrick, Mike Mason, John Ro- 
berson. Third Row: Eric "Poncho" James, Mascot. Not Pictured: Willie Lawrence. 



Women's Basketball Cheerleaders 

First Row: Jill Jenkins. Second Row: Melissa Mohr. Third Row: Beth LeBlanc, Co-Captain; Valerie Yarbrough, Connie Reid, Co-Captain. 


I '**t 4t 4* t * 

; i f 4 1 f * r 




4 I 


h i ^^^te^^M^'i & t * * 

The Pride 

Kelly Love, Director of the 
"Pride of Mississippi"; Geor- 
gane Love, Coordinator of 
Flag and Rifle Corps; Charles 
Thomas, Gary Adam, Drum 
Majors; Beth Glover, Tami 
Tonore, Featurettes 

\ , mi ft I s^ s'ii% 

r ■"> £ r ff * 1 ! 

♦ f i k tf i * 

f p 

3 » a « » « 



» r t * f f f 



Dixie Darlings 

Dawn Broadus, Cindy Hilbun, 
Missy Ezelle, Ruth Leggett; 

First Row: Dawn Broadus, 
Monica Davison, Robin 
Kessler, Kerri Mordica, Be- 
linda Myze, Melody Woodard, 
Heather Duncan, Debbie 
Broadhead, Sissy Sharp, Kym 
Lawrence, Jennifer Nagle, 
Delery Cook, Misty Tullos, 
Tammy Wise, Michelle 
McCormick, Jackie Lane, 
Sherrye Freeman, Theresa 
Taylor, Ruth Leggett. Second 
Row: Cindy Hilbun, Becky 
Stock, Suzanne Lumpkin, 
Deborah Henderson, Mary 
Ann Rush, Cindy Brown 
Anita Rawls, Cheryl Boyles 
Vicki Vann, Hope Chiniche 
Lisa Collins, Julia Denson, Al 
lison Clayton, Marion McCa 
leb, Jennifer Caveny, Karen 
Brown, Angela Perusse 
Missy Ezelle. Third Row: Re 
nee Smith, Cindy Ballard, Gigi 
Gerson, Holly Hasty, Laurie 
Mullis, Susan Tannehill, Mi 
chelle Elliot, Donna Collins 
Terri Legg, Lynn Swett, Lyd 
ia Jackson, Linda Hubbard 
Kathleen Davis, Pam Verru 
chi, Karen Brown, Deborah 
Lyles, Candy Walker, Kim 
Gleber, Delane Taylor, 
Aletha Cousson. 

■at'-*-» It* ¥ v (l m 


'* ■ - . 




First Row: Laura Cuevas, 
Holly Herrington, Sheila Wil- 
liams, Sharon Bentz, Jan 
Metzler, Melanie Barber. Sec- 
ond Row: Dana Fields, Dee- 
Dee Thompson, Lonnie Mel- 
vin, Valerie Galle, Chrissy 
Herring, Janice Fulton. Third 
Row: Lori Ehlers, Julie 
Smithy, Jacquie Jerrolds, 
Jennifer Robinson, Sandy Sa- 
figan, JoAnn Kaufman, Amy 
Shumate. Not Pictured: Vicki 

Southern Misses 

First Row: Angie Benfield, 
Kay Courtney, Joni Jackson, 
Karyn Ludington, Hope Gar- 
rett, Sherry Dick, Jena 
Belcher. Second Row: Karyn 
Mullen, Captain; Jeanna Bell, 
Bridget Foley, Debbie Ciano, 
Nicole McCleery, Miki Kahl- 
storf, Anna Clark, Captain. 
Third Row: Dana Jernigan, 
Captain; Lisa Bruno, Tangy 
Ladner, Susan Quarles, Lisa 
Anderson, Leigh Laney, Chris 
Hall, Renae Smith, Becky As- 
kew, Director. 


Golden Girls 

'.,,, "- >. ■ ■.' *£. ;.. 

First Row: Karen Fletcher, Angie Slimon, Cynthia Abraham, Treasurer; Nina Lowery, Secretary; Cindy Warren, President; Jan Mooney, Vice President; Polly Anna Peterson, Kim 
McPhie. Second Row: Karon Walters, Loretta Barnes, Alesia Phillips, Dannetta Potts, Sheryl Seaton, Ann Rankin, Leslie Hawes, Elizabeth Magee, Kelley Jones, Diedre Hodge, Julie 
Cook, Diane Collins, Maria Henry. Third Row: Leah Huff, Cindy Stewart, Debbie King, Lisa Griffith, Lacey Ashley, Kellee Milstead, Ginny Sanders, Diann Eastland, Theresa Arender, 
Carol Theobald, Lori Hasson, Burnie Jo Ewell, Peggy Shoeder, Lisa Spears, Dana Voivedich, Kristy Smith, Paula Fowler. 


Associated Student Body 

Cabinet First Row: Bruce 
Adams, Bubba McDaniel, 
Ginny Sanders, Erin Finley, 
James Aquilar, Eugene 
Starks, Marcie Davis. Second 
Row: Mike McPhail, Toni 
Wells, Chris Carter, Kerry 
Love, Stella Payton, Jane 
Fenimore, Jenny Lindsay, Su- 
zie Faver. Third Row: Joe 
Paul, Sponsor; John Harvey, 
Rod Gordon, Michael Finley, 
Wayne Herring, Michelle Ni- 
chols, Jim Warren, President; 
David Groth, Cindy Smartt, 
Shawn McKee. 

1 i n< fnl \tu 

Jim Warren, President 


Senate Staff Al Haralson, Historian; Mark Franklin, Sergeant at Arms; Cindy Bradshaw, Secretary; Janice 
Perkins, Secretary; Gregg Stanley, Public Relations Officer; Steve Sheppard, President. 

Steve Sheppard, Vice President 

Mike McPhail, Attorney; 
Mike Finley, Director of Legal 

Eugene Starks, Attorney 

Marcie Davis. Secretary; 
Andre Redd, Election 

Chris Carter, Executive 

Assistant to the President 


r<v ■»> 





Cindy Smartt, Special Projects 

Suzie Faver, Spring Spirit 

Jenny Lindsay, Associate 

Director of Student Services; 
James Aguilar, Director of 

Governmental Relations; 
Michelle Nichols, Director of 

University Relations; 
Lee Gipson, Director of 

Advertising and Promotion 


ASB Senate 

First Row: Tracy Harwell, 
Ronnie Ladner, Robin Brown, 
Marc Barhonovich, June 
Guice, Connie McCardle, 
Kathy King, Francis MacFar- 
laine, Amy Firmin, Kent 
McPhail. Second Row: Karl 
Barnett, Billy Newman, Jean 
Collette, Felecia Bell, David 
Groth, President Pro Tern 
pure; Suzanne Gillespie 
Craig Ellmo, Bobby Ross, He 
len Rentz, Dale Beasley, Les 
lie Ridlehoover. Third Row 
Steve Sheppard, President 
Kerry Mcllwain, Lee Gipson 
Richard Beard, Steve Sim 
mons, Eric Labat, Todd 

University Activities Council 

First Row: Jon Morrem, Vic- 
tor Bailey, Pat Kergosien, 
Rinny Woodruff, Ross Wal- 
ton, Billy Powe, Regina Light- 
sey, Carlin Wolfe, Kevin Da- 
vis, Jan Mooney, President; 
Joe Paul, Sponsor. Second 
Row: Joanne Green, Tonia 
Painter, Camille Johnson, 
Tammy Holder, Jeanne 
McDuff, Will Browne, Mary 
Harris, Trish Borosky, Billy 
Hewes, Leah Shemper, Rob- 
ert Lesley, Mara Hartman, 
Mark Wigginton, Ginger 
Buice. Third Row: Brian Clay- 
ton, David Cook, Sonny Da- 
vis, Thomas Schmidt, Cal 
Fruendt, Anna Halley, Janine 
Howell, George Yerger, 
Caren Mahoney, Vince Gor- 
don, Cindy Tipton, Bea Dan- 
iels, Amy Price, Melissa Ev- 
ans, Marie Scheeler. 


UAC Officers 

Will Browne, Non-Music 
Chairperson; Marie Scheeler, 
Secretary; Jan Mooney, Presi- 
dent; Ginger Buice, Advertis- 
ing Chairperson; Victor Bai- 
ley, Music Chairperson. 

UAC Music Committee 

First Row: Mara Hartman, 
Victor Bailey, Chairperson. 
Second Row: Jeanne McDuff 
Third Row: Cal Fruendt, Bea 
Daniels, Thomas Schmidt, 
Vince Gordon, Leah 
Shemper, Regina Lightsey, 
Billy Hewes. 


UAC Non-Music Committee 

First Row: Tonia Painter, Will 
Browne, Chairperson; 
Tammy Holder, Jon Morrem. 
Second Row: Carlin Wolfe, 
Rinny Woodruff. Third Row: 
Robert Lesley, Kevin Davis. 
Fourth Row: Pat Kergosien, 
Trish Borosky. 

UAC Advertising Committee 

First Row: Ross Walton, Anna 
Halley, Caren Mahoney, Jan- 
ine Howell, Camille Johnson, 
Sandra Smith, Mary Harris, 
Amy Price. Second Row: Da- 
vis Cook, Sonny Davis, Ginger 
Buice, Chairperson; Sandra 
Thompson, Melissa Evans. 


Union Board 

Lawrence Joiner, President; 
Jeffery Johnson, Vice Presi- 
dent; Alisa Larry, Music 
Chairperson; Jerry Wood- 
land, Special Events; Carol 
Cannon, Secretary; Rachel 
Pudas, Treasurer; Michelle 
Lennox, Historian; Minnie 
Austin, Advisor; Warren 
Dunn, Union Director; Be- 
linda Millhollin, Recruitment. 


Baptist Student Union 

First Row: Debbie McCormick, Lisa Moyer, Deborah Causey. Second Row: Bonnie Hearon, Debbie Dickerson, Marcia Broome, Carol Leake, Cecile Reeves, Ray Meece, Marilyn 
Walker, Steve Holston, Will McCall. Third Row: Steve Cowan, Jerry East, Billy Windham, Randy Sims, Neil Byrd, Kirk Lucky. 


Southern Christian Student Center 

First Row: Monica Huff, Cath- 
erine Robinson, Robin Rus- 
sell, Joe Brumfield, Mark Ni- 
chols. Second Row: Delia 
Robinson, Becky Smith, Shar- 
on McLendon, Onita McLen- 
don, Jake Smith. Third Row: 
Tina Venable, Kathy Vena- 
ble, Wendy Winstead, David 
Carroll, Vicki Borcher. Not 
Pictured: Stan Dillingham, 
David Johnson, Gloria Lane- 
hart, Peggy Smith, Juanita 
McLendon, Mickey Welsh, 
Sandy Loveday. 

Association of Baptist Students 

T - r 

First Row: Nancy Moore. Mi- 
chelle Flynt, Anna Stewart, 
Music Chairwoman; Lauria 
Wade, Lana Wade. Second 
Row: David Sprague, Presi- 
dent; Diana Romar. Lisa 
Fowler, Secretary /Trea- 
surer; Claytor Sullivan, Dave 
Conover, Vice President. Not 
Pictured: Angela Heffner, 
Publicity/Social Chairwo- 


Wesley Foundation 

First Row: Bigi Malsbury, 
Tom Samson, Tina Fisher, 
Sharon Bouzek, Deanne Sory, 
Shannon Toler, Steve Hol- 
ston, Jan Waring, Bill Ray- 
mond. Second Row: Herb 
Bourne, Danny Mullis, Tom 
Pace, Betsy Sullivan, Andrea 
Troth, Karen Jefcoats, Sandy 

First Row: Shannon Toler, 
Thomas Samson, Jan Waring, 
Tom Pace, Deanne Sory. 
Second Row: Karen Jefcoats, 
Sharon Bouzek. 


Church of God in Christ Fellowship 

Micah J. Scott, President; 
Danny Johnson, Vice Presi- 
dent; Milton Miskel, Treasur- 
er; Bernice Wilson, Secretary; 
J. Catherine Wilson, Advisor. 

Afro-American Cultural Society 

First Row: Craig Colby, Bes- 
sie Smith, Ruth Bell, Gwendo- 
lyn Jefferson, Vincent Rosse, 
Kecia Jones, Edrika Kelly. 
Thecia Kelly, Barbara Mon- 
cure, Loretta Barnes, Tamara 
Dear, Patricia Barnes, Jeffery 
Wolfe, Ronald Bingham, 
Freddie Jones. Second Row: 
Phyllis Jones, Gail Berry, 
Sherri Fairley, Roxie Holder, 
Rena Barnes, Angela Lewis. 


Lambda Sigma 




First Row: Amy Firmin, Kel- 
lee Milstead, Donna Ginn, 
Cheryl Boyles, Alison 
Grantham, Amy Weldy. Sec- 
ond Row: Terry Pinson, Alan 
Lucas, Matt Smith, Jennifer 
Munn, Anne Bancroft, Edie 
Lack, Mary Margaret Mitch- 
ell, Lisa Hargott, Newell Sim- 
rail, Treasurer; Steve Size- 
more, President. Not 
Pictured: Lynn Ainsworth, 
Bobby Hensley, Missy Lough- 
man, Billy Newman, Kim Wil- 
lis, Tammy Yates, Barbara 
Ross, Advisor. 

Honors Student Association 

First Row: Camilla Halzer. 
Second Row: Bruce Sculth- 
orpe, Deedee Blanton, Kim 
Willis, Carlin Wolfe, Joey To- 
mei, Julie Boudreaux. Third 
Row: Linda Pledger, Will 
Browne, Julie Bodenheimer. 
Fourth Row: Pat Murphy, 
Rusty Eaton, Catherine 
Smith, Denise Viator, David 
Sullivan. Fifth Row: Kris 
Smith, Anita Hamel, Frank 
Sloan, Ann Loney, Tim 


Phi Delta Rho 


First Row: Denise Hester, He- 
len Rentz, Barbara Teel, 
Carey Bonin, Tina Hines, Car- 
ol Welker, Amy Carlisle, 
Leontyne Hairston, Cynthia 
Abraham, Sandy Parks, Flor- 
ence Harkins. Second Row: 
Andrea Jelusich, Jill Ewald, 
Cathy Egley, Merrie Dorman, 
Patti Jean Page, Tammy 
Hammond, Angie Raines, 
Cheri Campbell. Third Row: 
Alice Hultz, Jacquie Ellmo, 
Ann Wedding, Cheryl Hill, 
Vialla Hartfield, Carla Mur- 
phy. Not Pictured: Kristy 
Smith, Donna Huch, Amy 
Frederick, Ruth May, Laura 




Outstanding Freshmen Women Gail Waters, President; Caren Mahoney, Most Outstanding Fresh- 

First Row: Penny Nowell. Second Row: Caren Mahoney, Kimberly man Woman 
Willis, Tammy Yates. 


Psi Chi 




First Row: Lavella Wilson 
Randall Lee, Angie Butler 
Lee Hildman, Advisor. Sec 
ond Row: Paula Sanford 
President; Dale Shattles, Sec 
retary; Clarence Powell 
Treasurer; Lisa Dobbins 
Steve Counts, Martha Powell 
Jo Beth Gatewood. Not Pic 
tured: Cindy West, Vice Presi 

Chi Tau Epsilon 




First Row: Margaret Bowlin, 
Second Row: Cindy Brown, 
Debbie Browning, Victoria 
Mcintosh, Monica Davidson. 
Third Row: Karen Garmen, 
Peaches Rogers, Graduate 
Assistant; Janet Pieur, Spon- 
sor; Sylvia Strickland, Vice 
President; Rocio Trest, Public 
Relations, Susan Patterson, 
President; Leigh McFarland. 

m **Pwrf? v * '******"—] 



Phi Theta Kappa 

Alpha of 

First Row: Dawson Wilkerson, 
1st Vice President; George 
Calhoun, Treasurer; Martha 
Fortenberry, Sponsor. Sec- 
ond Row: Ellenbeth Royal. 
Historian; Terri Weitzel, 
President. Third Row: Trent 
Williams, 2nd Vice President. 
Not Pictured: Karen Sanford, 
Fall Secretary; Regina Shep- 
pard, Spring Secretary; Ar- 
deth Saunders, Fall Reporter; 
Cheryl Bullock, Spring Re- 


Tau Beta Sigma 




First Row: Mary Claire Harri- 
son, Secretary; Donna Cook, 
Second Vice President; Kim 
Barattini, President; Diane 
Silver, First Vice President; 
Donna Wood, Treasurer; 
Judy Bartels. Second Row: 
Marsha Anderson, Janice 
Perkins, Deanna Little, Yo- 
landa Ellis. Third Row: 
Tammy Kirkland, Lisa Mc- 
Donald, Karen Kay, Jennie 
Hem, Cindy Howard, Joann 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 




First Row: Bill Sadler, Carla 
Edmondson, Sweetheart; J.C. 
Baker, Judy Bartels, Little 
Sister; Denise Viator, Little 
Sister; Christy Hall, Little Sis- 
ter; Terry Johnson, Jeff Kea- 
ton, Stan Toler, Frank Gen- 
tile, Jamin Hoffman. Second 
Row: Philip Crumbley, Troy 
Mitchum, Greg Hoffland, Ben 
Burnett, Kenny Myrick, Ricky 
Seal, Charles Thomas, Mark 
Bryant, Tom Grant, Frank 
Longino, J. P. Banks, Robert 
Hamaker, Brian Stiffler, Vin- 
cent Rosse. 


Kappa Kappa Psi 




First Row: Terri Johnson 
Doby Yates, Willie Lawrence 
Tony Darling, Terry Trigg 
Troy Mitchum, James Boy 
kins. Second Row: Diane Sil 
ver, Sweetheart; JoAnn Kauf 
man, John Patterson, Silas 
Lewis, Paul Rester, David 
Williams, Kenny Myrick, 
Charles Thomas, Tommy 
Sketes, LaMarcus Stamps. 

Alpha Psi Omega 


First Row: Patricia Borosky, 
Lora Edwards, Secretary/ 
Treasurer, Karen Rice. Sec- 
ond Row: Stan Loftin. Vice 
President; Todd SanMillan, 
President; Kenneth McDade. 


Gamma Beta Phi 




Jan Ainsworth 

Lori Ainsworth 

Dori Anderson 

Paul Ashcroft 

Carol Bagley 

Leanne Baird 

Denise Balius 

Steven Ball 

Ann Bancroft 

Vanessa Bancroft 

Lisa Barhonovich 

Julie Barksdale 

Judith Bartels 

Kreg Bartley 

Richard Beard 

Janet Beeland 

Felicia Bell 

William Bell 

Rachael Benefield 

Sharon Bentz 

Larry Betts 

Barbara Binghan 

Paul Blais 

Cathy Blakeslee 

Lyndon Bobinger 

Rod Bonham 

James Bourne 

Cheryl Boyles 

Theresa Boyles 

Mark Bright 

Debra Brown 

Karen Brown 

Linda Brown 

Robin Brown 
Sara Brown 
Joseph Brumfield 
Donna Buchanan 
Brian Bockoski 
Quynh Huong Bui 
Aleta Bush 
David Butler 
Gregory Butler 
Timothy Butler 
Kimberlee Casey 
Tamie Cassel 
Deanna Caveny 
Meg Chesser 
Connolly Clark 
Shawn Comfort 
Ronald Connally 
Elizabeth Cooper 
Julie Cook 
Valerie Cothern 
Samuel Courtney 
Richard Craven 
Elizabeth Crimm 
Carla Culpepper 
Joel Culpepper 
Mark Cumberland 
Tiffany Danos 
Anthony Darling 
Kathy Davies 
Cynthia Davis 
Julian Davis 
Lisa Davis 
Mary Davis 
Sandra Davis 
Paul Deardoff 
Thomas Delcambre 
Mark Dennis 

Donna Dewett 
Cheryl Dillon 
Donald Dollar 
Barbara Donley 
Leslie Driskell 
Mark Driver 
Rayford Duckworth 
Clifton Eakes 
Eddie Easterling 
Ether Edwards 
Lori Ehlers 
Karen Eichorn 
Kristin English 
Pamela Evans 
Patricia Evans 
Karen Farrow 
Mary Finley 
Amy Firmin 
Cathy Floyd 
Teresa Flynt 
Leslie Fontenelle 
Cassandra Fore 
Pete Formica 
Amy Frederick 
Garda Funes 
Richard Fung-A-Fat 
Valerie Galle 
Lisa Garner 
Pamela Garst 
Susan Gibson 
Sharon Gilbert 
Rhonda Gill 
John Gillum 
Donna Ginn 
Beth Glover 
Allyson Goodwin 
Rodney Gordon 
Misty Graff 
Elizabeth Grenn 
Cheryl Haffenden 
Christine Hall 



Daniel Hall 

Priscilla Knight 

Roger Murray 

Scott Riebuck 

Carolyn Strong 

Leslie Hall 

Steven Lacy 

Katherine Myrick 

Karl Rieden 

Mary Strong 

Melissa Hammons 

Valerie Langley 

Renae Nanney 

Kelly Riley 

Yvette Sturgeon 

Tori Hancock 

Andrew Langenbach 

Dudley Nations 

Deidre Robinson 

William Sullivan 

Carroll Hardin 

Marcia Larson 

Sandra Neighbors 

Patricia Robinson 

Lynn Swett 

Phyllis Harter 

Carol Leake 

Pamela Newman 

Vincent Rosse 

Vicki Sydboten 

Tracy Harwell 

Deborah Leyda 

Al Newton 

Susan Roth 

Barbara Teel 

Laura Henderson 

Regina Lightsey 

Metin Noyan 

Jimmie Roush 

L isa Thames 

Corinne Henry 

Jennifer Lindsay 

Cynthia O'Conner 

Anne Routh 

Danica Thompson 

Roscoe Henry 

Larry Lizana 

George Ol'liff 

Andrew Royes 

Denise Thompson 

Cheryl Hill 

John Long 

Sonya O'Neal 

Christopher Russell 

Tracey Tinnon 

Carolyn Hilley 

Michelle Loughman 

Ellen Opperthauser 

Lana Sandidge 

Barbara Traweek 

Janet Hines 

Nina Lowery 

Terri O'Quin 

Sandra Safigan 

Melinda Trotti 

Rhonda Holifield 

Jeri Madison 

David Owens 

Paige Saulters 

Carmia Turner 

Tammy Holloway 

Michelle Magee 

Catherine Oyler 

Kevin Savage 

Mark Turner 

Carol Holm 

Nancy Magee 

Claudia Pachel 

Kathryn Scarborough 

John Vettel 

Jeana Home 

William Magill 

Cynthia Patton 

Teresa Scheeler 

Connie Wade 

Anne Hoselle 

Gregory Martin 

Scott Patton 

Terri-Ann Schuler 

Vicki Wansely 

Cynthia Howard 

Nancey Martinolich 

Julia Payne 

Kathy Schwarzauer 

Barbara Washer 

Brent Howell 

Robert Matthews 

Joyce Payton 

Jeffrey Schwind 

Gaby Watts 

Erick Hueck 

Connie McCardle 

Sherry Peacock 

Danita Scianna 

Sharon Weber 

Holly Hughes 

Gena McCarlie 

Jeannie Perrin 

Lorri Seal 

Marcy Webster 

Alice Hultz 

Patrick McCarron 

Alesia Phillips 

Wanda Seale 

Amy Weldy 

Paula Hunt 

Clifford McCarty 
Anthony McCollum 

Kristi Pitalo 

Carolyn Sellers 

Angela Welker 

Silesia Hunter 

Gisele Pittman 

Kathleen Shaw 

Kerrin Wells 

Lisa Hurt 

Kathleen McGraw 

Linda Pledger 

Lisa Shroyer 

Lisa Wells 

Patricia Husley 

Kimber McHenry 
Kenneth Mcintire 
Carolin McMillen 
Deborah Meadows 
Pamela Melzer 
Sheila Miller 

Toni Ponder 

Newell Simrall 

Cynthia West 

Vicky lllanne 
Cynthia Inglett 
Helen Jackson 
Diane Jeanfreau 
Thomas Jenkins 
Lawrence Joiner 

Gloria Poole 
Karen Powe 
Greg Price 
Weyman Price 
Rachael Pudas 

Cheryl Singleton 
Dennis Smith 
Kristy Smith 
Shelby Smith 
Bob Snell 
Alana Snow 

Laurie White 
Pamela White 
Robin White 
Ginny Whitfield 
Cheryl Whittington 
Candi Wiggins 
Ramona Williams 
Robin Williamson 
Bernice Wilson 
Gloria Wilson 
Vernon Wimberley 
Donna Wood 


Annie Jones 

David Milling 

Yvonne Putman 

Cindy Snowden 

Julie Joyner 

Peter Mims 

Angie Rains 

Cynthia Stafford 

Shirley Justice 
Clark Kahl 

Veronica Mollett 
Janis Monk 

Jacalyn Ratliff 
William Raymond 

Michael Stalnaker 
John Stegall 

Joanne Keane 

Dianne Montgomery 

Belinda Reed 

Beth Steinbruck 


Angie Kent 

Linda Moody 

Darla Reid 

Sara Stiffler 

Debbie King 

Jennifer Munn 

Janet Remich 

Michele Stockstill 

Katherine King 

William Munn 

Channon Renfroe 

Allison Strain 

Tammy Yates 

Kathy Kirkpatrick 

David Murray 

Karen Rice 

Maria Straub 

Michele Young 

Society for Paralegal Services 

Dee Aultman, President; 
Tony Papa, Janis Monk, 
Treasurer; Libby Condia, Ka- 
ren Scarborough, Secretary; 
Stacy Armstrong, Mike Bair- 
field, Vice President. 

Pre-Law Society 


First Row: Mark Franklin, 
Vice President; Elizabeth 
Grenn, Secretary; Billy New- 
man, President; David Ishee, 
Treasurer. Second Row: Dr. 
James Wolfe, Advisor; Dr. 
Ronald Marquardt, Advisor; 
David Stallings, Laura Hen- 
derson, Joe Mauldin, Denise 
Lee, Stacey Smith, Suzanne 
Matrick, Diane McCaa, Mike 
Stalnaker. Third Row: Colette 
Towles, J.D. Lee, Paul Morri- 
son, Mark Burch, Bill Ray- 
mond, Linda Lang, Elizabeth 
Hanshaw, Eddie Moore, 
Gwen Posey. 




for the 




First Row: Lori Carter, Patri- 
cia Wheeler, Angie Keen, 
Mary Park Durham, Amy Fir- 
min. Second Row: Lidia Stein- 
winder, Stephanie Butler, Ma- 
lesa Jones, Ann Frentz, Millie 
Ann Buckley. Third Row: 
Dale Turner, James Neely, 
Lynn Alexander, John Jo- 
achim III. Fourth Row: Barron 
Gregg, David Grantham, Rob- 
ert Rice, Marc Barhonovich, 
Gary Gove. Fifth Row: Jana 
Tate, James Ott, Tom Car- 
penter, Larry Jones. 

Beta Alpha Psi 






First Row: Sharon Scrange, 
Miriam Chauez, Beth Evans, 
Leslie Fontenelle, Jackie Rat- 
liff, Tammy Hammond. Sec- 
ond Row: Lynn Bolton, Mary 
Davis, Virginia Chavez, Maria 
Colbet, Lisa Thames, Susan 
Roden. Third Row: Jamie 
Flanner, Pam Russell, Rebec- 
ca Niemiyer, David Reeves, 
Tim Butler, Randy White. 
Fifth Row: Walt Ingram, Jerry 
King, Mike Sachman, Victor 
Merritt, Craig Ellmo, Lorrie 
Nugent, Ronald Russell. Sixth 
Row: John Russell, Mark Cra- 
ven, Joe Britain, Roderick Po- 


Phi Chi Theta 




First Row: Elizabeth Dugas 
Secretary; Nancy Chan 
Treasurer; Dolly Loyd, Advi 
sor. Second Row: Debbie Fos 
ter, President; Kim Cook, An 
gie Keen, Rachel Tullos, Lori 
Avery. Third Row: Leah 
Shemper, Lori Cooper, Judy 
Berry, Nancy Magee. Fourth 
Row: Walton Chan, Denise 
Hudson, Darlene Ezelle, 
Joanne Smith, Tina Borgatti. 
Fifth Row: Ron Henley, Diane 
Koontz, Monique Glaab, Ma- 
ria Barberee, Jeff Campbell. 

Sigma Psi Alpha 


First Row: Randy White, Lisa 
Thames, Susan Roden, Shar- 
on Scranage, Bill Munn, Mar- 
guerite Schmidley, Anita 
Chacko, Beth Evans, Mike 
Luehlfing, Faculty Advisor. 
Second Row: Julia Payne, 
Rose Beaugez, Tim Butler, 
Thomas Schmidt, JoAnn 
Kaufman, Mitch Simmons. 
Third Row: Walt Ingram, 
Greg Price, Ronald Russell, 
John Patterson, Kevin Sav- 
age, Thomas Delcambre. 


American Marketing Association 

Lisa Hegwood, President, 
Chuck Roberts, President; 
Sara Lee Tyner, Secretary; 
Clark Baratti, Treasurer; Ms. 
Dolly Loyd, Advisor; Dr. Wil- 
liam Schoell, Advisor. 

Phi Beta Lambda 




Anne Hambric, President; 
Kreg Bartley, Executive Vice 
President; Carla Carnes, Ac- 
counting Vice President; 
Steve Tingle, Administrative 
Vice President; Pam Guice, 
Business and Education Vice 
President; Keith Detommaso, 
Secretary; Steve Wilson, 
Treasurer; Joy Necaise, Re- 
porter; Carmen Walters, Par- 


Delta Sigma Pi 

,;a t':\fy 


Fall 1983 Officers First Row: Lynn Bowman, Vice 
President for Professional Activities; Beth Evans, Vice 
President for Finance. Second Row: Pat McCabe, Secre- 
tary; Randy White, Chancellor; Steve Kelly, Historian. 
Third Row: Tim Blake, Senior Vice President; Tommy 
Delcambre, C.E.I. Chairman. 

Spring 1983 Officers First Row: Mike Luehlfing, Advi- 
sor; Beth Evans, Vice President for Finance; Tanya Ran- 
kin, Vice President for Professional Activities; Robbie 
Shaw, Social Chairman; Charles Hughes, Historian. Sec- 
ond Row: William Munn, Senior Vice President; Mitch 
Simmons, President; Steve Kelly, Vice President for 
Pledge Education. Third Row: Tommy Delcambre, 
C.E.I. Chairman; Craig Elmo, Chancellor. 




First Row: Mike Luehling, Ad- 
visor; Malinda Ponder, Mary- 
Therese Hickman, Jane East- 
land, Joann Kaufman, Pam 
Hansen, Sharon Scranage, 
Beth Evans, Lynn Bowman, 
Mary Davis, Rachel Pudas, 
Lisa Ulmer, Susan Rodent. 
Second Row: Bill Munn, Paula 
Ainsworth, Cheryl Whitting- 
ton, Jackie Kermode, Janice 
Ridley, Angela Alexander, 
Kay Seale, Tonya Smith, Tan- 
ya Rankin, Robbie Shaw, Ran- 
dy White, Charles Hughes. 
Third Row: Keith Brown, Be- 
linda Parks, Walt Ingram, Tim 
Blake, Lorrie Nugent, Jay 
Cox, Steve Kelly, Dwayne 
Blackmon, John Patterson. 


Association of Computing Machinery 


Members Pictured are: Mark 
Adams, Van Adams, Patricia 
Ainsworth, Steven Ball, Wan- 
da Boggs, George Calhoun, 
De Anna Carpenter, William 
Crowson, Mike Davis, Charles 
Duett, Mark Fayard, Amy 
Frederick, Jay Grantham, 
Thomas Hasselle, Carol 
Holm, Beth Hudgins, Lisa 
Hurt, Aaron Hyde, Donald 
Jones, Margaret Jones, Cyn- 

thia Kelly, Butch Lewis, Par- 
tick Mahan, Hena Medina, 
Belinda Milhollin, Dianne 
McBride, Robert McDonald, 
Tamara McGee, Angie 
McKay, Chester McKee, Deb- 
orah Neal, Al Newton, Alex 
North, Terri Parks, Charles 
Phelps, Gisele Pittman, Enri- 
que Portocarrero, Randy 
Powers, Sharon Pratt, Edwin 
Quave, Karl Rieden, Mike 

Sanville, Brian Schneider, 
Todd Seibert, Sharon Sim- 
mons, Todd Stone, Kent 
Strickland, Chuck Sturgeon, 
Roland Thompson, Lee 
Toole, Jim Waid, Claire Wal- 
ters, Barry Webster, Jimmy 
Webster, Terri Weitzel, Ker- 
rin Wells, Russell West, Steve 
West, Bill Whitney, Gene Wil- 
liams, Shirley Wilson, Steve 
Wilson, Tom Ziemianski. 

Barry Morton, President; Cheryl Haffenden, Vice President; Donna Buchanan, 
Treasurer; Sheila Miller, Secretary. 


Upsilon Pi Epsilon 

The Computer 
Science Honor 

First Row: Dr. Ruth Ann 
Cade, Harold McDaniel, Dar- 
lene Bryant, Blane Alsworth, 
Carlton Teel, Michelle Len- 
nox, Lori Long, David Cook, 
Al Newton, Vice President; 
Cheryl Haffenden, President; 
Mitch "Gnome" Krell, Facul- 
ty Advisor; Sharon Simmons, 
Treasurer; Kerrin Wells, Sec- 
retary; Penny Leake, Valerie 
Langley, Patricia Ainsworth, 
Chris Russell, Micki Gambrell, 
Gisele Pittman, John Mc- 
Donald. Second Row: John 
Coleman, Janet Walden, His- 
torian; Beth Sanford, Van Ad- 
ams, Mark Hundscheid, Val- 
erie Bogart, Roland 
Thompson, Bruce Barnes, 
Mike Rodgers. Third Row; 
Nancy Howell, Tommy Mann, 
Angela Martin, Melanie Ger- 
many, Susie Monroe, Donna 
Buchanan, Amy Frederick, 
Dr. Ralph "Quido" Bisland, 
Robert Hyatt, Danny Carter, 
Terry Miller, Alice Hultz, Rus- 
sell West. Not Pictured: Joy 
Necaise, Lorri Seal-Henry, 
Terry Weitzel, Linda Brown, 
Richard Ekey, Mary Dayne 
Gregg, Lisa Hurt, Lynn Krell, 
Dr. Al Leybourne, Sherry 
Peacock, Cinde Petty, Tracy 
Tinnon, Isaac Traxler, Gail 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 



First Row: Mylan Beteounes, 
Sponsor; Linda McDowell, 
Sheila Miller, Alice Essary, 
Sponsor; Donna Ginn, Steven 
Ball, Lisa Hurt. Second Row: 
Kathy King, Johnny Graves, 
Jack Davenport, Darla Reid, 
Deanna Caveny, Teri-Ann 
Schuler, Peggy Horton. 

1 8 7 

USM Society of Polymer Science 

First Row: Juan Jaffre, Jim 
Lockard, Susan Leonardt, 
Don Muse. Second Row: 
Tammy Wise, Joseph Cal- 
houn, Tim Takas, Melissa 
Mahr, Ginger See, Rhonda 
Purer, Steve Buckley, Randy 
Thompson, Joey Kinsey, 
Craig Henkel. Third Row: 
Charles McCormick, Don 
Paul Holmes, William Sulli- 
van, Daniel Drane, John San- 
tobianca, Mark Sullivan, Mike 
Price, Monte Keel, Kenneth 
Brown, Ronny Rose, Dawson 
Wilkerson, Kimberly Bremen- 
kamp, Roger Hester, Brian 

Southern Geological Society 

Members: Ben Anderson, 
Leanne Baird, Stacy Black- 
well, Keith Bowman, Carl 
Bryant, Glenn Brooks, Robin 
Chapman, Paula Copling 
Charlie Cospelich, Rhonda 
Drinkard, Kenneth Engle 
hardt, Jay Ferris, Hurd Finne 
gan, Kim Forbes, Craig Frye 
Walter Gerald, Yancy Gor 
don, Bobby Greer, Lael Has 
seth, B.J. Hancock, Walter 
Henderson, Bert Hill, Bud 
Johnson, Morgan Ladner, 
Jeff Lambert, Tom Marine, 
Mark McCann, Julie McKib- 
ben, Jim McTier, Darla 
Cordes McVan, Bill Meredith, 
Tracy Middlestead, Bill 
Munka, Ricky Myrick, Linda 
Obrien, Charles Odom, Kathy 
Riede, Ken Rhinehardt, Mark 
Sellers, Ricky Sims, Mark 
Smith, Ken Stroud, Liz 
Stryon, Joanne Thigpen, Ke- 
vin Thrash, Kelly Wallace, 
Jack Wintle, Mark Wojna. Of- 
ficers: Bruce Leybourne, 
President; Chris Bowen, Vice 
President; Howard Johnson, 
Treasurer; Renee Wenzel, 
Secretary; Dr. Sundeen, Ad- 
visor. Professors: Dr. Meylan, 
Dr. Froelicher, Dr. Dunn, Dr. 
Russell, Dr. Patrick. 

r-i -5' 


Institute of Electronical and Electronics 

First Row: R. Malley, C. Sterling, Advisor; J. Moran, Vice President; M. Blackwell, Treasurer; S. Mills, President; M. Travis, Secretary; J. Dumas, C. Stanford, C. Johnson. Second Row: 
R. Castillo, G. Jackson, G. Cisewski, K. Phalang, I. Hajjar, M. Delmas, C. Hebron, R. Fung-A-Fat. Third Row: A. Searcy, C. Bullock, M. Rogers, M. Lian, R. Bateman, D. McBride, K. 
Coker. Fourth Row: T. Bond, C. Duett, G. Calhoun, H. Bishop, J. Smith. Fifth Row: E. Piersol, S. Miles, J. Roush, M. Zaremba. Sixth Row: J. Brown, C. Haffenden, R. Dupond, Seid. 


American Society of Interior Designers 

First Row: Leigh Ann Under- 
wood, Gina Weeks, Larke 
Bond. Second Row: Terry 
Manning, Charissa Simmons, 
Debbie Smith, Mark Thornell, 
Melissa Rowzee, Sharon Skin- 
ner, Leigh Ann Slaven, Ruth 
Palhang. Third Row: Marcie 
Larson, Lydia Brumfield, Ar- 
monda Ulmer. Fourth Row: 
Jack Dawn, Kelli Kurtz, Lisa 
Thymes, Angie Day, Sheri 
Rawls, Lori Anderson, Karen 
Williams, Shawn Strickland. 
Fifth Row: Michelle West, 
Ginger Williamson, Hilda 
East, ASID; Heather Miller, J. 
Keeth Buckley, Diana 

American Institute of Building Design 

First Row: R. Bingham, Secre 
tary; J. Hartsell, T. Miller 
Vice President; J. Brown, C 
Grubbs, Treasurer; A. Arm 
strong, C. Stockman, R. Dun 
lap, R. Buck. Second Row: G 
Mathis, Advisor; D. Ivy, Presi 
dent; M. Moore, W. Bolden 
C. Carson, R. Duckworth, J 
Bernier, J. Bernier. Third 
Row: L. Spears, R. Allen, Re- 
porter. Not Pictured: Y. Sali- 
nas, Advisor. 


USM Home Builders Association 

First Row: D.K. McGowen, 
Faculty Advisor; Carolyn 
Grubbs, Treasurer; Tammie 
Miller, Secretary; Mitchell 
Black, Vice President; Denny 
McPhate, President. Second 
Row: Wayne Duckworth, Car- 
ol Stockman, Doug Wells, 
Mickey Lane, Daryl Bragg, 
Leon Spears. Third Row: 
Grant Gilleon, Renee Dunlap, 
Bobby Price, Donald Dollar, 
Ron Thomas, Sam Day, Scott 

USM Student Constructors 

First Row: Glen Travis, Doug 
Wells, Mel Ulmer, Ron Thom- 
as, Grant Gilleon, Carol 
Stockman, Wayne Duck- 
worth, Secretary; Peyton 
Myers, Treasurer; Mitchell 
Black, R.A. Dennison, Faculty 
Advisor; Denny McPhate, 
President; Bobby Price, Vice 
President; Sam Day. 



Institution Administration 
Club Rick Wyatt, President; 
Kelli Manning, Vice Presi- 
dent; Tim Gilmore, Treasur- 
er; Teresa Burns, Secretary. 

Internation Food Service Ex- 
ecutives Association Richard 
Beard, President; Gayle 
Dowdy, Vice President; Be- 
linda McMichael, Treasurer; 
Lynn McWilliams, Secretary. 

Fashion Plus 

First Row: Meg Flowers, Lynn 
Williams, Diann Eastland. 
Second Row: Margie Tucker, 
Kim Sentilles, Kevin Davis. 
Third Row: Katina Lambert, 
Ellen England, Charlotte 
Sumrall. Fourth Row: Verdina 
West, Deidra West, Willie Bell 
Hughes, Melissa Jones, Sheila 
Crane, Shelly Freeman, Delta 
McDow, Dr. Linda Donnell, 
Advisor; Eddie Jones. 


Student Nursing Association of USM 

First Row: Donna Aiello, 
Chairperson; Karen Jefcoats, 
Correspondence Secretary; 
Sandy Shoemake, Communi- 
ty Projects; Fran West, Presi- 
dent. Second Row: Judy 
McAlister, Advisor; Lisa 
Clark, Artist; Alicia Kopf, 
Secretary; Teresa Hollings- 
worth. Vice President; Donna 
McKenzie, Treasurer. 

National Student Speech and Hearing 


Dr. Terrio, Faculty Advisor; 
Rhonda Yates, Historian; Ja- 
net Hines, Assistant Treasur- 
er; Tami Cassel, President; 
Sondra Robinson, Lydia Hus- 
ley. Treasurer. 




Student Sports Medicine Association 

First Row: Scott Belham, Ja- 
net Passman, Mike Fultz, Vice 
President; Mike Williamson, 
Treasurer. Second Row: Su- 
san McGlothlin, Gary Harrel- 
son, President; Jenise John- 
son, Jeri Peterson, Vicky 
Lynn Johnson. Third Row: 
Carl Young, Hideo Matsu- 
moto, Kathy Genoron, Steve 
Sizemore, Mark Carlton, 
Craig Brewer. 

Recreation and Park Association 

First Row: Paul Ferrel, Presi- 
dent; Shari Steiner. Second 
Row: Juanita Adams, Angie 
Speard, Historian; Nancy 
Ann Sherman, Helen Rentz, 
Sheri Bankston, Vice Presi- 
dent. Third Row: Ricky 
Campbell, Craig Endris, Kent t 

Rindfliesch, Faculty Advisor; 
Tammy Moyers, Dale Jones, 
Secretary /Treasurer. 



USM Sports Club Council 

Coach Earnest Harrington, 
Sponsor; Robert Halley, Mac 
Reed, Alan Chester, Mary 
Davis, Jon Huey, Karen Sten- 

USM Water Ski Club 

First Row: Jamie Williams, 
Pete Woolsey, Nancy Kenne- 
dy, Alan Chester, President; 
David Byrd, Jack Benson, 
Public Relations. Second 
Row: John Zimmerman, How- 
ard Dunaway, Kirk Montgom- 
ery, Mike Wade, Sidney Bai- 
ley, Joel Cavalier. Blake 
Bierbaum, Alexa Parker, 
Secretary/Treasurer; Willie 
Myer. Third Row: Billy Pai- 
sock, Lisa "Lex" Luther, 
Amy Oglesby, Karen Ed- 
wards, Sheila Strickland, Ken- 
ny Smith. Fourth Row: Mitch 
Jones, Lynn Harvey, Robert 
Fairley. Fifth Row: Paul Guer- 
cio, Lee Fairley. 


Army Eagle Brigade Staff 

First Row: James Sisson, John 
Watson, Adelena Hay. Sec- 
ond Row: Scott Hall, Alice 

Army Distinguished Military Students 

Alice Hultz, Neil Byrd, Ronnie 
Braxton, Lea Smith, Brian 


Army Rangers 

First Row: Cdt. Trahan, Cdt. 
Pope, Cdt. Long, Cdt. Medal, 
Cdt. Gillette, Cdt. Hennen, 
Cdt. Alston. Second Row: 
Cpt. Ford, Cdt. Cpt. Ca- 
meron, Cdt. Milling, Cdt. Pe- 
tite, Cdt. Eakes, Cdt. Mulhol- 
land, Cdt. Russel, Cdt. 
Whitney, Cdt. Lt. Watson, 
Master Sargeant Toles, Cdt. 
Lt. Cook. Not Pictured: Cdt. 
Ryan, Cdt. Maj. Hay. 

Army Scabbard and Blade 

First Row: Cdt. Cpt. Carroll 
Commander; Cdt. Maj. Hay 
Cdt. Wansley, Cdt. Cpt. Har 
din, Cdt. Browning, Cdt 
Sheppard, Cdt. 1st Lt. Mig 
nona. Second Row: Cdt. Cpt 
McRaney, Cdt. MaGee, Cdt 
Craft, Cdt. Morrison, Execu 
tive Officer; Cdt. Col. Hultz 
Cdt. Cpt. Williamson. Not Pic 
tured: Cdt. 2nd Lt. Langley 
Cdt. Mollett, Cdt. Weir. Cdt 
Snow, Cdt. Maj. McMahan. 



Army Rifle Team 

John Pugh, Dale Shattles, 
Walter Gerald. 


I- H 

Army Southern Generals Drill Team 

First Row: Cdt. Cpt. William- 
son, Commander; Darryl 
Ward, James Drago, Joy- 
Lynn Medel, Teresa Cash, 
Catherine Sandberg, Joan El- 
lyey, Cdt. Lt. Robert Mollette, 
Drill Team Officer; Cdt Maj. 
Braxton. Second Row: Don 
O'Quinn, Charles Washing- 
ton, Alderson Hillman, Bruce 
Penton, Bernard Lee, Bruce 
Allen, Doris Culberson, Cdt. 
Maj. Watson. 


Army Military Science III 

First Row: Scott Adams, 
Bruce Allen, Alan Alston, 
Randall Alston, Zelda Barnes, 
Gary Bedsole, John Bostic. 
Second Row: Judy Browning, 
Kevin Bullard, Charles Camp- 
bell, David Carr, Robert 
Carter, Theresa Cash, Rich- 
ard Clark, Debra Davis. Third 
Row: Sam Dejarnette, Tanya 
Dean, Richard Doyle, James 
Drago, Joan Ellzey, Darlene 
Fairley, Otis R. Ferrell, John 
Fox, Peter Garguilo, William 
Gillette. Fourth Row: William 
Gray, Thomas Harkins, 
James Henderson, Al Hill- 
man, Gary Holmes, Jimmy 
Howington, Samuel Kimbrell. 
Mack Knight, Bernard Lee, 
Kelvin Lockett, Gregory 
McGee. Fifth Row: Tony Ma- 
son, Clintis McCray, Tim 
McGee, Barbara McCloud, 
David Milling, Veronica Mol- 
let, Jeff Morrison, Cynthia 
Mosley, Donald O'Quinn, 
Chris Peden, Bruce Penton, 
Richard Pitts, Rhonda 
Pressler. Sixth Row: Thomas 
Ramshur, Milton Richardson. 
Charles Roberts, Roy Robin- 
son, Michael Rouse, Cather- 
ine Huffman, Mark Sills, So- 
nja Sheppard, Leonard 
Starks, James Steams, Ron- 
ald Trahan, John Twigg, Mi- 
chelle Walker, Vicki Wansley, 
Charles Washington. Seventh 
Row: Chris Webb, William 
Whitney, Tommy Williams, 
Dorthy Williamson, Ray Zas- 

Army Military Science IV 

First Row: Jocko Angle, Lee 
Baker, Ronnie Braxton, Neil 
Byrd, Billy Harrington, Alva 
Lee Cook, Mike Copeland. 
Second Row: Jimmy Farris, 
Grayland Fredericks, Scott 
Hall, Billy Hardin, Adelena 
Hay, Clois Hill, Ken Howard, 
Johnny Huddleston, Alice 
Hultz. Third Row: Sandra 
Langley, Anthony Leggett, 
Greg MacMahan, Larry 
McCraney, Shawn Malone, 
Mike Melton, Tom Mignona, 
Robert Mollet, David Mosley, 
Dwane Rester, Tim Rey. 
Fourth Row: Denise Robin- 
son, Jim Sisson, Phala Lea 
Smith, Mark Tullos Kelvin 
Turner, John Watson, Brian 
Williamson, Pete Formica. 


rmy Personnel 

Ssg. Raymond White; 
Ssg. Edward Evans; 
Cpt. Sherilyn DeLong; 
Sfc. George Young 

Col. Tommy Palmertree; 
Maj. Clinton Conerly; 
Cpt. Donald Zodun; 
Sfc. Karl Dune 

Sgm. Jimmy Shoemaker; 
Msgt. Frank Toles; 
Cpt. Charles Walker; 
Msgt. Freddie Frazier 

Maj. Harold McClelland 
Cpt. David Ford 


L'Esprit de Corps 

First Row: Yvonne Crimm, Brenda Cook, Teri Donald, Lori Carlock, Analiesa Thompson, Melissa Jones, Ann Hoselle, Susan Hoselle, Mark Park Durham. Second Row: Tammy 
Winifrey, Cynthia Montgomery, Rhonda Drinkard, Peggy Smith, Pam Clements. Third Row: Big Brothers John Fox, Tim McGee, Jeff Morrison, John Watson, Terry Black, Ronnie 
Braxton. Not Pictured: Misha Price, Becky K. Smith, Denise Jones, Leona Boyd, Carol Ann Garner, Pam Odie. 


Air Force Drill Team 

First Row: Steve Robbins, Ben 
Shuman, Don Jones. Second 
Row: Ed Brewer, Mark Den- 
nis, Trimellia Steed, Demetra 
Williams, Scott May, Stuart 

Air Force Cadet Corps Staff 

First Row: C/Maj. Walter 
Ord, C/Maj. Ben Shuman, 
C/Col. Tim Weiher, C/Maj. 
Ron Pearman. Second Row: 
C/Maj. Tony Taylor, C/Maj. 
Clay Krenek, C/Cpt. Beth 
Gillum, C/Msgt. Mark Den- 
nis, C/Maj. Therese Gaines. 


Air Force Personnel 

First Row: Cpt. Steven 
Weaver, Mrs. Lenise Young, 
Col. Joseph Kinnan. Second 
Row: Msgt. Kendall Miller, 
Cpt. James M. Saunders, 
Maj. Jon McDermott, Ssgt. 
Terry Jones. 

Air Force Leadership Training 

First Row: Kelly Rayburn, 
Pam Honeychurch, Trimellia 
Steed, Tony Buffington, Beth 
Gillum, Tim Skinner, Stuart 
Turner, Mark Dennis, Mark 
Alewine. Second Row: Rick 
Wyatt, Demetra Williams, 
Don Jones, Kevin Parker, Ed 
Biter, David Kieth, Johnny 
Bourdaux, Thomas Hess, An- 
dre Porter, Jim King, Steve 
Robbins, Scott May. 


Air Force Arnold Air Society 

First Row: Don Jones, Cheryl 
Loper, Greg Kesler, David 
Creighton, Kent Perry, Mark 
Dennis, Chris Kiser, Ron Ga- 
vin, Mike Hodges, Raymond 
Boffington, Belinda Miller, 
Alana Snow, Jerry Gandy, 
Stuart Turner, Mike Major, 
Beth Gillum, Carl Cole, Scott 
May, Kevin Parker, Lance 
Trochessett. Second Row: 
Andrew Wheatley, Tim Skin- 
ner, Mike Alewine, Sandra 
Ziegler, Tony Taylor, Clay 
Krenek, Maj. Chuck Ashley 
Advisor; Cpt. Jon McDer 
mott, Advisor, Ken Stamper 
Ron Pearman, Tim Weiher 
William Owen, Valerie Ma 
leche, Ted Reynolds, Stuart 
Love, Mark Hundscheid, Jim 

Air Force Angel Flight 

First Row: Kay Smith, Debbie 
Little, Tracy Churchwell, Ka- 
ren Lyles, Tammy Goetz, Ka- 
ren Bowles, Gloria Poole, Joy 
Alexander, Maggie Marquez 
Connie Morgan, Alana Snow 
Elizabeth Smith, Kathy Hag 
gard, Kim Richards, Kather 
ine Sneed, Kim Cowles, Mi 
cheal Andrey, Melissa Mohr 
Karen Knop, Lori Cocknell 
Karyn Mullins, Carol Addy 
Second Row: Millie McDaniel 
Becky Causey, Sharon Thorn 
as, Becky Hart, Terry Hart 
Kelly Riley, Renee Dickerson 
Candi Wiggins, Allyson Rich 
ards. Third Row: Genice Arm 
strong, LeeAnn Mcintosh 
Barbara Bingham, Cheryl 
Leytoha, Leesa Cox, Karen 
Donnelly, Debbie Leyda, Me- 
lanie Morris, Meg Flowers, 
Renee Connelly, Dorothy 
Thompson, Flo Harkens, Su- 
san Finch, Kay Ainsworth, 
Ann Agosta. 



Tau Alpha Pi 


First Row: Melinda Giouinea, 
Howard Gerald, Michael Wil- 
liams. Second Row: Anthony 
Searcy, George Calhoun, 
Boon Joon Teh, Lewis Ross. 
Third Row: Thomas Murkwal- 
den, Eugene Quintois. 

Southern Toastmasters 

First Row: Melinda Trotti, 
Cheryl Hill, Phyllis Randle, 
Michelle Nichols, Nancy 
Bruckner, Chuck Beningo, 
John Breland. Second Row: 
Ed Bond, Terry Holtz, War- 
ren Dunn, Peyton Myers. 


Rho Gamma 

Third Row: David Woods, Karen Godail, Vincent Colucci, John Stegall. 

I_I / - vr » _„» y. , First Row: Jan Waring, Sandy Loveday, Co-President. Second Row: Bob Myers, Stasi Strimel, Kim Willis, Co-President; Rinny Woodruff, Beth McCoy. 




The Student Printz 

First Row: Louisa Shearin, 
Photography Editor. Second 
Row: Rhonda K. Holifield. Ex- 
ecutive Editor; Hank Dud- 
ding, News Editor; Carol Bag- 
ley, Copy Editor; Dr. Dennis 
Jones, Advisor; Stan Cald- 
well, Sports Editor; Sonya 
Rath, Features Editor; Lee 
Warren. Third Row: Gary 
Wolverton, David Stem, Kim 
Bouchillon, Donna Marlow, 
Advertising Representative; 
Lori Roberts, Circulation 
Manager. Fourth Row: Pat 
Hopkins, Gilland Welsch, 
Mark McGee, Advertising 
Manager. Not Pictured: Den- 
nis Tymkiw, Summer and Fall 
Sports Editor; Mickey Welsh, 
Summer and Fall Photogra- 
phy Editor. 

Public Relations Student Society of 


Mary Harris, Pat Wylie, Spon- 
sor; LeWair Coker, Christie 
Jones, Richard Herring. Eliza- 
beth Mitchell, Carol Leake, 
President; Betty "BJ" Rigby. 
Kristy Wallington, June 
Reese, Secretary/Treasurer; 
Susan Wolfe, Sponsor; Becky 
Fitch, Vice President; Karen 
Nicholson. Not Pictured: 
Sandy Mclnnis. 


Southern Style 

First Row: Valerie Gardner, 
Pat Story, Kerry Love, Billy 
Hewes, Ginny Sanders, 
Chuck Benigno, Marion 
McCaleb. Second Row: Alan 
Lucas, Rachel Roseberry, 
Chris Carter, Tara Odom, Jim 
Warren, Toni Wells, Bob Po- 
sey. Not Pictured: Louis 
Homes, Andre Redd. 

Gold Tenders 

First Row: Mary Richards, 
Sherry Dixon, Katrina Durr, 
Paige Sparks, Tammy Prid- 
gon, Loretta Barnes, Tamera 
Dear, Denine Blackston, Alisa 
Larry, Karen Echols, Mary 
Knight, Deborah Butler, Lyn- 
ley Eiken. Second Row: Rita 
Smith, Kelly Jones, Benita 
Stewart, Dannetta Potts, Jan- 
nifer Hassell, Katrina Gunn. 






~<-;'v " Tp 








; .1 


Past Beauties 

Angela Fokakis, Renee Henderson, Lori Hasson, Hope Martel, Stephanie Breland, Teri Dallas. 


Resident Assistants 

First Row: Don Risk, RA; Rod Bonham, RA; Jim Johnston, RA; Ernie Smith, RA; Mike Hillman, RA; David Ivy, RA; Ann Howell, Lance Peoples, RA; Mike Moore, RA; Harriet Manscill. 
AC; Jeff Johnson, RA; Steve Ainsworth, HR; Marcus Burkes, RA; Tiffany Danos, RA; Sandy Hammond, RA; Stacey Smith, RA; Stacy Harris, RA; Diane McGhee, RA; Tammy Jo Ham 
mond, HR; Darlene Waits, Evon Harris, RA; Monica Robinson, RA; Susan Guy, RA; Celeste Bontemps, RA. Second Row: Angela Kirkley, RA; Teddy Bouchillon, HR; Becky Smith, RA; 
Michelle Nichols, RA; Lisa Andrea, RA; Stacy Armstrong, RA; Belinda Reed, RA; Denise Viator, RA; Frank Gentile, RA; Diane McCaoghan, RA; John Stegall, RA; Bronwyn Davis, HR; 
Paula Prim, RA; Grayland Fredericks, RA. Third Row: Ruth Garvey, AC; Lori Gibson, HR; Lisa Hughes, HR; Maria Colbet, HR; Tamie Cassel, RA; Linda Brown, RA; Bonnie Shapley, 
RA; Garta Funes, RA; Steve Johnson, HR; Renee Conner, RA; Rachel Benefield, RA; Alice Hultz, HR; Loraine Redd, RA; Melinda Murphy, RA; Mark Earls, RA; Lawrence Joiner, RA; 
Brenda Richardson, Jom Barco, AC; Renae Nanney, HR; Carol Rogers, RA; Amy Frederick, RA; Bill Battaile, HR; Brad Haik, RA; Terri Boykin, RA; Betty Taylor, RA; Paula Patton, 
RA. HR — Head Resident, RA — Resident Assistant, AC — Area Coordinator. 


Pulley Hall 

First Row: Shunda Johnson, 
Carolyn Bell, Cam Holzer. 
Second Row: Debora Holmes, 
Jennifer Bryant, Sonya 
McKenzie, Alisa Larry, Be- 
verly Pillman. Third Row: 
Bertha Poole, Loretta Barnes, 
Tamara Dear, Ida Knowe, 
Velma Mackabee. Fourth 
Row: Candis Bass, June Rog- 
ers, Sandra Fischer, Virgie 
Barnes, Deborah Williams, 
Vickie Woods. Fifth Row: 
Tammy Hammond, Lori 
Wren, Dianne McGhee, Re- 
nee Conner, Roxie Holder, 
Lisa Gammage, Gail Berry, 
Charla Carnes, Debra Jack- 
son, Deborah Burrage, Bessie 
Smith, Jan Moreland, Jeana 
Home, Gabrielle Chariot, 
Kathy Kinsey, Aquetta Den- 

Scott Hall 

Jan Rich, President; Steph- 
anie Dickson, Secretary/ 
Treasurer; Kim Richards, In- 
tramural Chairman, Connie 
Reid, Social Chairman; Holly 
Hughes, Public Relations. 


Roberts Hall 

First Row: Leslie Jones, Fair- 
ley Hubbard, Aletha Cous- 
som, Linda Beckham, Kim 
Gardner, Gisele Pittman. Sec- 
ond Row: Mary Knight, Me- 
lanie Turner, Pam Expose, 
Carol Expose, Gwen Stewart, 
Tammie Tyler. Third Row: 
Glenda Marks, Joanie Green, 
Beth Hudgins, Pam Jenkins, 
Head Resident; Melanie Ar- 
nold, Celeste Bontemps, Evon 
Harris, Dana Thayer. 

First Row: De De Simpson, 
Amy Taylor, Elizabeth Han- 
shaw, Shelia Rather, Robbie 
Grady, Cheryl Dunipace, 
Robin Kay, Lori Gibson, Rose 
Brasley, Antrice Kay, Cheryl 
Fishman. Second Row 
Sheron Traweek, Lori Ander 
son, Jeanenne Brown, Jac 
quelin Paulk, Teri Ducuape 
C.J. Downey, Holly Hasty 
Carole Tisdale, Debra Jones 
Bonnie Jackson, Tammy Win 
frey. Third Row: Leanne 
Baird, Jackie Kermode, Missy 
Rawls, Belinda Reed, Janey 
Falls, Rachel Schmitt, Kristy 
Pitalo, Ethel Edwards, Garta 
Funes, Mary Gonzales, Debra 
Holmes. Fourth Row: Sandra 
Fielding, Cindy Croney, Pam 
Bagley, Carolyn Tarnabine, 
Denise Viator, Tammy J. 
Birdsong, Eileen McCaa, 
Hope Chiniche, Kathy Smith, 
Cindy Parvin, Kathy Sisson, 
Lee Ann Stott, Sandy Cu- 
lumber, Janice Carter, Katie 
Pfarrer, Stacy Armstrong. 
Fifth Row: Leslie Fontelle, 
Angie Keen, Tammye Payne, 
Dana Broadwater, Kim Kin- 
nebrew, Lisa Moyers, Sherry 
Public, Tammy Webb, Leslie 
Wilkinson, Rachel Baucum, 
Melanie McQuaig. Officers 
Pattie Holliday, Publicity 
Lorie Howell, President 
Hope Chiniche, Secretary 
Louise Vanwart, Intramurals 
Lynn Hatten, Spirit; Linda El 
der, Social. 


Hattiesburg Hall 

First Row: Michael Evans, David Tuccio, Charles Comas, Warren Costilow, Andrew Wheatley, Ronald Beck, David Likins, Edwin Campbell. Second Row: Johnny Neal, Jerome 
Arrington, Alex Heidelberg, Darren Barnes, Keith Vaughn, "Fred", Richy Woods, Hall President; Rufus Johnson, Walter Hurst, Calvin Thornton, Anthony Cunningham, Clay Jones. 
Third Row: Vincent Rosse, Bobby Dailey, James Lane, Joseph Bracey, Bill Durham, Kenny Durham, Dennis Holder, Kenneth Sowell, Duran Clark, Vernon Johnson, Terry Brinston, Vice 
President; Angela, David Harris, Karl Bradford. Fourth Row: Randal Alston, Steven Johnson, Head Resident; David Ivy, Resident Assistant; Mark Fayard. Tommy Stauter, Bob Butler, 
Craig Colby. Fifth Row: John Lesley, William Sutton, John Alston, Novak Kneeland, Bob Gengler, Wayne Stewart, Rick Poulter, Gerald Grantham, Benny Hubbard. David Mason, Paul 
Entrekin, Jason McGee, Terry Edwards, Ray C. Brown. 


6AAMM HI WMlflt 

vUTHERH HVKs\*si!W -#r*A* w 



College of 

Business Administration 

The College of Business Administration at Southern trains students to fulfill the de- 
mands of entry-level positions in business, government, and non-profit organizations. All 
students within the college pursue a liberal arts education for their first two years to 
learn to be flexible in their thinking and adaptable to change. After studying a variety of 
aspects of business, they specialize in the area of their choice, obtaining the background 
necessary to move into positions of greater managerial responsibility. 

To keep up with current technological changes in business administration throughout 
the country, the college is a member of the Southern Business Administration Associ- 
ation and the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The content of 
business courses and curriculum is altered as is necessary; all academic programs are 
fully accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. 

Quality education at the master's level is provided for those currently working in 
business, military personnel with a need for training in business administration, and 
college graduates who wish to prepare themselves for further graduate work or more 
responsible beginning positions in business or government. 

The School of Professional Accountancy offers a five year program leading to a mas- 
ter's in professional accounting. Other divisions within the college are the Departments 
of Economics, Finance and General Business, Management, and Marketing. 

Joseph A. Greene, Jr., Dean 

Craig Ellmo, Kerry Mclllwain, Steve Simmons, Amy Firmin, Marc Barhonovich, Kent McPhail; 




College of 

Education and Psychology 

Since its beginning as a teachers' college in 1910, then known as Mississippi Normal 
College, USM has been regarded as one of the best teachers' colleges in the South. The 
College of Education and Psychology strives to prepare its students to assume roles as 
imaginative and well-educated teachers in public schools, colleges, and universities. The 
college holds membership in the American Association of Teacher Education; all under- 
graduate programs in teacher education are fully accredited by the National Council for 
Accreditation of Teacher Education. 

Those who wish to apply their talents to non-teaching human service fields such as 
business education, industrial mechanics, psychology, and social and rehabilitation 
services receive equally excellent training to help them acquire jobs outside of the 

Through such programs as the Office of Student Teaching, the Psychology Center, the 
Reading Center, the Institute for Educational Leadership, the Center for Community 
Education, the Counseling Psychology Laboratory, the Children's Laboratory of Learn- 
ing, and the Applied Gerontology Educational Services, clinical and professional ser- 
vices are provided to the public schools of Mississippi and to the University while 
educational and psychological research is promoted. 

The college is made up of the Departments of Business Education, Counseling Psycholo- 
gy and Counselor Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Industrial and Vocational 
Education, Psychology, and Special Education. 

Bobby D. Anderson, Dean 

Connie McCardle, Jean Collette. Felecia Bell; Senators 




College of 
Fine Arts 

Characterized by superior faculty and facilities, USM's College of Fine Arts is one of the 
most highly respected programs in the South. The college seeks to prepare its students 
for professional or teaching careers in the areas of art, music, dance and theatre. 

Music majors are given the opportunity to perform in orchestra, chorus, and band, and 
have access to a professional recording studio and a comprehensive music library. They 
are trained for careers as conductors, composers, musicians, and singers. 

The emphasis within the art department is upon practical training in fine art and graphic 
communications. Exhibitions on tour and student exhibitions are arranged and present- 
ed by the faculty and student committees. 

Theatre and dance is the only program in the state offered in a fine arts college. The 
program provides for extensive experience in all aspects of production while at the 
same time offering exposure to visiting professional artists. 

The college aims to give students in all departments the chance to participate in artistic 
activities and develop an awareness of cultural values through an Allied Arts class that 
fulfills the University core requirements for fine arts. This course is designed to intro- 
duce the arts in an integrated manner and is taught by teams of instructors drawn from 
each college. 

The College of Fine Arts consists of the Departments of Art, Music, and Theatre and 

John E. Green, Dean 

Tammy Roberts, Senator 



Academics — 

School of 

Health, Physical Education, and 


The School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at USM trains students to 
assume athletic administration and coaching duties within an academic environment, 
while providing the opportunity to specialize for certification in the areas of aquatics, 
athletic training, minor sports, and officiating competitive sports. The school additional- 
ly instructs students in the less traditional areas of community health education, school 
health education, safety and driver's education, first aid instruction, corrective therapy 
certification, recreation planning and resource management, therapeutic recreation, 
and leisure studies. 

HPER offers a professional degree for students who desire careers in non-teaching 
areas. The school is responsible for the coordination of the required physical education 
activity program, intramural recreation sports, extramural sports clubs, and the recrea- 
tional equipment loan service. 

HPER is divided into the five Departments of Athletic Administration and Coaching, 
Health and Safety Education, Physical Education, Recreation, and Intramural Recrea- 
tional Sports. 

wf, jsur^Bfe- 


^ ^ ■ 

k ~* m 

~y~ m 


N^ ,^*+^^^^^ 

Walter E. Cooper, Dean 

Helen Rentz, Senator 




School of 
Home Economics 

Acknowledging the expansion within the field for men as well as women, Southern's 
School of Home Economics features a curriculum planned to place a major emphasis 
upon careers and improving family life. Students are encouraged to develop creative 
abilities as well as professional ideals related to the environment of the individual, 
family, and community. 

The excellence of the practical training of the school is nationally recognized, with the 
undergraduate degree in dietetics receiving accreditation from the American Dietetic 
Association, eliminating the need for a year of institutional internship. Hands-on exper- 
ience in hotel and restaurant administration involves a widespread co-op program and 
the operation of the Charcoal Room, a modern cooking laboratory located in the 
University Commons. The Charcoal Room serves as an experience and training center 
under the guidance of institutional management faculty and turns out high quality food 
for faculty and staff members, graduate students, colleagues, guests, and families. 

The school also oversees the operation of the University Nursery School, which provides 
an environment for observation of the development and relationships of young children 
while allowing students to participate in the direction of various nursery school activi- 
ties, and the Infant Development Center. 

The School of Home Economics is organized into the Departments of Environmental 
Design, Home Economics Education and Family Life Studies, and Institution Adminis- 

Sarah L.W. Gibbs, Dean 

Richard Beard, Senator 

L'L' r - 


College of 
Liberal Arts 

A liberal arts education has traditionally been viewed as a superior one, providing a 
broad cultural and educational experience that leads students to pursue self-education 
as the rewarding enterprise of a lifetime. USM's College of Liberal Arts is no exception 
to this definition, developing a program that prepares students to serve both society 
and their own self-interests productively and responsibly. Liberal arts graduates value 
highly the ability to think logically, communicate effectively, and judge wisely, qualities 
which are developed through the college. 

Almost all majors within the college are interdisciplinary in nature, involving the interac- 
tion of many departments. Divisions within liberal arts are involved in research and are 
funded by both public and private agencies, with such grants making jobs available for 
students in their individual fields. 

The division of communication was recently designated as a Center of Excellence after 
being assigned the leadership role in the state. The new title of the division is the School 
of Communication. 

The college is divided into the Departments of Communication (Division), Criminal 
Justice, English, Foreign Language, Geography and Area Development, History, Jour- 
nalism, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, Radio, Television, and Film, Sociolo- 
gy and Anthropology, Speech and Hearing Science, and Speech Communications. 

G. Terry Harper, Dean 

Tracy Harwell, Dale Beasley, Leslie Ridlehoouer, David Groth, Lee Gipson, William Hughes; Senators 




Academics - 

School of 
Library Service 

Southern's School of Library Service was established in 1976 as a professional school; 
prior to this, the academic program in librarianship was under the College of Education 
and Psychology. The school offers a truly comprehensive program for those who plan to 
become professional librarians in public, school, academic, or special libraries. 

The curriculum is planned to prepare future librarians to organize, develop, facilitate, 
and evaluate numerous types of print and non-print resources, including filmstrips, 
maps, audiovisuals, and computerized equipment. Practical experience in library work 
is fostered through conferences, field trips, and use of USM library facilities. Students 
are encouraged to specialize in any major before beginning their library training, since 
library service is basically and realistically a combination field. 

The school offers teaching and non-teaching degrees on both the bachelor's and mas- 
ter's levels. The graduate program in library science is accredited by the American 
Library Association. The school is an institutional member of the American Library 
Association, the Association of American Library Schools, the Mississippi Library Asso- 
ciation, and the Southeastern Library Association. 

Students in the library profession strive to develop an appreciation for the changing role 
of the library in society, relating library services to the larger social and cultural needs of 
contemporary society. 

Onva K. Boshears, Dean 

Francis McFarlaine, Senator 





School of 

The nationally accredited School of Nursing at USM is hailed as one of the best training 
programs in the South. In the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education 
programs at Southern, students are prepared to fulfill a great range of job opportunities 
as health experts. 

Through the use of the Skills Laboratory, students are taught practical nursing proce- 
dures. At the Learning Center facilities, students can videotape themselves and their 
peers at work. By studying pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations, students are able 
to gain an in-depth understanding of the field of nursing outside the classroom. 

Graduates receiving a bachelor's in nursing are eligible to take the State Board of 
Nursing Examination to become registered nurses. These graduates are qualified for 
the general practice of professional nursing in hospitals, community health agencies, 
and other health care agencies where nursing care is provided. 

Specialization in nursing occurs at the graduate level. The School of Nursing offers 
master's in nursing, community health nursing, and nursing service administration. Role 
options are available in teaching, administration, or clinical specialization. 

The continuing education program provides the educational opportunities for regis- 
tered nurses to maintain and augment nursing knowledge and skill competencies be- 
yond initial preparation. 

Jerri D. Laube Morgan, Dean 

Suzanne Gillespie, Senator 




College of 

Science and Technology 

Phenomenal growth within USM's College of Science and Technology, paired with 
excellence in teaching, research, and service, make the college one of the very strongest 
at the University. A young, well-educated faculty, thoroughly modern facilities, and a 
curriculum that combines traditional and innovative programs in science, technology, 
and mathematics are responsible for the superiority of the college. 

The college features learning labs, which specialize in individual instruction, co-op 
programs, and student assisted research programs. 

The technological programs within the college are designed to give students a working 
knowledge of industrial application and an understanding of basic supervisory skills. All 
students enrolled in the college are provided with training in all of the classical areas of 
science, several contemporary multidisciplinary areas, and career-oriented technology 
degree programs. 

The college consists of the five Institutes of Environmental Science, Genetics, Microbi- 
ology and Related Sciences, Surface Coatings, and the Mississippi Polymer Institute, 
and the twelve Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Statistics, 
Construction and Architectural Technology, Geology, Industrial Technology, Math- 
ematics, Medical Technology, Microbiology, Physics and Astronomy, Polymer Science, 
and Science Education. Additional programs are offered in a variety of pre-professional 

D. James Caveny, Acting Dean 

Todd Courtney, Kathy King, Bobby Ross, Debbie Blanchard, Eric Labat, June Guice, Ronnie Ladner; 


B H aM. BiiafeKB 


to ^ ^ ^ u <^ 




The former Honors Center at Southern was expanded and reorganized in 1976 to 
become one of 14 full-fledged Honors Colleges in the nation. 

The self-defined aim of the Honors College is to identify, encourage, and reward 
academic excellence in all fields, and to serve students with widely varying academic 
interests, awarding degrees cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum 

Membership in the college is granted by the University Honors Council on the basis of 
high school or junior college grades, a minimum ACT score of 28, personal recommen- 
dations, interviews, and an extemporaneous essay. 

Honors College students may choose any major field of study offered by the University, 
replacing regular core curriculum with the honors core. Core requirements for honors 
include 12 hours of a foreign language, three laboratory sciences, computer science, 
and higher level mathematics. Traditional history courses are replaced with a four-year 
enrollment in Honors Colloquium, which combines the study of history, philosophy, and 
literature. All students graduating from college are required to complete senior projects 
and take comprehensive exams in their major field. 

The college sponsors the University Forum, which consists of a lecture series by 
nationally recognized speakers, outstanding films, panels, and other enrichment pro- 

Each honors class elects a representative to the Honors Council, which also has faculty 
representation from all schools and colleges of the University. The council establishes 
policy for the Honors College. 

Wallace G. Kay, Dean 

Laura Henderson. Spring President; Heather Miller, Spring Secretary; Mary Robinson, Honors 
College Secretary; Carlin Wolfe, Fall Secretary; Kim Bouchillon, Junior/Senior Representative; 
Gordon Smith, Spring Sergeant-At-Arms; David Stem, Junior/Senior Representative; Todd Court- 
ney, Vice President; David Milling, Faculty Representative 





6 Jl, 

«*3». u 


Hf -w f-s,,, ,;„ 


What s In h 




School of 
Social Work 

Southern's School of Social Work exists on the graduate level, offering the only master's 
degree of social work within the state of Mississippi. The school prepares students for 
service to individuals, families, groups, and communities. 

USM offers three separate degree programs in the Department of Social Work on the 
regular, accelerated, and part-time levels. The core curriculum emphasizes a body of 
knowledge and practice skills that prepare students for a variety of service delivery 
settings on the behalf of individuals, groups, families, and communities. Advanced 
foundation and elective courses supply students with the appropriate knowledge and 
intervention skills to practice in areas of mental health, mental retardation, family and 
children's services, services to older persons, health and social welfare policy and 

Students spend a good deal of their time working in social agencies because the 
curriculum is competency-based and practice oriented. The human services agencies 
throughout the state of Mississippi are potential employers of those students who 
successfully complete the MSW degree program. 

The school meets the educational requirements of the Council on Social Work Educa- 
tion and has a fully accredited program. 

Shirley J. Jones, Dean 

Karl Barnett, Senator 






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Student Body Maid 

Michelle Nichols 

Escort Steve Sheppard 

Senior Maid 

Renee Henderson 

Escort John Harvey 


Gina Daniels 
Escort Mike Finley 

Sophomore Maid 

Lori Hasson 
Escort Rod Gordon 

Freshman Maid 

Penny Petro 

Escort Eugene Starks 


Lydian , 

Escort Shawn 


* >* 

.:-:«<■ ■ ■■■■:.:..:.■ 

Ginny is a senior from Pearl majoring in speech communications. An active member 
of Kappa Delta, she has served in many sorority offices, including the position of vice 
president. She is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Order of 
Omega, Gold Tenders, Southern Style, and Golden Girls, and is also the president of 
Pi Tau Chi and Phi Kappa Tau's little sisters. Ginny is involved in student govern- 
ment, holding the positions of assistant director and Republican party secretary in 
the Mississippi Youth Congress, and has been a senator and cabinet member in the 
Associated Student Body. She is listed in Who's Who Among American Universities 
and Colleges. 

- 'j 



Pensacola native Larry Boyd is a seni 
majoring in athletic administration. A 
three sport letterman, Larry is a punter 
for the football team, serving on the All- 
Metro and All-State Conference teams 
in 1983, basketball team captain, and 
a pitcher for the baseball team. A 
member of Phi Kappa Tau, he was cho- 
sen 1981 "Athlete of the Year" by his 
fraternity and was twice named special 
teams "Player of the Week." Larry is a 
student assistant basketball coach and 
serves as president of the Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes. He is a member of 
Campus Crusade for Christ and is a Chi 
Omega big brother. Larry is the recipi- 
ent of the Wendell Ladner Memorial 
Award and the Athletic Administration 
and Coaching Outstanding Leadership 

3 > 


"■% v **' 





The 1983 Greek Games were held Saturday, April 30, on Pride Field, official 

competition. Randomly paired fraternities and sororities vied rigorously for 

such events as three-legged and piggyback*y|cy3E>izzy ~ 

and a Swim Across. Groups received points for competi 

scheduled activities during the preceding Greek We< ' 

athletic perfection, and displayed equal fervor in pari 

jersey day, Greek parade, dances, and swaps. 

fraternity winners. Pi 

and Phi Kappa Tau following second, and 

places. The most deserving members of the fi 

as Greek God and Goddess. Sigma Nu Craig Endris and 

chosen God and Goddess for 1983. 

ens is a junior from Long Beac 
member of Alpha Lambda Delta and the U 

• Team, and is a Sigma Nu little s 

Theraputic recreation major Craig Endris is a senior from Canton. He is a member of the 
USM Rugby club and the Recreation club. 


Betty Davis 

Jeff Davis 

Patti Page 

Honors College Scholarship; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta 
Rho; President's List; Most Outstanding 
Undergraduate in Chemistry — Merck 
Award; Organic Chemistry Award; Most 
Outstanding Freshman Pre-Med Student; 
Southern Style; Most Outstanding Mini 
Quarter Facilitator; Who's Who Among 
Students In American Universities and 
Colleges; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Lambda Sigma; Honors Student 
Association; Beta Beta Beta Treasurer; 
Delta Gamma Corresponding Secretary. 

Mississippi Management Scholarship; 
Holiday Inn Scholarship; Yazoo Country 
Alumni Scholarship; Mississippi Hotel 
and Motel Scholarship; Statler Founda- 
tion Scholarship; Dean's Advisory Board; 
Delta Delta Delta Big Brother; Southern 
Toastmasters Award; ASB Senator, 
Chairman of Ways and Means Commit- 
tee, Director of Public Relations; Debate 
Society; Golden Eagle Mascot; Who's 
Who Among Students In American Uni- 
versities and Colleges; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, 
Community Service Chairman; Fresh- 
man Register Editor; International Food 
Service Executive Association President; 
Home Economics Club Secretary; 

Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association; 
Kappa Delta Public Relations and Press 
Officer; Dixie Darlings; Student Printz; 

Southern Style; Outstanding Greek 
Pledge; University Scholarship; Chevron 
U.S.A. Scholarship; President's List; Pi 
Tau Chi; Gamma Beta Phi; National 
Dean's List; Sigma Delta Chi President; 
Who's Who Among Students In Ameri- 
can Universities and Colleges. 


Melissa Thomas 

Bruce Thompson 

Melissa Watts 

Mark Weldy 

Honors College; Presidential Scholar; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Rho; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Hercules Foundation Schol- 
arship; Outstanding Freshman Woman; 
Outstanding Freshman Physics Student; 
Rotary Foundation Scholar; Who's Who 
Among Students In American Universi- 
ties and Colleges; Lambda Sigma; Alpha 
Lambda Delta Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; 
President's List; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi 
Delta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; American 
Chemical Society; Society of Physics Stu- 
dents; Delta Delta Delta Vice President; 
ASB Associate Director of Governmental 
Relations, Associate Director of Advertis- 
ing and Promotion, Senator, University 
Task Force; Student Alumni Association; 
Honors Student Association. 

Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa 
Vice President; Gold Key Society; Kent 
Collins Memorial Scholarship; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda 
Sigma; Varsity Football; National Dean's 
List; Dean's List; President's List; Out- 
standing ROTC Cadet; Chi Omega Big 
Brother; Sigma Chi; Fellowship of Chris- 
tian Athletes Vice President; Who's Who 
Among Students In American Universi- 
ties and Colleges. 

Kappa Delta Pledge Class Secretary, 
Honor Initiate, Assistant Membership 
Chairman, Songfest Director; Dixie Dar- 
ling Captain, Most Outstanding Dixie 
Darling; Southern Exposure; Kappa Sig- 
ma Starduster; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Phi Delta Rho Vice President; Pi Tau Chi 
President, Treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi; 
Who's Who Among Students In Ameri- 
can Universities and Colleges; Speech 
Communication Club Treasurer; Golden 
Eagle Civitans; Dean's List. 

Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sig- 
ma; Pi Tau Chi; Baseball; South Central 
Bar Association Scholarship; Mississippi 
Association of Purchasing Managers 
Scholarship; President's List; Dean's 
List, Kappa Sigma Vice President, 
Pledge Class President; Interfraternity 
Council Vice President; Rotaract Presi- 
dent; Campus Crusade for Christ; ASB 
Judicial Board, Public Relations Commit- 
tee; Student Alumni Association Secre- 
tary; Who's Who Among Students In 
American Universities and Colleges. 




Richard L. Adams Outstanding 
Young Men of America; Pi Tau Chi; 
Kappa Delta Big Brother; Kappa Sig- 
ma rush chairman, scholarship chair- 
man; Southern Style; ASB Senator, 
spirit committee, public relations 
committee, judicial appeals board; 
Graduate Business Association; Cam- 
pus Crusade for Christ; Student 
Alumni Association. 


Who's Who 

Among Students 

In American 


and Universities 


Marc S. Barhonovich National 
Dean's List; "Mississippi Future 
Leader;" American Institute of 
Real Estate Appraisers; Indepen- 
dent Agents Insurance Leadership 
Scholarship; Society for Advance- 
ment of Management, vice-presi- 
dent; ASB Senator; Pi Kappa Al- 
pha; Financial Management Honor 


David H. Butler President's List; 
Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Tom Alexander 
Pledge Scholarship Award; Order of 
Omega; Rugby Club; Pi Kappa Alpha 
academic chairman, rush chairman, 
judicial board; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil; American Marketing Association; 
ASB judicial board; Gamma Beta Phi. 

Kenneth A. Clark Southern Style; 
Association for Computing Machin- 
ery; ASB Senator, public relations 
committee, spirit committee; Football 
Cheerleader; Basketball Cheer- 
leader; Elite Cheerleading Athletics 
Instructor; Alpha Phi Alpha pledge 
class president, dean of pledges, pub- 
lic relations coordinator. 

Kevin R. Davis Outstanding Young 
Men of America; Pi Tau Chi; Sigma 
Chi; National Association of Campus 
Activities student representative, 
southeast regional steering commit- 
tee, national board of directors; UAC 
president, non-music chairman, offi- 
cer review board; ASB judicial board; 
Fashion Plus president; Student 
Home Economics Association vice- 



B ~ v -' " 




Stephen J. Carmody Omicron Del- 
ta Kappa; Gold Key Society; Out- 
standing Freshman Male; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Lamb- 
da Sigma; Kappa Sigma; Beta Gam- 
ma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Gamma 
Beta Phi; ROTC American Leader- 
ship Award, Three Quarters Award, 
Outstanding Freshman Cadet; Gold- 
en Eagle Football. 

Jack H. Davenport Peck Oil Com- 
pany Scholarship; Valedictorian 
Scholarship; Varsity Baseball; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; National Dean's List; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; 
Reformed University Fellowship. 

David M. Dedeaux Outstanding 
Freshman Male; Dean's List; Lambda 
Sigma treasurer; Kappa Alpha; Brit- 
ish Studies Program; ASB Senator, 
Election Commissioner, Vice-Presi- 
dent; election council; "Innerview" 
reporter, production assistant; Stu- 
dent Broadcasters Association secre- 


Brenda D. Ellzey Honors College; 
Honors Student Association; Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa; President's List; 
Dean's List; Phi Theta Kappa; Beta 
Beta Beta; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Tau 
Omega Little Sister; Campus Cru- 
sade for Christ. 

Karen E. Fletcher Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Golden 
Girls; Society for Advancement of 
Management; ASB spirit committee; 
Golden Eagle Civitans; Campus Cru- 
sade for Christ; Kappa Delta 

David T. Ginn Outstanding Young 
Men of America; Order of Omega; 
International Who's Who Among Fra- 
ternities and Sororities; Chi Omega 
Big Brother; Pi Tau Chi; Omicron 
Delta Epsilon; Kappa Sigma presi- 
dent, treasurer, pledge class vice 
president; Interfraternity Council 
treasurer, judicial board; ASB Sena- 
tor, Attorney General, judicial board; 
UAC; Student Alumni Association; 
Southern Style; Campus Crusade for 



Melissa A. Ezelle Dixie Darling 
captain; Basketball Cheerleader; Fel- 
lowship of Christian Athletes; Chi 
Tau Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Chi Omega; Outstanding Freshman 
Woman; Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister; 
Dean's List; National Dean's List. 

Mary V. Gardner Dean's List; Na- 
tional Dean's List; Order of Omega; 
Rho Lambda; Pi Tau Chi; Outstand- 
ing Young Women of America; South- 
ern Style; Student Speech and Hear- 
ing Association; Golden Eagle 
Civitans; Sigma Chi Little Sister; Chi 
Omega president, Panhellenic dele- 
gate, judicial board, public relations 
chairman, Homecoming chairman, 

Rodney G. Gordon Lambda Sigma 
president; Gamma Beta Phi presi- 
dent; ASB Senator; Sigma Chi trea- 
surer; Phi Eta Sigma treasurer; Delta 
Gamma Big Brother; Order of Ome- 


David A. Groth Gold Key Society; 
Dean's List; President's List; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Lamb- 
da Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Order of 
Omega; Alpha Tau Omega treasur- 
er, scholarship award; ASB Senator, 
forum representative, campus plan- 
ning committee; Pre-Law Society. 

Tammy J. Hammond Beta Alpha 
Psi; Phi Delta Rho; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Lambda Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha 
Lambda Delta treasurer; President's 
List; Dean's List; The Pride; Resi- 
dence Hall Council; Frederick Kena- 
mond and Accounting Faculty Schol- 
arship; Rho Eta Alpha; Harrison 
County Alumni Scholarship. 

William G. Hewes Southern Style 
UAC officer, review board; Ph 
Kappa Tau secretary, social chair 
man, pledge class secretary; Interfra 
ternity Council secretary; ASB elec 
tion committee, greek life committee 
Phi Beta Lambda; Campus Crusade 
for Christ; The Pride. 



Laura D. Hall Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Rho Lambda vice president; 
Kappa Delta vice president;, mem- 
bership chairman, alumnae relations, 
Panhellenic delegate, model pledge, 
model member; Outstanding Fresh- 
man Woman; Sigma Nu Little Sister; 
Society for the Advancement of Man- 

John J. Harvey Dean's List; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Gam- 
ma Beta Phi; Delta Gamma Big 
Brother; Pi Kappa Alpha president, 
vice president, scholarship chairman, 
executive council; ASB Public Rela- 
tions Director, Special Projects Coor- 
dinator; University Judicial Board. 

Cheryl K. Hill Outstanding Young 
Women of America; National Dean's 
List; Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Sigma; 
Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Delta Rho; Out- 
standing Freshman Woman; Golden 
Eagle Civitans; Southern Toastmas- 
ters; USM Singers; USM Orchestra; 
Honors College; Honors Student As- 
sociation; LSD Choir. 


Sheryl J. Howell Dean's List; Na- 
tional Dean's List; Delta Delta Delta 
pledge class president, social devel- 
opment chairman; UAC non-music 
committee, advertising committee; 
Baptist Student Union; Gamma Beta 
Phi; ASB spirit committee, judicial 

Alice F. Hultz Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta; Lambda Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; 
National Dean's List; Army ROTC; 
Phi Delta Rho; Pi Tau Chi; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Pi Beta Phi vice presi- 
dent, chaplain; Residence Hall Coun- 

Mwangelwa M. Lewanika National 
Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi 
Beta Sigma; Sigma of the Year; Delta 
Sigma Theta Scholastic Award; Presi- 
dent's List; Dean's List; Phi Beta Sig- 
ma president; Interfraternity Council 
on Greek Affairs; Delta Sigma Pi; 
Afro-American Cultural Society. 



Donna L. Huch Phi Kappa Phi; Phi 
Delta Rho; Order of Omega; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma; National Dean's List 
President's List; Honors College 
Young Community Leaders in Amer 
ica; Young Personalities of America 
Pi Delta Phi secretary, treasurer, vice 
president; Delta Zeta president, trea- 
surer, pledge class vice president, ac- 
tivities chairman, scholarship chair- 
man, Pearl Girl; Kappa Mu Epsilon; 
Gamma Beta Phi; Honors Student 

Steven C. Krohn Gold Key Society; 
Gamma Beta Phi; Pi Tau Chi; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Omicron Delta Epsi- 
lon; Financial Management Honor So- 
ciety; Order of Omega; Omicron Del- 
ta Kappa vice president; Southern 
Style; Outstanding Young Men of 
America; Outstanding Male Fresh- 
man; President's List; Dean's List; 
University Scholarship; ASB Senator; 
Phi Kappa Tau president, treasurer. 

Monte M. Manguno Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon vice president, secretary, so- 
cial chairman, pledge trainer, com- 
munity service chairman, pledge 
class president; Southern Style; Out- 
standing Young Men of America; 
ASB Director of Greek Life, Special 
Projects Director, governmental rela- 
tions; Varsity Cheerleader; American 
Marketing Association; Interfrater- 
nity Council; Golden Eagle Civitans. 


Robert R. Matthews Southern 
Style; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Or- 
der of Omega president, charter 
member; American Chemical Soci- 
ety; Dean's List; Rotoract; Kappa Al- 
pha vice president; Chi Omega Big 

Lee M. Mcintosh National Dean's 
List; Dean's List; Angel Flight; 
Speech Communication Association; 
Aipha Psi Omega; University Chorus; 
Young Republicans; Latter Day Saint 
Student Association; Student Alumni 
Association; Residence Hall Council. 

Roxanne L. Nanney Dean's List; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Col- 
lege; Pi Kappa Lambda; Outstanding 
Young Women of America; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Residence Hall Coun- 
cil; Mu Phi Epsilon treasurer; Gamma 
Ut secretary; Chamber Singers vice 



Carla M. Murphy Alpha Lambda 
Delta secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi trea- 
surer, secretary; Phi Delta Rho presi- 
dent; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's 
List; President's List; ASB spirit com- 
mittee, election council; Southerner 
staff; Equestrian Club. 

Lisa M. McQuillin Exchange Club 
Scholarship; Phi Kappa Tau Little 
Sister; Pi Tau Chi; Financial Manage- 
ment Association Honor Society; Gra- 
duate Business Association president; 
Student Alumni Association; Union 
Board vice president, secretary; Phi 
Beta Lambda; Business Student Ad- 
visory Council; ASB off-campus com- 
mittee, university relations commit- 

Michelle L. Nichols Dean's List; 
National Dean's List; Alpha Epsilon 
Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Homecoming 
Court; Modeling Squad; Alpha 
Kappa Alpha vice president; Resi- 
dence Hall Council; Fashion Plus; 
Student Alumni Association; Afro- 
American Cultural Society; Southern 
Toastmasters; ASB public relations 


Tara L. Odom Southern Style; ASB 
Director of Greek Life; Rho Lambda; 
Order of Omega; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Kappa Alpha Little Sister; 
Southern Geological Association; Del- 
ta Delta Delta president, rush chair- 
man, activities chairman, standards 
chairman, scholarship committee, 
sponsors committee, intramural 

Vincent K. Rosse Dean's List; 
Gamma Beta Phi; Order of Omega; 
The Pride; Kappa Alpha Psi; LSD 
Choir; Wind Ensemble; Symphony 
Orchestra; Afro-American Cultural 

Virginia L. Sanders Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Order of Omega; Miss USM; 
Pi Tau Chi president; Southern Style; 
Golden Girls; Batgirl; Gold Tender; 
Rho Lambda; Phi Kappa Tau Little 
Sister; ASB Senator, public relations 
committee. Election Commissioner; 
Kappa Delta vice president, pledge 
trainer, chaplain, parliamentarian. 



Stella Payton Dean's List; Rho 
Gamma; ASB Director of Public Rela- 
tions, Director of Minority Affairs; 
Black Panhellenic Council; American 
Marketing Association; Student 
Broadcasters Association; Alpha 
Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Alpha Out- 
standing Sweetheart; Southerner 

Sandra M. Safigan Omicron Delta 
Kappa treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi; 
Outstanding Young Women of Amer- 
ica; Dean's List; Delta Gamma 
pledge class president, treasurer; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Newman Club; Pom 
Pom Girl; Order of Omega; The 

Kristy C. Smith President's List; 
Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Phi Delta Rho; Gamma Beta Phi; Al- 
pha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Sig- 
ma; Pi Tau Chi; Phi Chi Theta; Lamb- 
da Sigma; Chi Omega; Campus 
Beauty; Golden Eagle Civitans; Gold- 
en Girls; American Marketing Associ- 
ation; Southern Style; Kappa Sigma 
Starduster; Campus Crusade for 
Christ; ASB spirit committee. 


Nancy E. Steen Honors College; 
Lambda Sigma; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Rho Lambda; 
Speech Communications Scholar- 
ship; Sigma Nu Little Sister; Order of 
Omega; Pi Beta Phi president, trea- 
surer; scholarship award; ASB Sen- 
ate secretary. 

Jody F. Tidwell Dean's List; Nation- 
al Dean's List; Order of Omega trea- 
surer, charter member; Southern 
Style; Outstanding Young Men of 
America; Delta Gamma Big Brother; 
Alumni Association Scholarship; Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon president, vice 
president, secretary, pledge trainer, 
rush chairman, executive council 
American Marketing Association 
Golden Eagle Civitans; Campus Cru 
sade for Christ; Student Alumni Asso 
ciation; ASB Senator, appointments 
and budgets committee. 

Angela C. Welker Presidential 
Scholarship; Honors College; Presi- 
dent's List; Dean's List; Chi Omega 
pledge trainer, vice president; Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa president; Stu- 
dent Printz copy editor, executive 
editor; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Delta 
Rho; Pi Tau Chi; Sigma Chi Little Sis- 
ter; Lambda Iota Tau; Outstanding 
News-Editorial Student. 



Jacqueline B. Thompson Sigma 
Theta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Phi Delta Rho; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Rho Lambda; Lamb- 
da Sigma; National Dean's List; 
Dean's List; President's List; Campus 
Beauty; Pi Kappa Alpha Calendar 
Girl; Chi Omega vice president, rush 
correspondent; Pom Pom Girl; Gold- 
en Girls; Residence Hall Council; Sig- 
ma Chi Little Sister; Student Nursing 

Kenneth J. Waltman Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon president, corresponding sec- 
retary, Outstanding Member of the 
Year; Interfraternity formal rush 
chairman; Southerner staff assistant 
editor; ASB Senator, spirit commit- 
tee, election commission; Varsity 
Football and Basketball Cheerleader 
captain; Freshman Register editor; 
Miss Southern pageant director, as- 
sistant director; Southern Exposure; 
College Republicans; College Civi- 
tans; BSU; Southern Style; Outstand- 
ing Young Men in America; Order of 
Omega; Rho Gamma vice president, 
charter member; Delta Gamma Out- 
standing Big Brother. 

Kerrin M. Wells Dean's List; Presi- 
dent's List; Academic Scholarship; 
Athletic Scholarship; Gamma Beta 
Phi treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Soccer Club; Varsity Volleyball; As- 
sociation for Computing Machinery; 
Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister; Delta 
Gamma treasurer, model pledge, An- 
chor Splash chairman. 

Not Pictured: James L. Warren III Southern Style; Outstanding Young Men of America; 
Kappa Sigma vice president, pledge trainer; Pre-Law Society; Phi Mu Big Brother; USMaga- 
zine; Student Judicial Council; ASB president, executive assistant, spirit committee, Director 
of Legal Services. 


(jini Administration 

Robert T. van Aller 

Dean of the Graduate School 

Bobby D. Anderson 

Dean of the College of Education and 

Rebecca A. Askew 
Director of High School and Junior College 

Minnie R. Austin 
Assistant to the Director of the University 

Shirley A. Bateman 
Acting Director of the English Language 


Thomas S. Bateman 

Director of Administrative Services 
David J. Bodenhamer 
Assistant to the Vice President for 

Academic Affairs 
Onva K. Boshears 
Dean of the School of Library Service 
Jessie Boyd 

Director of University Commons 
Harry L. Brown 
Director of Accounting Services 

William G. Brundage 

Director of the Center of Research and 

James E. Carmody, Jr. 
Head Football Coach 
James R. Carpenter 
Director of the University Golf Course 
D. James Caveny 
Acting Dean of the College of Science and 

Robert H. Cleveland 
Sports Information Director 


PBJlfMfJ HJ i«q !] 





fl\ W fit 1 




Hr / 


Administration drui 

Walter E. Cooper 

Dean of the School of Health, Physical 

Education, and Recreation 
Roland H. Dale 
Athletic Director 
Warren K. Dunn 
Director of the University Union and 

Student Activities 
Peter E. Durkee 
Vice President for Student Affairs 
Aline R. Eddins 
Acting Director of the Office of Veterans 


Thomas G. Estes 

Vice President for Business and Finance 
William G. Fron 
Director of Financial Aid 
Nicholas H. Fruge 

Assistant to the Vice President for 
Research and Extended Affairs 
Sarah L.W. Gibbs 

Dean of the School of Home Economics 
Clyde N. Ginn 
Executive Assistant to the President 

Joan P. Glover 

Manager of University Bookstore 
Bill W. Gore 
Dean, USM at Natchez 
W. Rader Grantham 
Dean of Students 
John E. Green 

Dean of the College of Fine Arts 
Joseph A. Greene, Jr. 
Dean of the College of Business 



(jiin Administration 

G. Terry Harper 

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 
H. Gene Henderson 
Director of Physical Plant 
Robert Herrington, Jr. 
Director of Personnel Services 
Joe E. Holloway 
Dean, USM at Gulf Park 
Albert J. Jaeger 

Assistant to the Vice President for Business 
and Finance 

D. Kay James 

Women's Basketball Coach and Assistant 

to the Athletic Director 
Janis B. James 
Director of Research and Sponsored 

Shirley J. Jones 
Dean of the School of Social Work 
Wallace G. Kay 
Dean of the Honors College 
Boyd A. Kellett 
Director of Student Health Services 

William E. Kirkpatrick 

Director of Public Relations 

Robert S. Kivetz 

Director of Housing Administration 

Cecil M. Klutts 

Director of Purchasing 

Carl C. Lawrence 

Director of Placement Services 

Linda McFall 

Internal Auditor 





Administration CfTni 

Charles B. McNeill 

Director of Admissions 

Alice L. Maw 

Director of International Students 

Howard Miller 
Director of Public Safety 
Danny W. Montgomery 

Jerri D. Laube Morgan 
Dean of the School of Nursing 

Powell G. Ogletree 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

Joseph S. Paul 

Assistant to the Vice President for Student 

Charles H. Probst 
Dean of Student Services 
Gene D. Saucier 
Dean of Admissions and Special Academic 

William C. Scruggs 
Director of the Computing Center 

James H. Sims 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Bill W. Shafer 

Director of University Counseling Center 

C.J. Pete Taylor 

Assistant Athletic Director and Head 

Basketball Coach 
William B. Taylor 
Head of the Center for International 

Shelby F. Thames 
Executive Vice President 


Administration Cjini 


Joseph E. Tinnon 

Dean of the Division of Continuing 

Charlotte E. Tullos 

Director of Career Advisement, 
Cooperative Education Advisement, and 
Adult Services 

Malcolm K. Turk 

Men's Basketball Coach 
Sidney E.L. Weatherford 

Director of Institutional Research 

Dennis E. Webster 

Director of Broadcasting and Radio- 
Television Services 

John C. Wellons 

Director of Development 

Karen M. Yarbrough 

Vice President for Research and Extended 


Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning 

Dr. John R. Lovelace, President 

Mr. Charles C. Jabobs, Jr., Vice President 

Dr. E.E. Thrash, Executive Secretary and Director 

Seated: Denton Rogers, Jr., Pontotoc; Travis E. Parker, Drew; Dr. John R. Lovelace, Batesville; Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Yazoo City; Bobby L. 
Chain, Hattiesburg; Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons, Columbia; Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Columbus. 

Standing: Bryce Griffis, Starkville; Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Meridian; George T. Watson, Pass Christian; William M. Jones, Jackson; James F 
Woods, Olive Branch; Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Cleveland; Dr. E.E. Thrash, Raymond. 

v * / / 


Abdulaziz, Abdula M Taima, Saudi Arabia; Sr. 

Abney, Teresa A Bay Springs, MS; So. 

Aboce-Seoud, Anas Damascus, Syria; Sr. 

Abraham, Cynthia C Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Abraham, Tuesday McComb, MS; Sr. 

Adams, Bruce R Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Adams, Eric A Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Adams, Ivan J Poplarville, MS; Jr. 

Adams, Jeannie M Montrose, AL; Fr. 

Adams, J. Mark Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Adams, Juanita Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Adams, Rick L Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Adcock, Barry W Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Adcock, Ronnie B Pearl, MS; Fr. 

Addison, Vannessa McComb, MS; So. 

Addy, Carol M Decatur, MS; Jr. 

Agosta, Ann Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Aiello, Donna R Wiggins, MS; So. 

Aikens, Consuela Y Picayune, MS; So. 

Ainsworth, Cheryl K Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Ainsworth, Jan C Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Ainsworth, Lori L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Ainsworth, Patricia A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Ainsworth, Paula L Soso, MS; Sr. 

Albert, Sherri L Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Al'bitar, Mohamad H Damascus, Syria; Jr. 

Albritton, Mary K McComb, MS; Jr. 

Alderman, Stephen J Greenwood, MS; Sr. 

Aldridge, Ellen Y Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Alexander, Boyd D Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Alexander, Daniel O Pearl, MS; So. 

Alexander, Joy Hollandale, MS; Jr. 

Alexander, Naomi M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Alexander, Susan D Jackson, MS; So. 

Alexander, Susan E Gulf Breeze, FL; Sr. 

Algood, James A Philadelphia, MS; So. 

Allbritton, Susie L Braxton, MS; Sr. 

Allegrezza, Lisa G Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Allen, Alton B Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Allen, Bill H Heidelberg, MS; Sr 

Allen, Melissa C Louin, MS; Sr. 

Allen, Melissa J Mantee, MS; Sr. 

Allen, Phyllis D Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Allen, Randy D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Allen, Rececca L Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Allen, Robin A Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Allen, Synthia M Louin, MS; Fr. 

Alsobrooks, Tammy M Picayune, MS; Sr. 



Alston, Brcnda S Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Alston, John T Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Alston, Randal C Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Alvarez, Giovanny E Barquisimeto, Venezuela; Jr. 

Amos, Ruby L Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Anderson, Ben A Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Anderson, Brian K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Anderson, Deborah J Milton, FL; Fr. 

Anderson, J. Gregory Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Anderson, Lillie F Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Anderson, Lori O Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Anderson, Mary J Lucedale, MS; So. 

Anderson, Milton Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Anderson, R. Mechelle Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Anderson, Sherri V Lexington, MS; Jr. 

Anderson, Tammy R Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Anderson, Tillman Jackson, MS; So. 

Andrews, Joe B Brandon, MS; So. 

Andrews, Letha Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Andrews, Roy E Brandon, MS; So. 

Andrey, Lisa A Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Annang, Augustus W Accra-Ghana, West Africa; So. 

Applewhite, Bruce A Tifton, GA; Sr. 

Arana, Enrique E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Archie, Brenda L Canton, MS; So. 

Arender, Theresa R Pearl, MS; So. 

Arellano, Carlos E Maracaibo, Venezuela; Jr. 

Areualo, Cesar Y Barcelona, Venezuela; So. 

Armstrong, Alice C Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Armstrong, Patricia R Silver Creek, MS; Fr. 

Armstrong, Stacy L Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Arnold, Kimberly D Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Arnold, Petra J Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Ashcraft, Wayne H Jackson, MS; So. 

Ashcroft, Paul A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Ashley, Lacey L Brandon, MS; So. 

Astros, Gustauo Caracas, Venezuela; Sr. 

Atherton, Edward Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Atterberry, Thomas J Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Aubin, Henry T Alexandria, VA; Fr 

Aultman, Dee Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Austin, Michael A Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Autry, Anna L Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Autry, Rebecca L Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Azcuy, Carmelo F Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Babbitt, Valerie A Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Babin, Dale A Gulfport, MS; So. 

Babineton, Stuart C Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Babington, Karen L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bachus, Christine L Hernando, MS; Gr. 

Backs,' Karl L Mt. Zion, 1L; So. 

Bady, Brenda J Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Bady, Samuel W Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Bagley, Beryl S Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Bagley, Carol L Collins, MS; So. 

Bagley, Pamela A Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Bailey, James Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Bailey, Jill Meridian, MS; So. 

Bailey, Victor Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Baird, Leanne McNeill. MS; Sr. 

Baker, Elmer J Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Baker, Gordon P Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Baker, James L Jackson, MS; So. 

Baker, Nina K Coldwater, MS; Jr. 

Baker, Pamela G Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Baker, Randall P Gulfport, MS; Sr. 


Baker, Tina P Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Baleutine, Kevin R Pass Christian, MS; Jr. 

Balius, Monica P Colonial Heights, VA; Jr. 

Balius, Suzanne D Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Ball, Steven E Escatawpa, MS; Sr. 

Ballard, Cindy K Baton Rouge, LA; Jr. 

Ballard, Mary E Columbus, MS; Sr. 

Bancroft, Ann Meridian, MS; So. 

Bancroft, Courtney J Tarpon Springs, FL; Fr. 

Bancroft, Melanie D Tarpon Springs, FL; Jr. 

Banks, Jennie M Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Barattini, Kim R New Orleans, LA; Sr. 

Barber, Melanie C Memphis, TN; Fr. 

Barber, Susan L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Barboza, Hugo J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Barcellona, Becki C Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Bardwell, Carla R Moss Point, MS; Fr. 

Bardwell, Carol M Moss Point, MS; Gr. 

Barefield, Michael C Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Barger, Dale R Greenwood, MS; Jr. 

Barger, Diane K Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Barham, Kelly D West Point, MS; So. 

Barhonovich, Lisa M Biloxi, MS; So. 

Barhonovich, Marc S Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Baria, David W Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Barker, Karen S Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Barnes, Bruce A Ellisville, MS; Sr. 

Barnes, Cherri L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Barnes, Gloria J Prentiss, MS; So. 

Barnes, Loretta Prentiss, MS; Jr. 

Barnes, Ronald G Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Baronich, Darla T Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Barr, Phyllis R McComb, MS; Jr. 

Barrett, Cynthia M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Barrett, Julie L Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Barrett, Matthew J Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Bartley, S. Kreg Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Bartley, Tamara Brandon, MS; So. 

Barton, Elbert L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Barton, Hewitt P Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Bass, Gary R Bassfield, MS; So. 

Bass, Michael D Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Bass, Tammy L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bassett, Kim L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Bateman, Rodney M Franklinton, LA; Sr. 

Bates, Carmen L Forest, MS; Sr. 

Bates, Mary F Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Batson, Cynthia A Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Baucum, Rachel A Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Baxter, Anita C Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Baxter, James W Petal, MS; Jr. 

Baxter, William L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Baylor, Cathy M Dekalb, MS; Sr. 

Baylor, Jacqueline Dekalb, MS; So. 

Beard, Kenneth T Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Beard, Michael D Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Beasley, Cynthia A Collins, MS; Fr. 

Beasley, Glenn D Wesson, MS; Sr. 

Beasley, James O Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Beaton, Julio C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Beaugez, Rose M Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Beavers, Catherine E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Beck, Lesa L Magnolia, MS; Sr. 

Becker, Amy T Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Becker, Angie Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Becker, Keith P Brandon, MS; Sr. 






Becker, Michele Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Beckham, Linda G Carthage, MS; Jr. 

Bedsole, Gary M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Beech, Paula D Ovett, MS; Sr. 

Beecham, Shannon D McComb, MS; Jr. 

Beeding, Craig A Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Beeson, James E D'Iberville, MS; Jr. 

Beeson, James J Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Behar, Alexander Bogota, Colombia; Sr. 

Belcher, Jena A Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Belham, Scott J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Bell, Brehm T Pearlington, MS; Jr. 

Bell, Carolyn R Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Bell, Felecia H Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Bell, Michelle L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bell, Ruth C Gloster, MS; Jr. 

Bell, Stuart E Kokomo, MS; So. 

Bellipanni, Larry J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bellipanni, Susan R McComb, MS; Sr. 

Benard, Mary L Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Bendzlowicz, Michael D Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Benefield, Rachel E Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Benigo, Chuck Waveland, MS; Sr. 

Bennett, Haley L Grenada, MS; Jr. 

Bennett, Jean L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Bennett, Robert A Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Benfield, Angela L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Benham, William B Baton Rouge, LA; Fr. 

Bentz, Sharon M Biloxi, MS; So. 

Bernard, Dwight A Natchez, MS; Fr. 

»? il£ » 



Berry, Burk New Orleans, LA; Fr. 

Berry, George R Colorado Springs, CO; Fr. 

Berry, Judy L D'Iberville, MS; Jr. 

Berry, Kendall W Nashville. TN; Sr. 

Berry, Mitzi R Prentiss, MS; Jr. 

Berryhill, Ricky B Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Berryhill, Toby V Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Betts, Larry Toomsuba, MS; Jr. 

Beverly, Glenda R Ruleville, MS; Fr. 

Beverly, Glynn L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Beyea, Deborah S Clinton, MS; Fr. 

Bezzo, Candy R Ashland. MS; Jr. 

28 1 

Bierbaum, William B Tylertown, MS; So. 

Bilbo, Terry Kiln, MS; Sr. 

Bingham, Barbara Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Bingham, Ronald M Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Bignoli, Kathryn A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Bird, J Clinton, MS; So. 

Birdsong, Sandra E Edwards, MS; Gr. 

Bishop, Charles M Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Bissell, Charlie P Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Bittick, Kevin D Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Black, Mitchell W Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Black, Sherry L Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Black, Terry C Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Blackledge, Brian D Taylorsville, MS; Sr. 

Blackmer, Cindy L Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Blackmer, Lee Ann Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Blackmon, Elizabeth R Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Blackmon, F. Dwayne Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Blackmon, Ida R Canton, MS; Jr. 

Blackwell, Leslie E Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Blackwell, Linda K Huntsville, AL; Gr. 

Blackwell, Marcia Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Blackwell, Michael N Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Blake, Theresa L Columbus, MS; Sr. 

Blakely, Karol D Buckatunna, MS; Jr. 

Blakeslee, Mary C Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Blalock, Rhonda D Liberty, MS; So. 

Blanchard, Debbie E Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Blankenhorn, Robin B Orangeville, 1L; Jr. 

Blanton, Deedee Jayess, MS; So. 

Block, Jeanne E Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fr. 

Blondell, Manuel Venezuela; So. 

Blue, Alan L Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Blyler, Davida E Ocean City, NJ; Fr. 

Bobinger, Lyndon M Lucedale, MS; So. 

Bodie, Myra Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Bogart, Julie A Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Bogdahn, Ivy Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Boggan, John E Newton, MS; Sr. 

Boggs, Wanda D Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Bohlke, Michael J Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Bolden. Jeffery A Picayne, MS; Fr. 

Bolden, Wilhom K Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Bolton, Anita F Richton, MS; So. 

Bolton, Beverly A Richton, MS; Jr. 

Bolton, Janet L Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Bond, Bobby J Purvis, MS; Jr. 

Bond, Gene C Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Bond, Louis E Petal, MS; Gr. 

Bond, Tina L Saucier, MS; Sr. 

, s ., 


JLL& fi £ 

Bond, Timothy R Wiggins, MS; So. 

Bonds, Barbara M Fernwood, MS; Sr. 

Bonham, Rod A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Bonones, Tony Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Bontemps, Katherine M Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Boone, Tammy A Angie, LA; Fr. 

Booth, Tangelia L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Bordelon, Monique M Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Borgatti, Tina M Slidell, MS; Jr. 

Borges, Santiago A Caracas, Venezuela; Jr. 

Borosky, Patricia A Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Borries, Angela E Ocean Springs, MS: Jr. 

Boswell, Karen R Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Boudreaux, Julie A Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Bounds, Mark R Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Bourgeois, Kelly D New Orleans, LA; Sr. 

Bourgeois, Michelle M Waveland, MS; So. 

Bourgeois, Thomas F Waveland, MS; Fr. 

Bourne, Damea E Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Bouines, Peggy D Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Boutwell, Deborah L Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Boutwell, Kim L Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Boutwell, Marian S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bouzek, Denise M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Bouzek, Sharon L Gulfport, MS; So. 

Bowden, Royce O Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Bowen, Fiona R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Bowlin, Connie R Smithdale, MS; Sr. 

Bowlin, Margaret R Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Bowman, J.K Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Bowman, Melanie D Sturgis, MS; Sr. 

Bowman, Susan C Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Box, Michael Eupora, MS; Gr. 

Boyd, Alison F McComb, MS; So. 

Boyd, Christian A Prentiss, MS; Sr. 

Boyd, Eric K Monticello, MS; Sr. 

Boyd, Jeff N Gulfport, MS; Fr 

Boyd, Kenneth E Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Boyd, Lari L Marietta, GA; Fr. 

Boyd, Leona S Florence, MS; Jr. 

Boyd, M. Danise Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Boyd, Rebecca L Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Boyd, Robert C Meridian, MS; Gr. 

Boyd, Teresa J Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Boyd, Vicki L Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Boyett, Elizabeth M Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Boyette, Michael W Chunky. MS; Sr. 

Boykins, Stephanie A Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Boykins, James L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Boyles, Cheryl A Jackson, MS; So. 

Boyles, Theresa D Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Boyte, C. Laron Hattiesburg. MS; Fr. 

Boyte, Jeanne E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Bozzetto, Enzo Barquisimeto, Venezuela; So. 

Bradley, Greg T Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Bradley, Kenneth M Tupelo. MS; Jr. 

Bradley, Kim Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Bradley, Tena A Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Bracey, Johnny E Kokomo, MS; Jr. 

Bracey, Pamela Morgantown, MS; Sr. 

Bradford, Karl S Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Bradley, Eric J Poplarville, MS; Jr. 

Bradshaw, Cindy C Pearl. MS; Fr. 

Brady, Polly A Lumberton, MS; So. 

Brady, Susan E Heidelberg. MS; Sr. 

Brady, Thomas W Bay Springs. MS; Jr. 


Bragg, Daryl J Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Brashier, Meribeth Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Braswell, Patty J Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Bratcher, Felicia Magee, MS; So. 

Bratcher, Sandy D Magee, MS; Jr. 

Braxton, Anthony M Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Braxton, Ronnie D Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Breal, Greg Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Brekeen, Nell D McComb, MS; So. 

Brekeen, William L McComb, MS; Sr. 

Breland, Stephanie A Petal, MS; Sr. 

Brennan, Mary A Brookhaven, MS; Gr. 

Brent, Mitchell S Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Brewer, Benita J Leakesville, MS; Sr. 

Brewer, Edward A Leakesville, MS; So. 

Brewer, Kateri M Charleston, SC; Fr. 

Brewer, Lloyd Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Brier, Robette G Mobile, AL; Sr. 

Bright, Mark A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Brinson, Richard S Prentiss, MS; So. 

Brister, Carol D McComb, MS; Gr. 

Brister, Lauren A McComb, MS; Sr. 

Britt, Mable S Jackson, MS; So. 

Broadhead, Debra K Saraland, AL; So. 

Broadhead, Delwyn D Mendenhall, MS; So. 

Broadus, Cynthia Purvis, MS; So. 

Broadus, Stephen F Biloxi, MS; So. 

Broadus, Trent M Long Beach, MS; So. 

Broadwater, Dana L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Brooks, Edith R Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Brooks, Cynthia A Carthage, MS; Fr. 

Brooks, Lana C Magee, MS; Fr. 

Brooks, Lorraine Mt. Bayou, MS; Fr. 

Brooks, Rebecca A Raymond, MS; Sr. 

Brookshire, Roy C Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Broome, Jennifer L Purvis, MS; Jr. 

Broome, Phillip H Sumrall, MS; Sr. 

Brouk, Robert Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Broussard, Donna L Biloxi, MS; So. 

Broussard, Paul N Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Andy J Jackson, AL; Sr. 

Brown, Charlotte A Sumrall, MS; So. 

Brown, Cynthia A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Debra A Liberty, MS; So. 

Brown, Doris A Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Dorris R Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Gina D Montgomery, AL; So. 

Brown, Glenda D San Diego, CA; Sr. 

Brown, Jeanenne D Kenner, LA; So. 

Brown, Jocelyn J Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Johnnie W Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Karen L Runnelstown, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Karen W Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Karla D Lucedale, MS; So. 

Brown, Kelly R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Kenneth J Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Kim E Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Larry K Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Linda L Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Linda S Axis, AL; Jr. 

Brown, Monica D Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Brown, Nena C Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Patricia D Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Penny L Dekalb, MS; So. 

Brown, Phyllis D Raymond, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Raymond E Meridian, MS; Sr. 




^ /T^. I 

Brown, Richard D Jackson, AL; Fr. 

Brown, Richard K Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Robin E Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Rosetta M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Sara E Danville, VA; Sr. 

Brown, Sheila M Ruth, MS; Jr. 

Brown, Stephanie S Jackson, MS; So. 

Brown, Tammy L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Wilford D Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Brown, Willie C Newton, MS; Sr. 

Browne, Joey S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Browning, Elizabeth C Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Bruce, Billie E Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Bruce, Theresa D Slidell, LA; Fr 

Brucks, Andrew G Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Brumfield, Joe E Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Brumfield, Lydia A McComb, MS; So. 

Brumfield, Mary N Tylertown, MS; Sr. 

Bruner, David W Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Bruno, Lisa V Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Bryan, Janet A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Bryan, Pamela E Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Bryant, Carl W Virgin Islands, Carribean; Jr. 

Bryant, Jeffrey N Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Bryant, Jennifer Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Bryant. Joseph W Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Bryant, Mark Seminary, MS; Jr. 

Bryant, Maureen A Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Bryant, S. Dawn Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Bryant, Susan D Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Bryant, Terra P McComb, MS; Fr. 

Buchanan, Donna L Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Buchanan, Mary L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Buchanan, Mary M Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Buchanan, Randall P Morgantown, MS; So. 

Buchanan, Virginia G Meridian, MS, Sr. 

Bueno, Alfredo J El Tigre, Venezuela; Fr. 

Buffington, Anthony Silver Creek, MS; So. 

Bui, Hoa N Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Bui, Huong Q Biloxi, MS; So. 

Bullard, Kevin L Pearl. MS; So. 

Bullock, Laurie L Seminary, MS; Sr. 

Bullock, Phillip C Moab, UT; Fr. 

Buice, Ginger Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Bumper, Lydian Columbus. GA; Gr. 

Buntyn, James A Meridian, MS; Sr. 


Burbitt, Kelly L Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Burch, Gregory W Loxley, AL; So. 

Burch, Mark D Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Burgess, Zelma R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Burhanna, Patricia M Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Burke, Gill Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Burham, Cynthia L Collins, MS; So. 

Burns, Jan R Gulfport, MS; So. 

Burns, Sherry R Batesville, MS; Fr. 

Burrage, Deborah A Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Burrus, Roxanne G Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Burton, Derrick D Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Burton, Elizabeth J Belzoni, MS; Sr. 

Bush, Aleta R Hurley, MS; Jr. 

Bush, Karl C Hurley, MS; Gr. 

Bush, Lucy M Long Beach, MS; So. 

Bush, Temple S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Butler, Angie D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Butler, Christy A Grenada, MS; Fr. 

Butler, David H Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Butler, Jill E Madison, MS; Fr. 

Butler, Stephanie E Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Butler, Timothy F Raleigh, MS; Sr. 

Byington, Mary B Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Byrd, Amanda S Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Byrd, Jame J Harrisville, MS; Jr. 

Byrd, Jeffry E Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Byrd, Karen E Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Byrd, Leshia Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Byram, Charles R Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Byrge, Thomas A Vancleave, MS; Jr. 

Cade, Lee Greenwood, MS; Jr. 

Caldwell, Vernon L Schriever, LA; So. 

Calhoun, Cathy J Magee, MS; So. 

Calhoun, Chris C Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Calhoun, George M Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Callahan, Deborah R Escatawpa, MS; Jr. 

Callista, Angela L Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Calloway, William F Jackson, MS; So. 

Calvin, Joyce B Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Cameron, Pearlee Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Campbell, Jonathan C Natchez, MS; So. 

Campbell, Barbara D Hernando, MS; Sr. 

Campbell, Christine K Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Campbell, Jeff W Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Campbell, Mary Louin, MS; Sr. 

Candler, Sylvia N Jackson, MS; So. 

Cannon, Clarence Houma, LA; Sr. 



Canoy, Randall P Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Caraway, Linda C Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Carideo, Lisa J Ocean City, NJ; Fr. 

Carl, John S Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Carlisle, Amy J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Carlock, Lori L Bude, MS; Sr. 

Carlos, Cynthia A Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Carlson, Alan R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Carlson, David L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Carlson, Karin J Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Carmichael, D. Michelle Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Carmody, Stephen J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Carnos, Charla A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Carney, Jane M Bogalusa, LA; Fr. 

Carpenter, Deanna L Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Carpenter, Matthew E Gautier, MS; So. 

Carr, David G Selma, AL; Fr. 

Carr, J. David Queenstown, MD; Jr. 

Carroll, Lisa F Angie, LA; Sr. 

Carson, Charles A Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Carson, Peter J Conehatta, MS; Sr. 

Carter, Carl R Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Carter, Chris R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Carter, Gerald E Pearl. MS; So. 

Carter, Janice L Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Carter, Katie R Shubuta, MS; Fr. 

Carter, Thomas D Purvis, MS; Jr. 

Carter, William M Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Carter, Willie P Magnolia, MS; Sr. 

Carver, Rachelle M Poplarville, MS; Gr. 

Carver, William R Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Case, Darron Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Case, Tommy L Jackson, MS; So. 

Cash, Teresa L Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Cassel, Tami S Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Cassels, Mattelyn J Gloster, MS; Jr. 

Castlen, Stephanie A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Catchot, Harold S Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Catchot, Katherine A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Cathey, Risa A Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Cato, Robert L Moss Point, MS; So. 

Catto, Freddie F Columbus, MS; Jr. 

Causey, Faye P Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Causey, Michael A Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Causey, Rebecca E Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Causey, Robin A Petal, MS; Jr. 

Cavanaugh, Patricia J Bassfield, MS; Fr. 

Caveny, Deanna M Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Caveny, Jennifer L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Celestin, Karen M Covington, LA; Fr. 

Centanni, Ricky P Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Chachere, Challie L New Orleans, LA; So. 

Chambers, Yohna J Gautier, MS; So. 

Cahmoun, Joseph G Zahle, Lebanon; Jr. 

Champney, Edward H Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Chan, Nga M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Chaney, Alex R Hickory, MS; Jr. 

Chang, Hyeok La Paz, Bolivia; Sr. 

Chaplin, Julie K Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Chapman, Erin L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Chapman, Jamie L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Chapman, Robin L Clinton, MS; So. 

Chapman, Winifred Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Chatman, Thomas J Ft. Belvior, VA; Jr. 

Chavez, Jorge Z Caracas, Venezuela; So. 

Chesser, Margaret F Laurel, MS; Jr. 


Chestang, Carlen J Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Chester, Alan Natchez, MS; So. 

Chiplin, Felicia A Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Chirinos, Tulio A Zulia, Venezuela; Sr. 

Christian, Linda Kaye Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Christopher, Sylvia D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Churchill, Mona M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Ciano, Debbie A Pensacola, FL; So. 

Cimbora, Jill Purvis, MS; Fr. 

Cimbora, Merrilu Purvis, MS; Jr. 

Cisewski, Ski S Krakow, Poland; Sr. 

Clark, Anna M Greenwood, MS; Jr. 

Clark, Anthony R Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Clark, Charlene S Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Clark, Connolly L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Clark, Ellen R Kenner, LA; Fr. 

Clark, Freida G Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Clark, Jerri S Sosa, MS; Sr. 

Clark, Karen A McComb, MS; Jr. 

Clark, Lisa C State Line, MS; Jr. 

Clark, Lisa M Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Clark, Lori L Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Clark, Marisa P Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Clark, Maxine Dekaub, MS; Sr. 

Clark, Raymond V Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Clark, Samuel C Madison, MS; Fr. 

Clark, Stephanie L Greenville, SC; Jr. 

Clark, Steve P Jonesboro, GA; Sr. 

Clary, Cathy L Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Clay, Brenda J Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Clay, Kenneth L Meridian, MS; Gr. 

Clayton, Allison P Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Clayton, Jacquelyn D Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Clem, Constance R Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Clements, Douglas S Gulfport, MS; So. 

Clements, Pam G Gulfport, MS; Jr 

Clements, Tami J Dothan, AL; Sr. 

demons, Deborah R Florence, MS; Fr. 

Clifford, Jill M Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Cline, Heidi J Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fr. 

Cline, Ruby C Liberty, MS; So. 

Clingon, Allison H Quitman, MS; Sr. 

Cloud, Richard E Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Cloy, Stephen C Monterey, CA; Sr. 

Coaker, Rita E Fruitdale, AL; Sr. 

Coats, James W Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Coats, Jerry R Meridian, MS; So. 

Cobb, David H Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Cobb, Ivan J Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Cobb, Patricia E Gloster, MS; Jr. 

Coburn, Tonya V Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Cochran, Virginia J Brooklyn, MS; Sr. 

Cockrell, Lori A Tupelo, MS; So. 

Cockrell, Penny M Magee, MS; So. 

Coffey, Nettie R Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Coffman, Daniel A D'Iberville, MS; Fr. 

Coghlan, Amy L Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Coker, Kathleen L Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Coker, Lewair Liberty, MS; Sr. 

Colbet, Maria T Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Colbert, Mark W West Point, MS; Sr. 

Cole, Barbara A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Cole, Cathy C Natchez, MS; So. 

Cole, Jacqueline Dekaub, MS; Fr. 

Coleman, Gary D Brandon, MS; So. 

Coleman. Jack Meridian, MS; Sr. 



Coleman, John L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Coleman, Lacey A Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Colen, Joseph W Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Collette, Jean Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Collier, LaVonda C Canton, MS; Fr. 

Collier, Nathaniel Yazoo, MS; Fr. 

Collins, Diane M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Collins, Donna G Meridian, MS; So. 

Collins, Glenda M Philadelphia, MS; Sr. 

Collins, Gregory A Collins, MS; Jr. 

Collins, Jayme A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Collins, Lady M Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Collins, Lisa G Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Collins, Mark Gloster, MS; Sr. 

Collins, Patricia R Gulfport, MS; So. 

Collins, Ramona D Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Collom, Tommy Vancleave, MS; Jr. 

Colson, Gaila G Mendenhall, MS; So. 

Colucci, Vincent J New Port Ritchey, FL; Fr. 

Comfort, E. Shawn Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Condia, Olivia A Raymond, MS; Sr. 

Comegys, Sheila A Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Conliff, Dana L Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Conn, Jack C Jayess, MS; Sr. 

Connally, Elizabeth R Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Connally, Ronald D Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Conley, Millie Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Conner, Mollie R Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Conway, Andra R Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Conway, Edward M Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Conway, Robert S Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Alva L McComb. MS; Jr. 

Cook, David A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Cook, David W Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Delery M Arabi, LA; Fr. 

Cook, Karla L Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Cook, Ken Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Cook, Jan Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Janice R Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Crook. Jim C Hattiesburg. MS; Sr. 

Cook, Johnnie Newberry, FL. Sr. 

Cook, Julie A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 


Cook, Julie H Clarksdale, MS; Fr. 

Cook, L. Meshelle Crystal Springs, MS; So. 

Cook, Patrecia S Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Susan R Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Terri M Enterprise, MS; Sr. 

Cook, William G Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Cook, Willie M Magnolia, MS; So. 

Cooksey, Wayne L Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Cooley, Charles K Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Coonfield, Robert B Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Cooper, Karen A Columbia, MS; So. 

Cooper, Lori M Florence, MS; Sr. 

Cooper, Mary E Columbia, MS; So. 

Cooper, Sonji L Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Cooper, Vivan S Morton, MS; Sr. 

Cooperwood, Minnie R Pontotoc, MS; Jr. 

Cooter, Daniel S Carriere, MS; Fr. 

Cope, Laura A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Copeland, Joan E Huntsville, AL; So. 

Copeland, Michael G Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Coppage, Karen S Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Corban, Christine E Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Corban, Joanna B Biloxi, MS; So. 

Corban, Marcus S Meadville, MS; Jr. 

Cork, Stephanie Louise, MS; Fr. 

Corkern, Julie Hernando, MS; So. 

Corley, Angela E Bay Springs, MS; Jr. 

Corley, Cassandra L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Cornell, Charles M Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Cothern, Patricia L McComb, MS; So. 

Cothern, Valerie C McComb, MS; Sr. 

Cotten, Joel Meadville, MS; Sr. 

Cotton, G. Craig Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Coulters, Francis J Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Coumanis, Tonie A Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Counts, Steven E Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Courtney, Jacqueline K Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Courtney, Jeffrey J Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Cousson, Aletha R Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Covington, Cecil L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Cowles, Kimberly R Jacksonville, FL; Fr. 

Cox, Clara J Laurel, MS; So. 

Cox, James D Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Cox, Juan J Wiggins, MS; Fr. 

Crabtree, Monique Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Craft, K.Y Pulaski, MS; So. 

Craft, Kimberly K Purvis, MS; So. 

Craft, Pamela A Raleigh, MS; Jr. 

Craft, Robert J Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Craft, Russell F Biloxi, MS; So. 

290 Cook/Davidson 


Craft, William D Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Craig, Willie J Milton, FL; So. 

Crain, Brian R Franklinton, LA; Jr. 

Crain, Cheryl D Tylertown, MS; Sr. 

Crain, David A D'Iberville, MS; Jr. 

Crandall, Kathleen A Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Crane, Cindy G Carthage, MS; Jr 

Crane, Cindy L Clinton, MS; So. 

Crane, Cristy F Carthage, MS; So. 

Crane, Sheila R Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Crane, Susan M Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Craven, James M Collinsville, MS; Sr. 

Craven, Richard D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Craven, Taylor H Lyon, MS; So. 

Crawford, Curt R Springfield, IL; Jr. 

Crawford, Kim R West Point, MS; Jr 

Crawford, Patricia A Marks, MS; So. 

Creekmore, Cecil R Grenada, MS; So. 

Creekmore, Claudia Grenada, MS; So. 

Creel, Franklin D Prentiss, MS; So. 

Creighton, David L Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Crenshaw, John M Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Crimm, E. Yvonne Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Crockett, Kathy L Greenwood, MS; Jr. 

Cronier, Evelyn E Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Crook, Sharon M Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Cross, Janet L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Cross, John W Laurel, MS; So. 

Crow, Gina L Laurel, MS; So. 

Crowson, William L Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Cruise, Geralyn M Houma, LA; Jr. 

Cruthirds, Niles C Columbus, MS; Fr. 

Cuevas, Mark D Pass Christian, MS; Jr. 

Cuevas, Richard A Cabimas, Venezuela; Jr. 

Culliver, Timothy A Louin, MS; Sr. 

Culpepper, Carla R Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Culpepper, Joe Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Culumber, Sandra J Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Cumberland, Peter W Philadelphia, MS; Jr. 

Cumberland, Randy M Florence, MS; Jr. 

Cumbie, Sylvia D Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Cummings, Cynthia D Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Cure, Marty W Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Curley, Cecilia C Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Currie, Kitty Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Curry, Tobie L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Curtis, Paul S Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

DaCosta, Carlos J Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui; So. 

Dahlgren, Cynthia A Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Dailey, Bobby E Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Dailey, Felecia A Moss Point, MS; So. 

Dailey, Kenneth M Atmore, AL; Sr. 

Dallas, Teri A Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Dallas, Tori R Mendenhall, MS; So. 

Dana, Marion E Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Dana, Melinda A Long Beach, MS; Fr 

Daniel, Louis F Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Daniel, Thomas W Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Daniels, Regina K Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Danos, Tiffany Harvey, LA; So. 

Darling, Anthony J Aurora, IL; So. 

Davenport, Donald S Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Davenport, Jack H Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Davenport, Regina A Alexandria, VA; Jr. 

Davidson, Arthur S Escatawapa, MS; Jr. 

Davidson, Christopher S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 


Davidson, Diane D Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Davidson, James J Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Davidson, Monica A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Davidson, William W Escatawpa, MS; Jr. 

Davies, Brian S Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Davies, Kathy J Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Davion, Desiree Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Davis, Amy Vancleave, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Angela S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Annie L Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Davis, B. Keith Seminary, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Cindy C Hamilton, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Deborah A Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Davis, Deborah W Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Janet E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Jessie Walnut Grove, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Jim Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Davis, June K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Davis, Kathleen Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Kevin R Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Davis, LaJuanzo B McComb, MS; Fr. 

Davis, Margaret K Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Davis, Mary G Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Davis, Mary P Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Davis, Michael G Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Davis, Mitchell R Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Davis, Sonja A Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Davis, Sonja C Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Day, Genia K Brookhaven, MS; So. 

Day, Sam Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Dean, James B Yazoo City, MS; So. 

Dear, Fulton L Brandon, MS; So. 

Dear, Tamara Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Dearman, Lee B Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Dearman, Milton D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Deas, Damon R Waynesboro, MS; Fr. 

DeCoursey, Jonathan M Erie, PA; Sr. 

Dedeaux, Belinda K Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Dedeaux, Edwin J DeLisle, MS; Sr. 

Deer, Becky S McComb, MS; Fr. 

Deere, Carole R Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Dees, Karen E Collins, MS; Jr. 

Dees, Richard G Florence, MS; Jr. 

Dees, Shelley J Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Delaney, Janet S Gulfport, MS; So. 

Delaughter, Jan S Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Delcambre, Darlene Biloxi, MS; So. 

Del Nero, Marcos Sao Paulo, Brazil; Fr. 

Denham, Staci L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Denham, Thelma J Natchez, MS; Gr. 

Dennis, Michael J Bay St. Louis, MS; Fr. 

Denton, Melanie P Forest, MS; So. 

Denton, Tracy B Jackson, MS; Fr. 

DeTommaso, Keith E Groves, TX; Sr. 

DeShazo, Angela E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Dewett, Donna G McComb, MS; Sr. 

Dewey, Penny A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Diamond, Colin R Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Diaz, M. Elena Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Dick, Sherry L Lacombe, LA; Jr. 

Dickerson, Billy O Summit, MS; Jr. 

Dickerson, Bridget R Semmes, AL; Fr. 

Dickerson, Deborah K Quitman, MS; Sr. 

Dickerson, Scindy E Mize, MS; Sr. 

Dickey, Pamela M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Dickson, Pamela L Jackson, MS; Jr. 



Dickson, Stephanie L Jackson, MS; So 

Dieckman, Diana Jackson, MS; Jr 

Dievert, Rita B Hazlehurst, MS; Sr 

Dillard, Annie R Meadville, MS; Sr 

Dillard, Susan C Meridian, MS; Jr 

Dilley, N. Lee Long Beach, MS; Fr 

Dillon, Cheryl L Foley, AL; So 

Dillon, Teresa D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr 

Dionne, Dawn A Gautier, MS; So 

Dionne, Kimberley J Gautier, MS; Fr 

DiStefano, John H Biloxi, MS; Fr 

Ditsworth, Dale M Pascagoula, MS; S; 

Dixon, Jodie Clarksdale, MS; Fr 

Dixon, Sherry V Silver Creek, MS; Jr 

Dodd, Vickie L Doddsville, MS; Sr 

Dolan, James A Vicksburg, MS; Jr 

Dollar, Donald G Long Beach, MS; Fr 

Dollar, Kent T Gulfport, MS; Jr 

Dominick, Ray B Centreville, MS; So 

Dominick, Wayna J Liberty, MS; Sr 

Donald, Terri L Philadelphia, MS; Sr 

Dongieux, Jete A New Orleans, LA; Fr 

Donley, Barbara J Long Beach, MS; So 

Donnelly, Karen I Mobile, AL; Jr 

Dorrill, Robert B Slidell, LA, Fr 

Dorsey, Albert Vicksburg, MS; Fr 

Dorsey, Alisa S Hattiesburg, MS; Sr 

Dougherty, Dee A Ocean Springs, MS; Fr 

Doyle, Andrew J Gulfport, MS; So 

Doyle, Richard A Hazlehurst, MS; Jr 

Dozier, Vickie M Laurel, MS; Sr 

Draeger, Martin J Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr 

Drane, Dan D Columbia, MS; Fr 

Draughn, Rex E Petal, MS; So 

Dreher, Regina M Moss Point, MS; Jr 

Driskell, Leslie M Brookhaven, MS; Jr 

i i 

Driver, Mark J Hernando, MS; Jr. 

Drones, Daisy M Prentiss, MS; So. 

Drury, M. Renee Carriere, MS; Sr. 

Dubuisson, Robin E Long Beach, MS; So. 

Dubuisson, Theresa A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Ducarpe, Terri M Picayune, MS; Fr. 


Duckworth, James G Mandeville, LA; Sr. 

Duckworth, Mcchelle D Collins, MS; Fr. 

Dudding, David H Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Duckworth, Rayford W Mandeville, LA; Jr. 

Dudley, Sally E Birmingham, AL; So. 

Duett, Charles R Belzoni, MS, Jr. 

Duff, Kelly L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Dugas, Elizabeth A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Dullard, Shawn S Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Dunaway, Michael A Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Duncan, Mary H Laurel, MS; So. 

Duncan, Sherri B Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Dunipace, Cheryl L Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Dunn, Billie S Biloxi, MS; So. 

Dunnam, Roy A Lucedale, AL; Fr. 

Dunlap, Alisa R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Durham, Mark Park Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Durham, William T Arrakis, MS; Jr. 

Dutton, Scott A Slidell, LA; Jr. 

Dye, Carol J Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Dyson, Christopher A Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Eakes, Clifton B Meridian, MS; So. 

Earles, Angela D Magee, MS; Jr. 

Earnest, Curt Clinton, MS; Jr. 

East, Jerry W Moss, MS; Sr. 

Easterling, Edward E Brandon, MS; So. 

Easterling, Franklin L Richton, MS; Sr. 

Easterling, Julie R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Easterling, Lori C Picayune, MS; So. 

Eastland, Diann Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Eastland, Jane G Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Easton, Russell C Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Echols, Celina V Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Echols, Karen E Coldwater, MS; Jr. 

Edgeman, Shelly M Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Edmondson, Carla M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Edon, Lawrence D Jackson, MS; So. 

Edwards, Denise D Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Edwards, Dorothy L Gloster, MS; Fr. 

Edwards, Ethel M Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Edwards, Karen R Clinton, MS; Fr. 

Edwards, Pamela D McCall Creek, MS; Sr. 



Edwards, Todd M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Egley, Catherine A Leland, MS; Sr. 

Ehlers, Lori A Long Beach, MS; Gr. 

Eichhorn, Karen E Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Eidt, Alisa D Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Eidt, Andrea S Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Eiken, Lynley L Gautier, MS; Fr. 

Eisenhauer, Fred R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Ekey, Karen A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Ekey, Richard D Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Elalighe, Mohamed H Tobruk, Libya; Sr. 

Elder, Linda E Brandon, MS; So. 

Elkins, Richie Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Ellis, Gary L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Ellis, Sean W Terry, MS; Gr. 

Ellis, Yolanda J Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Ellison, Cathy T Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Ellzey, Brenda D Soso, MS; Sr. 

Ellzey, Christy E Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Elmenhurst, Scott A Walla Walla, WA; Jr. 

England, Ellen Magnolia, MS; Sr. 

English, Kristin L Picayune, MS; So. 

English, Malcolm L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

English, Pennie R Union, MS; Jr. 

Enslow, Stephen M Huntington, WV; Jr. 

Entrekin, Paul Lumberton, MS; Jr. 

Essary, Gary O Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Escher, Roland Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Estes, Jim R Atlanta, GA; Fr. 

Estrada, Jane A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Etheridge, Paula R Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Eubanks, Clara D Lucedale, MS; So. 

Evans, Angela D Bond, MS; Jr. 

Evans, Eleanor V Palatine, IL; Fr. 

Evans, Eric H Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Evans, Jeffery D Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Evans, Marc Jacksonville, FL; So. 

Evans, Melissa A Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Evans, Mike W Quitman, MS; So. 

Evans, Pamela G Slidell, LA; So. 

Evans, Stacy N Newton, MS; Sr. 

Evans, Valerie D Cleveland, MS; Jr. 

Everett, Kendall O Magee, MS; Jr. 

Everett, Nancy 1 D'Lo, MS; Sr. 

Evers, Gloria J Laurel, MS; So. 

Ewell, Burnie J Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Expose, Carol M Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Ezelle, Darlene Decatur, MS; Sr. 

Ezell, Eric Taylorsville, MS; Sr. 

Ezelle, Missy A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Fairley, Lee E Jackson. MS; So. 

Fairley, Rhonda L Houston, TX; Jr. 

Faler, Carlis E Collins, MS; Jr. 

Falgout, Michael Metairie, LA; So. 

Fallin, Renee D Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Falls, Janet M Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Farmer, Missy G Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Farmer, Paul L Covington, LA; So. 

Farmer, Tamara G Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Farrior, Marcia L Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Farris, Ronald D Petal, MS; Sr. 

Farris, S. Christopher Hattiesburg. MS; Jr. 

Farrow, Karen M Slidell, LA; So. 

Fava, Patricia A Monticello, MS; So. 

Faver, Susan J Long Beach. MS; Jr. 

Fayard, Alicia J Gulfport. MS; So. 



Fayard, Suzette Hampton, VA; Fr. 

Felder, Pamela J Liberty, MS; Sr. 

Felton, Joy L Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Felder, Richard E McComb, MS; Jr. 

Fendley, Deborah K Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Fernandez, Jose J Valencia, Venezuela; So. 

Ferrell, Bobby Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Ferrell, Carolyn E Bay St. Louis, MS; Gr. 

Ferrell, James H Huntsville, AL; Fr. 

Ferrell, Gloria A Taylorsville, MS; Gr. 

Fields, Dana D Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Files, Jeffery J Brandon, MS; So. 

Finley, Michael E Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Finnegan, Kenneth M Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Firmin, Amy A Bay St. Louis, MS; So. 

Fischer, Tina M Wiggins, MS; Fr. 

Fisher, Janet L Marion, IN; Jr. 

Fisher, Sandra B West, MS; Fr. 

Fishman, Cheryl A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Fitch, Becky S Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Fitzgerald, Mike P Bay St. Louis, MS; So. 

Fitzgerald, Russell O Colorado Springs, CO; Fr. 

Fitzgerald, Shannon M Gautier, MS; Fr. 

Fiveash, Janet S Poplarville, MS; Jr. 

Flake, Rhett B Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Flanner, Jamie B Purvis, MS; Sr. 

Fletcher, Dean A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Fletcher, Karen E Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Fletcher, Kathy D Pensacola, FL; So. 

Fletcher, Stacy A Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Floore, Kenneth L Columbus, MS; Sr. 

Flowers, Meg Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Flowers, Thomas L Brandon, MS; So. 

Floyd, Bert E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Floyd, Kenneth E Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Flynt, Donna M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Flynt, Ginger K Mt. Olive, MS; Fr. 

Flynt, Jessica L Hazlehurst, MS; So. 

Flynt, Teresa A Mt. Olive, MS; Jr. 

Foggo, John T Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Fokakis, Angela E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Folse, Kerri A Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Fontenelle, Leslie A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Forbess, David R Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Ford, Mary M Louisville, MS; Fr. 

Forde, John E Laurel, MS; Gr. 

Formby, Suzanne M Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Forrest, Patsy L Ponchatoula, LA; So. 

Foster, Angela West Point, MS; Fr. 

Foster, Debra J Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Foster, James B Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Foster, Walker Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Fountain, Candi S Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Fowler, Lisa C Picayune, MS; So. 

Fowler, Paula G Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Fowlkes, Laura L Fulton, MS; So. 

Foxworth, William M Foxworth, MS; So. 

Frances, Glenn D Waveland, MS; Sr. 

Franklin, David L Foxworth, MS; Jr. 

Franklin, Edwinia E Coahoma, MS; Jr. 

Franklin, J. Mark Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Frazier, Amber E Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Frederick, Amy Edwards, MS; Sr. 

Fredericks, Grayland G Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Freeman, Laura A Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Freeman, Sandra J Natchez, MS; Sr. 

&P ©8 



Freeman, Shelly Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Freeman, Sherrie J Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Freeman, Sherrye L Saraland, AL; So. 

Freeny, Donna J Carthage, MS; Sr. 

Freibert, Richard J Jackson, MS; Gr. 

French, Cynthia D Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Frentz, Mozzie G Biloxi, MS; So. 

Friesz, Linda M Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Frith, Susie A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Frye, John A Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Fukuda, Yoshiko Yokogawa, Japan; Fr. 

Fuller, Jessica B Chehalis, WA; Fr. 

Fultz, Michael K Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Funes, Garda L Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Fr. 

Furlow, Melanie Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Furrh, Leigh Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Gagliano, Gary M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Galle, Valerie L Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Galliano, Michael A Jackson, MS; So. 

Galligan, Regina Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Gammage, Alesia A Taylorsville, MS; Jr. 

Gammage, Lisa L Bay Springs, MS; Sr. 

Gandy, Charles Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Gandy, John H Hazlehurst, MS; Gr. 

Gandy, Jerry L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Gandy, Lore T Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Gandy, Susan M Hazlehurst, MS; Jr. 

Garcia, Mary A Waveland, MS; Fr. 

Gardner, Kimberly P Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Gardner, M. Valerie Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Gardner, William C Homewood, AL; Gr. 

Gargard, John M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Garman, Karen L Nashville, TN; So. 

Garner, Carol A Greenville, MS; Jr. 

Garner, Diane G Biloxi, MS; So. 

Garner, Lisa M Long Beach, MS; So. 

Garrett, Hope C Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Gash, Kristy Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Gast. Holly P Liberty, MS; Fr. 

Gaston, Flo A Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Gaston. Ronald C Mobile, AL; Fr. 


Gates, Elvis B Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Gates, Jean M Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Gates, Paula Wiggins, MS; Jr. 

Gatlin, Jennifer L Bogue Chitto, MS; Sr. 

Gaude, Jan E Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Gaudet, Mary E Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Gaughf, Carey B Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Gavin, Melanie E Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Gavins, Leonard K Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Gay, Laura J Lake, MS; Fr. 

Geddie, Martha L Tupelo, MS; Jr. 

Gengler, Robert N Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Gentile, Frank J Sarasota, FL; Sr. 

Gentle, Jerry W Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

George, Francie Meridian, MS; So. 

Gerald, Walter C Sumter, SC; Gr. 

Germany, David L Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Germany, Melanie R Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Gettys, Scott E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Gibbs, Chip H Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Gibson, Dale C Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Gibson, Susan M Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Gilbert, Bryant P Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Gilbert, Sharon L Carriere, MS; So. 

Giles, Marilyn M Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Gilleow, Grant H Slidell, LA; Sr. 

Gillete, C. William Wiggins, MS; So. 

Gillis, Jody Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Gillis, Penny C Pinola, MS; Jr. 

Gilmer, Kinnard K Edwards, MS; Sr. 

Gilmore, Clay Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Gingrich, Patricia S Seminary, MS; So. 

Ginn, David T Atlanta, GA; Sr. 

Ginn, Donna K Atlanta, GA; So. 

Gipson, Lee E Meridian, MS; So. 

Gipson, Sharon D Holly Springs, MS; Fr. 

Glaab, Monique T Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Glaab, Suzette S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Glenn, Frank A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Glover, Margaret E Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Godail, Karen E Baton Rouge, LA; Fr. 

Goetz, Tammy D Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Goggans, Tina L Corinth, MS; Jr. 

Golden, Suzanne B Dunedin, FL; Sr. 

Gollott, Lisa M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Gombos, Kathleen A Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

298 Gates/Gutierrez 

1 %:♦:♦:♦:♦♦♦/♦*♦% 


o p $ I 

Gonzalez, Mary P Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela; Jr. 

Gonzalez, Noemi Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Goodman, Elizabeth L Tampa, FL; Fr. 

Goodwin, Allyson B Laurel, MS; So. 

Goodwin, Beverly R Louisville, MS; Sr. 

Goodwin, James M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Goodwin, Katherine E Forest, MS; Sr. 

Gropalan, Suresh Madras, India; Gr. 

Gordon, Donald P Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Gordon, Donna R Grand Bay, AL; Jr. 

Gordon, John D Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Gordon, Kenya D Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Gordon, Rodney G Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Gordon, Vince R Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Gore, Thomas M Natchez, MS; So. 

Goss, Beth Columbia, MS; So. 

Gouchie, Thomas W Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Gough, Janis C Tupelo, MS; Sr. 

Gould, Danette K Tucker, GA; Jr. 

Gould, Missy Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Graham, Clay A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Graham, James L Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Graham, Jeffrey S Enterprise, MS; Sr. 

Graham, Ronda M Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Grant, Beth Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Grantham, Leslie A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Grantham, Suzanne M Bloomington, IN; Fr. 

Graves, Curtis D Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Graves, James M Hebron, MS; Sr. 

Gray, Anne Pace, FL; So. 

Gray, Cynthia R Collins, MS; So. 

Gray, John K Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Gray, Julie L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Gray, Thomas J Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Grayson, Charla K Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Green, Amanda J Daphne, AL; Fr. 

Green, Annie B Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Green, Jimmie C Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Green, Joannie L McComb, MS; Jr. 

Green, Madonna J Pearl, MS; Gr. 

Green, Paula L Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Greene, John R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Greenwaldt, Michael E Canton, MS; Sr. 

Greer, Kyle Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Gregory, Betty L Decatur, MS; Sr. 

Gregory, Patricia A Shalimar, FL; Gr. 

Green, Elizabeth A Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Grice, Pamela L Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Griffin, David M Columbus, MS; Fr. 

Griffith, James K Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Griffith, Lisa Mobile, AL; So. 

Griffith, Terrilyn L Picayune, MS; So. 

Grill, Patrick M Memphis. TN; Sr. 

Grosche, Pamela L Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Grubbs, Carolyn A Magee, MS; Sr. 

Guercio, Terri L Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Guice, June H Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Guice, Pamela G Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Guillot, Monique S Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Guillotte. Kippi Pearl. MS; Sr. 

Guizerix, Kathleen L Picayune. MS; Sr. 

Gunn, E. Katrina Columbia. MS; Fr. 

Gunnell, Shirley S Bogue Chitto, MS; Sr. 

Gunkel, Jane M Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Gustin. Patrick Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Gutierrez, Lauren L Biloxi, MS; So. 


Guy, Brian K Hatticsburg, MS; Sr. 

Guy, Susan Braxton, MS; Sr. 

Haag, Chris R Chatom, AL; Jr. 

Haber, Carol L Cantonment, FL; Jr. 

Hoffenden, Cheryl A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Hafler, David L Brandon, MS; So. 

Haggard, Kathy R Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Hagin, Greg G Gulfport, MS; So. 

Hahn, Cindy S Petal, MS; Fr. 

Haik, Phillip B Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Haines, Mary J Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Hajjar, Iraj E Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Hall, Christine A Satellite Beach, FL; So. 

Hall, Diane Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Hall, Frances M Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Hall, Gregory L Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Hall, John Petal, MS; So. 

Hall, Leslie A Etowah, TN; Sr. 

Hall, Lorraine Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Hall, Robert T Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Halliburton, Doug Brooksville, MS; Fr. 

Halterlein, Chris Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Halterlein, Maria B Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Hambric, Anna L Woodbridge, VA; Sr. 

Hambric, Steen H Woodbridge, VA; So. 

Hambrick, Eric H Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Hamilton, Barbara A McComb, MS; Sr. 

Hamilton, Robert L Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Hammack, Vicki Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Hammer, Richard H Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Hammond, Douglas Miami, FL; Sr. 

Hammond, Eliza A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Hammond, Melissa C Monticello, MS; Fr. 

Hammond, Sandra K Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Hammond, Tammy J Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Hamrick, Ronnie Enterprise, MS; Sr. 

Hand, Steven W Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Hankins, Michael C Raleigh, MS; Jr. 

Hanley, Denise H Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Hansek, David F Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Hanshaw, Elizabeth A Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Hanzalik, James E Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Haque, Anjum A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Haralson, Alfonzo Forest, MS; Gr. 

Hard, Sherry G Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Harbison, James S McComb, MS; So. 

Hardin, Carroll A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Hardin, Elizabeth R Memphis, TN; Sr. 

Hardison, Brian L Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Hardison, Robert A Memphis, TN; Sr. 

Hardy, Cindy A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Hargett, Lisa K Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Harkins, Alice B Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Harkins, Anita M Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Harkins, Mary R Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Harkins, Thomas P Sumrall, MS; Jr. 

Harper, Eric C Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Harper, Pamela F Jackson, MS; So. 

Harper, Teri Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Harrell, Chuck Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Harrell, Emma R McComb, MS; So. 

Harrell, Eva L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Harrelson, Gary L Alexander City, AL; Sr. 

Harrington, Hope Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Harris, David Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Harris, Evon Verona, MS; Sr. 



Harris, Isaac D Ocean Springs, MS; Sr 

Harris, Linda L Newton, MS; Sr 

Harris, Marie D Electric Mills, MS; Jr 

Harris, Mary A Pensacola, FL; So 

Harris, Mike Hattiesburg, MS; Fr 

Harris, Pamela E Hattiesburg, MS; Sr 

Harris, Ruby E Hattiesburg, MS; Sr 

Harris, Sonya K Jackson, MS; So 

Harris, Stacey K Laurel, MS; Sr 

Harris, Wendy L Gulfport, MS; Jr 

Harrison, Charles F Vicksburg, MS; Jr 

Harrison, Debora A Grenada, MS; So 

Harrison, Mary C Vicksburg, MS; Sr 

Hart, Milton Lumberton, MS; Jr 

Hart, Rebecca A Jackson, MS; Fr 

Harter, Phyllis A Long Beach, MS; So 

Hartfield, Roy J Purvis, MS; Jr 

Hartmann, Mara M Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Hartsell, James R Biloxi, MS; So. 

Harvey, Barbara L Forest, MS; Jr, 

Harvey, John Long Beach, MS; Sr 

Harvey, Mamie C Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Harvey, Randy K Mendenhall, MS; Jr 

Harvey, Scott Monticello, MS; Fr. 

Harville, Ervin J Selma, AL; Fr 

Harwell, Tracy Hattiesburg, MS; So 

Hasson, Lori Ft. Walton Beach, FL; So 

Hatcher, Michael T Lucedale, MS; Sr 

Hathorn, Angela Y Meridian, MS; Jr 

Hatten, Debbie L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr 

Hatten, Donna R Clinton, MS; Sr 

Hatten, Vicki L Brandon, MS; Jr 

Hatten, William E Brandon, MS; Fr 

Havard, James M New Augusta, MS; Fr 

Havard, Ottis G Natchez, MS; Sr 

Hawes, Leslie R Hattiesburg, MS; So 

Hawkins, Aaron W Madison, MS; Sr 

Hawkins, Ellen Tupelo, MS; Gr 

Hawkins, Tricia L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Hay, Adelina E Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Hay, Carolina M Biloxi, MS; So. 

Hayes, Linda A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Hayman, John M Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Hays, Nathan S Houston, TX; Jr. 

Heard, Kathleen A. 
Hearns, Martha A. . 

. Meridian, MS; Sr. 
. Quitman. MS; Gr. 


Heckman, Roxanne L Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Hegwood, Karen M Union, MS; Jr. 

Hcgwood, Lisa R Forest, MS; Sr. 

Hegwood, Skyla D Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Heiden, Amy E Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Heitler, Clayton A Baton Rouge, LA; Fr. 

Helgeson, Merry E Biloxi, MS; So. 

Heltz, Kevin P Reserve, LA; So. 

Hem, Jeanine N Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Hemester, J. Scott Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Henderson, Charlie A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Henderson, Debora S Collins, MS; Fr. 

Henderson, James M Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Henderson, Laura A Richton, MS; Sr. 

Henderson, Renee Columbus, MS; Sr. 

Henderson, Sharon L Petal, MS; Fr. 

Hendren, Jason L Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Henley, Daniel Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Henry, Agnes C Laurel, MS; So. 

Henry, John D Pensacola, MS; Sr. 

Henry, Kevin T Soso, MS; Jr. 

Henry, Maria K McComb, MS; Sr. 

Henry, Pamela L Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Henry, Roscoe R Soso, MS; So. 

Henry, T. Kreg Philadelphia, MS; So. 

Hensarling, Marvin G Ovett, MS; Jr. 

Herrin, Glenda R Sumrall, MS; Fr. 

Herring, Bobby H Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Herring, Chrissy 1 Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Herring, Cynthia A Tylertown, MS; Gr. 

Herring, Neoto A Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Herring, Patricia L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Herring, Richard A Jackson, MS; Gr. 

Herrington, Holly L Sumrall, MS; Fr. 

Herrington, Kimberly B Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Herrington, Phyllis A Bogalusa, LA; Gr. 

Herrington, Robert P Woodville, MS; Jr. 

Hess, Thomas J Sewickley, PA; So. 

Hester, Carlos D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Hetherington, Rachael A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Hewes, Billy Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Hewes, Charles A Gulfport, MS; So. 

Hickey, Scott E Clarksdale, MS; Fr. 

Hickman, Denise A Toomsuba, MS; Sr. 

Hickman, Mary-Therese Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Hicks, Tammy L Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Hickson, Raymona K Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Hilbun, Cynthia M Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Hill, Hugh A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Hill, Pam T Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Hille, Amy A Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 



rv> ; 

Hilley, Carolyn E Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Hillman, Byron S Jackson, MS; So. 

Hillman, Gloria J Richton, MS; Jr. 

Hillman, Paul M Richton, MS; Jr. 

Hines, Janet L Madison, MS; Sr. 

Hines, Randall J Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Hines, Tina M Richland, MS; Gr. 

Hoag, Robert L Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Hobbs, Mary L Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Hobbs, Vicki D Natchez, MS; So. 

Hodge, Diedre D Ridgeland, MS; So. 

Hoffland, Greg M Manawa, WI; Gr. 

Hoffmann, Dinah F Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Hoffman, Tammy G Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Hoggatt, Larry R Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Hoitt, Jay Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Hoke, Kathryn E Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Holcomb, Richard P Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Holder, Dennis E Lumberton, MS; Sr. 

Holifield, Jan M Gautier, MS; So. 

Holifield, Rhonda K Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Holland, Brenda S Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Holland, Linda J Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Holland, Linda K Lucedale, MS; So. 

Holland, Tamera A Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Hollinger, Vickie D Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Hollinghead, Juanita G Leakesville, MS; Sr. 

Hollingsworth, Teresa J Runnelstown, MS; Sr. 

Holloway, Heather A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Holloway, Jo L Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Holloway, Rita L Petal, MS; So. 

Holloway, Scottye M Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Holloway, Tammy L Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Hollowell, Tina S Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Holm, Carol A Gloster, MS; Sr. 

Holman, George R Bolton, MS; Sr. 

Holman, Tammy E Okolona, MS; Sr. 

Holmes, Debra A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Holmes, Dennis W Jackson, MS; So. 

Holmes, Louis Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Holmes, Melody M Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Holmes, Paulett Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Holmes, Tim J Chalmette, LA; Sr. 

Holmes, William E Brandon, MS; So. 

Holsomback, Jack A Vicksburg, MS; Gr. 

Holston, Stephen K Newton, MS; Jr. 

Holt, Jerry G Boyle. MS; Sr. 

Holt, Jerry W Lake, MS; Sr. 

Holzer, Camilla N Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Honeychurch, Pamela L Carriere, MS; Fr. 

Hoo Fatt, Mark S Arima, Trinidad; Sr. 

Hood, John G Yazoo City, MS; So. 

Hooks, Amy B Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Hopkins, Bubba Jackson, MS; So. 

Horgan, Maureen A Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fr. 

Horkins, Elizabeth J Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Horn, Lisa M Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Home, Jeana S Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Horton, Peggy F Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Horton, Stephen A Columbus, MS; So. 

Hosch, Carole A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Hoselle, Anne M Long Beach, MS; So. 

Hosey, Dianna M Ocean Springs. MS; Jr. 

House, Derrick D Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Housley, Joseph E Hattiesburg. MS; Sr. 

Housley, Sharon D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 


Houston, Mark Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Hover, Lynda B Petal, MS; Fr. 

Hout, Jennie M Dekalb, MS; So. 

Howard, Barbara J Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Howard, Cynthia Crystal Springs, MS; Sr. 

Howard, Cynthia L Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Howard, Kenneth R Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Howard, Louada Belzoni, MS; Jr. 

Howard, Olga O Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Howell, Brent G Lucedale, MS; So. 

Howell, Derrek L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Howell, Gary A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Howell, Lorrie M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Howell, Marc H Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Howell, Rachel M Woodville, MS; Gr. 

Howell, S. Janine Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Howell, Timothy E Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Hubbard, Benny L Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Hubbard, C. Fairly Magee, MS; Fr. 

Hubbard, Chana R Huntsville, AL; So. 

Hubbard, Glenn Atlanta, GA; Sr. 

Hubler, Monica E Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Huch, Marina R Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Huddleston, Freddy Plantersville, MS; Jr. 

Huddleston, Johnny E Bay Springs, MS; Jr. 

Huddleston, Randall S Ripley, MS; Fr. 

Huddleston, Ray P Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Hudgins, Beth A Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Hudnall, Cynthia R Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Hudson, Barbara J Petal, MS; Fr. 

Hudson, Lisa K Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Hudson, Nita D Sumrall, MS; Jr. 

Hudson, Phyllis S Hernando, MS; So. 

Hudson, Richard D Magee, MS; So. 

Hueck, Erick Laurel, MS; So. 

Huey, H.C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Huff, Harold Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Huff, Henry P Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Huff, Monica D Jackson, MS; So. 

Hugger, Juanita J McLain, MS; So. 

Hughes, Charles E Magee, MS; Jr. 

Hughes, Holly D McComb, MS; So. 

Hughes, Leslie I Magee, MS; Sr. 

Hughes, Nona C Centreville, MS; Jr. 

Hughes, Phyliss A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Hughes, Wade K Laurel, MS; Gr. 

Hughes, Willie B Canton, MS; Sr. 

Hulitsky, Cindy New Orleans, LA; Fr. 

Hultz, Alice F Mobile, AL; Sr. 

Humphrey, Edwin S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Hunt, Lewis W Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Hunt, Stacey A Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Hurlbert, David F Biloxi, MS; Gr. 

Hurley, Geneva R Union, MS; Sr. 

Hurt, Allison L Lucedale, MS; So. 

Hurt, Lisa G Lumberton, MS; Jr. 

Husband, Regenia G Brooklyn, MS; Fr. 

Hutcherson, Doug Quitman, MS; Jr. 

Hurst, Walter J Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Hurtado, Jaime E Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Fr. 

Hust, David W Marion Junction, AL; Jr. 

Hutchinson, Barry L Roxie, MS; Jr. 

Hutson, Charles W McComb, MS; So. 

Hyde, Aaron T Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Ijames, Sharon L Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Ingram, Karen R Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 


Houston/ Jenkins 

Ingram, Kim R Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Ingram, James M New Orleans, LA; Fr. 

Ingram, Walton E Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Irby, Karen R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Ishee, David M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Ivy, Debra Oxford, MS; Sr. 

Jackson, Barbara A Moselle, MS; Jr. 

Jackson, Billy R Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Jackson, Deborah Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Jackson, Donald G Ellisville, MS; Jr. 

Jackson, Georgia M Moss Point, MS; Fr. 

Jackson, Greg Greenwood, MS; Sr. 

Jackson, Harold W Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Jackson, Lydia B Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Jackson, Sonja L Moss Point, MS; So. 

Jackson, Steven J Summit, MS; Sr. 

Jackson, Tina L Bay Springs, MS; So. 

Jacobs, Everett M West Columbia, SC; Jr. 

Jacobs, Joni L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

James, Mark G Hazlehurst, MS; Fr. 

James, Matthew J Greenville, MS; Jr. 

James, Michael D Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

James, Pam Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

James, Ron A Southaven, MS; So. 

Janus, Jennifer Biloxi, MS; So. 

Jarrell, Kenneth W Kokomo, MS; Sr. 

Jarufe, Jacobo E Comayaqua, Honduras; Fr 

Jasmon, Joseph E Springfield, IL; Fr. 

Jasper, Deborah A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Jeanfreau, Diane M Metairie, LA; Sr. 

Jefcoats, Karen S Soso, MS; Sr. 

Jefferis, Lu Ellen Brandon, MS; Gr. 

Jefferson, Booker T Madison, MS; Fr. 

Jefferson, Gwendolyn E Jackson, MS; So. 

Jelks, Kenneth A Centreville, MS; So. 

Jenkins, Deverick M Gulfport, MS; So. 

V^^l |U*? ■*■*■* 

Jenkins, Gwendolyn A Ruth, MS; Sr. 

Jenkins, J. Kerry Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Jenkins, Jill E Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Jenkins, Lisa M Jackson, MS; So. 

Jenkins, Melody D Purvis, MS; So. 

Jenkins, Pamela J Horn Lake. MS; Sr. 


Jennings, E. Paige Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Jennings, Susan L Mantee, MS; Fr. 

Jerrolds, Jacqueline J Mendenhall, MS; Fr. 

Jeter, Marvin H Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Jimmerson, Kenneth L Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Johns, Gregg A Pearl, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Allen K Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Anna C Pasadena, CA; So. 

Johnson, Anthony B Sebastopol, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Beverley J Lexington, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Cindy D Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Clarence Clarksdale, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Danny S Canton, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Jeffery D Madison, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Jeffery W Collins, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Joseph E Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Julie E Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Marsha A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Monica L Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Pamela R Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Paul B Seminary, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Regina Florence, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Rick A Batesville, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Sandra K Sebastopol, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Sarah D Wesson, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Sarah J Angie, LA; Jr. 

Johnson, Sharon P Tylertown, MS; Sr. 

Johnson, Shunda S Blue Mountain, MS; Jr. 

Johnson, Thomas B Horn Lake, MS; Gr. 

Johnson, Vernon V Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Johnson, Waltraud A Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Johnston, James M Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Johnston, Cynthia C Decatur, GA; Jr. 

Johnston, Raymond W Savannah, GA; Sr. 

Jones, Angie Forest, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Bobbie J Canton, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Carol L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Cheryl B Raymond, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Christie E Starkville, MS; Gr. 

Jones, Cindy J Magee, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Cruise K Long Beach, MS; Gr. 

Jones, Daniel K Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Darla J Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Debra A Sharon, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Denise G Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Jones, Donna L Columbia, MS; Fr. 



Jones, Freddie L Lula, MS; So. 

Jones, John W Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Kecia M McComb, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Kelley R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Kevin W Madison, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Leslie F Yazoo City, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Melissa E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Michael C Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Mitchell S Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Neill D Hazlehurst, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Pamela J Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Phyllis Maben, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Robert K Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Rodney C Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Rosemarie Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Shannan L Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Jones, Steven A Terry, MS; Sr. 

Jones, Susan L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Jones, Thomas E Moselle, MS; Jr. 

Jones, Vann E Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Jones, William L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Jordan, Charles S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Jordan, Claude V Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Jordan, Edward C Washpuck, ID; Sr. 

Jordan, Elizabeth A Slidell, LA, Fr. 

Jordan, James A Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Jorden, Teresa D Clinton, MS; So. 

Joseph, Alton H Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Joyner, Jessie W Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Joyner, Julie A Jackson, MS; So. 

Judice, David W Gloster, MS; So. 

Justice, Shirley K Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Kahlstorf, Mary M Shreveport, LA; Jr. 

Kalil, Gena D McComb, MS; Sr. 

Kaskie, Brian D Forest, MS; So. 

Kasper, Glenn D Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Kaufman, JoAnn Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Kay, Antrice Corinth, MS; Jr. 

Kay, Karen L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Kay, Robin G Collins, MS; Sr. 

Keane, Joann C Forest, MS; So. 

Keen, Angela R Florence, MS; Sr. 

Keen, Lorrie M Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Keeney, Scott L Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Kees, Mary C Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Keith, Emily J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Keith. Sean P Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Keller, William S Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Kelley, Dianne W Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Kelly, Leonard R Jackson, MS; So. 

Kelley, Steven T Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Kellum, Gloria J Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Kelly, Edrica D Lumberton, MS; Jr. 

Kelly, Jessie B Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Kemp, Leisha S Gulfport, MS; So. 

Kemp, Robert D Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Kendrick, Victoria L Edwards, MS; Sr. 

Kennedy, Keith Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Kennedy, Michael D Hattiesburg. MS; Jr. 

Kennedy, Raine McComb, MS; So. 

Kennedy, Tara H Franklinton, LA; Fr. 

Kennedy, Wanda Taylorsville, MS; Jr. 

Kent, Angelia C Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Kergosien, Patrick J Bay St. Louis, MS; So. 

Kerley, Megan Bassfield, MS; Gr. 

Kermode, Jackie L Pascagoula, MS; So. 


Kern, Peggy A Gulfport, MS; So. 

Kerrick, Jay Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Kesler, Gregory L Lithia Springs, GA; Jr. 

Kessler, Robin D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Key, Jackie B Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Keys, Jackie K Magee, MS; Jr. 

Keys, Kayle R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Keys, Rhonda Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Kidd, Lemuel Columbus, MS; Fr. 

Kierstead, Dale G Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Killens, Joe A Union, MS; So. 

Kim, Yang S Metairie, LA; Jr. 

Kimbrell, Samuel A Clinton, MS; Jr. 

King, Debbie Edwards, MS; So. 

King, James R Conehatta, MS; Fr. 

King, Jimmy L Magee, MS; Fr. 

King, Kathy L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

King, Kathy M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

King, Patti C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Kinloch, Iain Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Kinnebrew, William A Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Kinsey, Joey L Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Kinsey, Kathy S Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Kirby, Marcus A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Kirkman, Brett A Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Kirkpatrick, Kathy Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Kiser, Christopher S Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Kissinger, Peggy Slidell, LA; Jr. 

Kitch, Jeff R Gulfport, MS; So. 

Kleinpeter, Krista M Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Kleisch, Paula M Kentwood, LA; Fr. 

Kliesch, Thomas K Jackson, MS; So. 

Kloske, Teresa A Vancleave, MS; Sr. 

Kneeland, Novak Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Knight, Alan W Bogalusa, LA; Fr. 

Knight, Amy L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Knight, Clay P Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Knight, Evora A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Knight, James J Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Knight, Mark B Bogalusa, LA; Fr. 

Knight, Mary L Jackson, MS; So. 

Knight, Perry E Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Knight, Priscilla Jackson, MS; So. 

Kniphfer, Mark C New Market, AL; Sr. 

Koehn, Timothy J Gulfport, MS; So. 

Koehne, David A Ellisville, MS; Fr. 

Koeppel, Beth C Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Knop, Karen G Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Knowles, Annischa E Nassau, Bahamas; Gr. 

Koontz, Diane M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Kornrumpf, Garry D Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Kostmayer, Jennie A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Kozack, Joseph L Biloxi, MS; Gr. 

Kramer, Evelyn M Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Krebs, Alice S Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Kremek, Christopher B Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Krieger, Klint D Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Krieger, Shannon W Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Krupa, Anna C Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Kucia, Gerald L Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Kwan, Kwai-Chun Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Fr. 

Kwan, Yn Sang Hong Kong; Fr. 

Kynerd, Beth Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Labat, Eric M Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Lack, Edie L Magee, MS; So. 

Lacoste, Renee L Bay St. Louis, MS; Fr. 



Lacoste, Roger R Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Lacy, Steven K Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Ladner, Dawn A Kiln, MS; Sr. 

Ladner, Delarie A Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Ladner, Edward C Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Ladner, Joseph E Bayou LaBatre, AL; Sr. 

Ladner, Kim K Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Ladner, Kristi K Gulfport, MS; So. 

Ladner, Lee Ann Lumberton, MS; Jr. 

Ladner, Lori L Jackson, MS.Jr. 

Ladner, Robert M Bayou LaBatre, AL; Jr. 

Ladner, Tangy S Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

LaDouceur, Christina Pascagoula, Ms; Sr. 

Laird, James E Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Lamb, Laureen K Boston, MA; Fr. 

Lambert, John P Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Lambert, Katina L Daphne, AL; So. 

Lambert, Maureen S Council Bluffs, IO; Gr. 

Lamousin, James C Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Lampe, Bruce E St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Sr. 

Lancaster, Sherry J Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Landingham, Toy A Ethel, MS; Sr. 

Landrum, Bobby L Toomsuba, MS; Jr. 

Landrum, Lynn Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Landry, Michael S Kenner, LA; Fr. 

Landry, Sam C Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Landry, Thomas Baton Rouge, LA; Sr. 

Lane, Charles D Gulfport, MS; Sr 

Lane, Jackie A Chalmette, LA; So. 

Lane, Susie Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Lane, Virginia A Columbus, MS; So. 

Lanehart, Gloria A Woodville, MS; So. 

Lanehart, Sammy Woodville, MS; Jr. 

Laney, Leigh C Magee, MS; Sr. 

Lang, Adolfo P La-Paz, Bolivia; Jr. 

Lang, Linda L Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Lang, Mark E Brookhaven, MS; So. 

Lang, Sherri A Springfield, VA; Fr. 

Langenbach, Andrew M Lakeland, FL; So. 

Langley, Sandra J Wilmer. AL; Sr. 

Langley, Valerie C DeFuniak Springs, FL; Jr. 

Larkins, Karen E Cordova, TN; Sr. 

Larry, Alisa A Starkville, MS; Jr. 

Larry Theron E Starkville. MS; Sr. 

Larson, Diane M Vicksburg. MS; Fr. 

Larson, Marcia G Theodore. AL; So. 

Larson, Richard L Picayune. MS; Sr. 

Laseter, Chuck D Ellisville. MS; Jr. 

Lauderdale, Douglas R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

LaVigne, David W Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 


Lavigne, Timothy A Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Lawrence, Karl A Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Lawrence, Leon Biloxi, MS; So. 

Lawrence, Willie C Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Lea, David L Kentwood, LA: Jr. 

Leake, Carol L Woodville, MS; Sr. 

LeBlanc, Angela M Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

LeBlanc, Beth Jackson, MS; Fr. 

LeBlanc, Lisa Long Beach, MS; So. 

LeBlanc, Scott T Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Ledlow, Craig M Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Bernard Louisville, MS; Jr. 

Lee, Carole B Tylertown, MS; So. 

Lee, Cheryl A Pearl River, LA; Fr, 

Lee, Cindy J Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Debbie L Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Denise Seminary, MS; Jr. 

Lee, Elizabeth A Jackson, MS; Gr. 

Lee, Gary D Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Joye N Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Kimberly D Collins, MS; Jr. 

Lee, Linda G Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Lee, Lisa G Brewton, AL; Sr. 

Lee, Robert S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Lee, Sandra L Indianola, MS; Fr. 

Lee, Sherry M Nicholson, MS; Jr. 

Lefevre, John P Houma, LA; So. 

Legg, Donna Hartselle, AL; Jr. 

Legg, Terri D Satsuma, AL; Fr. 

Leggett, Bruce A Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Leggett, Constance R Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Lesieur, Kenneth J Pearlington, MS; Fr. 

Leidelmeyer, Remco P Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Leithead, William B Gulf Shores, AL; So. 

Leonard, John W Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Leonardt, Susan D Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Leonberger, Tim Champaign, IL; Gr. 

Leopard, Shawn L Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Lesley, Robert B Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Leslie, Samuel A Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Levy, Gregg R Milwaukee, Wl; So. 

Lewanika, Mwangelwa M Mongu, Zambia; Sr. 

Lewis, Angela D Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Lewis, Butch Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Lewis, Deborah S Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Lewis, Jonathan C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Lewis, Marvin D Lexington, MS; Fr. 

Lewis, Nancy L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 



Lewis, Patricia A Mt. Olive, MS; Jr. 

Lewis, Phillip K Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Lewis, Rex T Pelahatchie, MS; Sr. 

Lewis, Scott D Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Lewis, Silas R Monticello, MS; Fr. 

Lewis, Tejory L McComb, MS; Jr. 

Leyda, Deborah S Heidelberg, West Germany; So. 

Lian, Man Hoong Malaysia, Malaysia; Sr. 

Libonate, Danielle T Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Lichtenberg, Pamela D Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Lightsey, Anthony K Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Lightsey, Regina A Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Likins, David W New Orleans, LA; Fr. 

Lim, Jit Hiam Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Fr. 

Lindsay, Jennifer L Slidell, LA; So. 

Lindsey, Tambra M Quitman, MS; So. 

Little, Deanna L Seminary, MS; So. 

Little, Debbie J Gulfport, MS; So. 

Little, George D Port Gibson, MS; Jr. 

Little, Mary L Enterprise, MS; Jr. 

Little, Sheryl L Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Little, Tony L Clinton, MS; So. 

Littlepage, Janet L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Lock, Duane Brandon, MS; Gr. 

Lock, Sharon A Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Lockard, James C Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Lockhart, Carolyn J Prentiss, MS; Sr. 

Lockwood, Michael D Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Lofton, Stan W Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Logan, Connie B Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Logan, Paula L Magee, MS; Jr. 

Lomelli, Ivan Barquisimeto, Venezuela; Sr. 

Loney, Ann G Boiling AFB, Washington, D.C.; Fr. 

Long, Lisa A Covington, LA; Fr. 

Long, Lori G Pascagoula, MS; Sr 

Long, Terry K Forest, MS; So. 

Longino, Fenessa A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Longmire, Jennifer D Natchez, MS; So. 

Lopez, Daniel A San Salvador, El Salvador; Sr. 

Lord, Amanda D Greenwood, MS; Fr. 

Loris, Jamie Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Lorona, Sharon M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Lott, Lamar Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Lott, Thomas A Seminary, MS; Jr. 

Loughman, Missy Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Love, Curtis C Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Love, Kelly R Hattiesburg. MS; Fr. 

Love, Kerry A Hattiesburg. MS; Jr. 

Love, Stuart T Florence, MS; Fr. 

Loveless, Laura S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Lovell, Lisa C Clinton, MS; So. 

Loverboy, Raymond L Summitt, MS; Fr. 

Loverboy, Ricky A Jackson, MS; So. 

Lovett, Jacqueline Bay Springs, MS; So. 

Lowery, Bobbie J Tupelo, MS, Sr. 

Lowery, Nina J Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Lubritz, Paige A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Lucas, Alan D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Lucas, Martha C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Lucas, Valerie D Mound Bayou, MS; So. 

Luckey, Brenda J Magee, MS; Jr. 

Lucia, Greg J Pensacola, FL, Fr. 

Lucius, Ruby L Laurel, MS; Gr. 

Lugo, Vilma I Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Lumpkin, Suzanne Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Lupo, Chandra L Clinton, MS; So. 


Luther, Lisa A Pontotoc, MS; Jr. 

Ly, Buu Q Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Lyles, Deborah F Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Lyles, Karen L Lawrence, MS; So. 

Lynch, Jimmy S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Lynch, Tom C Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Lyons, Adele C Biloxi, MS; So. 

Lyons, Michael E Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Lytle, Gina V Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Mabry, Patsy L Lake, MS; Sr. 

MacDonald, Jim C Picayune, MS; So. 

Maclnnis, Sandra C Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Mackabee, Velma M Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

MacWilliam, William J Vero Beach, FL; Sr. 

Mader, Wendy L McComb, MS; So. 

Madison, James H Areola, MS; Jr. 

Magee, Debbie Mendenhall, MS; Fr. 

Magee, Leslie G Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Magee, Michelle S McComb, MS; Jr. 

Magee, Mike L Petal, MS; So. 

Maggio, Stephen J Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Mahaffey, Rebecca A Florence, MS; Jr. 

Mahoney, Caren J Lawrenceville, GA; So. 

Majarrez, Marilene Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Major, Michael K Niceville, FL; So. 

Malatesta, David E Shelby, MS; Sr. 

Maleche, Valerie C Seabrook, MD; Jr. 

Mallette, Teresa L Meridian, MS; So. 

Malley, Karen A Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Malsbury, Billie G Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Maneval, Liz O Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Mangrum, Michael J Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Mangum, Susan D Magee, MS; So. 

Mann, Rosalind E Indianola, MS; Sr. 

Manning, Kelli A Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Manville, Marcia A Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Mann, Thomas O Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Mann, Timothy A Largo, FL; Fr. 

Maranville, Michele Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Marks, Angela L Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Marks, Glenda F Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Marlow, Debbie A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Marlow, Donna M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Mars, Melanie L Beaumont, MS; Sr. 

Mars, Shawyn A Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Marshall, Greg L Greenville, MS; So. 

Martel, Natalie H Gulfport, MS; So. 

Martin, Amber J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Martin, Angela R Petal, MS; Jr. 

Martin, Cinda Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Martin, Frank B Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Martin, Lori B Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Martin, Ken B Baker, FL; Sr. 

Martin, Melinda A Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Martin, Margaret S Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Martin, Pam Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Martin, Wayne C Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Mascagni, Jennifer L Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Mascagni, Denny L Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Mason, Danny L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Mason, Robert C Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Mason, Toye A Quitman, MS; Jr. 

Mason, William B Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Massey, Aaryanne R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Matheny, Anthony R Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Matherne, Allyson K Hahnville, LA; Fr. 





Mathes, Laurie D Wewahitchka, FL; Sr. 

Mathews, Mary L Leakesville, MS; Sr. 

Mathis, Sharon A Stonewall, MS; Gr. 

Mathner, Robert P Silver Springs, FL; So. 

Matthews, Brenda G Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Matthews, Robert R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Matthews, Tracy W Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Mauldin, David L Gulfport, MS; So. 

Maudlin, Joe L Stringer, MS; Sr. 

Maxey, Geary M Vicksburg, MS; So. 

May, Kelly A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

May, Robert O Jackson, MS; Fr. 

May, Roger B Florence, MS; Sr. 

Meador, Mary F Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Meacham, Troy A Pass Christian, MS; Jr. 

Medina, Luis R Lima, Peru; So. 

Medina, Hena D Santa Rosa deCopan, Honduras; Sr. 

Medley, Melissa R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Meekey, Tommie L Clarksdale, MS; Sr. 

Meitzer, Jan Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Melear, Scott Purvis, MS; Sr. 

Melvin, Lonnie L Collins, MS; Jr. 

Metz, Traci A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Meyer, Elizabeth A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Menendez, Lourdes M Tacna, Peru; Sr. 

Mercer, Betsy A Richton, MS; So. 

Middleton, Donald Mobile. AL; Fr. 

Middleton, Tracy M Laurel, MS; So. 

Miggins, Claudia M Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Mignogna, Thomas M Cherry Hill, NJ; Sr. 

Milbrook. John E Waldorf, MD; So. 

Milhollin, Belinda K Biloxi. MS; Jr. 

Miller, Belinda M Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Miller, Brenda R Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Miller, Cynthia L Stovall, MS; Jr. 

Miller, D. Renee Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Miller, John G Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Miller. Joyce E State Line, MS; Sr. 

Miller, Julie D Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Miller, Keith R Moss, MS; Sr. 

Miller, Michael W Pearl, MS; So. 

Miller, Nancy K Seminary, MS; Jr. 


Milling, David W Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Milstead, L. Kellee Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Mims, Morris Greenville, MS; Sr. 

Mims, Paul D Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Mims, Paula R Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Mire, Harry P Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Miller, Peggy R Petal, MS; Fr. 

Miller, Rebecca L. 

.Long Beach, MS; Jr. 


Miller, Sheila R Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Miller, Tammie L Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Miller, Warren D Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Mishra, Ajay K Jackson, MS; Gr. 

Mitchell, Connie L Picayune, MS; So. 

Mitchell, David A Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Mitchell, Elisabeth C Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Mitchell, Jacqueline D Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Mitchell, Scott M Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Mitchell, Tamara M Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Mitchell, Toni E Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Mitchell, Willis S Gulfport, MS; So. 

Mitzel, Kenneth E Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Mixon, Donna S Tylertown, MS; Sr. 

Mize, Belinda L Tylertown, MS; Sr. 

Moak, Charlotte A Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Moffett, Adrian D Metairie, LA; Jr. 

Mohawk, Jason F Petal, MS; Fr. 

Mohr, Melissa D Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Molander, Stephanie J Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Monk, Janis D Franklinton, LA; Sr. 

Montgomery, Barbara K Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Montgomery, Cassandra J Wesson, MS; Jr. 

Montgomery, Dianne Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Montgomery, Janeane Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Montgomery, Linda C Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Montgomery, Lois C Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Montgomery, Marylin D Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Montgomery, Pamela A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Montilla, Ronald C Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Moody, Donzell McLain, MS; Jr. 

Moody, Jacqueline Leaf, MS; So. 

Moody, Linda D Starkville, MS; So. 




Moody, Willie J Columbus, MS; So. 

Mooney, Katie J Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Mooney, Kimberly J Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Moore, Dara L Mobile, AL; Jr. 

Moore, Gregory L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Moore, James D McComb, MS; Jr. 

Moore, Joseph A Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Moore, Laurie A Gulfport, MS; So. 

Moore, Marthanna Pennington, AL; Gr. 

Moore, Mary G Meridian, MS; So. 

Moore, Robin L Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Moore, Yalonda Hazlehurst, MS; Fr. 

Morales, Hector E Caracas, Venezuela; Jr. 

Moran, James K Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Mordica, Kerri T Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Moreland, Janice E Utica, MS; Jr. 

Moreton, Rachelle Y Greenville, MS; Sr. 

Morgan, Connie Y Inverness, MS; Jr. 

Morgan, Jayna Toomsuba. MS; Jr. 

Morgan, Kecia Lena, MS; Fr. 

Morgan, Mary F Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Morgan, Rhonda M Heidelberg, MS; Fr. 

Morgan, Roger D Lawrence, MS; Sr. 

Morren, Jonathan L Parkesburg, PA; Fr. 

Morris, H. Ashley Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Morris, Janice F Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Morris, Melanie H Lafayette, LA; Jr. 

Morris, Phyllis B Mendenhall, MS; Sr. 

Morris, Robert E Pachuta, MS; Jr. 

Morrision, Paul A Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Morrison, Thomas C Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Morrow, Libby A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Morrow, Scott A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Morton, Catharine J Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Mosher, Monica R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Moseley, SuAnna M Florence, MS; Fr. 

Mosley, Karen A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Mosley, Miller E Jackson, MS; So. 

Moss, Linda F Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Moulds, Yolanda M Moss Point, MS; Fr. 

Mowdy, Cheryl A Pelahatchie, MS; So. 

Moyers, Tami L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Mozingo, Miki S Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Mueller, Darryl A Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Mullen, Anthony B Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Mullen, Karyn M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Muller, Cynthia A Jackson, MS; So. 

Mullins, Christine K Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Mullins, Lisa R Columbia. MS; So. 

Mullins, Tina E Wesson, MS; Gr. 

Mullis, George D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Mullis, Laurie A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Munka, William P Wilmington, NC; Sr. 

Munn, Jennifer L Mendenhall, MS; So. 

Mulloy, William C Indianola, MS; So. 

Murphy, Audie R Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Murphy, Jim E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Murphy, Pat E Columbus, MS; Sr. 

Murphy, Susie J Soso, MS; Jr. 

Murray, Nancy L Ponchatoula, LA; Fr. 

Murray, Roger S Alexandria, VA; Jr. 

Murray, Stephanie Marks, MS; Fr. 

Mustain, Jamie A Liberty, MS; Fr. 

Myatt, John Walton Purvis, MS; Fr. 

Myers. Bob McComb, MS; So. 

Myers, Delia D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 


Myers, James E Niceville, FL; Fr. 

Myers, Kenneth R Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Myers, Lori M Biloxi, MS; So. 

Myers, Michael J Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Myers, Peyton G Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Myers, Ricky Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Myrick, Jerry D Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Myrick, Katherine A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Myrick, Kenny W Laurel, MS; Sr. 

McAdory, Teresa J Clinton, MS; So. 

McAlexander, Mary L Jackson, MS; Gr. 

McBride, Gregory J Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

McCaa, Amy D Petal, MS; Jr. 

McCaa, Sherye E Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

McCabe, John P Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

McCaleb, Marion Meridian, MS; Jr. 

McCall, Butch Magee, MS; Jr. 

McCail, Rhonda Collins, MS; Sr. 

McCallum, L. Dennis Magee, MS; Sr. 

McCardle, Connie R Brooklyn, MS; Sr. 

McCardle, Kenneth C Brooklyn, MS; Sr. 

McCarlie, Gena M McComb, MS; So. 

McCarron, Patrick M Ft. Walton Beach, FL; So. 

McCarthy, Freda L Taylorsville, MS; Jr. 

McCarty, Graham B Jackson, MS; Fr. 

McCarty, Kevin S Indialantic, FL; So. 

McCarty, Melinda E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

McClammy, Joseph S Gulfport, MS; So. 

McCleery, Nicole M Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

McClelland, Tim M Meridian, MS; Jr. 

McClinton, Kendall M Carriere, MS; Jr. 

McClinton, Sidney L Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

McCollum, Anthony M Richland, MS; Jr. 

McCormack, Kelly M Titusville, MS; Fr. 

McCormick, D. Michael Fayette, MS; Sr. 

McCormick, Debra L Gulfport, MS; So. 

McCormick, J. Michele Gautier, MS; Fr. 

McCraney, Tony D Theodore, AL; Jr. 

McCrary, Robert H Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

McCraw, Cathy M Brandon, MS; So. 

McCraw, Pamela R Laurel, MS; Sr. 

McCrory, J. Andy Laurel, MS; So. 

McCrory, Scott Selma, AL; So. 

McDade, Kenneth Jackson, MS; Sr. 

McDaniel, Bubba Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McDaniel, Harold N Laurel, MS; Sr. 

McDaniel, Jacqueline Clarksdale, MS; Sr. 

McDonald, Dolores K Magee, MS; Sr. 

McDonald, Hal D Jackson, MS; Fr. 

McDonald, John C Laurel, MS; Jr. 

McDonald, Lisa D Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

McDonald, Marsha L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

McDonald, Robert S Clinton, TN; Fr. 

McDonald, Tonya M Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

McDonnell, Tom P Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

McDonough, Kelly Pearl, MS; Fr. 

McDow, Delta Brandon, MS; So. 

McDowell, R.W Jackson, MS; Jr. 

McDuff, Jolee M Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

McDuffie, Robert E Petal, MS; So. 

McFarland, Mary E New Augusta, MS; So. 

McGee, Jason F Goodman, MS; Fr. 

McGee, Jeanne L Belzoni, MS; So. 

McGee, Tamara L Florence, MS; Jr. 

McGee, Timothy S Selma, AL; Jr. 

McGahee, Vincend D Melbourne, FL; So. 



McGehee, Karen K Natchez, MS; Gr. 

McGhee, Elizabeth M Magee, MS; Sr. 

McGhee, Laura D Coldwater, MS; Sr. 

McGill, Ronald L Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

McGlothin, Angela D Jackson, MS; Fr. 

McGlothlin, J. Thomas Tyler, TX; Fr. 

McGowan, Jerryl M Foxworth, MS; Jr. 

McGowen, Kecia D Moss Point, MS; Fr. 

McGrath, Michael J Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

McGraw, Kathleen A Gulfport, MS; So. 

McGregory, Tjuana D Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

McGuffee, Karen R Brandon, MS; Fr. 

McHenry, Kimber L Gautier, MS; So. 

Mclllwain, Kerry T Hennerson, KY; Sr. 

Mcllwain, Patricia L Clinton, MS; So. 

Mclnnis, John M Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Mcintosh, Victoria Y Nassau, Bahamas; Sr. 

Mclnvale, Leslie L Mobile, AL; Fr 

McJagger, R. Stone London, England; Sr. 

McKay, Angie L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

McKay, Lawrence D Gulfport, MS; So. 

McKay, Sweyn E New Augusta, MS; Fr. 

McKee, Shawn S Brandon, MS; Jr. 

McKenzie, Sonya L Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

McKinley, Brenda Bolton, MS; Jr. 

McKnight, Garret K Summit, MS; Sr. 

McLain, Kenneth M Laurel, MS; Sr. 

McLemore, Johnna D Picayune, MS; Sr. 

McLendon, B. Lammond Columbia, MS; Jr. 

McLendon, Susan A Pearl, MS; Jr. 

McLeod, Barbara L McLain, MS; Jr. 

McLeod, Carroll M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McMahan, Gregory C Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

McMahon, Hal Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McMahon, Tracy L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

McMellon, Raye L Moselle, MS; Jr. 

McMichael, Belinda J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McMillan, Janis K Newton, MS; Sr. 

McMillan, Paul E Pelahatchie, MS; Fr. 

McMillen, Caroline L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McMullan, Michael R Decatur, MS; Fr. 

McNab, Jackie L Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 


McNab, Kerry E French Bay Islands, Honduros; So. 

McNair, B.J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

McNair, David J Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

McNair, Elaine L Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

McNair, H. Earl Mt. Olive, MS; Sr. 

McNair, Tim A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McNeil, Kimberly A Bay Springs, MS; Jr. 

McPhail, Kent D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

McPhie, Kim Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

McQuaig, Melanie L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

McQuaig, Michelle Meridian, MS; So. 

McSwain, Charlie C Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

^*\ •^V 

McSwain, Shirley J Richton, MS; Sr. 

McVeay, Jerald D Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Nageswaran, P.N Singapore, Singapore; Gr. 

Nagle, Jennifer H Ft. Walton Beach, FL; So. 

Nance, Rena A Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Nanney, Jacqueline R Tupelo, MS; Jr. 

Nanney, Roxanne Tupelo, MS; Sr. 

Neal, John R Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Neal, Johnnie R LaPlace, LA; Jr. 

Neal, Joseph L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Neal, Judy W Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Neal, Leslie R Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Neal, Nancy A Madison, MS; So. 

Nealy, Terrence W Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Necaise, Gregory H Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Necaise, Joy A Necaise Crossing, MS; Jr. 

Necaise, Sharon G Perkinston, MS; Sr. 

Neely, Jimmy E Gulfport, MS; So. 

Neelley, Nancy A Clinton, MS; So. 

Neese, C.W Ft. Walton Beach, FL; So. 

Neighbors, Sandy A Ft. Walton Beach, FL; So. 

Neill, Sheila C Utica, MS; So. 

Nelson, Brenda E Bassfield, MS; Jr. 

Nelson, Deborah J Foley, AL; So. 

Nelson, Herman E Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Nelson, Regina A Monticello, MS; Sr. 

Nettles, Jerry W Fayette, MS; Sr. 

Nettles, Theresa V Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Netto, Harold G Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Newcomb, Ben C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 



mm mWkmM* 

Newcomb, Honey Hattiesburg, MS: So. 

Newell, Kimberly G Meridian, MS; Gr. 

Newman, Chip Natchez, MS; So. 

Newman, Debbie L Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Newman, Matthew, A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Newman, Pamela D Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Newman, William R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Newsom, Mary L Columbia, MS; So. 

Newton, Al Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Newton, Elaine Yazoo City, MS; So. 

Ng, Wayne K Carriere, MS; Sr. 

Nicholas, Missy A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Nicholas, Overton R Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Nichols, Michelle L Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Nichols, Vanessa L Jackson, MS; So. 

Nicholson, Vicki J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Nickles, Brenda J Tutwiler, MS; Jr. 

Nicovich, Terese Biloxi, MS; So. 

Neimeyer, Chuck S McComb, MS; Sr. 

Niles, Emily V Meridian, MS; So. 

Nixon, Clora J Heidelburg, MS; Sr. 

Noble, Stephanie L Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Noblin, Mark T Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Noel, Kathryn E Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Nooe, Grant L Jackson, MS; So. 

Norberg, Eric Daytona Beach, FL; So. 

Nored, Teresa A Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Norman, Kelly S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

North, Alex J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

North, Janice C Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Northey, Vickey A Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Norval, Bobbye J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Nosser, Sonia L Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Nowell, Penny N Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Oakes, David R Carriere, MS; Sr. 

Oakes, R. Doug Carriere, MS; Jr. 

O'Bannon, Mona F Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

O'Brien, Mitchell C Gautier, MS; So. 

O'Connor, Catherine A Meridian, MS; Fr. 

O'Connor, Crissy L Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Odom, Charles H Richton, MS; Sr. 

Odom, Tara L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Oeschger, Mary L Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Oesterling, David G Oxford, MS; So. 

Oglesby, Amy L Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

O'Gwynn, Jackie B Sumrall, MS; So. 

Olliff, Bob R Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

O'Neal, Michele G Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

O'Neal, Sonya 1 Chatom, AL; Jr. 

O'Neal, Stephen F Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Opperhauser, Ellen J Brandon, MS; Jr. 

O'Quinn, Donald G Purvis, MS; Jr. 

O'Quinn, Kenneth E Jackson, MS; So. 

Oradat, Lori A Marion, IN; Jr. 

Osborne, John E Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Oswald, Rebecca Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Oswalt, David R Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Oswalt, James R Jackson, MS; So. 

Ott, Nelson T Osyka, MS; Sr. 

Ousley, Sandra D Vaughns, MS; So. 

Overby, Thelma A Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Overland, Jennifer Ellisville, MS; Jr. 

Overstreet, Joe V Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Overstreet, Tammy R McHenry, MS; Sr. 

Owen, Jerry W Richland. MS; Jr. 

Owens, David E Hernando, MS; Sr. 


Pace, Lauri E Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Pace, Stephen M Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Pace, Suzanne L Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Pace, Tracy A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Pachel, Claudia A Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Page, Richard B Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Page, Steven T Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Palhang, Khosrow Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Palmerton, Diana L Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Pancratz, Frank A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Pandey, Santosha N Vicksburg, MS; Gr. 

Papa, Anthony T Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Pardee, Charles C St. Petersburg, FL; Sr. 

Parish, Greg E Laurel, MS; So. 

Parkel, Charles Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Parkel, Susan M Brandon, MS; So. 

Parker, Ashley K Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Parker, Dexter Louin, MS; Jr. 

Parker, Mary A Pass Christian, MS; So. 

Parler, Monjsa L McHenry, MS; Sr. 

Parker, Rhonda G Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Parker, Robert D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Parker, Tricia G Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Parkes, Belinda J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Parks, Robert J Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Parks, Terri L Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Parsons, Levada R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Parsons, Neville P Kodack, AK; Sr. 

Parvin, Cynthia J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Pate, Larry Lexington, MS; Sr. 

Pate, Robert M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Patel, Bharat N Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Patrick, Carol A Buckatunna, MS; Sr. 

Patrick, Joy M Woodville, MS; So. 

Patrick, Thomas W Citronelle, AL; Fr. 

Patten, Caroline E Laurel, MS; So. 

Patten, Scott Laurel, MS; So. 

Patterson, Jill D Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Patterson, John M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Patterson, Leslie A Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Pattison, Adele Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Patton, Cindy L Flowood, MS; Jr. 

Patton, Katheryn R Tupelo, MS; Jr. 

Paul, Kelly S Bay St. Louis, MS; Jr. 

Paulk, Jacquelyn Summit, MS; Fr. 

Pawlak, Kent D Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Payne, Julia J Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Payne, Tammy L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Payton, Joyce E Bay Springs, MS; Jr. 

Payton, Stella R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Peacock, Lawrence A Bay Minette, AL; Sr. 

Peacock, Sherry V Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Peacock, Vernon D Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Pearman, Ronald L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Pearson, Charles P Louisville, MS; Sr. 

Peavey, Tony E Jayess, MS; Jr. 

Pendleton, Bridgeet K Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Pennebaker, David M Slidell, AL; Jr. 

Penton, Bruce D McNeill, MS; Jr. 

Penton, Carla S Carriere, MS; Sr. 

Pereira, Carol V Calabozo, Venezuela; Fr. 

Perez, Eugenio H Maracolbo, Venezuela; So. 

Perkins, Janice E Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Perritt, Bennie L Quitman, MS; Fr. 

Perry, David M Elizabethtown, PA; Fr. 

Perry, James L Theodore, AL; Sr. 




Perry, Lee A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Perusse, Angela M Grapevine, TX; Fr. 

Peterson, Jeri J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Petro, Penny A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Peyton, John S Hernando, MS; So. 

Phan, Huong T Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Phelps, Charles E McComb, MS; Fr. 

Phelps, Steve C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Philio, Robin L Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Phillips, Alesia A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Phillips, Anita Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Phillips, Brenda C Madison, MS; Fr. 

Phillips, Hank H Crestview, FL; So. 

Phillips, Jim Crawford, MS; Sr. 

Phillips, John A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Phillips, Kathy M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Phillips, Marilyn J Tinker AFB, OK; Jr. 

Phillips, Mary L Bay Springs, MS; Sr. 

Phillips, Robin L Louin, MS; Sr. 

Phillips, Stephen A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Philpot, Robert J Madison, MS; Sr. 

Pic, Karin A Metairie, LA; So. 

Pickering, Pam E New Orleans, LA; Fr. 

Pickering, J. David Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Picolo, Donald K Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Pierce, Letitia R Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Piko, Ellis A Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Pillman, Beverly Utica, MS; Jr. 

Pincero, Edward R Carriere, MS; Fr. 

Pinson, Elizabeth A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Pisarich, Thomas W Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Pitalo, Marion G Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Pittman, Erin A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Pittman, Ginny Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Pittman, Gisele M Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Pittman, Jean C Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Pittman, Jerry D Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Pittman, Sherry L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Pittman, Vincton B Sandy Hook, MS; So. 

Pittman, Win Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Pledger, Linda K Butler, AL; Jr. 

Poellnitz, Michael A Mobile. AL; So. 

Poirrier, Joseph A Gulfport, MS; So. 

Polk, James E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr 

Polk, Ray H Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Polk, Sammy G Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Pollio, Louis F Pass Christian, MS; Jr. 

Ponder, Malinda A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Ponder, Toni E Mendenhall. MS; Jr. 

Poole, Charlotte R Collinsville, MS; So. 



Poole, Gloria A Gloster, MS; Jr. 

Pope, Angela D Wiesbaden, Germany; Fr. 

Pope, Bonnie J Angie, LA; Fr. 

Pope, Karen L Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Pope, Kimberly A Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Porter, Kristi K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Porter, Louise Jackson, MS; So. 

Portis, Barbara J Lumberton, MS; Fr. 

Portocarrero, Enrique F Quitman, MS; Sr. 

Posey, Bart L Indianola, MS; Sr. 

Posey, Stella L Forest, MS; Jr. 

Potter, Tekla C Gulfport, MS; So. 

Potts, Dawn E Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Potwin, Mary W Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Poutler, Rick W Sand Springs, OK; Gr. 

Powe, Billy L Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Powe, Jeffry R Laurel, MS; Fr. 

Powell, Bessie Jackson, MS; So. 

Powell, Ray A Foxworth, MS; Jr. 

Powell, Sharon D Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Powell, Valerie D Yazoo City, MS; Fr. 

Powell, William E Beaumont, MS; Sr. 

Powers, Lennie T Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Powers, Thomas D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Pratt, Sharon E Roach, MO; Sr. 

Presley, Lanie C Rolling Fork, MS; Gr. 

Prevost, Pierre M New Orleans, LA; So. 

Prewitt, Thomas O Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Price, Amy S Summit, MS; Jr. 

Price, Bobby B Pensacola, FL; So. 

Price, Gary W Foxworth, MS; Sr. 

Price, Gregory A Foxworth, MS; Sr. 

Price, Michael E Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Price, Thomas D Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Prichard, Chelye E Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Prichard, Jeffrey W Picayune, MS; So. 

Pridgen, Tammy R Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Prince, James M Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Probst, Charles E Ellisville, MS; So. 

Pryor, Susan R Laurel, MS; So. 

Pryor, Suzanne Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Pudas, Rachel J Magee, MS; Jr. 

Pugh, Edward E Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Pulley, Landon E Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Purer, Ronda K Lynn Haven, FL; Jr. 

Pursell, Cynthia A Jackson, MS; Jr. 



Purser, M. Vicky Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Purvis, Johnny M Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Purvis, Karen F Ellisville, MS; Jr. 

Putman, Yvonne McComb, MS; Sr. 

Quarles, Susan L Tuscaloosa, AL; Fr. 

Quave, Edwin J Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Quinnelly, William H Purvis, MS; Jr. 

Rachuba, Keith W Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Rader, Teresa A Jackson, MS; So. 

Ragsdale, Russell H Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Rahim, Latifah Melaka, Malaysia; So. 

Raiford, Phillip T Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Raines, Lena K Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Rainey, Alice R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Rainey, Keith B Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Rains, Angie Tupelo, MS; Sr. 

Rains, Charles E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Ramsay, Charles S Mt. Olive, MS; Fr. 

Ramsey, Michael W Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Ramshur, Tommy D Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Randall, Barbara A Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Randle, Phyllis Lexington, MS; Sr. 

Rankin, Ann E Jackson, MS; So. 

Ransom, Ginny Natchez, MS; Gr. 

Raphael, Mark E Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Ratcliff, Peggy J Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Ratcliff, Wilroy Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Rath, Sonya T Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Rather, Shelia L Edwards, MS; Jr. 

Ratliff, Jacalyn L Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Ratliff, Robin G Jackson, MS, Jr. 

Rawls, Anita M Fairhope, AL; Sr. 

Rawls, John R Laurel, MS; So. 

Rawls, Libby Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Rawls, Melissa L Summit, MS; Fr. 

Rawls, Tonya D Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Rayburn, Mark R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Raybourn, Regina K Sumrall, MS; Fr. 

Raybon, Roger L Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Rayford, Lucille M Carthage, MS; So. 

Raymond, William A Gainesville, FL, Jr. 

Read, K. Marie Bay Springs, MS; Jr. 

Redd, L. Lorraine Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Reddt, Katpally S Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Reddy, Sunic K Hyderabad, India; Gr. 

Redman, Dwayne E Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Reed, Charles L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Reed, Cheryl F Shubuta. MS; Sr. 

Reed, Elizabeth K Fulton. MS; Fr. 

Reed, Mary A Silver City, MS; Jr. 

Reed, Raymond M Louisville, MS; Sr. 

Reeder, Debbie E Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Reedy, Paul H Tupelo, MS; Sr. 

Reese, Bruce E Mobile, AL; So. 

Reese, June L Shubuta, MS; Sr. 

Reeve, James C Mt. Olive, MS; Jr. 

Reeves, Cecile Monticello, MS; Jr. 

Reeves, David Monticello, MS; Sr. 

Reeves, Greg A Smithdale. MS; Sr. 

Reeves, Mitchell G Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Reeves, Robin J Mobile, AL; Sr. 

Register, Sandra L Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Reid, Connie M Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Reid, Darla D Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Reid, James W Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Reid, Sara J Laurel, MS; So 


Reiling, Barbara A Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Reinerta, Kevin C Metairie, LA; Fr. 

Rembert, Penny McComb, MS; Jr. 

Remich, Janet M Pensacola, FL; So. 

Renfroe, Channon L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Rennick, Eddy Greenville, MS; So. 

Rester, Paul A Bougalusa, LA; Fr. 

Retting, Gayle S Gulfport, MS; So. 

Ruben, Denise Pelahatchie, MS; Fr. 

Reves, Lisa K Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Rey, Timothy S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Reynolds, James B Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Reynolds, Robin L Pearl, MS; Fr. 

Reynolds, Theodore V Magnolia, MS; Sr. 

Reynolds, Tommy L Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Reynolds, William D Laurel, MS; So. 

Rhoden, Shelly J Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Rhodes, Phyllis R Pelahatchie, MS; Jr. 

Rhodes, Yolanda F Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Rhymes, David W Monticello, MS; Fr. 

Rhymes, Lisa K Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Rias, Jimmie L Greenwood, MS; Fr. 

Rice, Angela D Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Rice, Robert K Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Rich, Jan L Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Rich, William A Columbus, MS; Jr. 

Richard, Vessie L Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Richards, Allison Ft Walton Beach, FL; So. 

Richards, Fred R Bessemer, AL; Sr. 

Richards, James M Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Richards, Mary E Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Richardson, David L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Richardson, Eric B Birmingham, AL; So. 

Richardson, Kathy A Union, MS; Jr. 

Richardson, Leisa L Union, MS; Sr. 

Richardson, Milton C Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Richaud, Clayton M Pass Christian, MS; So. 

Richey, Betty J Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Ricks, Susan E Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Ricks, Valerie A Crystal Springs, MS; Jr. 

Ridge, Leo J Lumberton, MS; Jr. 

Rideout, Rena M Columbia, MS; Gr. 

Ridley, Janice D Summit, MS; Jr. 

Riebock, Scott T Brookhaven, MS; So. 

Riede, Kathlinda Florence, MS; Sr. 

Riley, Bettye J Meridian, MS; So. 

Riley, Debra R Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Riley, Ellen L Saraland, AL; Gr. 

Riley, K. Alyce Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Riley, Kelly M Gulfport, MS; So. 

Riley, Mike J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Rinehart, Robert S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Risher, Christopher A Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Risher, Joy D Forrest, MS; Sr. 

Risher, Judy G Forest, MS; Jr. 

Risinger, Ferron W Carriere, MS; Fr. 

Risk, Don O Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Risk, Keith J Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Rivas, Manuel A Constanza, Dominican Republic; Jr. 

Rivas, Miguel A Guatemala, Gautemala; So. 

Rivers, Caesar F Mobile, AL; So. 

Robbins, Steve M Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Roberson, David A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Roberson, Jerry W Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Roberson, John B Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Roberts, Amelita S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 



Roberts, Jerry B Pearl, MS; So. 

Roberts, Lori L Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Roberts, Sally M Semmes, AL; Sr. 

Roberts, Tammy M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Robertson, Beverly J Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Robertson, Eric W Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Robichaux, Jane V Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Robinson, Cecilia A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Robinson, Charles K Taylorsville, MS; Jr. 

Robinson, Deidre D Biloxi, MS; So. 

Robinson, Earl D Marks, MS; Fr. 

Robinson, Jill Rose Hill, MS; So. 

Robinson, Marvin New Orleans, LA; Gr. 

Robinson, Monica M Winstonville, MS; Sr. 

Robinson, Sondra B Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Robinson, Susan L Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Robinson, Tracy D Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Robinson, Vivian L McLain, MS; Fr. 

Robinson, Lisa A Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Roden, Susan A Greenville, MS; Sr. 

Rodgers, Sherrie L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Rodgers, Terry K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Rodgers, Varsby J Durant. MS; So. 

Rodriguez, Mijanou Bossier City, LA; So. 

Roebuck, Lisa R Vancleave, MS; Fr. 

Roediger, Gary L Shelby, MO; Sr. 

Rogers, Angela L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Rogers, Carol R Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Rogers, David A New Orleans, LA; Jr. 

Rogers, Glendia E State Line, MS; Jr. 

Rogers, June A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Rogers, Kimberly A Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Rogers, Melloanie R Liberty, MS; Sr. 

Rogers, Mickey L Morton, MS; Sr. 

Rogers, Paul H Prentiss, MS; Fr. 

Rogers, Tom C Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Rogers, William G Seminary, MS; Jr. 

Rojas, Jose A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Rollins, Sherry Brookhaven, MS; Fr. 

Rooke, Cornelia R Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Rose, W. Ronald Foley, AL; Jr. 

Roseberry, Rachel E Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Ross, Bobby Columbus, MS; Jr. 

Ross, Rebecca R Jackson, MS; So. 

Ross, Thomas L Tehula, MS; So. 

Ross, Willie A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 


Rosse, Vincent K Columbus, GA; Sr. 

Roth, Susan L Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Roualet, Anita T Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Rouse, Robert E Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Rowell, Tresa L Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Royal, Ellen B Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Ruble, John H Gulfport, MS; So. 

Ruffin, Peggy Bay Springs, MS; Sr. 

Ruffin, Roginia M Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Runnels, Ronnie G Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Ruppel, Rosalind K Lockport, IL; Gr. 

Rush, Mary A Leakesville, MS; Fr. 

Rush, Michael R Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Rushing, Elayne Meridian, MS; So. 

Rushing, Robin Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Russell, Franklin D Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Russell, Jackie L Sumrall, MS; Sr. 

Russell, John M Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Russell, John W Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Russell, JoNelle M Monticello, MS; Sr. 

Russell, Lauree L Scottsbluff, NE; Sr. 

Russell, Robyn E Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Russell, Roddy A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Russell, Ronald E Hebron, MS; Sr. 

Rutherford, Linda K Ellisville, MS; Sr. 

Rutherford, Terri L Hickory Flat, MS; Sr. 

Rutherford, Donna R Biloxi, MS; So. 

Rutland, Lady S Moon Lake, MS; Jr. 

Ryan, Jeffrey L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Ryan, R. Lynn Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Sackman, Michael D Seminole, FL; Sr. 

Sadler, Shanti S Wiggins, MS; Jr. 

Safigan, Sandra M Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Saintsing, Kathryn N Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Salvaggio, Sherri Columbus, MS; So. 

Sarnies, Jerry Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Samson, Thomas L Meridian, CT; Sr. 

Sanchez, Oscar Caracas, Venezuela; Sr. 

Sanders, Brenda D Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Sanders, Butch J McComb, MS; So. 

Sanders, Darlene D Natchez, MS; Fr. 



Sanders, David A Southaven, MS; Jr. 

Sanders, Ginny L Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Sanders, Jim Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Sandiford, Stephanie V Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Sanford, Glenda A Columbia, MS; Jr. 

Sanford, Paula M Gulfport, MS; Gr. 

Sandidge, James R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Sandidge, Lana Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Sandifer, Elizabeth E Pass Christian, MS; So. 

Sanford, Karen T Prentiss, MS; Jr. 

Sangvinetti, David B Natchez, MS; So. 

Santobianco, John G Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Sargent, Keith A Corinth, MS; So. 

Sartin, Lori J Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Satcher, Donna D Shubuta, MS; Jr. 

Satcher, Felesha A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Saucier, Cheryl L Pearl River, LA; Fr. 

Saulters, Paige A Madison, MS; So. 

Saunders, Ardeth L Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Saxon, Sandra F Monticello, MS; Sr. 

Saxton, William D Madison, MS; Sr. 

Scandone, Michal A Ft. Walton Beach. FL; Jr. 

Scheel, Lawrence F Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Scheeler, Marie Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Scheurich, Gordon S Purvis, MS; So. 

Schexnayder, David A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Schexnayder, Peter P Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Schexnayder, Tony T Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fr 

Schisler, Nancy L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Schloegel, Melissa J Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Schlosser, Scott M Biloxi, MS; Sr 

Schmidt, Donna M Morganton, NC; Jr. 

Schmidt, Thomas C Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Schneider, Richard E Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Schrink, John S Gautier, MS; Sr 

Schroeder, Karen E Gulfport, MS; So. 

Schroeder, Peggy M Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Schuler, Terri A Jackson, MS; Sr 

Schultheis, Lori M Belle Chasse, LA; Sr. 

Schwarzauer, Mary K Silver Creek, MS; Jr. 

Schwarzauer, Suzanne R Silver Creek, MS; Jr. 

Schwitters, Mitchell E Long Beach, MS; So. 

Scianna, Danita L Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Scifres, Vivian R Jackson, MS; So. 

Sclafani, Joel F Bay St. Louis, MS; So. 

Scoggins, Lori J Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Scott, Amanda A Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Scott, Daniel L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Scott, David Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Scott, Johnny O Magnolia, MS; Jr. 

Scott, Steve T Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Scott, William M Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Jr. 

Scott, Wilmetta V Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Seal, Christine A Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Seal, Sara L Union, MS; Sr. 

Seale, Cynthia M Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Seale, Richard H Petal, MS; Jr 

Seale, Roberta D Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Seals, Mark A Summit, MS; Jr. 

Seals, Robert L Laurel, MS; So. 

Seaton, Sheryl A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Seibert, Todd W Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Sellers, Connie Brooklyn, MS; Jr. 

Sellers, David M Quitman, MS; Sr. 

Scranage, Sharon L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Selman, Robert D Crystal Springs, MS; Sr. 


Semski, E. Marian Biloxi, MS; So. 

Senior, Xiomer G Ponto Figo, Venezuela; Fr. 

Serpas, Gwen L Purvis, MS; Fr. 

Seymour, Clinton M Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Shackelford, Lisa M Meridian, MS; So. 

Shaffer, Norma Yazoo City, MS; So. 

Shannon, Julie A Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Sharak, Kenneth C Wesson, MS; Sr. 

Sharp, Sissy Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Sharpe, Teresa J Mobile, AL; Sr. 

Shaw, Erin L Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Shaw, Kathleen E Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Shaw, Paul D Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Shearer, John W Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Sheller, Rick L New Orleans, LA; Sr. 

Shelton, Sharon L Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Sheppard, Regina L Louisville, MS; Jr. 

Sherer, Carman F Clinton, MS; Fr. 

Shields, Ladonna A Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Shoemake, Melanie L Collins, MS; Jr. 

Shoemake, Melissa N Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Shoemake, Sandra J Runnelstown, MS; Sr. 

Shoemaker, Deanna J Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Shoemaker, Greg W Lake, MS; Jr. 

Shoemaker, Sonya P Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Shore, Paul D Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Short, Holly J Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Shows, Rebecca D Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Shroyer, Lisa D Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Shuman, John B Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Shumate, Amy E Foley, AL; So. 

Shuttleworth, Chad Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Sibley, Cindy M Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Sibley, Tina C Morgantown, MS; Sr. 

Simmons, Angela R Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Simmons, Bethany A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Simmons, Cindy R St. Francisville, LA; So. 

Simmons, Charissa L New Orleans, LA; Sr. 

Simmons, Laurie K Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Simmons, Sandy K Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Simmons, Steve Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Simmons, Wronal Q Columbia, MS; So. 

Simons, Edward A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Simpson, Cynthia L Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Simpson, Debra A Mobile, AL; So. 

Sims, Allen B Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Sims, Dianna M Carriere, MS; Fr. 

Sims, Kathleen D Carriere, MS; So. 

Sims, Mary L Louin, MS; Jr. 

Sims, Randy Soso, MS; Sr. 

Sims, Teresa M Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Sims, Zoe A Richton, MS; Jr. 

Singleton, Cheryl A Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Sinopoli, Marian A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Sisk, James W Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Sisson, Kathy L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Sison, Michael J Saucier, MS; So. 

Sisson, Catherine G Columbus, MS; So. 

Sisson, Jim L Columbus, MS; Jr. 

Sivira, Alex V Caracas, Venezuela; Sr. 

Sixkiller, KellyJo A Slidell, LA; Fr. 

Skinner, Ricky C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Skinner, Timothy D Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Skinner, Sharon A Pensacola, FL; Sr. 

Skipper, Jerry D Madison, MS; So. 

Skrmetta, Georgia G Meridian, MS; Fr. 



Slack, Pat Mobile, AL; So. 

Slade, Jeffrey W Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Slater, Roderick B Mobile, AL; Fr. 

Slaven, Leigh A Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Slemaker, Michael L McComb, MS; Sr. 

Sligh, James R Natchez, MS; Fr. 

Sliman, Angela M Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Sloan, H. Franklin Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Smartt, Cindy S Signal Mountain, TN; Gr. 

Smilek, Gregory R Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Smilek, Kimberly A Biloxi, MS; Gr. 

Smith, Angela E Sand Hill, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Barbara L Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Becky K Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Brenda D Lillian, AL; So. 

Smith, Brenda K Leakesville, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Brian H Summit, MS; Fr. 

Smith, Bruce H Merritt. FL; Gr. 

Smith, Carol B Poplarville, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Carol R Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Smith, Catherine A Pearlington, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Catherine J Purvis, MS; So. 

Smith, Cedric J Picayune, MS; So. 

Smith, Cedric McComb, MS; Fr. 

Smith, Constance P Carthage, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Craig D Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Cynthia S Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Smith, D. Kay Little Rock, AR; Jr. 

Smith, Deborah A Collins, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Donna J Mt. Olive, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Ernie H Woodville, MS; Gr. 

Smith, Gwendolyn Hazlehurst, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Henrietta Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Ivory Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Jeffrey L Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Jimmie S Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Joanne R Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Smith, K. Angela Ellisville, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Kelly J Northport, AL; So. 

Smith, Kim A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Smith, Kimberly A Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Kristy Carole Mary Ester, FL; Sr. 


— -- — r , . 

C m 


Smith, Leslie R Birmingham, AL; Sr. 

Smith, Lynda B Vancleave, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Mary J Collins, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Matt E Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Smith, Milton A Jackson, MS; So. 

Smith, Nancy E Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Nancy S Yazoo City, MS; Fr. 

Smith, Pamela J Escatawpa, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Pamela M Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Patti A Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Paul D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Peggy L Woodville, MS; So. 

Smith, Rachel A Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Randy Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Rita D Raymond, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Sandra L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Sandy Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Selena C Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Smith, Sheila M Magee, MS; So. 

Smith, Shelby M Guntown, MS; Jr. 

Smith, Sheri M Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Smith, Stacey L Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Stacey P Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Stan K Gulfport, MS; So. 

Smith, Steven H Madison, MS; So. 

Smith, Subrina Crystal Springs, MS; Fr. 

Smith, Taiter H Milton, FL; Fr. 

Smith, Tammy M Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Smith, Tracy A Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Smith, William T Crystal Springs, MS; Sr. 

Smithie, Julie C Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Snell, Bob J Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Snow, Alana L Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Snowden, Cindy M Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Snyder, Sheila Y Jackson, MS; So. 

Sondermeyer, Carla A Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Sones, Anthony W Bay St. Louis, MS; Sr. 

Soneson, Sally K Columbia, MS; So. 

Sonnier, John S Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Sorey, Laura Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Sorrell, Barbara L Rienzi, MS; Sr. 

Sory, Deanne L Germantown, TN; Jr. 

Sowell, Joseph K Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Spalding, Margret B Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Spann, Eddie L Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Sparks, Carla A Magee, MS; Jr. 

Sparks, K. Paige Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Spears, Lisa C Pearl, MS; So. 

Spears, Francis A Florence, MS; Sr. 

Spears, Milton L Jackson, MS; Sr. 



Speed, Daniel G Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Speights, Sharon V Prentiss, MS; Jr. 

Spence, Marjorie S Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Spencer, M. Melissa Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Sperier, Lori A p aS s Christian, MS; Sr. 

Spinney, Mark E Madison, MS; So. 

Stafford, Randall S Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Stalnaker, Michael R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Stallings, David Crawford, MS; Fr. 

Stamps, LaMarcus N Cleveland, MS; Fr. 

Stamps, Tracy Prentiss, MS; So. 

Standberry, Shirley A Magnolia, MS; Fr. 

Stanford, Keith J Grenada, MS; Sr. 

Stanford, William L Clinton, MS; So. 

Stark, Michelle F Oxford, MS; So. 

Starks, Eugene A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Staten, Janet G New Albany, MS; Jr. 

Staton, Edward E Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Stedman, James K Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Steed, Trimellia L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Steelman, Lawrence E Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Steen, Cathy F Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Steen, M. Diana Edmond, OK; So. 

Steen, Nancy E Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Stegall, John R Lucedale, MS; So. 

Steinbruck, Beth A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Stephens, Gregory B Florence, MS; Fr. 

Stephens, Jan M Gautier, MS; So. 

Stephens, Karyn J Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Stephens, Lynn D Long Beach, MS; So. 

Stephens, Michael D Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Stephens, Randy Clinton, MS; Sr. 

Stephens, Robin T Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Stephenson, Amy C State Line, MS; Jr. 

Stephenson, Julie A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Stephenson, Mary L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Stepko, David G Hattiesburg, MS; Fr 

Stevens, Christine M Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Stevens, Karla A Hammond, LA; So. 

Stevenson, Fairest T Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Stevenson, John L Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Steward, Michael F Markham, IL; So. 

Stewart, Alan Murfreesboro, AR; Gr. 

Stewart, Benita K Isola, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Cindy G Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Dicey Wesson, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Ellen M Perkinston, MS; Sr. 

Stewart, Feleta A Quitman, MS; Sr. 

Stewart, George R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Kyle D Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Marvin G Perkinston, MS; Jr. 

Stewart, Paula Meridian, MS; So. 

Stewart, Sheila V Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Stiffler, Sara J Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Stiglets, Jamey Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Stock. Mary R Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fr. 

Stockman, Carol M Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Stockstill, C. Michele Picayune. MS; Jr. 

Stockstill, Kevin C Picayune. MS; So. 

Stoelzel, Richard P Auburn. NY; Sr. 

Stokes, Bobby V Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Stokes, Brenda Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Stokes. Terry C Preston, MS; Jr. 

Stone, Robert T Oakridge, TN; So. 

Story, William P Jugfork. MS; Sr. 

Stotland, Lisa J Hattiesburg, MS; So. 


Stotland, Stephanie A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Stott, Carol L Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Stowers, Anne B Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Strain, Alison D Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Straub, Maria A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Strawn, Delia D Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Strehle, Harold T Bay St. Louis, MS; So. 

Stribling, Andrea L Clinton, MS; Fr. 

Strickland, Kenton A Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Strickland, Shawn M Columbia, MS; Sr. 

Strickland, Sheila L Forest, MS; Sr. 

Strickland, Steve T Meridian, MS; So. 

Strickland, Sylvia L Wiggins, MS; Sr. 

Strickler, Beverly J Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Strimel, Anastasia Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Stringfield, Alison J Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Strong, Betty M West Point, MS; Jr. 

Strong, Mary B Birmingham, AL; So. 

Stroud, Kenneth W Carson City, NV; Jr. 

Stuart, John W Gulfport, MS; So. 

Stuart, Lester L Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Stuart, Newton W Walnut Grove, MS; Jr. 

Stubblefield, J. Martin Frankfort, KY; So. 

Sturgeon, Ace Austin, TX; Sr. 

Sturgeon, John R Killeen, TX; Jr. 

Sturgeon, Yvette Woodville, MS; Jr. 

Sturtz, Robert I Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Styron, J. Lynn Magee, MS; So. 

Sullivan, Becky L Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Sullivan, Gary L Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Sullivan, Geoffrey H Magee, MS; Jr. 

Sullivan, Hart F Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Sullivan, Joel P Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Sullivan, John M Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Sullivan, Karen R Sumrall, MS; Jr. 

Sullivan, Mark Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Sullivan, Rebecca J Mt. Olive, MS; Jr. 

Sullivan, William M Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Sullivant, James S Batesville, MS; Fr. 

Sumlin, Pamela J Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Summersell, Leah T Mobile, AL; So. 

Sumrall, Gregory W Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Sumrall, Natalie J Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Suse, Cherie D Brandon, MS; So. 

Sutton, Denese D Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Sutton, Ellis A Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Sutton, Ricky D Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Swank, Lisa J Lake Jeur, FL; Sr. 

Swett, Lynn L Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Swider, Ramona P Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Sykes, David S New Orleans, LA; Sr. 

Sykes, Michele H Long Beach, MS; Jr. 

Taake, Carolyn A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Tadlock, Joyce E Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Takas, Terry W Gautier, MS; Sr. 

Tallarico, Darlene Gloster, MS; Jr. 

Tally, Phil H Raleigh, MS; Sr. 

Tannehill, Susan D Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Tanner, Darvin R Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Tanner, Oscar Hazlehurst, MS; Fr. 

Tanner, Royce A Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Tapp, Dawn L Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Tardy, Lori J Carriere, MS; So. 

Tarnabine, Carolyn G Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Tarver, Sonda F Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Tate, George W Long Beach, MS; Fr. 



Tate, Jana M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Tate, Jimmy L McComb, MS; Fr. 

Taylor, Angela K Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Taylor, Betty R Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Taylor, Dean G Picayune, MS; Gr. 

Taylor, Dennis Crystal Springs, MS; Jr. 

Taylor, Dorothy D Fairhope, AL; So. 

Taylor, Elizabeth A Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Taylor, Elizabeth L Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Taylor, Jennifer R Liberty, MS; So. 

Taylor, Kim A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Taylor, Laura M Meridian, MS; So. 

Taylor, Lisa R Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Taylor, Marcella E Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Taylor, Melissa Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Taylor, Miranda Tylertown, MS; So. 

Taylor, Sandra D Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Taylor, Tara E Petal, MS; Fr. 

Taylor, Theresa L Slidell, LA; So. 

Taylor, Trace L Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Taylor, Travis A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Taylor, Valerie L Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Taylor, William A Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Tedder, Monty C Mobile, AL; So. 

Teel, Barbara E Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Teel, Charles D Laurel. MS; Sr. 

Terrell, Cindy Collins, MS; Sr. 

Terrell, Sharon M Dunedin. FL; Fr. 

Terrell, Vickie A Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Terry, Rand L Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Testa, Sam Grenada, MS; Jr. 

Thames, Clay B Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Thames, Linda A Forest, MS; Jr. 

Thames, Lisa A Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Thames, Mark R Gautier, MS; Jr. 

Thames, Pamela K Ruth, MS; Jr. 

Thames, Rachel L Wesson, MS; Jr. 

Tharp, Melissa L Pensacola, MS; Sr. 

Theriot, Sharon K McComb. MS; Gr. 

Thigpen, Joanne L Poplarville, MS; Sr. 

Thigpen, Kyle Taylorsville, MS; So. 

Thomas, Alison Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 


Thomas, Betty A Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Thomas, Charles M Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Thomas, L. Sharon Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Thomas, Lutricia M Greenville, MS; Fr. 

Thomas, Michael E Greenville, MS; Sr. 

Thomas, Terry G Baton Rouge, LA; Fr. 

Thompson, Analiesa Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Thompson, Barbara N Madison, MS; Jr. 

Thompson, Daniel D Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Thompson, Delia A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Thompson, E. Denise Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Thompson, Gale R Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Thompson, Jacqueline B Huntsville, AL; Sr. 

Thompson, Melissa A Flora, MS; So. 

Thompson, Sandra D Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Thompson, Sandra D Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Thornton, Calvin Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Thornton, Tanya S Ellisville, MS; Sr. 

Thornton, Tracey L Pearl, MS; Fr. 

Thrash, Kevin E Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Thurmon, Maria R Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Thyous, Jerry M Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Till, Terri Jackson, MS; So. 

Tillman, Marjorie R Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Tims, David L Petal, MS; So. 

Tingle, Steven M Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Tinnin, Brenda G Belzoni, MS; Jr. 

Tinnon, Tracey L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Tisdale, Barbara A Ovett, MS; Gr. 

Tisdale, Erin T Ellisville, MS; Fr. 

•"•4 i*"™--^ 

H.. r 1 r -J 

™| ^-J L_J _J L_j L_J 

y % -f ,y 

Tisdale, Mary A Dekalb, MS; Fr 

Tisdale, Robert W Ellisville, MS; Sr 

Tisdelle, Carole T London, Canada; Fr 

Todd, Alfredore A Biloxi, MS; Fr 

Todd, Maria A Quitman, MS; Sr 

Todd, Veronica L Biloxi, MS; Jr 

Tolbert, James M Jackson, MS; Sr 

Toler, Christa L Liberty, MS; Fr 

Toler, Shannon L Foley, AL; Fr 

Toler, Stanley Y Foley, AL; So 

Toms, Ronald R Biloxi, MS; Fr 

Tonore, Tami M Monroe, LA; So 



Toole, Robert L Grenada, MS; Jr. 

Toussaint, Victoria L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Towler, Thomas T Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Towles, Colette Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Towles, Tommy D Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Tamontana, James M Gulfport, MS; So. 

Tran, Jack C Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Travis, Glenn M Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

Travis, Madeleine J Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Travis, Milron P Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Traweek, Barbara S Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Trest, Rocio T Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Sr. 

Trevino, Rebecca A Niceville, FL; Fr. 

Trig, Terry L Seminary, MS; Sr. 

Trippe, Wilbur R Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Trochessett, Lance J Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Troscuair, Finley J Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Troth, Andrea M Raleigh, MS; Jr. 

Trotti, Melinda L Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Trussell, Cleveland C Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Tucker, K. Ann Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Tucker, S. Lynn Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Tullos, Julie J Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Tullos, Misty D Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Turk, Rosemary Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Turnage, Kendall G Tylertown, MS; Jr. 

Turnage, Marie Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Turner, Betty J Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Turner, Carmia L Canton, MS; So. 

Turner, Dale A Slidell, LA; So. 

Turner, Lelvin D Moss Point, MS; Sr. 

Turner, Melanie F Jackson, MS; So. 

Turner, Stephen G Odenton, MD; Jr. 

Turnipseed, Gena C Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Turnipseed, Gregory T Port Gibson, MS; Jr. 

Tuttle, Susan, V Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Tyner, Sarah L Canton, MS; Sr. 

Tyler, Tammie R Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Ugolotti, Patricia M Lima, Peru; Fr. 

Ulmer, Mel Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Underwood, Lee A Iuka, MA; Jr. 

Ungefung, Carlota I Caracas, Venezuela; So. 

Valencia, Joel D Caracas, Venezuela; Jr. 

Van, Dave R Bogur Chitto, MS; Fr. 

Van, Debra G McComb, MS; Jr. 

Van, Kevin Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

VanAller, Geoffrey T Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Vance, Amy M Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Vance, Angela L Lake, MS; Jr. 

VanDevender, Jim Metairie, LA; Fr. 

VanLandingham, Matthew E Hazlehurst, MS; Sr. 

Vann, Vicki L Sheffield, AL; Jr. 

VanWart, Louise S Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Varnado, Robin L Franklinton, LA; Fr. 

Varner, John K Pelahatchie, MS; Jr. 

Vaughn, Billy A Laurel, MS; So. 

Vaughn, Keith D Gambrills, MD; Jr. 

Vaughn, Sheila A Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Vemulapalli, Ashok Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Vernon, Donald L Perkinston, MS; Sr. 

Vernon, J. Kris Jackson. MS; So. 

Verucchi, Pam S Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Vervaeke, Tommy Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Vignes, Rachel S Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Villacres, Maria D Gudydavil, Ecuador; Gr. 

Villeret, Tammy L Birmingham, AL; Jr. 


Vince, Tammy L Sandy Hook, MS; So. 

Vines, Gerald A Columbia, MS; So. 

Vinson, Claude L Holly Springs, MS; Fr. 

Vinson, Remonia J Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Vital, Tara A Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Vogle, Cindy J Saucier, MS; Jr. 

Voivedich, Dana A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Volz, William T Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Vowell, Kimberly A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Vucovich, Todd F Pensacola, FL; So. 

Wack, Mark J Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Waddell, Carla J Florence, MS; Jr. 

Wade, Deborah L Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Wade, James M Inka, MS; Sr. 

Wade, Robert E Morton, MS; Sr. 

Wagner, Diane W Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Waid, James K Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Waits, Darlene F Long Beach, MS; Sr 

Waits, Mary E Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Wajdowicz, Ellen J Largo, FL; Sr. 

Walden, Lori D Langdale, AL; So. 

Waldon, Robert M Corinth, MS; Jr. 

Waldrop, Helen D Canton, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Candy A Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Walker, Danny P Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Walker, David M Clinton, MS; Fr. 

Walker, Douglas A West Point, MS; Sr. 

Walker, Janet L Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Jennifer M Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Kathleen S Mize, MS; Sr. 

Walker, Mark S Carthage, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Michelle F Moss Point, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Rebecca S Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Walker, Sarah A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Walker, Tammy D Yazoo City, MS; Jr. 

Walker, Tracy L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Wallace, Jodie E Poplarville, MS; So. 

Wallace, Robert K Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Wallace, Robin A Bogue Chitto, MS; So. 

Wallace, Tanya L Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Waller, Jennifer K Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Waller, Mignon T Natchez, MS; Sr. 

Walley, Pete D Richton, MS; Sr. 

Wellington, Kristy J Starkville, MS; Gr. 

Walters, Carmen M Laurel, MS; Sr. 

Walters, Claire E Vancleave, MS; Sr. 

Walters, James A Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Walters, Tina D Philadelphia, MS; Sr. 

Walters, Jackie L Philadelphia, MS; Sr. 

Walton, Arthur R Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Walton, Cremia L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Walton, J. Katherine Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Wand, Gary K Brookhaven, MS; Sr. 

Ward, Karen L Richmond, IN; Sr. 

Ward, Mary S Wesson, MS; Jr. 

Ward, Samuel L Columbia, MS; Fr. 

Ward, Twyla L Silver Creek, MS; So. 

Ward, W. Craig Andalusia, AL; Sr. 

Ware, Kathy A Canton, MS; Jr. 

Waring, Jan M Tylertown, MS; So. 

Warnsley, Ruby N Forest, MS; Jr. 

Warren, Cynthia D Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Warren, Jeffry H Mt. Olive, MS; Sr. 

Warren, Jim C Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Warren, Lee A Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Warren, Thomas G Jackson, MS; Sr. 



Warren, Walter L Ripely, MS; So. 

Wascom, Cliff L Meridian, MS; Sr. 

Washer, Barbara D Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Washington, Arbutas A Waynesboro, MS; So. 

Washington, Charles E Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Washington, Ethel Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Waters, Christy L Kenner, LA; Fr. 

Watkins, Cindy R Forest, MS; Jr. 

Watkins, Raymond M Pearl, MS; Gr. 

Watkins, William B Pelahatchie, MS; Fr. 

Watson, Amber J Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Watson, H. William Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Watson, Jacqueline K Moss Point, MS; So. 

Watson, Jeanette Hazlehurst, MS; Jr. 

Watts, Rufus Gulfport. MS; So. 

Watts, Tammy K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Weaver, Deborah K Saucier, MS; Fr. 

Weaver, Kimberly J Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Sr. 

Weaver, Winifred S Carriere, MS; Jr. 

Webb, Joan B Webb, MS; Fr. 

Webb, Tammy L Decatur, MS; Jr. 

Webster, Barry J Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Webster, Kathy K Jackson, MS; So. 

Weeks, Gina L Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Weeks, Melissa L Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Weeks, Tambra L Petal, MS; Fr. 

Weems, Charles E Ocean Springs, MS; Fr. 

Weitzel, Teresa A Niceville, FL; Sr. 

Welch, Janice L Union, MS; Sr. 

Welch, Julie M Mendenhall, MS; Fr. 

Welch, Lyn R Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Welch, Shelia M Decatur, MS; Sr. 

Welch, Suzie Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Welch, William R Magee, MS; So. 

Weldy, Amy A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Welford, Keisha D Lucedale, MS; Fr. 

Wells, Derrick A Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Wells, Douglas A Boca Raton, FL; Sr. 

Wells, Kerrin M Long Beach, MS; Sr. 

Wells, Lisa A Long Beach, MS; So. 

Welsch, Frederick G Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Welsh, Darlene E Foley, AL; Fr 

Wendland, Jay P ; Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Wesson, Barry J Mobile, AL; Fr. 

West, Cynthia J Leakesville, MS; Jr. 

West, Fran Leakesville, MS; Sr. 

West, M. Melinda Hattiesburg. MS; Fr. 

West, Melissa W Magee, MS; Sr. 

West, Georgia A Jackson, MS; Jr. 

West, Steve R Sumrall, MS; Jr. 

West, Verdina Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 


Whatley, J. Harold Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Wheatley, Andrew S Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Wheaton, Susan R Vienna, WV; So. 

Wheeless, Harlea, N Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Whetstone, David A Pensacola, FL; Jr. 

Whiddon, John Laren Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Whinery, Bruce H Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Whitaker, Sandy K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

White, Carmen A Picayune, MS; So. 

White, Elizabeth Ft. Sheridan, IL; Fr. 

White, Keith L Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

White, Kevin E Pascagoula, MS; Sr. 

White, Robin C Gulfport, MS; So. 

White, Sheri L Brandon, MS; Fr. 

Whitehead, Chuck Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Whitfield, Ginny Picayune, MS; Jr. 

Whitlock, Brenda M Pensacola, FL; Fr. 

Whitney, William E Gulfport, MS; So. 

Whittemore, Mary E Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Wichert, Andrew C Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Wieck, Tina M Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Wildee, Senobia F Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Wiley, Bobby Picayune, MS; So. 

Wiley, Sandra E Clarksdale, MS; Sr. 

Wilkerson, Frederick L Bay St. Louis, MS; Fr. 

Wilkerson, Pies Jackson, MS; So. 

Wilkinson, Leslie L Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 

Wilks, Janice M Foxworth, MS; Fr. 

Wilks, Kelly A Utica, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Annette E Milton, FL; Fr. 

Williams, Charlotte A Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

338 Whatley/Wolverton 




Williams, Cindy L Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Darlene R Ocean Springs, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Demetra K Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Williams, Fern M Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Williams, Ingrid B Moss Point, MS; Fr. 

Williams, James E Meridian, MS; So. 

Williams, James R Brookhaven, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Jane E Midnight, MS; Fr. 

Williams, Jeffery B Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Williams, John W Chalmette, LA; Sr. 

Williams, Kelly C Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Williams, Kymberly K Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Laurie A Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Mark K Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Patricia L McComb, MS; Fr. 

Williams, R. Dale McComb, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Ramona L Gulfport, MS; So. 

Williams, Renee C Hugo, MN; Fr. 

Williams, Robert L Geneva, AL; Fr. 

Williams, Robert T Foley, AL; Fr. 

Williams, Roderick L Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Williams, Ruby L Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Williams, Sandy D Brandon, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Sheila A Biloxi, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Sheldon T Waynesboro, MS; Sr. 

Williams, Terry E Collins, MS; So. 

Williams, Tina R Escatawpa, MS; Jr. 

Williams, Towana R Florence, MS; Jr. 

Williamson, Christine E Jackson, MS; Fr. 

Williamson, Donald D Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Williamson, Dorothy M Waynesboro, MS; Jr. 

Williamson, Dorothy R Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Williamson, Ginger Mendenhall, MS; Jr. 

Williamson, Jana L Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Williamson, Ken E Vicksburg, MS; So. 

Willis, Kimberly A Biloxi, MS; So. 

Willis, Sandra A Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Willis, Scott D Picayune, MS; So. 

Willson, Brenda L Covington, LA; So. 

Wilson, David D Dallas, TX; So. 

Wilson, Janet M Magnolia, MS; Sr. 

Wilson, Kay S Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Wilson, Leigh A Richton, MS; So. 

Wilson, Marvin D Grenada, MS; Jr. 

Wilson, Monica F Biloxi, MS; Fr. 

Wilson, Shirley A Purvis. MS; Jr. 

Wilson, Sidney M Natchez, MS; Jr. 

Wiman, Dana M Brandon, MS; So. 

Wimberley, Loretta A Pass Christian, MS; Sr. 

Windham, C. Denise Bay Springs, MS; Sr. 

Windham, Regina K Jackson, MS; Sr. 

Winfrey, Tammy K Forrest City, AR; Jr. 

Wink, John W Jackson, MS; So. 

Winstead, Christopher B Hattiesburg. MS; Fr. 

Wintle, Jack Tulsa, OK; Sr. 

Wise, Bridget L Picayune, MS; Fr. 

Wise, Tammy J Gautier, MS; Fr. 

Withers, James C Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Wixon. Joy L Pascagoula. MS; So. 

Wolfe, Carlin E Hattiesburg, MS; So. 

Wolfe, Jesse C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Wolfe, Peggy D Collins. MS; Fr. 

Wolfe, Susan A Pearl. MS; Gr. 

Wolfkiel, Greg G Picayune, MS; Sr. 

Wolverton, Gary A Starkville, MS; Sr. 

Wolverton, S. Joy Pascagoula, MS; Jr. 


Wolverton, Steven L Dyricola, MS; So. 

Wood, Bettye L Pelahatchie, MS; So. 

Wood, Donna L Mobile, AL; So. 

Wood, Jo Lynn Meridian, MS; So. 

Wood, Kevin D Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Wood, Marie C Pascagoula, MS; So. 

Wood, Raleigh E Starkville, MS; Jr. 

Wood, Richard A Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Woodard, Clemontine R Canton, MS; Fr. 

Woodard, Sarah F Lucedale, MS; Jr. 

Woodruff, Rhonda F Clinton, MS; Jr. 

Woods, David A Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Woods, Natalie Mt. Olive, MS; Sr. 

Woods, Thomas E Tupelo, MS; Jr. 

Woodyard, Donna J Long Beach, MS; Fr. 

Woolsey, John W Mobile, AL; Jr. 

Wooten, Kenneth W Gulfport, MS; Sr. 

Wooten, Russell D Pearl, MS; Jr. 

Worley, Angela L Vicksburg, MS; Jr. 

Woulard, Verline State Line, MS; Jr. 

Wren, Lori D Clarksdale, MS; Jr. 

Wright, Candace D Vicksburg, MS; Fr. 

Wright, Frank J Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Wright, Kenneth G Meridian, MS; So. 

Wright, Rochella Vicksburg, MS; Sr. 

Wright, Tracey L Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Wrighter, Linda R Wilmer, AL; Fr. 

Wrolstead, Patricia L Gulfport, MS; Fr. 

Wyatt, Joseph A Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Wyatt, Ricky L Pearl, MS; Sr. 

Wyman, Cindy G Hattiesburg, MS; Jr. 

Wynn, David C Hattiesburg, MS; Sr. 

Yarbrough, Lee B Ocean Springs, MS; So. 

Yarbrough, Valerie M Meridian, MS; Jr. 

Yates, J. Keith Hattiesburg, MS; Fr. 

Yates, Mavis C Lucedale, MS; Sr. 

Yates, Tammy C Jackson, MS; So. 

Yates, Tommy Union, MS; Jr. 

Yearwood, William R Hattiesburg, MS; Gr. 

Yelverton, Joey Laurel, MS; Jr. 

Yerger, George S Jackson, MS; Jr. 

Young, Debra G Biloxi, MS; Sr. 

Young, F. Michele Tupelo, MS; So. 

Young, Joyce C Woodland, MS; Gr. 

Young, Pamella Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Young, Suzanne L Pascagoula, MS; Fr. 

Young, Terry J Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Zarske, Andrea R Gulfport, MS; Jr. 

Zasoski, Ray J Ocean Springs, MS; Jr. 

Zerkus, Sebrina D Gautier, MS; So. 

Zuga, Melissa A Brookhaven, MS; So. 

Zumberge, Gloria A Allendale, NJ; Gr. 

Zummo, Natale J Meridian, MS; Fr. 

Zysk, Dana J Brandon, MS; Sr. 

Zywicki, Dana L Foley, AL; Fr. 

3 oaf 





Beth, Anita, Mary, and Alice Harkins, the only 
known set of quadruplets in Mississippi and the 
only known quadruplets attending college in the 
U.S., celebrated their twentieth birthday on Sep- 
tember 7 as juniors at USM. Transfer students 
from Hinds Junior College, the famous foursome 
reside in Raymond. Mary and Beth are nursing 
majors; Alice pursues a recreation major, while 
Anita is studying accounting. Beth and Alice are 
identical twins. The quads have three other sis- 
ters and three brothers. 

'Dixie' Tradition Banned at USM 
After Protests by Black Students 

The Pride's performance of "Dixie" after each football game has been a 
tradition for many, many years at USM. On September 17, 1983, 
however, a small crowd gathered on the football field in front of the band 
to hear "Dixie," and, to their surprise, got Southern's alma mater. 

The controversy started in the 1982-1983 school year when John Cross- 
ley, former president of the Afro-American Cultural Society, researched 
the song and found it to contain racial overtones and phrases about 
blacks. The AACS drew up a petition proposing that the band discontin- 

Pm tickle d pink 
to be a "new 
Delta Zeta colony 


Fall 1983 saw USM's chapter of Delta Zeta sorority undergo a recolonization. 
Members became DZ alumna with the recolonization and the chapter's new 
membership quickly numbered well over 60 sisters. 

ue the practice of singing "Dixie." Black band members and black 
students representing other organizations reinforced this proposal by 
complaining to President Aubrey K. Lucas about the song. 

When Lucas discussed the "Dixie" controversy with Dr. Kelly Love, 
director of the band, the two agreed that it would be a better idea toj 
replace the song with a medley including a brief section of "Dixie." This! 
plan, however, was later rejected. The final decision was that the band, 
would replace its rendition of "Dixie" in the post-game shows with the; 
alma mater. This substitution was made at the suggestion of Dr. Lucas, j 
who stated, "This action was . . . only a suggestion designed to protect^ 
blacks." Lucas maintained that his proposal was based on his desire for 
people in the community and at the University to learn the alma mater. 

When students were asked about their opinions on the ban, a few had noi 
comment and others expressed strong opinions. Darlene Tallarico, a! 
junior majoring in art education, stated, "Yes, 1 think it is wrong to ban 
Dixie because there is nothing about it being against blacks, and the| 
slavery issue was a long time ago." Another student, Belinda Mize, a 
senior Dixie Darling, commented, "Being a Dixie Darling and being part 
of the school, I have come to know Dixie as a part of the tradition here at 
USM and I think it was one of the prettiest ballads. But, I feel as a band 
member we should respect others and their opinions about Dixie." 

An opinion that we should be democratic and let the majority rule came 
from Thomas Samson, a senior accounting major, who said, "Personally. 
I think Dixie is fine. But, I think it is a matter of how the majority oi 
people feel about the song." 

Jan Waring 


Revenue Lost as a Result of Probation 

At the end of the 1983 season, the Golden Eagle 
football team will once again be eligible for a 
televised bowl game consideration. The team 
was placed on a two-year probabation at the end 

of December of 1981 for NCAA recruiting viola- 

According to Roland Dale, director of athletics, 

Twenty Eaglettes Make Half-Time Debut 
With the Pride of Mississippi 

People of all ages love football for more than the 
sport itself. One of the most exciting parts of a 
good football game is the half-time show. In the 
fall of 1983, USM updated its show with the 
addition of the glamorous Eaglettes. 

A line of 20 twirlers, directed by Georgeanne 
Love, the Eaglettes are a new version of a twirl 
line which started soon after USM was estab- 
lished. This twirl line eventually evolved into the 
Dixie Darlings. It was decided in 1983 that it 
was time to reinstate the line in its original form. 

The 20 new twirlers were chosen by Mrs. Love 
and her husband Kelly, director of the Pride. 
Judging was based on poise, appearance, and 
twirling and dancing abilities. Each girl was 

asked to prepare and present a routine display- 
ing her creativity and coordination. 

An equally important aspect of the judging pro- 
cess is the ability to learn routines quickly. The 
girls were shown a routine and were given a 
limited amount of time in which to learn and 
perfect it. 

Lengthy practices sessions, an average of 20 
hours per week, have enabled the Eaglettes to 
put their best feet forward. The enthusiastic re- 
sponse generated by the group's first season 
ensures that the Eaglettes will be a part of 
USM's half-time show for some time to come. 

Sonya O'Neal 

the probation does not seem to have hurt USM's 
recruiting program. Yet, financially, the loss 
cannot be directly measured. "If you lost a tele- 
vision appearance, you would have lost a great 
deal of money," commented Dale. The money 
lost cannot be calculated in actual terms; it is 
merely a figure of what could have been made 
had the football team appeared on regional or 
national television. 

Dale pronounced the probabation experience as 
both "traumatic and dramatic" throughout the 
investigation, the announcement, and the bowl 
denials. Said Dale, "It's certainly not pleasant to 
go through." 

However, the USM fans proved steadfast 
throughout the ordeal. "Our people (athletes, 
students, and fans) have handled it as well as 
can be expected," interjected Dale. "I certainly 
hope this is something our university will never 
have to go through again. I honestly feel that our 
people have rallied around us in view of adversi- 
ty. But, a NCAA probation is not the ideal way 
to get people to rally around you." 

Candi Wiggins 

USMagazine, a privately funded month- 
ly publication with the combined pur- 
poses of promoting a positive image for 
the University while creating a market- 
place for the discussion of the pertinent 
issues of the day, made its debut in Octo- 
ber 1983. Featuring such controversial 
stories as "an inside report" on the Mara- 
natha mystery and a lampoon issue head- 
lined by "Nuclear War and the Sensuous 
Man," the publication bowed out for the 
year after four issues, vowing to return in 

The University Commons computerized 
its meal ticket records, requiring all stu- 
dents to have their sensitized meal identi- 
fication cards cleared by computer be- 
fore permitting them entrance to the food 

Vanessa Williams, a 20-year-old junior at 
Syracuse University, became the nation's 
56th Miss America and the pageant's 
first black titleholder. 

USM became Mississippi's largest univer- 
sity in terms of enrollment. Enrollment 

increased by 5.1%, bringing the total 
number of students to 13,547. President 
Lucas credits this increase to rigorous re- 
cruiting, a prime location, and the service 
and attitude of the staff. With an eye to 
the future, Lucas stated, "We're going to 
do better those things we're doing well 

Former USM wide receiver Don Horn 
was found innocent of charges of raping a 
38-year-old Hattiesburg woman. 

Certain students residing in Jones, Scott, 
and Pulley Halls returned to find dam- 
ages to their rooms caused by bursting 
water pipes. The University cleaned the 
students' clothes, replaced mattresses 
and box springs, repainted walls, and 
washed carpets. More than $15,000 
worth of damage was incurred in other 
buildings on campus. 

The Korean Air Line Flight 007 passen- 
ger jet was shot down on September 8 for 
invading Soviet air space, leaving 269 
dead, 61 of them Americans. 

On Friday. October 14, some 200 to 300 students were 
interrupted at breakfast when a fire broke out at the 
University Commons. According to Jessie C. Boyd, di- 
rector of food services, the fire was caused by the over- 
heating of the main electrical panel. No extensive dam- 
age was done, but the Commons was closed for the 
weekend to undergo clean-up and repairs. No injuries 
were sustained during the incident. 



4,200 Majoring in Computer Science 


New LDCS Phone 
System Installed 

A new Long Distance Calling System came out at USM during the fall 
semester which uses calling identification numbers. This system was 
introduced when South Central Bell eliminated the STAN card. The 
LDCS is actually a computer that handles calls very efficiently. This 
computer saves students money by eliminating operator-assisted 

Starting in September, there was a $25 deposit which was to be 
refunded at the end of the school year. The telephone office found 
that students paid their bills promptly and decided to credit the 
deposit paid to the students' account for the spring semester. Also, 
students who got the card in January did not have to pay a deposit. 

The calling card is composed of six numbers which are used before 
dialing the long distance number. These numbers are punched into 
the computer and each time a student makes a call it is recorded in 
the computer's memory on the student's bill. 

Some problems and complaints have occurred with this phone sys- 
tem, such as the problem of the call that does not go through because 
all the long distance lines are in use. One student, Jon Jackson, a 
freshman, expressed his opinion as, "It can really be inconvenient 
when you have to wait to place a phone call." Another problem that 
several students have complained about is some calls which were not 
completed are still billed to them. The billing time starts after 30 
seconds or approximately five rings. Some students felt this was 
unfair because they were being charged for unanswered phone calls. 
Steve Lampton, a junior majoring in computer science, stated, "I do 
not think they should charge us if no one answers, because a few cents 
can add up." 

Overall, the introduction of this system has worked out very well. The 
students only have to pay for their long distance calls. Transfer 
student Bill Herring commented, "At my junior college, we had to 
pay a fixed rate plus our long distance calls. I think it is efficient and 
helps keep calling costs down." 

Jan Waring 

With 4,200 students declared as computer science majors, the department 
has become one of the largest on campus. Danny Carter, chairman of the 
program, cites the availability of jobs in the computer market as the main 
attraction. He advises, however, "Don't come into computer science just 
because jobs are available. Very few who come in with this attitude sur- 
vive." For example, if a student is happy in a major such as fine arts, it 
would not be wise to switch; this only creates a "disastrous situation." One 
student who chose a computer major over one in fine arts did so because, 
"The opportunities in the field are better than most; opportunities for jobs 
in fine arts are limited." The financial security associated with computers is 
much too powerful for most students to ignore. Although it is a very time- 
consuming major, many are willing to devote their free hours to an empha- 
sis dangling job security at the end of a four-year tunnel. 

The computer science department attempts to make the program an ap- 
pealing one. Carter commented, "We allow each major free computer 
science electives in the senior year. This allows us to tailor the program 
according to their interests; this provides flexibility." By making new equip- 
ment readily available, the department hopes to meet student needs and to 
hopefully avoid any such shortages as have been incurred in the past. 

Despite the long hours and tedious homework, the dropout rate has re- 
mained fairly small. Carter contended, "We still find ourselves in the 
situation with more people coming in than going out." 

Candi Wiggins 


In Brief 

Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas vetoed USM as Uni- 
versal Pictures' choice as a movie site for 
a multi-million dollar movie starring Peter 
OToole. After reading the script sent to 
him by the Mississippi Film Commission, 
he pointed to raw language and lengthy 
scenes of sex as the reasons for his disap- 
proval of the project. While expressing 
his regret that Hattiesburg and the USM 
campus would not have the opportunity 
to participate in the production of a major 
motion picture, Lucas stated that the film 
would have reflected unfavorably on 
USM and the people of Mississippi. 

218 Marines, 18 sailors, and three sol- 
diers died at dawn on October 21 when a 
truck loaded with TNT slammed into the 
Marine headquarters at Beirut. 

USM Assistant Football Coach Rich 
Coachys resigned after committing a re- 
cruiting violation involving James White, 

a punter from Harrison Central High 
School. Coachys arranged a ride for 
White to a February 6 basketball game 
with Virginia Tech, violating recruiting 
guidlines set by the NCAA. 

Troopers from the Army's 82nd Airborne 
Division assaulted Grenada on November 
4 and secured the island in 10 days. 19 
Americans were killed; 144, wounded. 

Nu Upsilon Nu, "the Singing Nuns," ap- 
peared at USM on February 14 deliver- 
ing singing telegrams. Composed of mu- 
sic majors Candi Wiggins, Nancy Rogers, 
Beverly Hayes, and Kristi English, the 
group ran for ASB president with the slo- 
gans, "Dare to be as obnoxious as you 
really are" and "Men break our hearts 
and make us eat." 

Lillian Carter, Jessica Savitch, and Mar- 
vin Gaye died in unrelated situations. 

U 5 M 







Josh Was Here 

To promote Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade 
for Christ planned and executed a full-scale in- 
vasion of the USM campus. To arouse students' 
initial curiosity, the organization plastered signs 
that read "Josh" everywhere. The posters ap- 
peared on the Hub, the Commons, academic 
building, and even in the residence halls. 

Each week the signs were lengthened to read 
"Josh Is" and, finally, "Josh Is Coming." The 
idle interest which was first evoked in USM stu- 
dents gradually changed to a burning curiosity. 
Who was this Josh? Why was he coming to 

In answer to these questions, and as a final step 
in their massive advertising campaign, Campus 
Crusade for Christ distributed fliers and post- 

Frats Get Probations 

Homecoming festivities on Saturday, October 29, left three USM frater- 
nities on probation. Before the fall 1983 semester began, an 1 1 p.m. 
curfew was initiated to keep students from disturbing nearby residents. 
Fraternities were made aware of this deadline; however, they openly 
expressed their disagreement with the ruling. They argued that large 
amounts of money had been paid to the bands to perform until at least 
midnight; just because the bands were too large for the houses, they 
shouldn't have to quit at 1 1 p.m. They also felt that returning alumni 
should be able to enjoy the party, as well as the music, past 11 p.m. 

Security arrived at the parties of Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Kappa Tau, 
and Sigma Nu to terminate the music. Both Phi Tau and Sigma Nu 
received two week probation periods. During the first week only busi- 
ness meetings were allowed; the second, no parties or gatherings were 
permitted. Alpha Tau Omega, however, received a month probation 
period after they decided not to obey the rule and to "force" security to 
shut down their band. Signs regarding the probation decked the ATO 
house, proving that their spirits had not been dampened. 

ed signs which promised "Maximum Sex." 
According to the fliers, "Love Is Still Possible 
in a Junky World!" 

As a result of Campus Crusade for Christ's 
clever strategy, on November 8, at 8 p.m., 
Bennett Auditorium was filled with wonder- 
ing students waiting to hear Josh McDowell's 
"words of wisdom." Josh, who has spoken to 
over seven million students and faculty mem- 
bers at over six hundred universities in sixty- 
two countries and has written fourteen best- 
selling books, spoke of the physical and 
spiritual aspects of love and marriage. He 
recounted the classic embarrassment, inse- 
curity, and nervousness associated with a 
first date in an attempt to distinguish be- 
tween lust and "real" love. According to 
Josh, complete fulfillment comes only 

Dee Dougherty 


WH>I ill 




through the spiritual union of the hearts in con- 
junction with the physical relationship. 

Beth McCoy 

Jeff Davis, long-time USM mascot, gradu- 
ated with style at his August 17 com- 
mencement. Donning a cap and gown over 
his Eagle costume, Davis received his 
bachelor's degree in hotel and restaurant 
administration. His winning antics earned 
him the honor of serving as the pelican 
Seymour D. Fair, official mascot of the 
1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. For old 
times' sake, Davis made an appearance to 
flaunt his new feathered finery at a USM 
home football game, much to the delight of 
a cheering crowd. 



"You Could Hear Screaming and Glass 


Five minutes into the C period class on Tues- 
day, February 21, a plaster ceiling collapsed 
on a second-floor social competencies class in 
the Home Economics Building. Students 
scrambled under desks and tables to avoid 
the falling pipes, cement, tar paper, mesh, and 
glass. Twelve students were injured in the in- 
cident, with five of them taken by ambulance 
to Forrest General Hospital for treatment. 
The University picked up the $1560 tab for 
health care costs. The cause of the fall-in was 
later ruled as "loose nails." 

Long-Time USM Guard McKinney to Retire 

On June 30, the University will lose one of its 
most popular means of effective public rela- 
tions, Fred McKinney. Fred, a security guard 
at USM for 24 years, claims his job includes 
everything from "being a midwife to plumb- 
ing." With only nine days of sick leave under 
his belt, Fred intends to "enjoy the rest of his 
life" and relax on his farm in Hattiesburg. 

Christened simply "Fred McKinney," he inter- 
vened that when he was younger he was given 
the choice of a "pair of britches or a middle 
name." He chose the pair of britches. 

In his earlier days in Hattiesburg, an electrician 
friend called him and told him of a job opening 

at USM. "If I'd have been looking for a job, I'd 
have never found one," commented Fred. 
Since that day, Fred has manned the yellow 
security box in front of the campus. He has 
watched the campus expand and has seen 
many generations pass through the university. 
"I know students here now whose mother and 
father went here." And, no doubt, they all 
have memories of a joking, friendly security 
guard named Fred. 

Fred advises, "Enjoy living every day like it's 
the last one. Don't worry about tomorrow ... it 
might not get here." 

Candi Wiggins 

New Lights Make for More Tuition 

Due to the recent structural damage to the sports arena floor, USM 
students were forced to take their recreation to the intramural fields. 
Although these fields are in less than prime condition, they have served 
the recreational needs of USM students for many years. However, the 
four intramural fields, located on the west side of the Coliseum across 
from new frat row, will soon receive new low-powered stadium lights, 
restrooms, and a concession area. These fields will be enclosed by 
fencing to protect them from vandalism and unauthorized use. Construc- 
tion is to begin May 13 and be completed in mid-August. 

USM students will be financing the construction. The USM Advisory 

Board, made up of USM students, athletic faculty, members of the 
administration, and local contributors to the athletic program, petitioned 
2,000 students in four days to persuade the administration that students 
seriously favor the planned construction on the fields. This tactic suc- 
ceeded in getting the administration to permit the issue an election. Only 
127 of the 2,100 voters opposed the measure. The approved referen- 
dum states that students will be taxed $3 on their tuition. 

David Woods 

Jackson Appears at USM 

It was announced only 24 hours in advance 
that Jesse Jackson, 1984 Democratic presi- 
dential candidate, would be speaking at USM 
on February 29 in conjunction with Black 
History Month. Originally planned for 10:30 
a.m., the speech was re-scheduled for 9:30 
a.m. The crowd which had gathered outside 
Bennett Auditorium well in advance was ad- 
mitted at 9:30 only to find that Rev. Jackson 
had been delayed at the airport for an hour. 

After another 30 minute delay, Rev. Jackson 
finally made a hurried entrance. The enthusi- 
asm of the packed audience mounted as 
Jackson began his now famous "I am some- 
body." Jackson spoke on the new directions 
our country is taking. He said that students 
can help choose the direction the United 
States moves in. By choosing "education 

over entertainment, peace over war, and vo- 
ting over complaining about the system," we 
can bring about change. Rev. Jackson said 
we should form a Rainbow Coalition with ev- 
eryone working together towards a goal be- 
cause "we are all precious in God's sight." 
He also called for an end to dual registration 
and second primaries in the South. He 
stressed the importance of student voting by 
stating that over half of all college students 
are not registered. He said that this problem 
could be remedied by deputy registrars on 
campus and post card registration. Due to a 
previous engagement in Natchez, Rev. Jack- 
son accepted only two questions before leav- 
ing as quickly as he had come. 

Holly Hughes 

USM Black Fraternities Keep in Step Through Traditional Dances 

The USM campus has four of the top black social fraternities in the country. 
Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma 
engage in stepping, one of the oldest traditions in existence. Stepping is a 

In Brief 

18-year-old architecture major Timothy 
Lavigne, from Ocean Springs, was struck 
by a car on March 20 when he fell while 
crossing from Elam Arms to campus. He 
suffered a broken collarbone, two broken 
ribs, a broken right foot, a fractured right 
arm, and damaged ligaments. The inci- 
dent prompted the city of Hattiesburg to 
commit itself to the installation of a traffic 
light and a median fence to prevent jay- 

Steve Sheppard and David Groth won 
the presidential and vice presidential 
races in ASB elections. 

Alabama's UAC-sponsored May 4 ap- 
pearance trounced Joan Jett in ticket 
sales, selling out a full month in advance. 

Wendy's Hamburgers spawned the 
catch-phrase of the decade with commer- 

cials demanding "Where's the beef?". 

The Technology Center on the USM cam- 
pus was formally renamed the Bobby L. 
Chain Technology Center in April 18 
ceremonies held at Bennett Auditorium 
in honor of Hattiesburg mayor Bobby 

Senator Gary Hart came from behind as 
a dark horse candidate in the fight for the 
Democratic presidential nomination. 
Hart's surprise victory over Walter Mon- 
dale in primaries across the nation make 
him the most successful young presiden- 
tial hopeful since John F. Kennedy. 

The Bill Allain controversy turned into a 
national media event with an April 12 
segment on ABC's 20/20, featuring a 
Geraldo Rivera interview with the gover- 

colorful celebration expressed through chants and powerfully dra- 
matic forms of dance. Although each fraternity is very different, 
stepping is the common bond between them. 

Alpha Phi Alpha performs in a variety of costumes. Their costumes 
range from tuxedos to full gladiator armor. They require only that 
their costumes be in black and old gold. The Alphas have one set 
pattern step, the Alpha Step; all of their other steps are original. 

The men of Kappa Alpha Psi create all of their own steps. The 
Kappas step on each Q-Delta Weekend, a celebration of stepping 
sponsored by Omega Psi Phi and their sister sorority, Delta Sigma 
Theta. In 1983, the Kappas placed first for a unique form of stepping 
performed with canes and started a tradition by being the only group 
to step on Homecoming Day in Bennett Auditorium. 

Omega Psi Phi designs its own steps and wears the colors of purple 
and gold. "We do what ever we feel like doing ... we just be our- 
selves." The Omegas do not compete, as they sponsor the event. 
"We just step to please the crowd, and they love it and keep coming 
over and over again." 

Phi Beta Sigma members appear only in blue and white during Q- 
Delta Weekend. They devise new steps every time they perform with 
their blue and white canes. The Sigmas place much importance on 
footwork and cane handling. They placed second at the 1983 week- 

David Woods 



Academics 214 

Administration 268 

Afro-American Cultural Society 173 

Air Force Angel Flight 204 

Air Force Arnold Air Society 204 

Air Force Cadet Corps Staff 202 

Air Force Drill Team 202 

Air Force Leadership Training 

Organization 203 

Air Force Personnel 203 

Airband Competition 48 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 108 

Alpha Phi Alpha 109 

Alpha Psi Omega 179 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 110 

Alpha Tau Omega 112 

American Institute of Building Design.. 190 

American Marketing Association 184 

American Society of Interior Designers 190 
Army Distinguished Military Students.. 196 

Army Eagle Brigade Staff 196 

Army Military Science III 199 

Army Military Science IV 199 

Army Personnel 201 

Army Rangers 197 

Army Rifle Team 198 

Army Scabbard and Blade 197 

Army Southern Generals Drill Team ... 198 

Art Center Series 34 

Association of Baptist Students 171 

Association of Computing Machinery... 186 

Associated Student Body 164 

Baptist Student Union 170 

Baseball 88 

Basketball, Men's 76 

Basketball, Women's 82 

Beauties 246 

Beta Alpha Psi 182 

Board of Trustees 276 

Business Administration, College of 216 

Carmody , Jim 63 

Casino Night 49 

Cheerleaders, Football 154 

Cheerleaders, Men's Basketball 156 

Cheerleaders, Women's Basketball 157 

Chi Omega 114 

Chi Tau Epsilon 176 

Church of God in Christ Fellowship 173 

Classes 278 

Competition 60 

Contents 2 

Delta Delta Delta 116 

Delta Gamma 118 

Delta Sigma Pi 185 

Delta Sigma Theta 120 

Delta Zeta 122 

Dixie Darlings 160 

Marcus Dupree 56 

Eaglettes 162 

Education and Psychology, 

College of 218 

L'Esprit de Corps 200 

Events 18 

Fashion Plus 192 

Fine Arts, College of 220 

Football 62 

Forum 50 

Jack Gallagher 48 

Gamma Beta Phi 180 

Gold Tenders 208 

Golden Girls 163 

Golf 98 

Governor's Race 58 

Greek God and Goddess 256 

Hall of Fame 258 

Halloween 22 

Hattiesburg Hall 213 

Health, Physical Education, and 

Recreation, School of 222 

Hello, Dolly 38 

Hillcrest 212 

USM Home Builders Association 191 

Home Economics, School of 224 

Homecoming Court 242 

Homecoming Displays 20 

Honors College 234 

Honors Student Association 174 

Interfraternity Council 151 

Intramurals 104 

Institute of Electronical and 

Electronics Engineers 189 

Institution Administration Club 192 

James, Kay 83 

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 26 

Junior Panhellenic Council 152 

Junior Panhellenic Talent Show 43 

Kappa Alpha 124 

Kappa Alpha Psi 149 

Kappa Delta 126 

Kappa Kappa Psi 179 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 187 

Kappa Sigma 128 

Craig Karges 42 

Lambda Sigma 174 

LeRoux 24 

Liberal Arts, College of 226 

Library Service, School of 228 

Lucas, Dr. Aubrey K 240 

Mardi Gras Ball 52 

Merchant of Venice 28 

Miss Southern 40 

Mr. and Miss USM 244 

National Student Speech and Hearing 

Association 193 

Nursing, School of 230 

Omega Psi Phi 121 

Panhellenic Council 152 

Parking Situation 54 

Participation 106 

Past Beauties 209 

People 238 

Phi Beta Lambda 184 

Phi Chi Theta 183 

Phi Delta Rho 175 

Phi Kappa Tau 130 

Phi Mu 132 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 178 

Phi Theta Kappa 177 

Pi Beta Phi 134 

Pi Kappa Alpha 136 

PreJ-aw Society 181 

Pride 158 

Psi Chi 176 

Public Relations Student Society of 

America 207 

Pulley Hall 211 

Recreation and Park Association of USM 194 

Residence Hall Association 153 

Resident Assistants 210 

Rho Gamma 206 

Roberts Hall 212 

Science and Technology, College of .... 232 

Scott Hall 211 

Side By Side By Sondheim 30 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 138 

Sigma Chi 140 

Sigma Nu 142 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 144 

Sigma Psi Alpha 183 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 150 

Soccer 100 

Social Work, School of 236 

Society for the Advancement of 

Management 182 

Society for Paralegal Services 181 

USM Society of Polymer Science 188 

Softball 90 

Songfest 36 

Southern Christian Student Center 171 

Southern Exposure 44 

Southern Geological Society 188 

Southern Misses 162 

Southern Style 208 

Southern Toastmasters 205 

Southerner Staff 350 

Spring Dance Concert 46 

USM Sports Club Council 195 

USM Student Constructors 191 

Student Nursing Association of Southern 

Mississippi 193 

The Student Printz 207 

USM Student Sports Medicine 

Association 194 

Summary 342 

Swimming 96 

Tau Alpha Pi 205 

Tau Beta Sigma 178 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 146 

Tennis, Men's 92 

Tennis Women's 94 

Track 102 

Turk, M.K 77 

Union Board 169 

University Activities Council 166 

Upsilon Pi Epsilon 187 

Vixen 32 

USM Water Ski Club 195 

Welcome Back Week 35 

Wesley Foundation 172 

Who's Who Among Students in American 

Colleges and Universities 260 

Zeta Phi Beta 148 




) ' 



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All other photos by USM Photo Service 


Much more goes into putting together a yearbook than meets the eye. A 
special thanks must be extended to a number of people and organizations for 
their invaluable assistance in the creation of this book. Without their help, 
production would be impossible. 

We could never begin to list everyone who has helped with this book, but those 
who come to mind in particular are: 

Toni and Cathy Willis 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Loveday 

Warren K. Dunn 

Billy Benson 

Debbie Kennedy 

Minnie Austin 

Vickie Wilson 

Steve and Frank Easterling 

Mickey Welsh 

Tim Isbell 

Dr. Gene Wiggins 

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Mark Saucier 

Jeri Veenstra 

Regina Lightsey 

Tammy Smith 

Ben Allen 

Barbara Reiling 

Photo Service 

Associated Student Body 

University Activities Council 

The Student Printz 

President's Office 

Executive Assistant's Office 

Honors College 

Public Relations 

University Publications Board 

Thanks to all! 

Kim Willis 

Sandy Loveday 



The 1984 Southerner was printed and bound by Paragon Press, a 
division of Herff Jones Yearbooks, in Montgomery, Alabama. Paper 
stock for the 352 page volume is 80 pound Bordeaux Special with 
Colortext Gray EX- 12 used for pages 33 through 48 and endsheets. 
Four flats of four-color process are used along with one flat of Process 
Magenta HJ200 spot color and one flat of Ochre HJ123 spot color. All 
other background tints were achieved by mixing process colors. The 
type face used throughout the book is Souvenir Light in 36, 18, 10 and 
8 point sizes. Souvenir Demi is used for emphasis. 72 point Souvenir as 
used on the title, contents, division, and staff pages was prepared and 
submitted as artwork. The cover is of special order Holliston Lexotone 
Grain Lava Slate Grey base material embossed with a "Southerner" 
logo and graphic designed by the editors. Embossed areas are covered 
with F5 orange foil. 



Co-Editors Kim Willis, Sandy Loveday 

Advisor Warren K. Dunn 

Administrative Assistant 

to the Editors John Stegall 

Head Photographer Jerry Holt 

Student Assistant Stasi Strimel 

Graphics Artist Frank Easterling 

Layout and Design Deedee Blanton, Mary 

Harris, Tracy Harwell, Holly Hughes, Renee 
McGuffee, Carlin Wolfe, Rinny Woodruff 

Copy Gina Brown, Vincent Colucci, Dee 

Dougherty, Lora Edwards, Karen Godail, Mary 

Harris, Beth McCoy, Caren Mahoney, Amber 

Martin, Sonya O'Neal, Jan Waring, Candi 

Wiggins, David Wood 

Photography Cindy Blackmer, Dick Brown, 

Celina Echols, Holly Hughes, Gena McCarlie, Bob 
Myers, Stella Payton, Debbie Rouse, Mickey 


Typing Lee Ann Blackmer, Susie Faver, Melissa 

Jones, Regina Lightsey, Lisa Mullins, Tammy 

Smith, Jan Waring 

The Southerner 

Southern Station 

Box 5067 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 


John Stegall, Administrative Assistant 

Jerry Holt, Head Photographer 

Stasi Strimel, Student Assistant 



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